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Galaxy Note9 Unpacked: Official Replay

  • Published on: 2018-08-09
  • [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] and Samsung is making headlines with the new Samsung Galaxy Note bottom line you're gonna look really dumb holding this up to your face I need to show you my new phone new phone that is ridiculous Samsung has no idea what they're doing this is like talking to a piece of toast people are actually calling this thing of phablet skip over the Samsung Galaxy Note completely [Music] big phones are a big deal big phones have become the standard the s-pen alone seals the deal that's the sound of me winning all of these other phones gotta fall back the Galaxy Note is the best phone out right now who's laughing [Music] ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage president and CEO head of IT and mobile communications division DJ ho hello everyone thank you welcome to Park Laser Center I'm so happy to be here today with more than 3000 global media partners and no defense it is an honor to celebrate the amazing north community your passion and insight our constant inspiration and your loyalty to the node is the best reward for our commitment to innovation for me and my team there's nothing will look better than creating the next new node it is the device for those who sick live filled with the poppers and are motivated by a desire to do more and since 2011 it has been the leading smartphone for achievers and creators who are pioneering new businesses inventing new ways to work and redefining music art and culture I love the note because it forces us to break through barriers to deliver the most advanced to device for those who expect more and I'm excited to show you the next version of the world's most powerful mobile device on my agenda today who's even further from my first unpack as president of Samsung Mobile in 2016 I've talked about our vision for a future of a seamlessly connected devices and a world of endless possibilities I will share the my commitment to meaningfully innovation that delivers value convenient and joy to our customers and spoken over my belief that it will take open systems and open partnerships to unleash the power of technology so that you can reimagine how you connect create work play and live I said then that no company is in a better position to achieve this vision than Samsung and I say now with confidence that this is even more true today than it was there so much has changed since I took the stage two and a half years ago artificial intelligence the Internet of Things augmented reality these were extraordinary concept in 2016 now they are the building blocks for a new year of continuous personalised and intelligent digital experiences that will reflect who we are anticipate what we need and deliver what do you want with no limits no barriers and no interruptions but that's not the world we live in right now while our lives flow seamlessly across the home work and play our technology doesn't we still live in a world of digital devices and disrupted experiences there are too many gaps too many blind spots too many services are confined by the limits of a device brand or prefer too many experiences are interrupted when we leave a room or go from office to car or switch between devices too often our devices fail when we need them the most as Samsung we believe is time to transcend narrow digital experiences that have never reflected how we live our lives it's time for a new generation of experiences that are intelligent enough to anticipate your needs opening up to give you full control of the choices you have and the decisions you make private you know to respect and protect your confidential information and sim messing up to flow with you without interruption as you move through your day this is a vision only Samsung can deliver because only Samsung offers products and services that touch everything people do across every part of their lives mobile devices TVs and appliances test-ban the office the car the home and everywhere in between at the scale no other company can match hundreds of millions people across more than a billion devices today too many companies create experiences that are designed the mode reinforce their business models then enhance your lives as Samsung we are committed to meaningful innovation that puts you first guided our belief in the potential of technology to amplify your creativity we are creating a gallon of serve experiences to spend not just devices and locations but platforms and brands experiences built on a foundation of intelligence that learns adopt and anticipates not to control your choices but to enhance human capabilities and expand human possibilities it's an ambitious vision and we have made significant progress over the past two years from smarting for our new AI research labs from family hub refrigerators to Smart TVs with Defense great noxious security to keep your most important information safe and partnership they grow out of our commitment to an open and connected world we have laid the foundation to move beyond smart devices and into a world of intelligent experiences that a seamless continuous deeply personal and profoundly productive we have a great show for you today new products and services that illustrate the promise of connected living a new partnership that demonstrates the potential of intelligence that stretches across platforms and brands plus some great surprises along the way and of course a new smartphone not just any smartphone a phone that raised the bar for speed power and performance once again of fun with more than enough memory power and capacity to