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T.I. Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on: 2018-10-08
  • [Music] what everybody Joe from complex we're in New York City at Stadium Goods with the legend ti the shows the impact that the culture has as a whole we're away do some sneaker shopping tonight get to see what he's feeling what he's not and then hopefully it's gonna buy some sneakers Judy let's go back in the day you wore a lot of air matches what were some of your favorites back then well you have the 87 you know saying those always fast so you know there's like Doughboy that's synonymous with the trap like these us they yeah you got to get these every time they drop you know and it's kind of like a basic don't boy trap functional shoes wearing absolutely absolutely you know you got to you 97 you know these with dope as well I always got to have a pair of metallic salt on hand when these funds my repertoire go I saw old interview and one thing he said is that even as a young kid you always used to put a hundred and fifty dollars aside such as always tried to get the new tennis shoes afternoon you had to have I mean no said it was imperative I mean I think that was like you know saying that was the the foundation of humble but yeah it make sure you kids for first and then Atlanta gonna do it absolutely how many times if I'm different reasons I mean Greenbrier that's what we wouldn't got our Jays in the first drop you know that's why I wouldn't it good Imam if having me music you know so like that was like I'd go away into into the high-fashion definitely see how you talking about Greenbrier Mall copy this do you remember your first pair the white bill is grateful it kind of you and what do you remember like growing up and watching him play relentless pursuit for the championship you know was there is a level of tenacity had I hadn't seen it as a young as a young sports fan and you know he always delivered don't let you down I want to just shift down here a little bit yeah you actually got to meet him a few times yeah I did I did I met him a few times and my favorites are the three okay I believe you know all the NAM and I think the three's a lot more comfortable they don't feel like Jordans as much and it was - I'm just not getting into the ones most more recently right where he's classic but the reasons are classic man you can't get around another uniform shoot ya mean but you mentioned him with Adam you know six you know at the garden I think performing it was called the all-american classic right and there's a picture of you and him and he's signing was he signing yours without he was saying okay he was saying in my shoes and I would I was just for him to be saying nice yeah that was a doe longer how is this interactions with you been man many people get to meet him yeah famous people yeah me man Joe and MJ cool is it like he really he's a cool kid man we often talk about our poker strategies okay you know Andy I always import some kind of knowledge and wisdom before you pull away so I appreciate that if you get to play poker with him at all nah man ain't brain now that's it we're here man oh yeah oh quit hit man oh man we always been planning on sitting down together we have to make it happen pretty soon wait am i bad to get a little bit okay guys don't mess around waiting on my bag yeah in some current Nike affection something that you've been very vocal about uh-huh Colin Kaepernick support where do you think that was to the community I mean I think it was incredibly important man for Nike to uh you know shows where they stood you know once the line in the sand had been drawn and I heard in one of the statements they said they were willing to lose profits to be on the right side of history I think that you know a lot of corporations to take a page out of there definitely and the people responded to stop oh yeah absolutely I think that you know Santa just shows and the people the people demand the Equality be given that towel like equality and justice that's what this country supposed to stand for definitely we talked about Jordans I like the new guys Ron Katie what are some of the ones you like the best out of here um I like the the style of the LeBrons especially early oh okay later on it became more over youth basketball like a utility basketball shoe yeah more functional and you know not as diverse in style you know I'm saying and same thing I feel the same thing about the KD the Kyrie I've never I've never had a pair of those didn't wear to the jail I want to talk about you donating the shoes you recorded Yeager's to people to tray the truth Harvey relief right why was it important to donate those specific pairs to you you know those had the most notoriety the kind of garner the the highest bid to benefit the cause they had been set forth you know it was an important moment for hip hop and I was a part and you know if saying by the grace of God so I just wanted to you know contribute something significant and meaningful and yeah those Balenciaga zweite with the needle I'm sure try appreciated and right oh man yes my brother man whatever I can do yeah one of the few we've got college threes yeah 14 grand right now a priceless yeah I mean I'm a steady good you know cat it has his own enjoyed you know there's dope even more appreciative that he decided to give me up here now I work 14 grand right pretty cool isn't it crazy I see the value of these except it shows of a game and it shows the impact that the culture has for me as a whole worldwide you're a fan of also the ferrell collapse absolutely there's some of the dopest I've seen I think for real is one of the dopest if not the dopest artist you you know that I've seen presented like he really been consistently doing the thing would you say like Pharrell is your favorite you know Kanye had you come in yeah I got some eases that definitely cut before rails and done see and you know so there's so many you know the Travis Scott you know so on and so forth I mean I try to support as much as I can't especially people who had no person well we've talked about everything now that heart get the browser she'll see what you get to go home with that that I can do [Music] yeah these three I need more hands oh yeah I got the new fresh Prince's definitely got the freshmen yeah I never get her to meet up at convoy that's right with these as well yeah I've been looking for these let me see I always need a new pair these two look yeah yeah yeah I like all these colorways I get a start right there and then we'll figure out what else is new we got the rest [Music] okay does that include my preferred customer discount it doesn't it okay well you can go ahead and try that why thank you so much all right now yeah I have a good day appreciate you bro [Music] so TI came through for a bunch of new sneakers thanks so much for taking the time yeah thanks for the invite I appreciate it make sure everyone checks out John trap out now everywhere right now hey we wanna eat catch you yeah perhaps let's do it [Music]
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  • Carti Plugg

