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World's Strongest Laser | Overtime 5 | Dude Perfect

  • Published on: 2018-10-09
  • [Music] ladies and gentlemen welcome to overtime do you guys notice anything different about my signature move there you spun the other way we have an extra special episode for you guys today and make sure you stay tuned till the very end because we are giving away our brand-new do perfect people know him sort of it now it starts oh you guys are gonna make me look silly Oh God for your twins purple hoser dude perfect and over time tall guy beard twins purple head over [Music] you guys want to know just like an extra cool fact about this episode you're gonna tell us either way I don't know if you knew this or not but if you take your mic and you turn it upside down all of a sudden your voice becomes super deep oh wow yeah that's amazing and then if you put it to the light okay who feels good to be back to normal okay let's dive right into the first segment and a brand new one at that awkward situations all right here's how it's gonna work typically you walk into the front door of our office and it's a lobby today you walk into the front door of our office and you walk into an occupied back okay what do you guys say we head downstairs here we go we're in the middle of building the third season of our TV show there's a new girl is about to walk in first hello welcome to the office Oh [Music] I'm so confused coach thank you feelin [Music] come on I need my food get mine if you're not worried about I'm not hey sorry this door is broken well nobody should work to your left okay so what went through your head when you open the door this is not the right door poof I think you can almost smell the operative oh man well now it is time to head to everybody's but mainly Corey's least favorite segment real unfortunate so for those of you following along at home you may recall that Corey has been selected randomly for the last three real unfortunates that is unfortunate that is very unfortunate so in fairness to Corey who no longer trusts us we've decided to mix up the Mojo and we're gonna bring in a guest picker okay calling in to help us out one of the best football players in the game Rob Gronkowski what up dudes alright Gronk we know you're busy with football and the cool new good rewards charity campaign from honey nut cheerios so we appreciate you doing this yeah man that's what we busy but I'm excited to be here to help you guys out today especially you Cory I Gronk we've got a bowl in front of you that's got all five of our names in it we need you to pick one name out and that is the person that will be spinning wheel' unfortunate okay here we go you guys ready I can't look barely [Music] [Applause] game show group great job you definitely helped Corey out I'm sure he's very appreciative if you ever in Dallas you want to stop and hang out let us know appreciate it ma'am sounds like fun oh by the way not for star I'm a huge fan I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that thanks Rob I just don't understand why we changed what was working whoa Rob that's some high praise coming from you gonna just who could I have to power through this what a the greatest game show in all the land as I just got word that we were nominated for the greatest game show posted online in Monday afternoon so truly from the bottom of my heart thank you very much it means a lot we have got a great show for you today a special guest I actually got where to talk Cory huh ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for Garrett Hilbert the first time off the show there you go also for being a first-timer have a little dead force or golden boy how about that I have four of these well then I'm sure a six blood couldn't hurt he's still not satisfied really goodness gracious you need another one Annika what's it gonna take to put a smile on your face still dot say you need another one GERD come on down this is plenty this completes my collection don't can't get enough of that don't ever do that again here hold my mic please okay note is that Chester natural chest hair is not natural the regular hair is natural hey you know what I just realized a couple of redheaded brothers who I'm very sorry about that kids that is why you don't use too much hair gel in 7th and 8th grade care for that well good news you're not gonna have to get frosted tips because that could be awkward am I literally gonna have to put a mascot costume on and run a mile that is what it says Garrett why don't you join me in saying that's Ned sided all for now all right here we are exactly one mile from the office I hope you know how to get back you didn't tell me this was going to be in public all right so just take off that's it hey there's another runner look how's it going man how's it going Oh up to my buddy up there hold on hey you won't pass him it's not every day I see the tip of a wizard bouncing over the vehicles yeah that was nice all right Gare how was your first time at the wheel sweaty nice I didn't enjoy running past that job hey that kind of boosted the confidence a little bit special thanks to honey nut cheerios and Gronk for helping us out with this segment of weil unfortunate make sure you click the link in the description below to support team Gronk and find out more about the good rewards program all right coming up next cool not cool you should start us off in this cool not cool I'll start us off man I've been working on it I want to introduce you guys to the air-conditioned jacket you might be saying it's summer why wear a jacket does it does it blow up I'm telling you right now my body temperature just dropped five degrees tonight can I feel the jab oh yeah they feel the air coming out of there oh wow that is a lot of air hey I'll give it to you I like it I would say another plushes dude you look Jack could you sleep in it oh yeah on your side or something yeah because you