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AirPods 2 & 3 Leak! Release Date, Rumors & Concept!

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • air pods - baby they're coming in this video let's talk about the onslaught of new air pods leaks regarding air pods - coming early next year and then ear pods three coming in 2020 there is so much exciting stuff to talk about lots of new features and changes to the seemingly simple ear pods setup so I'm very excited to make this video we worked very hard on this concept I hope you enjoy it so yeah did I really say ear pods 3 yes we haven't even seen the to release yet and Ming Chico is already talking about some features coming to the airport in 2020 so there's gonna be two stages of release one a slight refresh that we're gonna see early 2019 and a heavy major refresh a complete redesign coming in 2020 and I wanna break down everything for you but before we get into the actual physical changes I like to set up the scene for you right now air paws are one of Apple's most popular product ever they're relatively affordable to where almost anyone can buy one okay I know it's a stretch they're still pretty spendy but they could get cheaper still though from price point it's not too bad when you look at the competitors for what you get and the seamless integration with your iPhone it's pretty dang great so there's a huge opportunity here for the airport's to grow in October air pods were Best Buy's number one seller period followed shortly by the 3.5 millimeter headphone adapter so you can see this thing is incredibly popular and Ming Chico says that Apple can go from selling 16 million units to 100 million by 2021 he also said that only 5% are actually less than 5% of iPhone owners right now have ear pods and that might be because of the prices might be just because they don't know about them I don't really see too many people with ear pods around at the gym and stuff but it's a market that's untapped that Apple is certainly going to be expanding on and what better way to do it with it than air pods - or air pods 3 eventually I'm in Chico does say that this is Apple's most popular accessory ever so setting the scene here you can see air paws are incredibly popular and Apple really really wants to take their time and perfect air pods - before releasing them and from what we're hearing it's gonna be quite a refine its a very nice upgrade oh and one last thing before I forget he also did say that most people would rather buy ear pods than upgrade to a new iPhones people are getting more excited over ear pods than an actual iPhone great that tells you a lot about the current iPhone upgrade situation but also the air pots on their own are quite exciting ok so now that I've set the scene you can see the air pods there is a pent-up demand there's a hype people definitely want a refresh by the end of 2018 ice universe is saying that Apple will surely release air pods to Ming Chico is saying that's not the case that they'll be coming in early 2019 and that's kind of conflicting here because ice universe can be pretty reliable so can Ming Chico it's very possible that Apple might be releasing the wireless charging case by the end of 2018 and that's to catch all of the holiday sales airpot sorry killer presents for Christmas so you can definitely see you know Apple would want to take advantage of that and that gives them just a few weeks to release the wireless charging case maybe like three weeks or so so yeah it's quite confusing there but anyways what's gonna be new on the new air pods so there's gonna be two versions like I said one coming in 2019 one in 2020 so the first detail Ming Chico gives us is that ear pods arriving in 2019 early next year we'll have an upgraded Bluetooth spec so currently air pods have bluetooth 4.2 there's nothing wrong with that it's a great spec it's just not the latest Bluetooth 4.2 has a one megabit streaming bitrate it does have a 200 foot range in optimal conditions you know not in a building a per se but air pods - will have an upgraded bluetooth module likely 25.0 as that's what's available right now and most new iPhones can take advantage of that so Bluetooth 5.0 offers several upgrades and coming to the airports - it's very impressive if Apple actually implements these features that 5.0 is capable of so the actual bitrate will double from 1 megabits to - megabit this opens up the possibility of higher-quality music with how Apple doing anything else but upgrading the bitrate capability Apple music is limited to 256 kilobytes right now so there's really not much room for them to go possibly 320 eventually but even so for audio files you will notice a very mild difference just because of that limitation being removed from bluetooth it's also a possibility now for multiple devices streaming so if you and a friend have air pods - you'll be able to stream the same sound from one iPhone of course that's if Apple does add that capability just because it's possible on bluetooth 5.0 doesn't mean Apple will add that but it would be really cool imagine watching a movie on an airplane and you and a couple of your friend do have separate sets of air pods you can listen to the same music or movie would be really cool and also the range would be increasing so from 200 feet to 800 feet over Bluetooth 5.0 of course getting the actual range that's in optimal optimal conditions you have to be in a completely flat area no obstructions no walls whatsoever but even so in an area like a gym or somewhere else where you leave your iPhone in the locker maybe and just listening through air pause you could do that through many hundred feet where it wouldn't be possible with the old version of air pause so that alone is pretty dang cool and also reduced latency so Bluetooth 5.0 allows for a reduced latency basically a less lag between when you click play and actually playing on air pods streaming stuff like that so from 90 milliseconds of latency right now Apple uses AAC to between 40 and 50 milliseconds of latency on air pods to would be possible with Bluetooth 5.0 and just so you know these benefits would only be realized by the newest devices the iPhone 8 and above would be able to take advantage of that Bluetooth 5.0 speed of the new MacBook of the new iPads the most resize pad actually and the last iPad 10.5 I believe are capable of Bluetooth 5.0 and that's just so you know not all older iPhones will immediately be able to have greater range within you air pods and it's very likely that with Bluetooth 5.0 Apple will be upgrading the W chip inside the air box currently it has W one chip which enables that almost instant pairing it's super great it's one of my favorite things about the air pods and there are many people saying that