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Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup

  • Published on: 2018-10-09
  • Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel! Today I am joined with a very iconic and spooky sister special guest! Spooky sister special guest!? Happy halloween! How are you? I'm so happy! James: Guys, this is Kylie Jenner. Kylie: @kyliejenner. James: In case you did not know. We're here today at to film a collaboration and I am so beyond excited! James: Kylie tweeted me.. Kylie: I did tweet you! I was on a trip bored and that's when I came across your youtube. I always knew of you But I never really watched any videos and while I was watching I might have watched like 15 videos and I was laughing out loud so that's like when I DM'd you and I was like we need to do a video together. James: Yeah! I was like we, probably do. James: I am so excited to you guys because Kylie wanted me to do her makeup and I was so down I think you were notorious for it. Just beautiful and like glam, BUT It's halloween time! You guys know this is like my time to play. I do not back that when it comes to Halloween With Kylie cosmetics. So for today's video, I don't have to give her still a beautiful Kylie glam But with a James Charles Halloween twist, I'm so excited. Do you know we're doing it today? Kylie: No, I don't all I know is how you're gonna use the palette. and.. I'm gonna be skeleton. Yeah, okay, we're gonna start it to his sister. Skeleton. I am so excited Well my Halloween collection launches on the twelfth, Kylie Cosmetics.com , okay? Yeah 3 p.m. PST I haven't done.. like I don't do much YouTube videos KYLIE: You made me giggle so.. JAMES: Oh good, I'm really glad about that. JAMES: We've already been together for a while this video is a mess KYLIE: We've been shooting for like 3 f***ing hours and we lost all the audio JAMES: Yeah, so um JAMES: Spoiler alert and sister surprise But it's cool And we're just gonna have a positive outlook because we really want to do this for you guys and give you this I'm sure you can feel how annoyed we are about this. The whole situation was very spooky But what better way to deal with a spooky situation than to create a spooky Halloween look on my favorite sister, Kylie So now we're going to start filming this video before we both cry more. Let's jump into the video Let's get started Love a punny sister, we're gonna place this in the crease I really haven't decided what look I want to go for yet, but that's the beauty of makeup You can kind of decide as you go I want to look like an orange moment on the top and I think I want to bring it really really smokey onto the bottom lashline and wing it out because I want to do at the bottom half of Kylie's face into a skull - a sister skull Obviously the entire makeup community always loves following all of your launches and I've been definitely excited about all of them But I saw you tweeting about this Halloween collection and you were like really really pumped about it Yeah, you want to talk about it? KYLIE: I mean as everybody knows I do all my own like reveals, like my snapchats because at a certain point someone asked me too, like why don't you just have someone take the videos for you and then post 'em? but I'm like I like to do it myself because I know how I want my makeup to look and I know I can get the best lighting what ever So after I showed people I just felt the love and the response and I - it made me remember why I do what I do JAMES: Yeah KYLIE: So it was a pretty cool feeling and it kind of reminded me What I used to feel like when I first started. I get really excited about things I work for a very long time involved in creating the packaging. If I want this little thing spot gloss or I want this metallic material, what kind of like cardboard's used.. I have someone who helps them with renderings but I don't have anyone that comes and shows me designs and say like you should do this and I'm like Okay approved, approved, approved. I tell my designer what I want to see on the rendering. So yeah, I'm just like really involved JAMES: How long has Kylie Cosmetics been around, this is your JAMES: How has like starting a makeup line changed your life because I mean it single-handedly changed the beauty community, that's for sure KYLIE: Thanks, it changed my life because it gave me purpose and it allowed me to express myself. It's really my passion. It's like makeup So to be able to live out my passion every day and like have fun while I work is probably the best part Who doesn't wanna play with makeup all day so much fun. How did you get started in the makeup industry? Coincidentally enough - very themed for this video. I started at Halloween actually almost three years ago as well I was just playing around with some makeup that I had saved from doing a few different clients before and I put it on myself for the first time