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iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?

  • Published on: 2018-09-14
  • hey guys so I know a lot of you are in the situation you bought an iPhone 10 a year ago a year flew by honestly faster than I could have imagined and the new iPhones are here the iPhone 10s and the 10s Macs now the question is do you upgrade this thing still feels new it feels great but the new one is just a little bit shinier it's got that new gold color what else is different I want to break it down in this video and there are so many differences actually between the 10 and 10s of course I'm gonna try and make it as easy as possible for you to understand whether or not you should upgrade or not and I think I'll have some very valid points here so let's go ahead and break it down how does the 10s or 10s max differ from the 10 and is that difference worth upgrading to this year or should you skip it and there are a lot of small stuff there are some bigger things but it's mostly those little differences quality of life upgrades between the 10 and 10s mostly like going from the iPhone 6 to success but it seems like even less of a difference now but I'll still try and lay it out for you before I begin I wanted to mention that I would be mostly comparing the iPhone 10s to the iPhone 10 the 10s max is very similar aside from the size but if you guys wanted to learn more about the differences between those I'll leave a link down below in the description let's start with materials the iPhone 10s now has a more durable glass Apple says it's the most durable ever so if you're likely to break your iPhone by dropping it to the 10s would certainly be a great upgrade you know would also be a great upgrade here a case or a screen protector if you have one of those usually you're pretty covered but if you do happen to break the back glass on an iPhone 10 you basically have to pay $400 and replace the entire thing so yeah more durable phone certainly would help here the durability extends into water resistance as well the new iPhone 10's gains in ip68 water resistance at 2 meters versus the iPhone tense at 2 1 meter and most of the time it does fail I've had so many friends actually lose their iPhone 810 series just by dropping it into a little bit of water it's it's very strange how it works sometimes you can go really deep on it like on my channel sometimes it just happens to break so if you're likely to go around water and by the way Apple was advertising it like yeah you can go into the ocean you can go into the water it's not covered by warranty but you could do it now you know it's six-and-a-half feet for 30 minutes so that's a very very good rating if you want to be around the water without a case the iPhone 10s is certainly the one to get just for that and that's actually a very very big deal it overshadows Samsung's rating at one and a half meters which is five feet and of course with the iPhone 10s you get that stunning new gold color if you're tired of the silver or Space Gray you wanted to try out what Apple calls it their most stunning color ever you certainly can get that with the new iPhone 10s something that bothers me more than it should the asymmetrical ports on the iPhone 10s so do you consider you're going to be looking at that every single time you go to charge unless you're a wireless charger you're gonna see a different amount of speaker grilles on other sides of both the 10s and the 10 s max it honestly doesn't matter at all I just thought I'd mention it and prepare to get a little bit stronger as the iPhone 10s now weighs an additional three grams so if you wanted a lighter load certainly the iPhone 10 and I'm kidding by the way now the displays on paper look exactly the same the specs are the same super retina but Apple says that they improve the display even more on the 10s series by increasing the dynamic range by 60% so colors should look even better in your content and games and whatnot over the iPhone 10 but don't let that fool you this display is great I doubt you're even gonna notice that difference I'll certainly try to see it but this is an amazing display organic LED it's super bright it's everything you need some displays alone there's almost no difference and something I think that will compound to make your experience so much better is a faster face ID on the 10s Apple says that they improved and made the secure on cloth even faster and more secure so you're gonna be able to get into your phone even faster so the 10s is technically going to be a time saver time is money right and probably the biggest reason to upgrade aside from the larger display size for me personally is the Apple a 12 chip this thing is an absolute monster it's the industry's first seven nanometer chip in a smartphone while weighs not far behind Apple on that end but 7 nanometers is gonna be future proved for years to come Apple is still supporting the iPhone 5s five or six years later now and the iPhone 10s should last roughly between four to five years possibly even six who knows S models get some extraordinary support by Apple that doesn't mean the iPhone 10 will get dropped it still has an incredible processor but the 7 nanometre a 12 last even longer and if you wanted to buy the iPhone 10s and actually keep it instead of watching next year's video iPhone 10s vs. iPhone 11 should you upgrade then it certainly will be very future proof because difference with the a 12 that I think you'll notice on a daily is apple says app launching will be 30% faster thanks to a 15% increase in speed on the high end cores and 40% efficiency increase in the low end cores the GPU is also 50% faster it's now a quad-core GPU versus a three core on the iPhone 10 which for gaming you'll certainly notice especially with that larger screen size of the iPhone tennis Macs and the iPhone 10s has four gigabytes of RAM now instead of three so your apps should stay open in the background longer which means you'll have to do less reloading and again save more time so if time is very valuable to you seems like the 10s will save plenty and the camera of the iPhone 10s receives some substantial upgrades mostly because of the a12 and the image signal processor together there's a new mode called smart HDR very similar to what Google offers right now where it combines multiple exposures multiple dynamic ranges into one photo and gives you the perfect shot every single time Apple did say that there's zero shutter lag now so you could even take pictures a little bit faster with no delay whatsoever shooting towards the Sun is even better than dynamic