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  • Published on: 2018-10-08
  • this is a party of the century no we should freak dance how do you do it I'm not sure but what I do know my youth group counselor says that's how you get pregnant well that game was awesome right I love seeing teenagers playing football anyway now it's time for the dance and before you do that I need to hip you guys there's some rules no no I think you guys gonna like this I think you're really gonna connect with this one homecoming do you love me are you dancing say you'll never ever sneak booze into the party cuz I'll suspend ya and I'll end ya and you'll never get into a good college keke what are you doing are you grinding the rules clearly state no grinding hey guys stop stop stop stop being horny and heed my warnings maybe you guys will know this next one hey now it's homecoming do not get laid vote for me for homecoming queen this is so stupid look at me I'm having such a good time I like fun watch me move my hips the beat like an idiot check this out I'm in a freak dance with Gordon like I knew I'd be nature what yeah I totally haven't been dreaming about this since I met you oh look I have a sarcastic boner it's totally sarcastic no touching yo what's up with Maggie Hill I spiked the punch bowl and she drank it all he did with what oh just a margarita mix you know there's no alcoholic really well don't tell her that she's having a good time homecoming doesn't exist it for a homeschooled because you're at home already Hey leave room for hey-zeus don't you mean Jesus oh no I mean hey Zeus hey hey Zeus hey this is my Nicholas all right tough on you three okay hey wanna dance hell no hey where's all the seniors none of them are at homecoming well if you're a senior you wouldn't go to these either they were off doing like way more awesome stuff probably going to real party listen yeah like some next-level party garvey I'm just gonna become a youtuber there's nobody in YouTube trust me the homecoming theme this year is home [Applause] Oh God do it dancing the circle no this is so awkward life somebody needs to dance right now I've got this yo he's so funny like the circle is for good dancers he's dancin bad no I'm saving it for Jesus Jesus of Nazareth every homecoming ever thank you guys so much for watching every homecoming ever click the box there left to watch ever your high school ever and click the box to the right to watch every move ur ever [Music]
  • Runtime: 04:24
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  • Swrds Gaming

    This is so real my school did the “in my feelings” rythem to our cheer

  • Cameron

    Do every middle school dance ever next

  • P DOG

    homecoming at my school are basically girls grinding on every guy they see

  • Gabemario

    I can confirm that most of this is incorrect after having just recently gone to a homecoming dance. I saw multiple seniors, no teachers, nobody grinding their asses on others, nobody leaving room for Jesus, but I did see circles with people dancing badly and plenty of Fortnite Dances

  • Tough cookie

    “Hey now it’s homecoming ... do not... get laaiidd!”

  • Indisguise

    You just straight up roasted youtube at one point

  • IzzyFizzy •_•

    “Hey now it’s homecoming Do not get laid” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Net Spahgett

    Where are the mum's and garters or is that just a Texas thing?

  • Big Warrior

    And what makes it even worse, in my school literally all the girls wear the EXACT same thing to everything that involves nicer clothes, like is it just common sense to them at this point.

  • Rman Nayr


  • Macho 1878

    This video is mostly Noah x Courtney, Keith dancing and Shayne breaking the 4th wall. Just an average day at Smosh HQ.

  • GreatGamerGabe

    Jesus is so sweet but sad he hugs the guys arm, and its his make a wish, poor Jesus 🙁

  • Lion Man

    3:15 he just crushed the dreams of seniors worldwide

  • Tabv TV

    At my school everyone leaves hoco after like 20 minutes and goes to a different party

  • Q Z

    Do every middle school dance ever

  • Ina Anghel

    If you don't get money of youtubethen why do you get money of your channel

  • Abigail Grantier

    “My youth group counselor says that’s how you’ll get pregnant” just something about how he said that 😂

  • CruKXzs

    0:54 I love the fact that he stays in tune with the song whilst theyre grinding 😂

  • Danelle H

    Y'all had free food at your homecoming? Whaaaaaat?

  • Jag

    Every Troll Ever

  • Blue Pillow

    Last Saturday there was a homecoming at my school

  • KingStrqfe ツ

    I'm serious, but this happend. A teacher literally did this, P.E do you love me? Are you playing ................................ It was the cringiest moment of my life.

  • Ben 10

    No I’m saving it for Jesus don’t you mean hesus no Jesus of Nazareth

  • Dankotron lel

    This somehow gives me hope for my homecoming dance this Friday....

  • PrizKing505

    At my homecoming this year, two girls got so drunk they had to get their stomach’s pumped and another couple of people brought ecstasy! It was pretty fun! Unfortunately I wasn’t there but everyone was talking about it. I was drinking root beer and eating pizza at my GF’s house with friends... *GODDAMMIT WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SUCH A NERD?!?!?!?!?!*

  • the king

    Shane said there is no money in YouTube trust me I was laughing so hard

  • Magnificent Malik

    Did anybody else dreams get crush when they said "there is no money in youtube"

  • Itshaboy XD

    Hahah I have a sarcastic Bonner sarcastic laughing 😂


    At :50 did anyone thought he was going to sing the Minecraft song (mining diamonds)

  • Snobble [L]

    1:39 when u r totally fucking someone in homecoming cause' she freak dancing in front of you

  • Eisa Raja

    When Keith spiked the punch it was like the scene in Smosh the movie it’s on Netflix omg it is the best movie I’ve seen

  • Mason Herdegen

    I just realized that Courtney falls into a table in this video and the every Halloween party ever

  • Rayvizion cool


  • PlasterGas

    can i take your virginity? No i'm saving it for J E S U S

  • Zenimite

    Me during prom and/or homecoming: **Sitting in the corner, looking at everyone.**

  • A B

    Wait there's no money in YouTube!

  • idiotic Gaming

    has anyone else realized that Shayne topp played/plays Matthew in the gold bergs

  • the edwards

    you guys are toooooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • kitten quake

    Shanes in Sam and cat I saw just watched the episode

  • Ammber Hoyos

    Jesus or Heyzeus or whatever is kinda like Jet from liza koshy