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Liza Koshy Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on: 2018-08-06
  • hey I'm Liza Koshi and today I'm doing the wired autocomplete interview yes I have googled myself before I just about every day in the morning that's how I wake up it's my morning routine I'll know every answer thank you does Liza Coe she does Liza Koshi have siblings I do my mom made three brown girls and she's a white woman herself it's pretty exciting she made me my sister Olivia and my other sister Rahil which is a very Indian name I am the youngest so my parents kept trying until they had the best and just had to stop does Liza Koshi talk to herself do we talk to herself yes we do all the time she's great you can't help it I just have to keep talking time because I love her and she's pretty what what was the question how does Liza Co she'd dance like this I'm sorry I hit the mic I'm so sorry about that like this I'm not wearing a mic pack what this is how my body moves this is how I dance thank you for watching how does Liza Co she do her eyebrows um I I use a lot of materials and actually a protractor no I I actually use a benefit browsing there's a plug you can send me so maybe like I've used Sharpie before its I've actually had somebody wipe a part of my eyebrow off before and I filled it back in with a blue pen there's nothing that because there's another board give it to me sorry is Liza Koshi married to herself into the money no I'm just kidding I am single next question oops is Liza Koshi vegan no I love sausage like in the appropriate way no but I love me I'm from Texas and I love marinated vaginas fajitas is Liza Co she rich in love and happiness and friendships and money Wow in in in friendships yes money next video is Liza ko she's best friend I like to preach nowadays to be your own best friend but that just sounds lonely because I am No my best friend is myself also david dobrik and also my sisters and my mom just keep them coming please don't you sorry did Liza ko she go to college I went to school for one year I majored in nothing because I went for one year it was amazing I don't remember it said Liza ko she get a dog no I didn't I want a dog I really am craving some kind of furry companion in my life okay if I were to get a dog I would get a dachshund mixed with a what's it called cocker spaniel oh yeah that's a dachshund mix with a cocker spaniel it's a dog I have at home in Houston and it's brilliant it's in the shape of a wiener love sausage remember cool callback did Liza Koshi get tattoos yes I actually own a tattoo on my nose can you zoom in can you see that that little like - on my nose my friend was getting a tattoo and I wanted to send a picture to my mom and pretend that I was getting a tattoo on my face and the tattoo artist accidentally moved and niched my nose do you see that little black mark cool that was a complete lie I don't have any tattoos next question where did Liza Koshi grow up Houston Texas baby might have this hair is not mine so I'm surprised that didn't fall out baby I'm so sorry what is Liza ko she's real name my real name is Elizabeth Koshi I'm a pathological liar and I go by Liza what does Liza co she want I want happiness for myself and for other people that was cheesy but true what does Liza Koshi like to do rip these tiny pieces of paper off I love creating and I love sleeping both happen at the same time what does Liza Koshi watch on YouTube herself she is a big fan of little brown girls no I actually I love watching ASMR videos it's those videos that have on it that like this kind of sound like to fall asleep spare sense that's why this sound is so pleasing what languages does Liza Co she speak English es peor hola I don't speak Spanish it's a lot of fun and I also love tacos but I'm not Hispanic do we have another card how is Liza Co she pronounced Lisa Kudrow how tall is Liza Koshi I am 5 feet tall today I'm five six what's up how did Liza Koshi become famous yeah I honestly don't know you guys have weird tastes online how does Liza Co she invent characters they're all part of me and they're my split personalities that I actually have in my brain so they all come from different parts of my brain yeah that was hard to explain I'm fine what next time next bored how jet how does jet pack skinsky sleep wait sorry he doesn't close his eyes I'm apologize okay we're good how does jetpack skinsky make his money he spends a lot of time with hope of women and they pay for his dinners honestly just by being good-looking and modeling for GQ hopefully wouldn't it what does jetpack skinsky eat I can let say it don't gamble oh but corn how does jetpack skinsky have a good time every time is a good time with Jed he's just a happy man I mean when you're that good-looking it's hard not to be happy you know last one Haga liza co she goat what what are you typing it to Google are you saying how the Liza Co she is the greatest of all time are you saying goat like that hope you found that video you were looking for love goats big fan Baja bad is Helga Liza Co she's cousin Helga is Liza coffee Skelton she loves her very much very proud to be related blood sisters here we go next question where is Helga from she is from a place I actually don't know I actually have no idea where I'll get she's from a beautiful place called my brain nice smooth I actually have no idea where she's from though sorry
  • Runtime: 07:13
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  • Liza Koshy

    ooh, well you can tell it's been a while since she's made a video... haha i was so nervous! but thanks for googling me ya creepy kids, and thanks for all the pleasing sounds WIRED! this makes me wanna make a video brb

  • banana

    This video sounds so empty with sound they should have added some background music

  • Lexi Womack

    If she lives in Texas no duh she’s gonna like meat when she said that she did the way she said it reminded me of Texas/Texans and then she said that’s where she grew up so I wasn’t surprised and also who doesn’t love sausage

  • Taylor Chatman

    Am I the only one who was so gullible that I believed the tatto story 😂 😭

  • America


  • GirlSplosion

    did anyone else think of the Sanders sides at 5:09 ?!?!? Cuz I LOVE THE SANDERS SIDES!!! ANYONE ELSE????

  • E

    I like how Liza just sneaks jokes in her answers and alters her voice to fit whose she talking about and for amusement!

  • Alpaca Tey

    2:24 i can’t believe she didn’t say kristen

  • Ezjah James

    liza I never knew that you really like ASMR videos cuz I am crazy about them mind blowing boom boom

  • Cameo Paws

    So basically, Liza’s characters are like The Sanders Sides? Cool

  • mae omalley

    please do this with louis tomlinson or niall horan or harry styles PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  • Rachel Heo

    5:02 lmaooo “honestly u guys have weird taste”

  • Rainbow Unicorns

    I live and I am also growing up in Texas except in Friendswood cause in 4th grade

  • Modi Shabab

    5:30 l thought she will do the zoom challenge 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Lily

    Liza you are so gorgeous

  • Treh 29

    Idk why but I feel like this is what cardi b is supposed to look like


    Her real name really isn't Elizabeth right ??

  • Madison Little

    JETS NAME I JUAT FIGURED PUT IS Jet Pack-in-sky 😂😂😂

  • Jamie Juice

    Liza I have a cocker spaniel and Australian Shepherd

  • Stay Hungry

    I’ve heard her names so much it sounds weird now

  • Emma

    I died of happiness when she said Lisa Kudrow

  • missjenboss


  • Stella Girl

    Did anyone notice at 3:17 the little black thing inside her shirt pushing it up to look like b-... you know what I won’t finish this sentence

  • Maja Banyś

    when she started speaking spanish so sounded exactly like Cardi B no kidding haha

  • AgonGamerTV

    4:30 is the thumbnail... Now I can see that it wasn't staged at all

  • Dana Jay

    Cried a little when she said David And then her family They’re on the same level

  • Dona M.

    I want that outfit. Where can I get it?

  • gucci donut

    “Who is Liza Koshy’s best friend?” KWISTEN