range just because of that new feature it combines a bunch of photos together and will give you a greater dynamic range here almost people don't know about the iPhone Tenace camera that is very substantial is that the actual pixel sizes on the sensor have grown to 1.4 micrometers versus 1.2 - this means better low-light performance as well as better colors just because it's able to accept more light an Apple did say that video in particular does better in low light thanks to those increased pixel sizes and the Apple a 12 chip and now stereo recording via video is available thanks to the four microphone setup of the iPhone 10 s of course there's that selectable focus mode where you can take a picture and then change the focus in the background afterwards by adjusting the aperture and that wasn't possible before the a12 apparently but if you get some apps from the app store it's certainly possible on the iPhone 10 right now so that alone should not be a reason to upgrade and the selfie camera actually supports 60 frames per second in 1080p now whereas ten only did 30 and the selfie camera can do that adjustable bokeh thing as well the iPhone 10s receives an upgrade in the speakers as well they said it's a wider stereo sound so things are more booming it's gonna be a better sound in general in gaming and movies and storage Apple adds an additional storage tear to the iPhone 10s if some of you filled up that 256 and he did more the 10s does offer a 512 gigabyte upgrade and supposedly with that it also gets a gigabyte of RAM to control all of that memory I can't confirm that to be true just yet though the price of that though is one thousand three hundred and forty nine dollars fourteen forty nine on the 10s max though so prepare those very deep pockets do you guys have t-mobile the iPhone 10s is actually a very big upgrade because it supports a new band the 71 band so you'll get even better LT performance all across America the iPhone 10s does have a gigabit LTE so faster LTE speeds will be supported for download and upload and it's roaming support is unparalleled Apple says it's the best right now better than any iPhone before it and of course it does have that dual SIM capability its Isom here in America in most areas except China as there it's a physical dual SIM but you can still get two numbers on one phone and actually at the keynote I notice that there's a dual signal bar which actually looked really cool very efficient use of that so you can get that potentially to and battery life so the iPhone 10 usually can get me through an entire day sometimes I'll have to charge twice if I'm really using it but don't expect that to change much with the 10s yes the battery life will be thirty minutes better but thirty minutes is not a lot of time you'd be better off just getting a battery case or a portable battery charger or something so battery life is better and I've heard also a rumor that there is a potential that it's included with a 10 watt fast charger that just hasn't been enabled yet like Apple did with the iPhone 10 they could push out a software update that could enable a 10 watt fast charging right now it's limited at 7.5 so maybe a faster charger is available but not in the box certainly you will not be getting a fast charger in the box still that 5 watt adapter and no headphone dongle just so you know in the box either the iPhone 10 does have one so you have to dish out an additional seven or nine dollars however much that is to get that and that's most of the physical changes let's just talk about theoretically upgrade so for your iPhone 10 this still has an incredible resale value you can sell it right now as a company says for six hundred and eighty dollars okay let's say six hundred to 680 so for four hundred dollars three hundred four hundred dollars you can upgrade your iPhone 10 to eight 10s question is do you do it do you spend the extra three hundred dollars and get all of those little physical changes here and there faster more future-proofed processor and a slightly better video camera slightly better battery life for thirty minutes a new gold color if you want it I personally would not do that honestly this phone is amazing it did not just suddenly get slow just because then you want to came out it's still gonna be very very nice iOS 13 should bring out a lot of features in its possibly some new functionality honestly Apple hasn't done much with the OLED at all and I'm hoping with iowa's 13 that they do bring a always-on display maybe a dark mode if they really want to please us the only way I see someone upgrading from an iPhone 10 to a 10 s is if you're going for the Mac surgeon that's a night and day difference in terms of usability it's gonna be a huge upgrade but from the 10 to the 10s unless you really really like that screen size and don't mind spending the money I just don't see that upgrade being justified but if you're going from a 10 to a tennis max that's certainly a very big upgrade so sell this thing get your money out of it and put it towards a larger tennis max that's gonna be very very future-proofed now I want to give you an example as to why I'm upgrading from an iPhone 10 to atenas max money not being an object it's mostly just because of that screen size and the faster time saving thing so apple says apps will launch 30% faster the camera has zero shutter lag you know it has an additional gigabyte of RAM it just seems like overall it's gonna be a time saver if you use your phone a lot and I'm all for saving time and being more efficient in certain areas so it feels like that 300 $400 additional price will certainly pay itself back compounded overtime and I know that may be a ridiculous reason to upgrade but 30% is quite a lot and it will add up oh and hey you'll be getting some new wallpapers on the iPhone 10s by default in settings so that'll be nice until I will takes them away in a year or so as they always do for whatever reason but anyways guys there it is I honestly would not recommend upgrading your iPhone 10 is still amazing it still feels new I'm sure from a year ago when Apple reduces that notch that would be a much more compelling upgrade but for now unless you're going to the 10s max it's simply not worth the money right now there it is guys the iPhone 10s vs. the iPhone 10 I say certainly keep your 10 for another year and see what I'll pose got their sleeves unless you go into the 10s max and really really want to let me know your thoughts down below will you be upgrading or not and why hope I made this choice a little bit easier guys peace
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