and it actually looked Yeah, it was kind of fun and it actually looked decent too - so I just like kept practicing, the first time I ever did makeup So like one day in like 10 years, they'll be able to literally pull every single time that I've ever wore makeup Thanks sister If you're not watching YouTube because literally when I'm not working I'm probably watching YouTube videos pretty much takes up most of my days and work. On the weekends are usually just me and Stormi I try to spend as much time with her as possible. And then when I'm not spending time with her, I'm just working, you know normal Kylie s**t KYLIE: I really feel like this is what I always was meant to do I used to have dreams even like as a young - at a young age, of like having kids, like actual dreams KYLIE: I don't know, I felt like it was just a part of my life that I was craving. I don't feel like a different person I just look at life a little differently JAMES: Do you want to give Stormi a brother or a sister? KYLIE: Yes JAMES: Wow, really rude KYLIE: I'm just kidding KYLIE: I remember the whole thing, but he swears he made her name up I'm close with her. So, you know when you, you know someone with that name- JAMES: True, you can't really do that KYLIE: So then I did Stormie, I E, okay.. I bought her the blocks - Stormie IE and then I didn't fully choose her name I wanted to like have a week of just me and her to see if I wanted to change it Cause I had one other name in mind, but Stormi always felt like her name from right when she was in the womb It's almost like she chose her name So then when they called me from the birth certificate office And I was finalizing the name they were like, how do you want to spell it? And I was like S-T-O R-M-I. And they're like, 'you sure' and I'm like, yeah KYLIE: Right then and there I just changed it to an "I" and then they were like, 'okay' and I hung up the phone I was like damn, I guess that's her name. And then I called Travis and I was like, 'I didn't put an "E" I just spelt it with an "I" He was like 'that's cool'. This looks gorgeous. KYLIE: Sorry JAMES: You spooked me KYLIE: It's just me and my neighbor. I swear. It's the most quiet street I've ever been on. JAMES: I'm gonna grab the shade "Hex On My Ex" - looove that name. I'm going to put this on the lower lashline I want to do like a little bit of a smoky purple moment Really just to dramatise it and also like to tie in the whole skeletal moment that's about to go on JAMES: A very interesting Forbes article JAMES: I may have crossed paths with the article, it's not like it was everywhere or anything. Congratulations KYLIE: Thank you JAMES: Billionaire status - kind of fun, kind of fresh, can't wait to join the club one day, fingers crossed KYLIE: You could put that in, it's cool. KYLIE: I'm so excited. It's definitely been such a blessing to do what I love every day KYLIE: Almost three now, it's pretty crazy KYLIE: Mm-hmm JAMES: It's just really inspirational to see that type of- someone so young, working so hard and just like doing that. You've been a major source of inspiration to me and I'm sure a ton of other pans out there as well, who really want to work hard and just do something for themselves I've obviously done a few reviews on you and like on Kim's collections and stuff and people always as I'm sure you know are always commenting stupid stuff. Like "they don't do anything". "They have no talent" Being business-savvy is a talent Like everybody's talents are different and in my opinion being able to use your own name and likeness in order to build a brand, is one of the best talents in the entire world And like I will stand by that until the end of time. People do the same thing to me They're like, "oh my god James like you've literally gotten famous over scandals and like, stupid viral photos" KYLIE: Well, I can see how hard you work and I know I work so hard, I could have been in the same position and done it completely differently We're gonna grab the Hello Gorgeous glitter eyes and just a little bit of a concealer brush and just pop that right on top of the cut crease that we've already made just to intensify and make it look a little bit more metallic KYLIE: Really? KYLIE: Bomb, love that JAMES: All right, so that's pretty much the eyes all complete.. but We're not done with this look yet, because I'm gonna turn you into a sister skeleton. KYLIE: Okay, let's do it KYLIE: I'm down because honestly KYLIE: Of course this is crazy for my eyes But no, I love it. I think it looks super bomb. I would actually go out like this, but let's do the skeleton JAMES: Let's do it. So for the skeleton today, I need to sketch out like, the highlights first JAMES: So I'm gonna use a white eyeliner pencil and I start right up above your ear over here JAMES: Pfffft KYLIE: I'm being honest JAMES: Okay speaking of a crazy makeup looks, what has been your worst red carpet moment? KYLIE: