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Huskies Trying Dog Shoes for the First Time! (Funny Dogs)


  • ZRuiiN _

    The way he walks looks like he has a rash 😂😂😂

  • andrea 47

    Why does Luke get the special dope shoes lol

  • Laberinto Azul

    Poor Luke has been humiliated on line. Specially in the one with the dog dryer bag , he looked so annoyed .Very Lovely dog.

  • MrStraightGrizzly

    My husky has that exact patch of rough skin on his elbow, too. I guess it's just the way they lie on it directly when spread across the ground?

  • Lance C.

    The dogs are styling on the streets.

  • Adam Vesely

    I love dogs with shoes! Man, great for pavement/rocks. And horns! Dogs should wear horns.

  • Amanda Perry

    my husky would never allow me to do that. he thinks hes getting his nails cut

  • samuel muriuki

    Dog shoes really,? Let nature take its course, those are already two pairs of shoes for human beings kids some places

  • Emma Lopez

    Me dio mucha risa ver a perro con sus zapatos, como marchando al estilo soviético

  • Abigail Smith

    For Hugo: Use Furminator shampoo, Scrub well, rinse well, use Furminator conditioner, scrub well, velocity blow dry, rinse wel, Velocity dry, once dry use a slicker brush and comb (and/or Furminator long coat brush). I swear to god it'll look like its snowing.

  • J

    The owner's remarks are more funny than the dogs walking!! lol

  • Carol R

    I bought my dogs shoes just like that for super cold winter days to keep the ice and salt out of their paws. Like anything new, they just need to get used to it. I didn't think to try the food bribe.

  • deyana belay

    These huskies are so funny, they look like they are glapping!!!😂😂😂

  • Peter XYZ


  • Susana Merritt

    First of all, this guy is a great dad! Second, he's got some really cool dogs!

  • IH N

    Dogs walking uncomfortably in dog shoes is the best freaking thing ever

  • Pamela

    You can tell they are loved a lot💖💞💖

  • Luke Glaziner

    This was suggested to me....What am I doing with my life.

  • Wayne Juntunen

    why have dogs been ok without shoes for how ever long their species have been on the planet. Now all of a sudden we decide to put shoes on them. Hahaha

  • Bizon

    Pasthet looks more funny.


    I could just see a lot of dogs refusing these, although I think they are great for those hot summer walks to protect their paws.

  • Alternate Man

    Careful front claw gets ruptured against his feet when u tighten those straps and hurt them. Same thing happened to my dog. Back paws are fine. I had similar shoes

  • Judy

    lov,would be great for reenter,keep salt off,very sweet♥️♥️♥️🐾

  • 百合•希望

    You’re a great Da to your gorgeous and happy K9 kiddoz. They sure love you so much and I love how they always have so much fun playing with you. How I hope and pray shelter dogs will get forever loving home and human parents and human siblings to play and grow with. GOD bless and Shalom♥︎Aleichem to your whole household of love ones❣️❣️❣️❣️😊

  • king nova1235

    Him Tara's kula and crazy Russian hacker should do a calab

  • tpamel

    Gus & hugo look the same ... Except from white to black: luke, hugo, gus. I guess the next dog will be all black

  • LPS Giggles

    I used to put socks on my dogs and they could come running down the hall and crashing into walls

  • Panda Bear

    Aww.. the shoes look so cute on him! 🐾☺