can sleep in it okay I was gonna go green initially but I did make a rule a long time ago that I would never wear as if all pants jackets oh that hurt wasn't easy I'm sorry folks at home moving right along Kobe would you like to go next and we'll just go down the line today I have a bucket of sunglasses you're gonna need to put these on one gentlemen I proudly present the world's strongest handheld laser it is certainly bright I'm very very bright very very dangerous on glasses feel like a good joke Odie you will find underneath the desk two balloons that I have placed there for this demonstration Cody please hold the balloon in front of you you will find under your chair box of matches no safety all right ty are you set are you moving I need you to be still I'm still okay thank you cotton you have just erased a lifetime of poor cool not cool decision is there your first super cool product gotta be I'm afraid my item is not I'm not gonna say it's not got super cool potential but it's not like world's strongest handheld laser potential my newest fashion in Footwear fish flops okay okay I want you to feast your eyes on this Footwear okay why would you buy those you know what I'm going okay I was setting myself up for failure well I'm gonna go ahead and slap my answer yeah yeah you don't have to run this company went above and beyond and they put fish eyes on the backside of the sandal because of the attention to detail cream yeah Wow y'all have lost her yeah Thank You Cory well thank goodness I get to follow that my cool thing for today the dude perfect backpack comes inside the dude perfect bag pound raise your hand if you had a rubberband gun growing up of course I did it you'll love fully automatic rubberband gun actually at one time probably took me 30 minutes just to put each baby 30 minutes of reload wait did you cool my fish flops I did no I did did you you already bloated you can invoke too late already decided are y'all ready and on a good note I am ladies and gentlemen I'd like to introduce you amazing rings that you can see where boys got power rapid-fire rings can we all at the same time three two one oh very nice cool not cool has gone to the next level all right it is time to head to the next segment a brand new one at that wives verse Chad [Music] ladies and gentlemen welcome to the long-awaited series wives verse Chad wives it is great to have you please join us in welcoming Alison Jones Aimee cotton and Bethany Toni for the first turn on the overtime stash of course as you all know and love one of our all-star editors Chad Darrell big round of applause for Chad there that's awesome great to have you guys today on wives verse Chad we've decided to have a little sports trivia segment how about we get a little background on each contestant sports could disappear tomorrow and I would have no idea once I even played fantasy football our parents did everything for me but I ended up getting second I have two kids in no time for sports for an interview with DP they asked me on how much I like sports on a scale of one to ten I said six that was a lie it's more like a two and ladies and gentlemen those are the contestants today on wives verse Chad what do you guys say we dive in to a little sports trivia how many runs are in a grand slam pull their spore bases girls what is your final answer for Chad I answered way too fast the correct answer is four you're gonna learn pretty quick here that the points don't matter and we're just having a little fun so next question how many points is a safety worth I think it's either two one or girls how many points is safety okay next question what is a double double dad seems pretty happy with his answer and Chad what did you say a double double is a burger in and out Chad well done very nice name one current baseball player your chance I say we move on Chad about you okay all right ladies please explain to me second and five so you are down two people following to play down five yards to go down like they're done I'm gonna give it to all right hey here we go here's another person question who is Lamar Odom he was married to her - basketball Chan to start with you who is Lamar Odom very nice girls who is Lamar Odom played for the LA Lakers he got in trouble got in trouble went to Dallas or like a I am blown away by the talent level here at wives verse chat we are headed to the final round a lightning round I will ask a question you buzz in at any moment that you feel led to and shout out your answer name for positions in baseball Amy she's a baseball wizard hitter first base left field [Applause] what is the mascot of the Oakland Raiders [Music] Chad sand through the trick question well done and we will end it on this a wrist shot would commonly be found in what sport basketball incorrect watch frizzy keep buzzing it yes sucker no yes no tennis the boss is there any other well done girls and Ted very nice so who won the real winner was learning knowledge knowledge was the real winner today we are proud of you guys we love you dearly thank you for being participants on wives first Chad thank you very much we'll see you that was in - oh man okay well last but not least it's giveaway time if you are a subscriber and you share this video we will be picking ten of you to give away the brand-new dude perfect basketball there it is congratulations to the winners from last times giveaway here they are nice Congrats I'm still in the running to get my free basketball well say we'll see you here all right if you want to buy a basketball for yourself click right here if you want to see the last video click down here sign it off for now we'll see you next time on overtime all the time Oh Big Mike [Music]
  • Runtime: 17:39
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  • Tùng Nguyễn

    Happy people watching the video ... I just made youtube you to support me with many thanks please help me

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