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Man On Cruise Finds Dog On Deserted Island and Rescues Her | The Dodo

  • Published on: 2018-08-06
  • when she came running down the beach and all I could see was a skeletal form there's absolutely no way I was going to step away from this moment and not helpless BrewDog there is nothing anywhere this is a middle of the Amazon jungle basically it's this island is created when Amazon drops so when the water comes up again a probably doesn't even exist I do believe she was abandoned there today realizing I was looking across the water there was something something was moving it just wasn't right we got some food for her out of the freezer we're quite far away from civilization my moment Isis right this dog is not staying on the streets for more minute we are taking her back you ready to greet them ready for your dinner ready here we come in Kerala [Music] I'm lying in my pocket I never publicly [Music] I'd gone to bed and I heard the engines of the boat and we walked on the beach at this point and I was confused thinking what's happening here so I jumped up and as the book was now in the middle of the river I'm the greeted with the book got quite far before I got the owner of the boat I finally got him out of his bed I just said tough people back for this dog we have to after she got lost and I realized that I was quite annoyed and upset I thought you know that's that's obviously a bond there [Music] I managed at to one of the main city on the river and that one menu speak in person and the whole place told her the story the boat Negrita and she says ok then I will look after her until you take her home and I assumed it would be a few weeks and then five months later first day I saw her only that I used to had this slice in her ear I didn't recognize her as the same dog I was so excited her whole body was wiring and everything and I knew that was the moment that's where she felt that she was a bum sometimes I'm sitting there and I and I do look at her and I go can't believe she's from now Mazon and then I have a little memory of being on the book she absolutely was in a place where she could never recover and I just couldn't have that happen people bring back souvenirs I've brought back a living breathing dog [Music] [Music]
  • Runtime: 03:17
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  • The Dodo

    To help David and Negrita support more shelters, you can supply Play For Strays with an item from their Amazon Wishlist: https://thedo.do/plays. Follow them on Facebook for updates on their travels: https://www.facebook.com/PlayforStrays/.

  • Bill Smith

    Should have kicked the passengers off and come back later to get them, slowly of course. cruel passengers

  • Anthony Galaxy

    I just can' belive how cruel people are today! To abandon a dog on an ISLAND?! That's just awful! Also the people from the ship.... Can you belive that they TRIED TO GET RID OF THE DOG! That dog that suffered so much😭 God bless that man and God bless that beautiful dog! Love for both❤️

  • akjlm53

    i hope i never meet the assholes that gave this a down vote,

  • Luvstruck

    I love this. I would have done the same.

  • Shemi Rama

    My God - if we had more ppl like this mean I swear we wudnt have wars .... God bless u, sir, God bless ur dog n I pray both of u have all the abundess of life!!!

  • Jitterpig Jen

    I would've found a way to take her home too! She actually looks like a Taiwanese Mountain Dog (Formosan). I have a rescue from Taiwan and they look incredibly similar.

  • Sami

    There are 2 black men right in the background!! Wearing red long basketball "shorts"!! What do you mean there is "no one" there?!!!!!!!

  • JrGamingYT

    Getting a dog off of Amazon. Don’t hate me plz

  • Elly Godelcra

    Being poor doesn't mean you have to be cruel or heartless, that is an excuse, you don't get to do that and you don't need to be rich to treat well an animal. As this man with a beautiful heart and soul saw that poor baby, there were other ppl who saw him as well and did nothing, and that is disgusting !! and even more disgusting for the persons who did not want the dog on the boat, really???? was he taking your seat ??? Shame on that ppl. Thank God for this man who rescued this baby and gave him the life that he always deserved !! God bless you !!

  • Jason M

    How I read this story: pain in the ass entitled man ruins everyone else's river cruise that they paid for to rescue stinky diseased dog. I would be so pissed if I was on this cruise.

  • Isaac Horner

    Hear a short poem about things I like Guns Blah blah blah Dogs Blah blah blah Motorcycles Blah blah blah

  • Istvan Kovacs

    Wonderful story god bless both of you David and Negrita  <3

  • LetsRage FiveSIxSeven

    I hope this guy pressed charges for the people on his boat that tried to abandon her after he saved her. Civilization needs to be cleaned up. People don't truly realize how bad humans are, we're self-entitled, nature's biggest mistake. Three or four good people is not enough.

  • Janise Ruiz

    God bless ya! Ya were destined to be together. You truly, are her angel Without you rescuing her, she would surely, not be here today. Thank you For having a beautiful heart.

