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  • Published on: 2018-08-09
  • and sing to me every night. ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ - Oh my god. "Ocean Eyes." And here we are!! She's so pretty. I really love Billie so much. - ♪ No fair ♪ - She has a very pretty voice. - ♪ Those ocean eyes ♪ - (sighs) I love Billie. We stan a queen. - I like the vibes. (sings along) ♪ My lover ♪ - I like the yellow fit. and innovation at such a young age. She has a good voice. - I don't know what's happening. to live without it ♪ - (sings along) ♪ I'm so bored ♪ - ♪ I'm so bored ♪ - I'm so bored. (laughs) and that's half of being a teenager. (sings along) ♪ Don't be that way ♪ like, oh my god. - ♪ If "I love you" was a promise ♪ which I'm not a huge fan of. - I wish she had some upbeat songs, - ♪ Anymore ♪ She's just singing it for me. - ♪ Thought I found a way ♪ - Love the Beats promo. (laughs) - Their voices sound good together. welcome home ♪ and they're coming together. This is sick choreography, too. She matches the cars. but all I see is him right now ♪ - She is stunning. - ♪ With the fire that you... ♪ This music is reaching so many people. - Yeah, I could see why. - That is so wild. - That's a crazy amount of pressure (laughs) 'Cause she's mature, I could do something like this, too." - I so hope so. I really hope that she can continue on It can only go up. when we cover your favorite artist.
  • Runtime: 11:18
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  • 23ko10

    College kids react to pantera

  • maggie1255

    Teens react to la Rosa de Guadalupe 😂 pleaseeeeee 😂😂😂

  • Kkkk Bye

    4:33 her voice is very beautiful she almost sounds like billie

  • Waha

    lyrics mediocre, voice mediocre. Honestly so overrated.

  • Pandaa

    Old heads react to Playboi Carti

  • Pandaa

    bruh at 2:16 really said “My Stummy Hurt”

  • Gaby Lopez

    Why does her voice remind me of Lana del Ray like the lyrics are so deep but the voice is so soft😻😻 I’m in love

  • Jess Marsh

    i will never hear bellyache without instantly hearing “my shtummy hurt” so thanks for that dude 😂

  • Selene Young

    I’m only eleven almost twelve and I can still relate to some of her music

  • tess Bel

    I just ducking love billie eilish so much

  • Lewis

    Is this poppy singing?!😱😅

  • Ari Owenz

    I love Billie Elish like her music is just good vibes and a e s t h e t i c a l l y just amazing...also I’m Jair like every song...IM BREAKING OUT SINGING EVEN THO I SUCK😂💀

  • King


  • Hollyxoxo 3

    Why teens most know who she is the Average adult most likely won’t know who she is

  • Marnus van Zyl

    Don't care for this. I mean it is better than most pop songs nowadays but there is no breaking of ground happening here.

  • Emma G

    her voice is actually heavenly

  • Kapan

    ''i want her to be my mom'' little did she know shes 16

  • Maharaj Funcion

    Try to react to the band IV of spades its a 70s teen band reviving the old retros its from the philippines

  • iii iii

    Teens react to Twenty One Pilots new album.

  • Rebeca


  • Gacha CC7


  • James Conway

    3:45 Who's the pretty girl with glasses? She has an incredible voice. I'd love to see her make a Billie Eilish cover.

  • the vij

    Lovely was th e first song of hers that i listened to

  • Louisa Colclough

    Omg finally!!! I was literally commenting a reaction video for Billie Ellish for ages all over your channel (I don't think you saw it though 😂) but I'm so happy now 💖💖💖

  • annie salv

    I've been a atan of Billie for a WHILE. I've been waiting for this also

  • Sydney Schulze

    its always so weird for me to see people loving her music and I'm so proud of her because we went and took dance classes together when we were younger.

  • Chloé Thunder

    My boyfriend is a tattoo artist and sometimes I watch him in the shop and play some music, sometimes Billie. And I was surprised how much I’ve bonded with his clients (up to now all +20) because they already listen to Billie 😁 so I think her audience is quite big because young adults can relate to her music too

  • _Shy shy_

    Teens react to ski mask the slump god Or Trippie red

  • Lana Ali

    When I see or listen to her I see a broken girl that is all I'm sorry but I don't feel what yoiguys feel about her