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The decline of Hong Kong's iconic neon glow


  • Vox

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  • Dystropy Ko

    DId vox run out of budget? It says its a series about borders but there is literally nothing about borders and hes stayed in the same city for 4 episodes. The first season was way better and more informational.

  • ED L

    what is the name of master wu’s shop?

  • Li Zhang

    damn that intro was lit 🔥🔥🔥 keep it up vox

  • alexlammm2

    Good work! As a HK citizen, I didn't realise there are stories behind those signs.

  • Petabyte

    vox is creating some amazing short film / documentaries. kudos.

  • Dripps

    When did vox turn into Casey?

  • British Tiger

    Wow the editing on this one took a huge jump in quality. nice

  • Supernaturalme Supernaturalme

    The night scene like a surreal movie set with smells, sounds and noise, chaotic and disorderly order ,a bit sense of danger and tension in the air, exciting and igniting. A twirl of suction of everything, all energies of mismatch and mishap all together in a split second, you are overloaded with information and overwhelmed. Too much going on around you at the same time! Too fast too. Cinematic and dramatic. That s HK.

  • red comn

    Contact for master wu? I want one of those darn neon for music venue

  • JuJu

    Dope series! Tuning in from London

  • djjlc

    Japan please don’t sacrifice your culture just to be like some boring ass American!!

  • Lyds

    so well madw this video

  • Aman Rahman

    A fun game: when you go out a night, try to tell apart neon and LED lights. In Hyderbad, it's mostly LED.

  • MemeyGamer

    Honestly, I prefer the looks for neon, it's more clean and minimalist and cool looking.

  • guy sumpthin

    Neon peaked in the 70's ? Thats way off. In the 70 neon antiques cover the antique shops

  • Rohan Sehgal

    Loved the music tracks in this video. Can Vox please make it available on Spotify or something? Thanks!

  • Deep Thought

    But without neon lights, how would we make vaporwave and synthwave album covers?

  • yokcos

    so neon lights, relative to LEDs, are expensive, unsafe, difficult to make, and inefficient? Sounds like LEDs taking over is a great idea.

  • Cidila Chan

    I love the editing of this video omg is so good!

  • aliciadear

    I'm sad the Borders episodes are so short these days! Love this series!

  • Orange Rubik

    Can you post a list of the songs you use in your videos?

  • CSW

    More video on Hong Kong please

  • nickdziwny

    And that kind of videos is what I like from Vox.

  • hayden brayton

    Nah If I needed a sign I would still go with neon you cant beat custom and hand made.

  • Christian O. Holz

    Light pollution. Yay. Calling neon lighting an "aesthetic" is very, well, kind. Good thing the government is putting some restraints on their use. Also, LEDs are much more energy efficient

  • BendyGO

    Outro song: Tom Hillock, Nicolas Boscovic - Golden Halo

  • K G

    I love the work you do on this series brother. Keep it up!

  • asspounderify

    4:15 How did you translate what he said from installation to "simple installation" It kind of puts him in a bad light, almost as if to trash on LEDs considering he produces neon lights


    So many homg kong stores uses neon lights for signs.

  • AKNetworkEdit

    Colour Grading: Teal and Orange. Teal, the worlds ugliest colour unless its in aqua marine setting. And orange Then you manipulate the man speaking's skin tone to make it look tanned. Stop it. BOOOO!

  • onbekende telefoon

    These types of vids is what makes Vox great. Stay out of climate and political things.

  • C M

    you guys should go to Kaliningrad Oblast

  • Synergy

    This camera quality is out of this world!

  • Larry Singleton

    I'm not a big fan of Vox. I won't go there. I will say I was surprised. This is an interesting and informative video as I had first assumed, (You know; "ass-u-me". heh-heh), that they were going to say something about the Chinese government. I guess I spoke to soon. Right after I wrote the above he talks about how government regulations came down on "unsafe" signs through "safety codes". I hate, Hate, HATE the Better Homes and Gardens Gestapo that is Code Enforcement that dictates every part of what you do to your own home. How high fences and hedges can be. Having to get expensive permits to put in a f-ing window. I think you even have to get a permit to re-frame a door in your house. You see these "new" cities being created in places like California. The first thing they do is establish a Code Enforcement office. With Code Enforcement goons preying on people with "eyesores" like a 64 pickup truck in their back forty. What used to be rural areas are now part of the city and subject to fees, fines and every other onerous regulation. So I guess I'm left wondering how much influence the Chinese government has on local government.

  • Lorinda

    Really love this Hong Kong series! So interesting. Hope you do mainland China.

  • YuukoDream Serenade

    I don't think I have ever seen an informative video on YouTube so SATISFYING. The *editing* is FANTASTIC.

  • Ph Ph

    I appreciated this, great video

  • GiroFuse

    5:20, looked it up and the dude is right, neon lights exist since 1917 (=over a hundred years)

  • Shuu U

    Is neon lights bad for the environment?

  • Juju Z

    Between the decline of neon and shutting down the pedestrian zone in Mongkok, HK's nightscape really is transforming :/

  • SSB Brandon

    I like the Jackie Chan at 0:30 it looks just like the meme version & is that Bruce Lee to the left of him?

  • JonathanJK

    Episode 4 is out! Let's see what Johnny got wrong this time. EDIT: Can see no mention was made that HK had more Neon than Las Vegas. That would have helped contextually to understand how much HK had at one point.

  • Aneudi Diaz

    If your house has been devastated by flooding, then raise it up on stilts or pilings. Protect your investment!

  • Celebstagram

    The use of Osiris' M31 LUT is too strong in this video. It makes the Hong Kong lights look dull.

  • Sándor Fazekas

    Damn, the intro's production value up until 1:25 is through the roof! Nice job!

  • Flavius Aetius

    OMG, why do you feel the need to make the music volume twice that of the speech volume?

  • teddybruscie

    Artistically it sucks but economically and environmentally neon can't be the popular choice. It has to be a niche thing.

  • Gianfranco Cravero

    You are talking about neon lights on Hong Kong and you don’t even mention Wong Kar-wai or Christopher Doyle? Shame on you!

  • jimdraw.com

    That well quaffed hairstyle and subtle hipster aesthetic make you an important part of the visual culture too

  • Diana Nguyen