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Musical Smoothie Bar | Rudy Mancuso

  • Published on: 2018-12-02
  • this video was sponsored by Clif Bar hello hello hello meet some drinks or healthy snacks will make you look like a star through this place we got your back it's a musical smoothie bar no more ice cream no more chips no more candy no more dips my stuff is equally delicious and it's 10 times more nutritious but being healthy isn't cool who's selling a free but we're the same person I understand that but it's a bit if so it makes no sense logistically major bring the song right now I'm trying to do a song for the MU just looks awesome stop ruining my so let me do my song get out of here please get out here it's the musical smoothie bar it's the music easy easy go through the early bar it's the musical to the bar I'll be sure to get you fit if you mean anything my name is cliff oh there's no name tag good I don't but it's just I fell right you know what the song can I help you I'm just looking for like a a quick smoothie or a healthy snack if you really want to order something I'm afraid you're gonna have this thing cuz that thing's coming when our voices ring no you shut up the singing makes the world go around it's okay if you suck let's hear that sound and you start singing then we'll talk about food so sing a little bit man don't be rude let's sing a song I'm not gonna sing it'll be interesting this is crazy don't be lazy this for real hey look it's Jessica Biel what all right I'm just gonna go for my keys oh you mean this shaker yeah yuck best-selling book can I please get something quick yeah that's the spirit senior sound awesome now this song is sounding sick is there anything you recommend yep I recommend me as your friend cuz I'm Romie music and healthy snacks delicious no we don't get heart attacks he's like organic and nutritious yeah so what should I get do I have the treat for you my friend see it'll quench your thirst but hey let's give it a try first it's very delicious but it's not what I need I prefer something without the brain freeze how about we add some protein how does that taste my guy it's a little too dry how about we try a juice that's cream it'll make you less moody I think I prefer something fruity don't worry we'll find the right snack for you no heart attacks for you I got your back mind you I said don't worry you'll find the right snack for you no heart attacks my dude unless it's in your family and it's hereditary then there's nothing I can do when I'm sorry hey I think it's time to get you what you're looking for can we sing enough songs that you're weird help stop the smoothies with cold and the powder was dry about a closed bar with the smoothie decent side does that exist yes I'm holding it right now the strawberry banana tart cherry berry wild blueberry outside you're really really loving I can guarantee you the drugs taste you can't deny it's an organic bar with the smoothie taste inside we found the perfect snack it's so delicious we found a perfect snack exactly what I was looking for thank you shut up sorry [Music]
  • Runtime: 04:05
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  • Silent Sof101

    I guess Rudy has multiple jobs during day and night Rudy you need more sleep

  • Jesse Morales

    Hey Rudy do you like the eagles if you do let's go eagles

  • Jokur Love

    1:32 *when it's Friday and u have a 3 day weekend* 😂

  • E Pacho

    U so cute 😍🥰😘😂😂😂😂😃 and funny

  • Gaming Boy

    Sup Rudy i been watching your channel for 4 years

  • iZly

    i love rudy, but his content is so repetitive tbh.

  • Kevin Savage


  • Trash Bucks

    Rudy is he only one in Shots studios who is talented. And not too cringy... and also rewind 2018 was not that good...

  • who am I?

    *How do you feel to be in the most disliked video on YouTube Mr. Mancuso?* Edited BTW

  • Usama Khan Mandan

    What happens at the end why does he become angry. What does the smoothie guy do

  • SamuelSalad

    *they all realize that they are all the same person*

  • carrot

    Why are your COMMERCIALS so good, this shouldn't be happening. Love how multi-talented you are, and how great you are at every instrument you play. Amazing.

  • madhu rima

    This was awesome, but musical barber was, is and will remain the best one in the musical series 😂

  • JHE GaminG

    Nooooo Rudy I just saw you typing in the rewind vid in the live chat that shits ass

  • Steven

    Did he ever get back his keys?

  • Moe-nster

    Guys i think the are all the same person .mind blown

  • Mona Adel

    مبدع . روعه. بحبك من مصر

  • Magneig

    Was the stepth curry video real like wer eyou really with him.??? :D

  • Luna Cabrera

    0:35- 0:55 is me arguing whether to be healthy or eat junk food.

  • Hope Hill

    I love these so much , he is so inspirational and talented, keep up the good work

  • online offline

    I love u rudy ..................❤❤❤❤🤘🤘🤘🤘u r soo funny and bst expression maker 🤪🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • noname nam

    I hate white people who is rats because black people is the dest and black people are cut to not just white people

  • FEPD -

    Im watching this while eating hot cheetos 🥵