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Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018


  • H.A. Treesong

    What a farce this is....bad acting, pathetic fake anger.....a circus act of clowns.

  • In_Vas_Por

    She threw the mic down hard AF 😂 It almost hit her in the face 😂😂😂

  • Human Being

    I love their clean smooth fully shaven underarms... they turn me on! That's right armpit fetish dudes!!!

  • Suman Talari

    Ronda clothes are not suitable, we doesn't feel like rowdy

  • ModalGroove

    Her arm bars look awful... She should just keep the arm straight and they can both sell it like its real.

  • Ji Park

    RONDA ROUSEY RONDA ROUSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marlon Nunag

    Haha loser Alexa bliss and Alicia fox hhahha loser!!!

  • Fine Supplements

    Ronda is too rough on those girls. Someone tell her it’s just acting

  • Genesis Easley

    It’s funny how it’s so fake but I’m still watching it 😂

  • Coolmario _123

    Your such a scary cat Alexa I’m a kid I could beat you up jajajajaja

  • Herbinator_88

    In a REAL fight, Rousey would annihilate any of those WWE ladies... she's literally a lethal weapon.

  • keno Begay

    I just luvvvv Ronda Rousey luvvv it when she just throw around these chickz....luvvv that mean mugging face 2 ......

  • John Kimmel

    So this is where she ended up. Must be weird going from reel knocks to fake knocks.

  • Louis Tanguay

    Ronda's fake WWE punches are better than the real ones she threw under Edmund's training...

  • LupusGelos

    Lovely to see some "strong independent female role modals" Embracing toxic masculinity in a bid to emulate and become men xD

  • suger Rolet

    If you like ronda like this comment because I loveeeeeee her

  • ed ubinas

    Oh good Lord can the acting be any worse, geez!!

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  • Marco Malagon

    When Ronda rousey and Alicia fox fought on RAW it was the day of my birthday

  • GUSE Princess Kyte

    Now I'm really really excited for the upcoming Summer Slam, haha Good luck Ronda!!!!! ^_^

  • Nick Early

    I love Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good I love her so much my girl boy friend Nick early I'm singe Aige be my girl friend I love Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good I love her beautiful girl pretty girl nice kind pretty funny mike me slime pretty girl I love her so much my girl love me kiss me Nick early lops Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good I love boobs I love booty I love you Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good

  • Venom8419

    Rousey shows up every WWE women superstar. Kind of embarrassing that shes been in the business since wrestlemania and can actually wrestle better than them.

  • Grant simms

    How can a mma fighter go to being a fake performer

  • cd c

    This is where UFC fighters go to die.

  • Calum Mcgaw

    I know it’s fake fighting but at least make it look kinda real. Cringe when you can clearly see the punches and kicks don’t connect.

  • Carlos Rivera

    jajajaja . jajajaja .jajajaja jajajaja.. Amanda Nunes?????

  • SpecialK

    It used to be a Big debate if this stuff was Fake or Real, but the have gotten lazy with making it real. It's so predictable. I watch post 2000 stuff.

  • General Cyclone

    Right haven’t watched wwe in ages but is it just me or does everyone women’s match end in a tap out victory ?

  • DanteJames4

    I'm actually really happy for Ronda wow and her "That title is MINE" legit gave me chills wow

  • PRoWrestLing Clips

    Don’t really understand why people are so hyped about Ronda she’s basically just a female version of brock

  • C Gordon

    Respect the BANK but dear lord that looks awful. How do grown adults watch this? Truly terrible 🤮

  • warren Thomas

    Dem hands !!! Them hands WOW.... she's improved from her ufc days

  • ItsG

    I mean I’m a big fan of wrestling but c’mon we all know that wwe is fake it’s just acting and I’m so sick of it... and everyone loses against Ronda so...