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Giant Raindrop Cake: Behind Tasty

  • Published on: 2018-08-05
  • - Girl bye, oh. - [Rie] No, I'm just trying to help you. Don't show your boobs on camera. - I don't... Whoa! (both laughing) (upbeat rock music) Hi guys, it's Alex. it's really cool. It's this clear looking cake, 'cause it looks more like jello to me. and the black syrup. but there's only a couple of ingredients that actually go into it so I feel like it can make a giant one. (tense piano music) Okay. Ugh. This is too watery. (beep) this (beep) cake, (beep) (laughs) I don't know, like I don't know this cake. Alright, let's make it rain. (laughs) I feel like I should start small, make a regular size rain drop cake. Let's see what happens. It's actually made from algae or sea kelp. So, it's not that hard to find. so maybe I shouldn't be saying anything. (laughs) Where's our ice? So now we put the pan in the ice bath Whoa, it's thick. This doesn't seem right. Where's Rie, Rie! - Tell me what you're doing (both laugh) - If I knew, why would I ask you over? there's only three ingredients in this, sugar, water and agar. I did see that there were two kinds, so there's powder and flakes. - Yeah. - I think you might need to use powder 'cause they work differently. Glop. - Okay so, here is my experiment. I'm going to try to grind up this agar into a powder from the flakes version. (food processor whirring) It didn't do anything. They're still flakes. I think we gotta go get the powder. Okay, so we're taking a little field trip because the flakes just aren't cutting it. I don't know where I'm going. So they were out of stock. They're out of stock too. It took me three stores to find this so I really hope that it works. (laughs) The tap water kind of tasted too metallic I'm just gonna do two tablespoons of the agar powder we have and hopefully it works this time. I'm just gonna pour it into this bowl and put it in the fridge to cool. It looks clearer than last time Oop, how did that happen? (laughs) Oh, that's weird. (laughs) It looks like a breast implant. I do much prefer the taste of it clarity, three. Hi, it's day two. that have been going wrong, so I'm gonna try to remedy those today. I'm going to blend up the sugar and that was way too much, so I'm gonna let that come to a simmer I guess technically every rain drop cake I'm just gonna pour this in here. Oops, spilling a little bit. And we're gonna put this in the fridge. Just so I don't waste an hour of my day, I'm actually gonna just make another one So instead of an eighth of a teaspoon, Whoa, okay. Definitely clearer than yesterday, still not completely transparent but it's not quite the sensation of like a raindrop bursting. my own raindrops from my eyes. Okay. Hopefully forth time is the charm. and one and a half cups water. Hopefully this is the sweet spot. One hour. (bowl clinking) It's stuck a little. (bowl clinking and cake glooping) Oop. Okay. Yeah, I feel like it's raindrop-y. Should I just try to do the giant one? Also I just wanna be done with this. So I bought this metal cake bowl, because it has no line at the bottom, I felt it would be like the perfect mold. just because it's gonna need So now I just have to figure out how much water this actually is, Oh, okay, that was full. (crew member laughs) (laughs) Anybody? when I pour in the mixture. Should I put in a flower or two? Yeah, they just move. (laughs) I don't know how you're supposed to make them sit at the bottom. I don't know about this. I heard it. (laughs) Dang it. It literally dyed the bowl. So this was the giant bowl we used. I went out and got two smaller sizes I'm not cheating. I've realized we really need to compensate for the giant size of this and it will just take a little more agar than a normal sized rain drop cake would. So I guess we'll just start boiling. You know the drill. (laughs) but I'm still gonna strain it just as an added measure of precaution It is set, probably a little too set. It's not flipping. Ugh, I'm so over this. Rie did tell me to do some trick that like works with unmolding (bowl clinking) Rie, you've lied to me. I'm really dizzy, oh my God. (gasps) (laughs) Alright, it's day four. I specifically wore this shirt each with different ratios. I also decided to use different bowls if any of them, work. So we're staring with this one, and one tablespoon of sugar. Ooh! Oh, okay. That was really satisfying actually, just like kind of fell out of the bowl. which is really good. These both have less agar to water. they are going to fall apart. I don't know how to do this. Oh, yeah, shit. Honestly, I'm pretty happy. If we up this ratio just a little bit, we'll have our rain drop cake. Just gonna clean this up a little bit. Okay. This is it. This is it. in cold water first which is something I wish I knew before. (laughs) Now we're gonna be dissolving our agar in cold water with the sugar and bring that to a simmer, it will deactivate the agent. ♪ Bring it to a simmer ♪ ♪ We're gonna get a simmer ♪ Whoom. (whistles) That was a better noise. Oh God, that was a little messy. Why do we do this so far from the fridge? Woo! (laughs) Actually, no it wasn't. (laughs) Is this day five? - [Crew Member] This is day five. - Hmm, how did we get here? (laughs) I'm gonna make my brown sugar syrup. So all it takes is two cups of brown sugar and one cup of water. All it is is dissolving. which is the beauty of a syrup. really nervous. I should've gone to pee before this. It literally looks like water in here. Just, you know, go for it. God, get my hand out of there, (beep) (triumphant classical music) (laughs) Oh my God, I did it! Okay, here we go. Woo. Oh my God, I'm shaking, okay. We've got some rain. Looks super good, it's like rustic. I did it! ♪ I did it, I did it, I did ♪ and then the roasted soybean flour kind of gives it a nuttiness, Wet. (Alex and crew member laugh) (classical music) (camera shutters)
  • Runtime: 13:41
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