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SNAPPER HOOKED...Turtle Rescue Mission!

  • Published on: 2018-08-05
  • wait a bit bigger than the one we cause we're gonna have to remove that why are you holding the place [Music] by now we all know that snapping turtles are voracious predators eating any unsuspecting aquatic creatures that come across their paths sometimes this even includes worms that unfortunately for the turtle are attached to a fishing hook there is a snapping turtle right down here he's just hunting I think this is noseless he's a very he's a turtle that I've caught here several times yep that is him he's gonna start to go see him he's gonna be very grumpy everybody just stay back oh he stinks that is noseless one of the most famous snapping turtles that lives here you see how doesn't have a nose but he's quite a bit bigger than the one we cause oh he does can we help him out we're gonna have to remove that does go fishing hook in his mouth I do okay everybody stay back okay where's Madol has my pack sliced up in school here this okay you got it here I'll get it okay can somebody get me a stick budget watch it that's good put that down the ground there you go that's good he's super super aggressive right now so everybody needs to stay way back okay now this is super dangerous don't ever do what I'm about to do I'm gonna try to remove that fishing hook from the side of his mouth you're not supposed to ever be fishing here at the whole NAR berate um I didn't say something to those people earlier but this is what happens snapping turtles occasionally get hooked now he's gonna be fine even if I can't remove that but I do want to remove it if possible so what I'm gonna do is actually have him fight onto his stick and keep his focus there and then try to go in and get that hook out so Maura you hold him in place he cut it too oh nice yeah okay now noseless does not have a hook in his mouth and he can continue hunting and being healthy although he does seem super healthy and there's a little blonde 40 he sliced me open with his bat cloth so guys what you just saw me do right there was to help this turtle right if you ever catch a snapper turtle you see a hook in its mouth just let it be it's it's probably going to be just fine unless I'm there that's a really dangerous maneuver then I would never recommend anybody try to perform but because we care so much about these turtles we want to make sure that they are in good health now that did not hurt him at all they have virtually no feeling in their beaks and their jaws they are so incredibly strong that beak is solid bone and kind of like cuticle like your your fingernail is so that beak is constantly generating throughout the course of the turtles life and now noseless is going to be a very happy turtle to not have this nasty fishing hook in his mouth dude got a turtle look out of a snapping turtles mouth or a fishing hook out of a snapping turtles mouth all right guys as you can see noseless is very aggressive right now so I need everybody to step back be very happy to have that hook out of his mouth you okay buddy yeah he's doing good now all right so I'm gonna let him go back down into the water setting everybody make a clear path so that I can get through all right come on buddy watch your fingers right here already see say by noseless [Music] there you saw this she hook out of a turtle's mouth yep personally no injuries on that one in the event that you ever catch a snapping turtle on the end of your fishing line never attempt to remove the hook yourself the best plan of action is to alert a local wildlife center with any luck they will send a representative to safely and properly remove the hook if you want to take an epic adventure from the comforts of your family room make sure to go back and watch our mega episode where I let the golden ticket winners on an expedition into the wilds of the Holden Arboretum and don't forget subscribe so you can join me in the crew ready back there way back wait he is a giant don't like it oh my gosh
  • Runtime: 06:02
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  • Make that 2

    Why the girl on the lift with the blured out face looks like the 12 year old girl from despicable me

  • TheLoveThief

    I'm so happy Charlie Day decided to pursue a wilderness show.

  • Slammaland

    I caught a few snappers last week with hooks and bait.. Now there in my tummy

  • Evan Stern

    Coyote you are awesome I subscribed🧐🤓👌👍

  • Asal Aghaei

    Why had you blurred out only one persons face and everybody else’s face wasn’t?