  • Ivan Figueroa

    Negrita means maybe "Blackie" or "Blacky" ???? Nagrita is Spanish for a small female black "something" lol

  • Hailey starz1

    The person that left her on the island I wish you were stuck on th desert

  • THE UNKNOW_555

    Subcribe Like and share and I will support and help and subcribe to your channel :)

  • cocodrake

    Cool story man! The people on the boat or Butthead’s

  • mike stang

    I don't want to sound like the bad guy, but this sounds like fake-news clickbait, to achieve a hidden agenda,aka donations.....

  • polyprinz

    I wouldn’t have been able to get on that boat too without her. I love animals...and I hate how cruel some people can be to animals!!!

  • Morgan

    I'm so glad he stood up for her! not impressed with his name choice though

  • Bryn Chambers

    I hope he payed back the lady who helped Negrita for 5 months.

  • Brett Kruskie

    Someone call this number and tell my friend Joey his refrigerator is running... +17346265932 Leave a comment if you did lol

  • Choppa Gunna

    fckn piece of sht try too abonden her again, stupid disgusting negros.

  • Kris Quigley

    I hope the people who put that dog off the boat once she was rescued get their meanness back on them in spades. KARMA.

  • Carolyn Lewis

    Compassion is a wonderful thing. Not many people have it.

  • True Follower of Christ

    God Blesd you brother for doing that what a big heart you have. May He bless the work of your hands. Proverbs 12:10 10 The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

  • Ann inGG

    what a beautiful story and kudos to the person to help take care of the dog until he had a chance to get her back with him. you can tell the dog obviously bonded with him and knew she was being saved by him since she was so happy to see him again.

  • Paddy Mc

    It's time for that famous moronic cliche again, 'This video has restored my faith in humanity.' Because, during my day, I go around assessing just how much faith I have, in 'Humanity'... and all these first-world hyper-privileged kids who somehow completely lost their faith in 'Humanity'. You know, because sometimes people don't have their exact set of values and therefore are bad people...

  • Frank Rice

    A sick world...thank u David for doing the right thing

  • Joey Boy

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but this is so sad I don’t know why I keep clicking on a even sadder video.

  • M.J. Sage07

    He should of left the people on the island that said leave her. Show them how she had it.

  • Judy Johnson

    You are an angel. Sent to this dog. God always provides. The person that left her is going to pay dearly.

  • john paul

    amazing people over there you bring an almost skeletical dog to your boat in order to rescue/save him and they want to leave the dog again on these deserted islands ,lovely human beings on these places...... is this brazil?

  • doraluffy

    0:49 who is that man behind next to the tree?

  • Mike Egah

    I think the story and video are untrue. This man just trying to make a sympathy video for YouTube

  • james devlin

    Well done, great to hear a good news story coming from Northern Ireland.


    After this incident, god updates the to-do list: Add infinite good karma to that Man on the Cruise in this life and after!

  • Valerie Warren

    Thank God for you finding this dog. You saved her life. She is such a beautiful dog! I'm happy she is back to good health.💕🐶

  • Nightcore Lovers

    When I was 9 years old I saw a cat was so sick on the street and I pick her up I put her on the bush and hide her cause if my mother knew that she would kill me so I hide her and take care of her she was old I gave her food morning evening night I cleaned her but then she ran away

  • medechi

    Whoever left her there is going to burn in a special place in hell. Cheers for them for rescuing her

  • Brian Thalmann

    Yes it is evil. And the original owners who left her there should have given her to an animal shelter or better yet another family who would love her. But we can't take back the past and even thinking about killing the orignal owners ect. Is just about more evil then leaving a dog stranded. Think about not only what the dog had to go through but what the owners did too. They could have had just as much as a harder life then that dog. I'm not saying this acceptable but lots of people are looking at the dogs perspective and not the original owners. The owners could have had something going on in there life's to make them bitter. And you can disagree with me if you want but i dont want to have to deal with people bugging me with hateful words every min hour or day. So if you have nothing nice to say back off.

  • Eva Muñoz

    You are an Ángel 👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍😘😘😘🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Amazing the Film

    About the passengers leaving the dog behind Imagine finally finding a home and people finally live you, only to get dumped on an island again Messed up

  • MTN Biking In Arkansas

    Who would leave a dog on an island to sink into the water That’s one of the worst things you could possible do

  • Angela Verdenius

    I don't understand why people treat animals so cruelly. If you don't want a pet and don't care about animals, don't get a pet. You don't have to hurt them. Animals are part of the family. You want one, you care for it and love it - always and regardless. Thank you to this kind man who rescued her.

  • mylifeasniree

    She's freaking beautiful! Through it all, still an amazing spirit about herself! God bless you for looking after those that cannot look after themselves. She would have surely perished and it would have been an awful loss!

  • sexobscura

    *That's just what happened when Gilligan and the others left the Island*

  • Raven Games

    Not to be mean or anything but the dog kinda looked like a thestral at the beginning? And in the thumbnail?