Well I kinda have a lot KYLIE: I have maaany, many, many bad ones I don't know my style's just changed so much. I see photos of me all day That's just like "naaah girl", like - whatever, but I don't really care I'm also not the type of person that a lot of people probably think I am, except my true fans have seen me like looking Like I don't really feel like I have to leave the house in full, like put together outfit and glam and I'm just like, 'I hope no one catches me.' They usually do. I'm always looking crazy in the streets, but I can't think of one specifically all I know is that my red carpet looks have changed JAMES: I want to go in and sketch out the teeth on your lips Do you have like a favourite makeup look that you've ever worn to a red carpet or to an event before? KYLIE: My favourite makeup look was when I wore teal hair - long teal hair. Arielle did my makeup that's my favorite - not because I think it's the best we've ever done, but I think that started like how I like my makeup done. Like we figured out my look and then we perfected it JAMES: Alright, we are back and the highlights are all done JAMES: We're gonna go to the shadows now just because we have to do everything kind of like backwards order because adding white over top of black is a lot harder than the other way around I'm actually just gonna lightly like inner line I guess the black parts as well because I'm actually gonna use the purple shade "Hex On My Ex" to blend everything in, so it looks like a midnight skull instead of just like black. Makes it more fun, add some dimension JAMES: What sister would you say you're the closest with right now? KYLIE: Me and Kendall are like opposites KYLIE: But I love her She was definitely the closest I was with growing up, cause we're the closest in age. JAMES: Yeah KYLIE: Right now I talk to them all for like different things. I talk to them all on a daily Probably Khloe & Kim since we're both like just had three babies together pretty much. They have playdates all day. Stormi & Chicago were taking a bath last night together at my house They just all like Thank God we get to move on to the actual fun part, which is going to be once again, the eye shadow So I'm gonna go the shade "Hex On My Ex" and I'm gonna start using this and a little bit of setting spray to fill in the skull How do you think like growing up in the public eye and spotlight has like- KYLIE: I mean I definitely think that it's not for everybody and I was chosen to be in this position cuz I feel like God knows that I'm strong KYLIE: I've been in the spotlight since I was like nine really, but I feel like it's just my life. Like I don't know anything I don't know what normal is Also, I have like the best family ever Like if I didn't have my family especially I feel like I would have just- I mean I'm just gonna grab a little purple duochrome highlight moment and just place this on some of the kind of center areas just to give a nice little blue purple highlight. Ohhhh. JAMES: So the skull is basically all complete and to finish off Kylie's look today I'm going to grab the brand new highlighter in the shade "Go Ghost". This color is so cool JAMES: Ohhhhh my god, oh wow, that is cool KYLIE: That was pretty fast, like I'm amazed at how fast you could do this JAMES: You think? Thanks, means a lot perhaps I'll have to try it out. Let's give you one last spritz to set everything together KYLIE: Woop woop KYLIE: I'm just gonna go out like this after JAMES: I think it's like really everyday wearable KYLIE: No, this is the most glam, gorgeous skull definitely I've ever seen and I'm very impressed JAMES: Thanks sister, omg I'm so glad you like how it turned out KYLIE: I had so much fun with you today. For real, I've been here all day KYLIE: But it was worth it and I had fun JAMES: We got a lot more coming for you guys we have a few other ideas in the pipelines that me and sister Kylie definitely want to work on together If you guys enjoyed this video today, and you liked Kylie's little spooky Halloween glam Please don't forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and come subscribe If you have not already Come join the sisterhood. We are eight million sisters strong and would love to have you join the family and also click the belt icon So you can get a notification every time I upload a brand new video If you'd like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter This video's sister shout out goes to sister Hails. Thank you so much love for always following and supporting you know, I love you literally so so so much and if you'd like to be the next video's sister shout out don't forget to always retweet my video links when they go live on Twitter KYLIE: We love you sister Hails JAMES: We really do. All right you guys thank you so much for watching this video today We love you and we will see you in the next one.
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