  • Super Sad Summer

    This is why i love animals sm. They have to go through stuff like this, i remember when i was like 6 i watched an animal saving type of show and the sort of injuries that baby kittens and small turtles have. Its just horrible. ❤️😭☺️

  • daffney garon

    I saw a blak wido with my friends today we all tallked about teh vid you did with a blak wido

  • Dolly Andrade

    Hey Coyote ur the best I love wildlife too but I’m to scared to touch anything like snails yuck! Lol

  • Tekkerz Trident

    How does he carry on afte getting wet, if it were me I would be sulking about it until I change

  • Nick Widmer

    i would wager that removing a hook from someone eye probably qualifies as more dangerous

  • slicktrips

    please i hooked a snapper double that size steel leader 65 pound braid brought it on to shore and did the same thing snappers are harmless when handled correctly stop instilling fear and just teach people

  • Jaime Andrade

    Coyote you are a hero, great job Mario, kid that gave coyote stick good job .Mark cool shots.

  • Rocco De Falco

    I am 10 yrs old and there was a hook in a snapping turtle i already took the hook out without a person from the centre


    Theres a snapper at my cottage that must look like he's in a punk band with all the hooks he must have in its mouth. Can't even fish off the dock anymore cuz it always manages to find our hooks!

  • Hydrogeddon

    So as someone who projects himself as a person who cares about wildlife he saw some people fishing where they weren't supposed to and didn't say anything so he could get attention and get praised for getting a hook out of it's mouth

  • HasHasDre

    these kids (probably) think this turtle is a normal turtle (cause they get really close to it) but this dude can bite off your darn finger

  • Jenial S

    Why the face of little girl behind is blurred.. ??

  • Ariadne

    Why is it that the turtle actually looked grateful for coyote ripping that hook out? I mean, I can assume that after the cameras were off that he wasn't very well behaved, but for that brief moment, he seemed happy, and thankful... Is it just me?


    I am very your fan would like to see you testing the strength of clamp crab guaiamum

  • Bo Jangles

    Fishing hooks are designed to rust away in a very short time. There is no need to remove them.

  • Yvonne Shi

    The poor thing one of the kids say : and one said aww

  • Kawy Thowy

    I love the respect you gave this animal. Awesome. And teaching the kids to do the same. Priceless! Thank you!!

  • LukeBendo

    One about that big walked into my yard but luckily we got it into the swampy area near my house

  • Estin Frankenhoff

    You're supposed to release a hook and a snapping turtle's mouth because it is way too dangerous to get them out that's how you do it and eventually the hook grows and a snapping turtle's mouth that's how you do it for real

  • Rogelio Morales

    So nice seen kids enjoy nature and appreciate it ...instead of sitting on their computers ..wish more youth would just turn them off and go outside and enjoy gods creation ...but thats just wishful thinking on my part

  • Alvin Sandstrom

    Pursuit post civilian ogvunw aid option amendment forehead college maybe walk across.

  • Lps Black kitty

    Whats his name? 😹😹😹😹😹 What did coyote say? Dungston? LOL

  • Kira's toy world for girls and boys

    You're so nice you said snapping turtle turtles I love you thank you 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘٩(๑❛▽❛๑)۶٩(๑❛▽❛๑)۶≥﹏≤≥﹏≤

  • Michael Benjamin

    This actually happens to me fishing the other day the snapper took the bait and got stuck thank god I had metal hook removers and saved the guy


    3:06 i wonder why that girl in the black shirt get blur out

  • DerekM

    I didn't know people saved snapping turtles. When I was growing up they were killed if caught. They would kill all the fish in lakes and not even eat them.

  • Nicolas Martin

    Sin pale order puzzdp winner nearly speed shout continued approach.

  • THeSummoneD

    What’s to rescue? That turtle had the hook in its mouth for a long time with no problems.

  • Bilbo baggins

    LOL where in from we eat the turtle if we catch one and they are very good

  • the beast

    Me and my freind found one of those stuck on his back we flipped him over and put him back

  • david rosenberg

    Your viewership decline just as fast as your popularity... from million viewership to not even half a million

  • Mr Theorys

    He’s seems so serious towards the kids😂

  • Lady D

    Turtle: Dude! I paid 99 bugs for that!!!