    This man T.I. was explaining the shoes to the complex guy 😂

  • busymike

    You know he regretted paying 10k for those shoes, you could see it in his face. He knew that camera was rolling though, so he had to do it. lmao

  • pb3

    Some of those shoes are over priced according to what they’re going for on the market

  • Heavy Rollers7stSP

    Tip a fucking Boss he spun Da most I’ve seen since watch this show he just passed Bird Man who had Da previous high .... 💯💯💯💪

  • Raytona500

    Now this is SNEAKER SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, someone who breaks off more than I do at one time. Almost 10g's, way to go Tip! I personally think it's pathetic when a so called big shot does Sneaker Shopping and only breaks off 2-3gs...... Tip showed how it's done! Another great one Joe! Stay Fly! RAYTONA $ickWid'It Records @Raytona500

  • Fyb raines

    Spending money Still Sittingon more money then err mf in these damn comments And complex yall mf say shit tht shit dont faze bro💯🤙🏾😂

  • Fyb raines

    love tht nigga attitude 💪🏾💪🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾💯

  • Niko Priest


  • Patrick

    Joe's mic was off this whole interview SMH I know complex is heated

  • George Kim

    I swear Atlanta rappers have their own language

  • kntwing

    shit how many pairs did he buy? filming at night .. 4 pairs of same jordan's but different colors... 2 pairs of air max different colors? i think he broke the record buying so many pairs?

  • Young Provel

    T.I got cheated for those jordan 1 pine greens, on stock x they barely going for 220 resell, my dude paid 500 lol

  • J K

    Bro I clicked on this just to see what words Ti was finna throw around on joe

  • Casimir Josiah

    This nigga spending 10k on shoes when he can buy a fresh ass car with that money.

  • James Wills

    You should check out these sneakers if you are interested in designer speakers. They have the designer look at a really affordable price. They feel really nice and look amazing. Check them out. https://www.amazon.com/Sneakers-Skateboard-Running-Walking-Classic/dp/B078JJRDLP/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=jameswills0a-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=d3f7757ef2e293161fddbfe45598b06f&creativeASIN=B078JJRDLP

  • Deion Smith

    TI talks about black lives matter and etc but supporting someone who invests in private prisons that house us black people😂😂 seems about uncle tomish

  • will alcide

    y stadium goods do him like that with 400 on the 97s

  • A.D

    T.I has always been hilariously articulate. "Due to the complexities and the intricate manner in which these particular shoes were assembled, I was therefore compelled to grace them with my selection." 😂😂

  • Jack Hochstetler

    Entrepreneur working on a start-up and looking for some sneakerheads to answer a few quick questions over text (market research). DM me on IG if interested (@GumbyHoch), it will only take a few mins and any input would help us out 💯

  • Lil Dirt

    This nigga speak like a 1800”s black nationalists headass. Fredrick Douglas i.


    this must be from the same day as the breakfast club interview.

  • Jacob Collins

    This store is a fucking joke, they just fully robbed the shit out of him... Prices are a joke...

  • galactus3666

    Rant on kanye west by sayin hes a better exemple for the black community next day goes on shoppin shoes with complex... GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE T.I

  • Chanel Javoni

    Lol they busting folks heads with them shoe prices .....

  • Cornelius Stokes

    Tip spent the most I den seen on this complex series mistake me if I’m wrong, Gucci spent a lot too

  • datboot jerk

    Dam he didn’t get the wife and kids a dam thing..at least nba young boy looked out for his fam🤣🤣

  • DCLegend Strives

    T.I got sneaker taste like me, I’m feeling every single shoe he just bought 💯💯

  • K I D

    Yo they faces when they have to check out priceless

  • Grey Storm

    This man balled out. I wasn’t expecting Tip to be the one to drop $9k on some kicks 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ty Foor

    Had no idea T.I. was into shoes this deeply. Very dope

  • Bad Man

    He’s paying 400 for gold 97s (that’s nothing for him) when you can buy them for 150, what’s the difference?


    This nigga bought 18 pairs of shoes, not one pair was for one of his 18 children. #DeadBeat

  • Deandre Coleman

    Tip couldn’t be my uncle I’d be fucking his closet up he wear a 9.5 like me

  • Leo 432

    T..totally .. I..informant.... Rolled over on them charges !! Tipster im telling lmao

  • Anthony Barger

    Lmaooo $400 for some gold 97s. Stadium Goods don’t GAF who they rip off

  • P

    Can’t wait till I’m able to cash out like that .....Jordan 1’s dope

  • os47s

    2:07 who got these for $160 I'm tryna cop

  • Bobby Santiago

    The video was cool I would love to see hopsin or j Cole that would be nice 🤔👌

  • J P

    I just want to ball in a wraith

  • Ky Moore

    invite Cdot Honcho In to review shoes . his has a pretty good collection & he seem like a sneaker head

  • Gab O.

    Watch me return them bitches the day after the shot. Shit crazy!

  • Gab O.

    This is a down payment on a decent condo/townhouse. Save your $$ and cop js on clearance @ross, burlington, or the likes. No one will know. I promise.

  • Church boy

    9000 damn I can only afford 2 pair times get hard nowadays