they'll be upgrading the air pods to W two chips but I believe it'll be a W three because in the Apple watch series for not many people know about this but they upgraded the chip to W three and that includes Bluetooth 5.0 support so wouldn't it make sense for Apple to place that same chip in the air pods too which has already Bluetooth 5.0 inside of its I certainly think so so w3 chip at the very minimum w2 will be updated in the new air pots too and because of that upgraded w2 or w3 chip the air pods too will not be capable of using hey Siri functionality so you'll be able to call out to Siri while running to change the track without actually having a on the air pods or on your phone which would be great I think that that's certainly possible with the current air pods but Apple is gonna really want to differentiate these ear pods between the older ones and what better way to do that than with hey Siri and we for sure know that Bluetooth 5.0 is coming to the air pots because they've actually received their certification from si eg for the Bluetooth module and it specifically states that air pods here are the recipients so air pots too will be for sure getting the Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade they are in the works with an imminent release date so that's the refresh we're gonna be seeing in early 2019 air pause will be getting hey Siri support they'll be getting faster range possible multiple air pods per iPhone supports bluetooth pipe oh no the w2 or w3 chip likely w3 in my opinion and of course the wireless charging case so not a huge upgrade but it would be a nice one for anyone looking for a little bit more functionality from their air pods of course bluetooth 5.0 would also probably add a little bit more efficiency to the battery so it might last a little bit longer as well now aside from those Ming Chico did mention air pods three coming in 2020 now he said they'll be getting a full redesign so they might look completely different so I actually took the air pause design and tried to change them as much as possible in our concept and as you can see this is what we came up with we came out with new colors a matte texture so just like the new Apple pencil 2 we gave it that grippy texturized feel and i'm not really sure how that would work in your ears but mine matte ones right now they don't really slip out they're pretty dang stable compared to the glossy kind of more grippy versions so Matz I think could be on the table for ear pods too it would certainly differentiate the look from the old ones and the new ones and it would be great if Apple added new colors but there's no certainty in them developer rambo actually found some code before that referenced ear pods directly by the color it's very unlikely this has anything to do with actual color coming in the future Ming Chico specifically states is going to be an all new design model in the first quarter of 2020 so it looks like Apple might be updating air pods regularly just because this is such a big market for them now on our concept as you can see I try to make the air pause a little bit sharper we flatten the bottom out so a lot like the Apple pencil with its flat side we flatten the bottom the connectors are still there so it would still be capable of the same type of charging also we gave it a little bit more sound output so we widen the channels for any sound exiting the air pod it would theoretically because of this be able to output a little bit more sound so the sound quality would be getting better I'm assuming on the air pods 3 and from what we heard before about the upcoming air pause that are gonna be completely redesigned I'm grouping them in with the 2020 air puffs prediction from Ming Chico those rumors basically said that air pods 3 will be getting better sealing water resistance and it's not supposed to be waterproof just water resistance against sweat or running out in the rain per se so ear pods 3 will have improved ceiling inside possibly ip67 or something of the swords the air pods that actually drowned in the water and the washing machine still work perfectly to this day so already they're doing pretty good at that and they're only gonna keep improving that with future versions the new air pods 3 do in 2020 will also have better noise cancellation so they're using a technology to filter out external noise when making phone calls or listening to music and Apple would certainly be implementing that from the same Bloomberg report talking about the future of air pods they also said that heart rate monitoring is coming to the airport as well so Apple will be adding some sort of sensor to monitor your heart rate while running to give you a better idea more accurate instead of just having your iPhone in your pocket the Apple watch of course is a different story batting biometric sensors to the air pours in the table and the last thing Bloomberg mentioned in their summary of the air pods is that they will be getting more expensive Apple will actually have a class of air pods a low-end model and a high-end model for the air pods that are more expensive more premium and with all those features the water resistance that we talked about and better sound quality and of course earlier we did see some physical leaks of the supposed air pods to it's unknown what this actually is if this is the wireless charging case that's going to be shipping soon supposedly by the end of 2018 or if this is an all new one but could be the air pods to shown in this leak here either way that is what we know about ear pods - and air pods three air pawns - are going to be a light refresh just to change inside the wireless charging case the hey Siri supports the better of Bluetooth range bluetooth 5.0 the w3 chip possibly more efficient better battery life a little bit better sound because of that we'll certainly see that very soon but earpods 3 the major huge refresh that we modeled our concept after will be coming in early 2020 I'm very excited for that one either way it's time for a change these have been out exactly for two years now and they're still working like brand new but of course if you can't improve them Apple why not and my personal wish list for the new airport is that your iPhone be able to charge them now I know the battery life is already great but if you're ever in that pinch it would be nice to be able to place it on the back and have the iPhone reverse charge the air pause even just a little bit's the new huawei actually does that and it's very impressive so I certainly don't see why Apple can't add that to their iPhones but otherwise guys there it is hope you enjoy to be concept and a latest look at the air punch - and air Potts 3 peace
  • Runtime: 11:30
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