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Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

  • Published on: 2018-09-13
  • okay welcome back this weekend is my birthday and since last week you guys let me have some quality meantime this week I wanted to do something that you all have been requesting for months I see your comments you've been typing them everywhere that you would like me to follow along with a Bob Ross painting tutorial now it's just gonna be a painting you already know what's gonna happen but I want to do this in the most respectful way possible because Bob Ross was a wonderful man he actually means so much to so many people so I don't just want to make an abomination I'm actually gonna try and make this a beautiful painting and I hope that that's what you want to see because that's literally what you asked for so I went to the youtubes and I picked a beautiful Bob Ross painting that I would love to have in my house I got everything that I think that I need and I'm also gonna do a coat of liquid white which for my understanding no one really knows what that is but it's a mixture of titanium white paint and some sort of oil I laid my colors out on the palette I've just knows the colors off the top of his head I've left them out in order so I can remember which ones are which now I am NOT a painter by any means I think most of you know that is that too white let's put some more oil in it I didn't really watch Bob Ross I'd say until I was an adult I watched a lot of like Mister Rogers after that it was like TV off go outside to play on a swing set and shut up I'm kidding but as an adult I've watched a fair amount of him and you can tell from just like watching one video of his why he's such a loved person he's a calming warming positive presence in a world full of chaos and everyone remembers the person that makes them feel like that for so many people is the Bob Brooks I promise you if any jokes are made in this video they're all purely at my ability or lack thereof and none would ever ever be directed towards Bob does this look right there's there's a marble hair like right in the middle dear artists that have pets how do you deal with this basically just makes everything slippy and wet so that you can blend all of the colors on top of it it's like an eyeshadow primer I went ahead and more a shirt that was already pre stained with toothpaste so I'm not gonna be upset if it gets paint on it the one that I chose is called sunset of glow there we go welcome back certainly glad you could join us today I thought today we'd do a painting it tomorrow my current one that'll make you feel good inside so let's start having hem around all the colors across the screen that unites the song they're doing that thoroughly don't appear let's do it let's start with our little tiny two inch brush today we're ready to a small amount of the Indian yellow oh wait this is in yellow I have a fair amount of art fear can't make decisions that require like finality this is super light you got to be gentle with just a little amounts of paint it's not an Aries painting I feel like you can see my brush strokes and you can't see his you can tell that my easel is very sturdy because it bounces every time that I do something now without cleaning the brush I'll go right into a little bit of yellow ochre the same brush without washing it which I love because that's how I do my makeup this guy just a little bit of art fear oh there's one of the brush hairs in there his just looks so nice and smooth and mine just looks like like a actually airy sunset yeah I bought these in a pack for like $5 so some of his strokes are like a lot broader this way so I'm gonna try that so many factors that I feel like I've goofed up on be careful with a bright red it's a gorgeous gorgeous color I'm gonna be careful is also strong one tuba turned a whole Atlantic Ocean red there's brush strokes ah it's a good thing that pops really positive all the time because he always tells you that you can do it so I know although my sunset has racing stripes I know it's gonna be okay there's a soul blended I wouldn't mind to be blended like that look at my brush why is my brush so angry at its light though his red extends like across the length of this so we gotta get some more red which is making me nervous because I'm just nervous in general so what I've learned so far is that you really just gotta go for it you can't do these nervous Harry strokes you got to watch Bob and just really go for it I'm gonna make it more red now that my confidence is building oh god what have I done Bob I blend it too far what do I do leave it alone leave it alone leave it alone leave it alone it's getting a little worried there than my too much gene was gonna kick in and we were just gonna have a red Armageddon sky but Bob reminded me to stay confident and myself let's see what he does let us use a lavender color we'll just brush mix it here I'll use a little phthalo blue okay alizarin crimson proportionately how did he mix that without ruining this whole thing wait hold on Bob can you imagine doing this live like on TV and you didn't have you to Pez came out like lavender about Minds just sort of like oh I'm getting sweaty from the yard fear just wherever wherever he said oh I've definitely done the liquid white wrong it's dripping into my son's so he says just do it wherever blue just hit it here