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High Speed Sports Battle | Dude Perfect

  • Published on: 2018-09-11
  • oh we're dead per me welcome to high-speed sports battle [Music] to the perfect first round high-speed ramp jump shortest distance will be eliminated looking for another victory unfortunately starting off with something I'm not so great at goal here is just not get last obviously really looking forward to the second competition to be honest that's gonna be a fun one told me in coach checking in the game just got a rare win let's see if I can make it back-to-back twins need to pick it up right honestly I've been really proud of our performances Risa I've had a lot of second place finishes putting myself in a position to get a double you just don't get last year we're going on here we go [Music] first jump here at Hilbert 21 tires in first place all right cars ready to rock so am i Lissa [Music] judging by the reactions of the crowd I feel like that was pretty good job welcome to round two all right I said before I just wanted to make it to round two that was the goal today and I'm there looks like a satire measurement 30 time official measurement for Tony no 33 Garrett is on the chopping block we've got two twins left to go I'm up next let's do [Applause] your car landed on head up there code hi here we go if Kobe beats me right now me and Kobe will conquer these dudes in the battle so you know if you begin right here he has officially joined team Kobe [Music] I mentioned to the viewers I not only would stop making the bold prediction about you no way I would join your team no it is time that you not uh nah me I get out of here ladies and gentlemen welcome to round two the high speed super bowl whoa yeah this is something we've always wanted to do 91 pins heavy ball fast car let's see what happens tough guys tie starting us off don't feel phenomenal because Gare started us off on the ramp launching well you know where he is here we go [Music] that was so loud okay I feel like that was pretty good amazing 16-pin standing oh no 75 i usually takes me like nine frames I'm excited to see Tai set up all these fins no you hit them and I got that how it works 75 pins for Tai that's the score to beat scare I don't know where he went but this is for you man [Music] nobody [Music] all right gang stages said I need 72 pins kick Corey out head to Denali stunt driver let's roll okay stunt driver let's roll [Music] [Music] okay well we go that time yes is she there Kobe in my shop or headed to Round three closest to the pin challenge here we go got our pudding dream of the flagstick behind us got our giant ball right here closest to the pin is the winner I feel like in the past we've done Cubs a little bit wrong what if we tried to digitally like him to victory and just give us a click of your time I'll link of your time and just like Kobe into a victory you boys ready for the finale let's do it baby here we go oh goodness me it's a stick ha it's been a minute got to hit the ball hard goofin flag and let's just pray for victory baby [Music] [Music] well that turned out pretty poorly so winning the first two competition isn't enough the door is literally wide open for ty and I you guys like me to victory which means a ton I'm doing it for you guys really appreciate it [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I do not want time sailing past the pin feeding my ball event suddenly I would take that I have brought a nickel to mark Wow you don't think this guy wants to win you're crazy maybe you want to mark my mole oh yeah last shot of the finale here's the two outcomes I lose or I win but I still lose cuz everybody's mad that Kofi didn't get his victory but here's the thing who likes her against me okay I feel like everybody's on the team Kobe trained the inner ring is still open see boys on the other side [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] oh you cannot make this stuff up I could do that a hundred times and not put a shot together like that again I played well I put a good ball out there and what a good man does this game recognize I will take that game recognize game wolf gun code let's do a trophy presentation man Tyler Nathan Tony it's not my duty honor privilege whatever you say here's your trophy it's absolutely amazing thanks coves means a lot thanks for watching guys if you're not already a new perfect subscriber click down here so you don't miss out on any new videos special thanks to our friends at Thai Rak for making this video possible click here to see how I react calm made it fast and easy to get the right tires for our cars you want to see the last video click right here sign it up for now pound it noggin see ya
  • Runtime: 08:38
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  • Matt

    Fuck that fat fuck ty he always wins

  • Sawyer Ritchie

    can i get a rip for coby, the poor guy hits crazy shots and people just come in outta nowhere and destroy him with insane luck shots. rip brothet

  • Stephanie Braden

    Boo Tyler on the last shot! He mostly wins did y’all notice that something is up.

  • Thomas Michaud

    Cory is in the awkward situation of being the only one not one somebody else’s team

  • Parker Flick

    I almost cried because coby didn’t win😭😭😭😭😭

  • Omar Jaber

    Does anybody know how much I hate th right now

  • EL MAU

    Our products is coming in México (Sorry for my bad English)

  • Mr.Little Gogogles

    If you go to 7:28 tyler wouldn't have gotten the win because the ball hit the pole, but the ball isn't going towards the pole????

  • Grady Bruce

    When Cory walked off they slapped his ass it’s weird asf

  • Columbia Ball

    I think that 55% people like this vid for a coby win and 25% of people that dislike this vid for ty wining

  • Sophia Seyer

    Me: COME ON COBY Ty: *wins for the millionth time* Me: HhsjdjdhHhdhwhNOOoOOO SO CLOSE Everyone we have to make a battle game with likes!! We set a goal that’s absurd, and if we hit it Coby gets a win!!!

  • Jayden Baker

    Tyler you're so good at the challenges keep doing your good work

  • Jayden Baker

    Team Tyler all the way because team tie don't do stuff like that he don't lose by an itch

  • Toxic Anti-shot

    Lol love this!, I didn’t watch it but this was posted on my birthday and I didn’t know

  • Will Jamen

    They should get points for getting the pin in the tire

  • Laura Velez

    I LOVE COBY I LIKE COBY I TEAM COBY COBY😉😉😉😆😆😆🤗🤗🤗☺☺☺😀😀😀😁😁😁.

  • Laura Velez

    I LOVE COBY COBY WOW😉😉😉😉😉😆😆😆😆😆😃😃😃😃😃😃☺☺☺🤗🤗.

  • Mr Clasher

    7:28 his angle looks so off. But somehow, he did it

  • The Broetos

    Cody will some day bring home his 2 ever victory

  • Lewis Mclelland


  • Bryce Thurman

    I think he should get props for getting the pin In the tires

  • Shotgun Kitty

    panda's still missing? i guess the panda in the golf cart soccer battle was his brother

  • Singalong Monkey

    Team ty. Like for the na na na. But I'm sure with one thing, I AM TEAM COBY!