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Rich Brian - History (Official Video)


  • Flamer C

    Actually a decent fan of rich Brian here, but tbh he gotta switch up a bit, his tracks r getting boring, would love to see u back on top again

  • pagelsrock

    I'm sure i just heard this in a hong kong elevator

  • Jon Tan

    the instrumental is from ski safari's item shop (no i didn't search it up)

  • Stalin

    1:57 gotta love me a wet long sleeve

  • 4UR 0-00

    He reminded me of my friend when I was young in Kelapa Gading .

  • Jin Lee YT

    Am I the only one thinking that his face looks like a fetus? no offense. I like the song tbh.

  • Icee

    Moral of the story: It be your own niggas.

  • Thicc Boi

    1:05 when you stay home from school and then see your teacher at the store

  • delfunker

    Man this song Is lit af 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Zabieru McCloud

    From the perspective of a nigga from the hood with a wide musical taste... I would say this shit is hard as hell. It's EXACTLY what you want from a rapper, period. he didn't say anything too far fetched and the shit was hard as hell.

  • Zurder

    who was the white dude with the tats and dyed hair?

  • Max B

    Hey what’s that song in the background

  • Jess Read

    Why does the backing track sound like it's from Pokemon?

  • John Days

    Dam this is one of the best song of his songs Dat stick was dope and this is cool

  • Patrick

    Rich brian i think better lil pump. liked liked.

  • Ben Smith

    It's been weeks, why is this song not blowing up?

  • Mobillion

    Beat = 🔥 Rich's voice & Autotune = 🔥 Lyrics = kinda trash tho

  • Darragh Oshea

    I am having drake vibes mixed with a pinch of 21 savage.

  • Jarrett Wolfe

    Does it seem the song changed in the lyrics Or am I trippin

  • imaK

    banger video for a banger song

  • RzO40

    That yu-gi-oh sample tho

  • Leo Iskandar

    who could have thought you could make a bombass song with an elevator/market beat

  • ZFox Official

    1 Like = Rich Brian Comment = For Others Rapper ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • King Jukes

    does anyone feel some pokemon vibes in the background music lmao

  • alvin surya

    We kira opening masak masak lawas Keren keren tapi Ane Support lw terus 👍

  • Rico

    So lets turn on our detectives mode : 0:44 "Brian so happy goin to the party with his bestie but his bestie don't look the same" 1:07 "they're group up with their friends then brian watched the girl and fall in love" 2:08 "Brian and his girlfriend break" 3:17 " is that brian's bestie goin in??" 3:20 " Brian point the middle finger" the answer is " Brian's bestfriend was secretly admire to that girl according to the "0:44 moment" and when the time is right (when brian is break with his girlfriend) "2:08" that bestie is fuckin up XD" so this music is about history when ur bestie stabbin u brian?

  • Fiqar Ahmad

    89% is indonesian comments on this song.Sorry for my bad english