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  • Published on: 2018-10-09
  • [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back to my channel it's the Halloween season and my first tutorial is gonna be on this voodoo witch doctor Steven was kind enough to be my model this is my inspiration picture I actually found this on Pinterest so amazing this artwork I love it so I kind of just wanted to replicate that on spend looks very intricate but actually it's like such a messy makeup job that I feel like it's simple the only difficult part is probably this part right here which is the nose ear and scar wax but to be honest I didn't put any here and it's still popping so you might not even have to do that you could just do this with paint everything else is so simple this look is really easy it's gonna be so hard for him to take all this makeup off and I'm kind of loving it I'm not gonna lie that it's not on me I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and let's get started turn this way please thank you first I'm taking a glue stick and I'm gonna be covering Stevens brows in the painting there is a skull like feature to this so I'm gonna roughly sketch out the shape of a skull this makeup look could be many things scarecrow Oh tree man we're gonna take a little pros-aide this is just an adhesive I prefer pros-aide because Steven and I both get a weird reaction to spirit gum what's good about this glue is that once it starts to get tacky it goes clears that's when you want to apply product next I'm taking a little nose ear in scar wax and I'm gonna ball it up and then I'm gonna start making kind of like a little noodle with it so now I'm gonna lay it down now I'm taking my spatula and I'm gonna start shaping the edges of all of this we want it to look like it's protruding so I'm just pressing down and shaping it with the balls of my finger and blending it into the skin next I'm gonna take a little bit of liquid latex a synthetic brush and I'm gonna start laying the edges of this just to blend everything in feathering out the edges super-easy it all dries clear it's also going to reinforce the wax gonna let that dry for a little bit next I'm picking up a little RC ma powder it's just translucent setting powder go over all of this picking up this makeup forever cream color base in black and I'm gonna be painting this inner part of the eye I'm just making sure that his eyes are gonna be all blacked out I'm going to be taking a black matte shadow and setting all of that now what we want to do is kind of map out a rough skeletal shape it doesn't have to be perfect because we're going to be putting liquid latex and stuff over the skin but you still want the elements of a skull to peek through you're taking a white makeup primer paint and I'm gonna run that along the nose and scar wax I'm just basically gonna take this and do a light shading of what a skull would look like I'm taking a black water activated mehron paint we're just gonna start making messy lines and then I'm just gonna fill it all in with face painting and this can be erratic doesn't have to be perfect the Messier the better going back into the way and meshing those colors together making it look a little bit Messier so that it doesn't look super precise right now I'm just doing rough painting making almost like drawing marks like if it was sketched you don't want it to look too perfect that's why the painting on this is actually really easy like use your fingers use the brush blend it out I'm just continuing this down the neck bringing it back up to the temple doing the same thing now I'm taking the white bear on painting I'm gonna do the same thing I did with the black a little cross stitching took a little bit of blue and black face paint from the mural palette so we're just gonna do some cross like hatch stitching with the blue as well and I'm gonna dab it around the perimeter of the face next I'm taking a gray blue shadow and I'm also gonna take that onto a fluffy blending brush and just add a few more shadows to the face I just want to make sure that my base has like good colors before we apply the other things that we're gonna apply really taking this along the eyes also on the edges of this white I didn't put anything here prosthetic wise but you could really lift the brow bone by keeping this all white and then right above you add your shading color and then blend it out but keep the darkest shading closest to the white right here it's very easy what I love about special effects is that it doesn't have to be precise so that's great it's not like you're trying to get two wings exactly the same you feel me now I'm taking a flat shader brush and you want to push that along the edge of the white and then take your blending brush and diffuse it out you make your model frown and then you just stick the brush with the eyeshadow and to a model yeah yeah just kidding so we made this headband out of sticks and some moss type stuff from Michael's and we just hot glue gunned it to a headband and then spray-painted it all black this is gonna be his headpiece so I'm just kind of making his hair nice at a while by teasing it down I'm taking a little bit of white paint on a brush and I'm just gonna lick this upwards give him a little highlight you know boom going back into the white paint I'm doing a little detail work here I'm adding some more stitch work and playing tic-tac-toe at the same time I'm gonna take some white gauze and I dirtied it up using the same blue grey eye shadows just took a huge brush and started sweeping it over the gossip it right I'm just gonna take some scissors and work in small pieces kind of stretch the fabric out taking a little bit of this liquid latex and we're gonna start replying this in small patches over areas of the face once you place your gauze down then you could start applying a little more liquid latex on top make sure those are enough room just talk between there I'm kind of playing with the gauze to see like how I want it to look if I want it to go over there another layer of liquid latex you want to take another piece now because we want this part of the mouth to be a little bit more covered I'm gonna do the same thing to the temples you can really put this anywhere you want wherever you feel it looks great I wanted this to shred into the hair so that it all looked like it was part of his hair and I'm just using pros-aide for this I'm taking a soaking wet spoolie with white paint and I'm just flicking it all over him this is gonna give you that like sketch like look I want to create the holes in his mouth to look like tears so let's see if we can do that with black paint similar concept I'm not going to get up on his eyebrows just right above the brow I'm going to apply a little liquid latex right here and also right over here I'm taking the gauze and then covering the eyes this is gonna give a really cool illusion and since the gauze is really sheer and see-through he will be able to see but it'll disguise his eyes even better which will look cooler so we want to do an X across the eyes as well so I'm taking the block mayor on paint again yes honey I'm just gonna go ahead and paint his chest taking a little bit of moss and I'm putting it around his neck like a necklace and it kind of just all sticks together like if i weeped a whole row of this it would just stay so I went to Michael's and I bought you know a clip on earring piece and I started putting feathers and chains of little skulls to make Steven a little voodoo earring Wow oh bitch oh my gosh you guys I almost forgot I cannot forget the drawing has a little line through the top of the head that I want to add we're about to change the backdrop to something cooler all right so that's it that completes the voodoo witch doctor makeup look for Halloween what's great about this is that you can still see under here even though it looks like your eyes are cut out since we painted everything black underneath pretty sick you could also poke a little hole here or not ladies if you just want them to for the night you can leave it shut I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial thank you to Steven he's gonna be spending so much time taking all this makeup off it's gonna be really fun for him thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video that'll just flatten them out a little bit more dang I hope you didn't like this shirt just my favor sure you trust me can literally do this makeup tutorial with your eyes closed and then what you want to do is apply this not on the t-shirt of your model like I just did it's my nice to you it's not nice anymore let us leave it like that for now because you don't really need to talk that's kind of nice are we done with the shirt anyways xiexie like animal so they kind of just left me here I don't even know how to get this thing off prosthetics first to go oh oh
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