gorgeous colors just to beat the devil out of my brush I'm going to take it over to my garbage because I'm not in an art studio I'm in my home so I will beat the devil in an appropriate place and not ruin my floors there's purple everywhere the devil is everywhere I've resorted to just wiping the devil which I think still helpful power of Christ compels you did that helped yeah okay so we're gonna blend this so it doesn't matter if there's still a little purple in there the devil still in here why do I always do it like I'm doing fine and then I just get one devil in there there's a big brush hair right in the middle wait Bob I got red in the sky don't give up on me Bob I'm going to the titanium white I'll be right back don't go away big old cloud right up in here it just sort of floats around has a good time all day one of the freest things of the nature I believe so I'm have fun wherever you want to go there maybe I don't know wherever I want them just just decide where these clouds live in your world and put them in I won't get our little little seed on with the clouds already little white with it back hold it again oh look what is that there they go what is he making you oh oh scared out of art fear something like it wherever this he just like he like bangs these out how does he like decide where they go he has a vision of it do you have a vision do you see something no I see nothing all the time looks like somebody just punched a yellow pillowcase and a bunch of feathers came out he just makes it look so easy and beautiful nice dark cloudy but dark cloud rest well you know Sparkle okay absolutely Sparkle he says it's gonna Sparkle but i nervous oh oh he's got white on a knife okay I can't blend with this I get excited when I see these they turn me on okay well he's showing his squirrels which I deeply appreciate on a spiritual level I'm gonna try and fluff up my clouds with this little brush maybe I should use this little brush like before or am I just making too many clouds help press one in the comments now if my too much gene is being too much I think we're doing okay he just has these like beautiful looking clouds or lavender in the bottom maybe have a little mountains we we back in the distance here you already made a mountain Bob okay but hold on I'm still mixing the paint Bob are a quiet little Mountain little minds like a loud Mountain there's a Prussian blue of Israel a crimson the mountains too loud hold on buck I can't keep up honey paper towel to get the devil out of this brush is he quiet oh my god that is so aesthetically pleasing oh oh oh he's already got his knife out let's have some fun you know me I'm ready to have fun I like trees I also like trees how was he doing that to us Bob I'm still on the first three wait he just made land out of nothing he's like a volcano who needs to be adorably dark green dark green dark green but and occation here and there and there and here I'm still mixing colors how did he do that so far yes he did this end parts faster than anything I've ever done in my life then he took his knife which is somehow magically cleaned again I made a little path I've certainly enjoyed our time together and I hope you tried this one from all of us here I'd like to wish you happy and God bless my friend still trying to figure out how what he did well I think that's it Bob Ross has absolutely no paint on his shirt not on his jeans than on his hands and I have managed to ruin almost everything in this entire room you know what I did I put the water line under what he called the reflection so it's reflecting a reflection up into the mountain why don't I fix that that makes more sense right my painting had a fatal flaw in it I'm gonna show mine versus his it's not really about your abilities just about the freedom and the joy of painting right Bob Ross holds such a nostalgic and wonderful place in so many people's hearts that it is fun to see someone just recreate one of his paintings so I think my too much gene really took over in a lot of places and I did put an awful awful lot amount of liquid white on the canvas before we begin but other than that if he makes it really nice and fun and relaxing and I also like I wanted to do something nice this weekend it's my birthday so I made myself a painting for my birthday thank you this was really enjoyable do you like it why are we gonna hang it perfect I was thinking the kitchen ceiling too I know this wasn't too terribly exciting but this is literally what you guys have been requesting since forever so here is my version of Bob Ross's sunset aglow I hope I did okay and I hope that you know how much of respect and love I have for Bob Ross make sure you subscribe to my channel I put out reviews there Wednesday / Thursday um can you hang it up somewhere now yeah but then it'll drip on the wall and that'll be part of the art no yeah you know I think that's good it's my birthday thank you bye
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    You did such a good job! Oil painting is extremely forgiving so even if you mess up, chances are you can change it because oil takes a long time to dry. The white at the beginning was a bit heavy handed, but you knew that already. And the quality of the brushes makes a big difference in blending, you'd need less paint. Anyway, great work. I am so glad you chose to do this!

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