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NBA 2K19 - Take the Crown

  • Published on: 2018-08-07
  • [Music] [Applause] now you stay inside Johnny big Redemption life you either with me [Applause] just too real packy [Applause] [Music] my xbox one get NBA 2k 19 [Music] [Applause]
  • Runtime: 01:11


  • SB Swagger #99

    Get out the way get out the way get out the way ya !!!!!! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN !!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Memphis Hog

    Think it's funny they had Kd block CJ after the little...scuffle they had...

  • Shane Harmon

    Implement simple games like 21 Tips or Knockout, then you got a banger

  • Joshua play's

    by looking at this trailer almost as good as 2k14's momentus so it's gonna be a really good game

  • thesexymario

    you assholes they are releasing it on 9/11 dick bags

  • Lyrix Hub

    While your cinematic abilities seem to get better year by year, your game itself gets worse and worse. You are most likely, lying about the changes that were made to the game. That’s because you have lazy developers, who don’t really care enough to put genuine effort into their craft. So once again, you have made another shit game; Repackaged to make it seem like the game is totally different. When in reality, it’s the same game. That what you did, with NBA2K15, NBA2K16, NBA2K17, & NBA2K18. You continue to do it, because not only, is your fan base loyal, but you are making money because everything you do on your game requires Virtual Currency. Whether is cutting your hair, or breathing, you literally made the game impossible to play without VC this year, You guys are so money hungry, But the income is flowing in, so you don’t care. And somehow you create the same problems for yourself, over & over again with these broken patches. Because you patch your game at least 12 times a year; You create an inconsistent shooting algorithm that is broken. On every single game, making it impossible to shoot the ball. Wide open, yet somehow miss... Lets not forget to speak on the poorly designed system you call defense. That is just abysmal. People literally dribble the ball through their opponents bodies, and they don’t lose it. & Are allowed to run rapid in the game with no consequences. But if the possession switches and that person is on defense, if their opponents does it, it’s a turnover; Sounds like a simulated park game, & The server clearly has a intention to who will win the game if you ask me. Which makes sense when someone can, stick perfect defense on their opponent, then seemingly out of no where, they make a heavily contested shot. We also could speak on the mentally challenged passing system, Where you will turn the ball over for no reason at all. Even if you are close to your team mate, you make eye to eye contact with them, you turn your body in the direction they are in, Somehow the game will still make you turn the ball over. Let’s not forget the ignorant rebounding system, Where despite someone’s character being 7’3” The ball will intentionally avoid them, and bounce right into the hands of the smallest person on the court, Even worse; the ball falling on the ground, & their player will ignore it, as if he can’t just reach down & grab the ball. Or giving assholes the ability to VIP people off the spot, even if they lose, or they aren’t as great of a player as the person who is on the court. Forget all of the cinematics and just focusing on fixing these core components of the game, so come release day, their won’t be a need for a patch. This game is your last hope to right your wrongs, and based on what people see in the prelude, will determine whether you sell 4 millions copies on release day, or 400.


    2k19 soundtrack going to be lit but i dont know why they didn't put this song in the 2k19 soundtrack

  • Jdx Omega

    Still have the same weird cartoony graphics.

  • Stalker Gamer

    not even interested in 2k titles but this is by far one of my favourite game trailer's, might even consider buying it.

  • Shavar Melendez

    for every one that has PS4 I'm cooking all of yall in 2k19 I'm creating a playmaking shot creater and if they dont have double arcatypes then I'm just creating a playmaker and low weight as possible and medium arms I know I just told all of you what my FIRST myplayer is but I'm making two the second one is a Center but I'm NOT telling you what I'm creating you'll have to find out so FULL WARNING watch out for my playmaker and center and my PS4 name is VAR71128

  • nba DOCTOR futureOFrandom

    Im comin for the crown youre either with me😄 ORRR.......... AGAINST ME🔥🔥💯💯🚫😡😈(ronnie 2k be ready your game is gonna blast off)👉🚀🚀🚀✌💯

  • Eye So

    The trailer looks trash but we want to see the mycarrer trailer

  • Sam Wills

    My girlfriend just said how funny would it be (also not funny at all) if they showed Hayward breaking his ankle in this trailer. 🤣 We are both huge fans of Gordon by the way.

  • mvp.Chris 21

    Damn thats 60 more dollars in my piggy bank this has disappointed me more than black ops 4 trailer so fucking repetitive its official 2k only in it for the money

  • ploftin93

    RDR2 & Spiderman already has all my gaming time booked

  • naptownkid 317

    All I'm asking is that y'all just give every player their damn tattoos....... But they ain't listening so... Hey. How about them New York jets. ??. 🏈

  • Edward X

    As much as I supported - again SUPPORTED - 2K, it seems like 2K & EA follow the same formula to rake in the money with coins & same slight changes each year! Sorry, no money from me this year again...

  • Mazzerson 28

    anybody interested in having a mixtape made checkout my channel

  • KyleTVGaming

    It's gonna be out 9/11 I guess you could say it's gonna blow up😂...Lord forgive me

  • Michael Bruce

    2K14 was the last 2K that got everyone hyped with crazy graphics and the gameplay wasn't bad, now it's just straight up trash

  • Michael Bruce

    Still looks the same, gameplay still look trashy and cheesy, they lucky there's no other basketball games out there that's competition

  • Anthony Brown

    2k needs a feature like shorts height because certain players wear there shorts higher and low for Example JAMES Harden- High ISAIAH Thomas- Low

  • Kickolgy_ 4real

    @ronnie2k @travisscott @kingjames Can we get R.I.P. Screw(Swae Lee) and Workin Me(Quavo) 😭😭😭👌

  • Joe Gamer Tv

    Um, steph looks off, sorry to say that but he doesn't really look right.

  • tyler Mccreedy

    This game will decide your future. Every 2k has been nothing but a shit ton of micro transactions and animations that you can't get out of and control your player. There's a very high chance you'll fuck up again so good luck! Most likely RIP! NBA LIVE ON THE COME UP AND YOUVE BEEN GOING DOWN FOR YEARS!

  • BobPlays

    I hate when they have to replay the best moments of the games they tested and make them look better and combine that and make it a trailer also add music and adding 2k19 at the end like legit expections: Reality:99 overall sharpshooter with the best average of three pointer of all times jump shot and you have a disease that never makes you miss a shot in your life (and yes a kid actually has a disease like that or a superpower and he’s only 18 months old I’m pretty sure) and you would still miss like that’s 2k right there

  • Zachary Zavala

    Lmao some of the fake 2k19 trailers were better than this. 😂😂

  • cml e

    cut the bullshit 2K and give us some new contents improvement

  • Salim Arale

    I keep on telling myself they’ll do better each year BUT FUCK THEY DONT this is the last 2k I’m buying if it’s ass

  • Adrian Lorde

    2k overrated i need pk game play 2 see what they fix same bs every yr exbition cool but its not the main attraction of the game everyone mostly plays pk and etc

  • Kevin Green

    I know everyone is hating on 2k in these comments and most of you have your valid reasons, but on the bright side of this trailer, the way the players emotions look and the way they speak on court look great this year

  • Jamal Benton

    I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I NEED IT!

  • 2oonami

    Pre-order the legends edition for $200 to unlock my career and mypark on day 1

  • Pine Sol

    This shit finna be trash.. The same fuckin game with updated rosters bruh


    Lebron James is not the goat..he just another good overrated player..nothing more..nothing less..

  • Pp Suc

    Do not put anybody like b fresh in this game

  • Smaf

    Why its always on xbox lol

  • Anri

    same shit and you idiots’ll buy it again and again. I thought the cod community was more dumb