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A Smith Family Vacation

  • Published on: 2018-08-06
  • [Music] it's funny I start off really excited and then when I realized I got my kids doing it like right before we do it this bizarre oh my god always kicks in like the worst case of african-american parents in the last 16 months island off well Cano right Vulcano this is the first stage of our hike we're excited and I think everybody this is in the perfect condition which is the important part shouldn't count all right there you go straighten a shake you doing okay on this day that's well yeah we're video everybody's kind of friends famous race they afraid well I'll just stand a friend Bam Bam Bam Bam yeah don't be jealous cuz you'll be climbing volcanoes [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay you're great no no no it's fine it's fine we won't use it first thing that goes in it is that look where's he going [Music] things like sulfur because it's a it's an active volcano and we're still gone towards it because we gangster [Music] we are at the top of volcano island it is sulfur smell is really bad hence the the face recovery burns your eyes just a little bit and that down there that is an active volcano it's not spewing lava it's not active like that but it actually could blow because like if you can see I don't know if you can tell them in the video the smoke there's like a smoky cover that where we're breathing in I'm sure that's not healthy but that's a volcano right there [Music] these guys is coming from the center yo yes there's a volcano yo that's a volcano is a volcano no it's like hot will burn it'll burn your shoes that's crazy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the water push that button on the outside right and that sucks the water out of your mouth and then you just breathe normal right so they thought of everything in this process if you don't stop your head's gonna explode right [Music] pass the stairs we're very excited we've done today we'll have an experience this morning what's it called that you saw a pilot a pilot whale a whale their captain - go where wherever find the tail yeah yeah have a bake your own party [Music] [Music] oh boy right here our dad talked us into doing some craziness we don't even know what this camera goes underwater right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] if you're scared you can take kills your ability to see beauty you have to get beyond fear back to a comfortable space before you can even start looking around you don't fear [Laughter] [Music]
  • Runtime: 09:39
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    still fear ? milk chocolate ? changing ? time ? heylo


    If will Smith will just get jesse to edit his videos oooooo

  • Ars 1

    Y are the man Will nothing but respect and u family

  • Mae

    Will Smith vlogging

  • Carol Medina

    I'm grateful to be able to know the world with your videos

  • Mad Hatter D

    Obviously Will has worked hard but just imagine life being that wealthy. God things would be so much easier

  • Ramone Cloyd

    Not nothing gangsta about your family nigga the only one is gangsta is jada HaHa!!!!

  • Halona Black

    This is how rich people spend their money. I want to be rich.

  • Damian Hunt

    I don't care how much money Will has (the entire family). They're still a very strange, weird family..And will may be a smart, insightful guy, but he's either moist, or all out undercover Gay. Just wish he'd come out already..

  • Orighomisan Dediare

    Will. You have done a great job raising individuals who think! I love your family. Thanks for letting us in to see the private personnas. The kids are okay. You can sit back and relax. They'll always return to the empty nest because its tight. One love 💖. Peace out

  • coatingthickness

    Mbare Willy calasti cu tutti i casci e non mi ricisti nenti? A si mpezzu i cunnutu, se mi chiamavi attoppava cu na para d'amici me di chiddi belli croccanti e na spacchiaumu a vita ammenzu a tuttu stu pilu. Ni sintemu a prossima vota.

  • MySpartapictures kitty

    I work my ass off and will never be able to do the things THESE overpayed fucks get too. Didn't watch.


    can someone tell me the name of the soundtrack of the minute 0:29 v:

  • nick l

    Fear ruins life. A truth as far as i can see.

  • Seung Nam

    5:09 oh will Smith is learning the YouTube ways of stealing and injecting random movie clips... Oh wait that's his OWN movie *MIND BLOWN*

  • properstatus24

    This right here is beautiful much respect to Will Smith and his family wonderful experience to watch enjoyed bless.

  • Hadassaelle Forges

    YOU HAVe GREY HAIR 😞😞😞😞😞😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • S-E-C-A

    Each videos, always has something to learn. Thanks Will Smith and family for give us a great and positives vibes.

  • Big SlongMong

    Will someone try to count the amount of rock signs or gang signs

  • Leland Hall

    ✨I'm pretty sure Will told his his Kids, " You can fuck with your brother or sister, but don't be an asshole with ANYone else." Word is BOND.❣

  • Ailin Castro

    Will Smith is just a beautiful person inside and out. Wise words, “if you live with free, you don’t see beauty.” ❤️

  • Joel Gray

    Amazing + Beautiful + Nspirational !!!!!!! Thank You !!! ~ ✌💜🙏🙌 on 🌍 + 🌌🌠 #hiphopstartedoutinthepark #volcanos #waterislife #trueartist #inspiration #blackfamily #familylove

  • ubra eko

    '' If you're scared you can't even see beauty '' WILL SMITH

  • MEE6

    Is it true Will really got fucked in the butt in that one movie? What's everyone on about

  • Noemy Mendez

    Eres el mejor te amoooo!!! Saludos desde Mexico woooo will 😙😙

  • Princess Clarice

    What a wonderful family adventure. I hope that I too could experience this with my own family some day. The part where Will said, 'If you're scared, you can't see beauty' is such a fatherly thing to say haha. Btw, Ace (idk how to spell his name) is <3

  • Zhané Nuku

    i love this! THANKYOU for that awesome quote 8:37

  • Joey Calvo

    I'm watching a video of a family traveling,visiting and enjoying what would be to me an incredible vacation.....while I'm in bed here in South 101 degree weather Texas......"those are the fruits of will and wife busting ass for the good life" much respect...

  • Tom A

    Thanks will enjoyed this ... filmed nicely

  • Emmanuel A.

    Wtf dude It wasn’t that long ago when he had like 10k subs

  • Selena Carter

    Willow Smith so brave she so close to the edge ill be afraid lol

  • Tenee Criton

    I am not crazy I no she was thier hahaha!!!!🙏💪🤓😎🤓😎

  • The VFamily

    Wow! That's great! Been lovin you for years Will! #familylife

  • Nahomy-Angel Diaz

    Es una bella familia,el un buen padre q da lo mejor de el para sus hijos y disfrutar con ellos d la vida

  • Blondie

    Will, your a vlogger? I didnt know.

  • ElectroSalvo

    +Will Smith Captain Steven Hiller! We are under alien attack we need your combat expertise now! *Please! Please! Please! Return to independence Day!*

  • John M

    4:45 .....When you've just binged watched an entire season of The Crown but realize you're black and they would kill you back then for just being in their presence.

  • N

    fear blinds true beauty, fear builds walls but it matters if we can concerned it by breaking throw it or clim

  • N

    fear blinds true beauty, fear builds walls, but it matters if you Concord it by breaking throw it or climb over it. Unity and love is what this world needs to see.

  • N

    good messages about fear 🙏✌

  • Sami Merk

    What’s wrong with Jayden’s head frame it has changed wtf

  • JeeMe


  • Abdi G

    Wer dachte Simon desue im Thumbnail

  • Shanola Webb

    August 18,2018 North Edwards ca with my handsome young white king husband joshua lee berry and our only white heiress " SAGI A WEBB BERRY " aka kkkool

  • easy wasp

    your daughter is so sexy i would strap her up and fuck her

  • Rylee Hunsaker

    Exact reason why Will Smith is not only my favorite actor. But my favorite person. So positive and such a great man.

  • Olga Florian

    I love your family, always united. God bless you. 👍👌