live your life without interruption at the pace new demand a phone built on our commitment to you a smartphone that you never slow you down or let you down or smartphone powerful enough to keep up with you wherever you are whatever you are doing whatever you need ladies and gentlemen it is my great pleasure to present the all-new galaxy note 9 [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] thank you now to tell you more about the world's most advanced smartphone presa welcome through black heart [Music] [Applause] thanks DJ I'm so excited to be here at Barclays Center to introduce the galaxy note 9 Galaxy Note has always been a smart phone for people who want the best of the best and this year we've updated it for a new generation generation of creators achievers and entrepreneurs who are remaking the world and relying on technology to do it recently we spoke with note users all over the world about what they want for their phones and one thing became crystal clear note users expect more and it's Samsung we've always tried not just to meet expectations but to exceed them now we already use our phones for so much but what if they are even more powerful what if our batteries actually lasted all day and we didn't have to worry about how much storage what if we could stream and download the things we want when we want them what if our phones met our highest expectations instead of forcing us to work around their shortcomings since the beginning the note series has always been at the cutting edge of new technology and today we're redefining expectations all over again with the most powerful phone we've ever made the Galaxy Note 9 you know back when we launched the first note a 5.3 inch display sounded huge today it actually sounds small but it paved the way for the big screen smartphone category and note users were the first to see the incredible potential of a large screen for people who pack a ton into every moment note lets you do more that's why we made the screen six point four inches the largest ever on a note and of course note 9 features an end-to-end display which means you get a larger canvas for riding with your S Pen or watching YouTube video in fact YouTube recently named the note 9 a signature device because it delivers a best-in-class YouTube experience we've refined the design with a beautiful balanced razor straight lines elegant curves using a specialized diamond cutting technique to give the frame a clean modern look on the back of the device we centered the fingerprint scanner below the camera so it's easier to reach and now all of these features blend seamlessly into the design of the phone when it comes to color this year we went big and bold you can choose from four cool new colors ocean blue with a yellow s pin which is my favorite lavender purple metallic copper and midnight black each designed to reflect the for looking style that note users are looking for we also added a flash of color too want to note users favorite features and one that I use all the time screen off memos now no matter what color you choose one thing remains the same note users rely on their phones to explore their passions and to get things done so with note 9 we didn't just design a super powerful phone we designed a phone that can keep up with you now we all know the feeling of panic when your phone gets below 5 percent you're waiting for your ride watching your battery drain away just praying that the car comes before you're stranded well you shouldn't have to plan your day around your phone's battery life that's why we created an all-day battery the largest ever on a note no more worrying that your GPS will die right when you need it most no more begging co-workers to borrow a charger instead you can power through your entire day with just the phone in your pocket right fact is we meet our phones to last all day and we're storing more on than ever before so note 9 starts at a minimum of 128 gigabytes that's twice as much space before so you don't have to pick and choose which photos videos and apps you can live without with that amount of storage you could download close to 670 hours of movies and TV shows that's enough to get you through 30 round-trip flights from New York to Madrid and that's just to start with you can also get a 512 gig person that's the one that I want just like its predecessors note 9 also comes with expandable storage and get this soon with Samsung's upcoming 512 gig microSD card you'll be able to get as much as one terabyte of memory one new terabyte has more than most laptops but what good's all that storage if you're always waiting for things to load we wanted to make sure note users could maximize performance even when running power intensive apps so we gave note 9 a cutting edge 10 nanometer processor and it also supports superfast network speeds up to a staggering 1 point 2 gigabits per second so you can stream smoother and download faster but the ultimate test of all this power and speed is gaming to get a truly great gaming experience on a smartphone you need a device that packs a serious punch but don't take it from me let's hear from someone who created one of the most popular games on the market today ladies and gentlemen please welcome the founder and CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney [Music] [Applause] well thanks drew it's great to be back at unpacked you know the last time I was an unpacked stage was for the launch of the Vulcan graphics API back in 2016 it's crazy to think how much has changed it epic game since then and we've been thrilled to be partners with the Senate with Samsung for the entire time for starters Epic Games launched our most successful game yet fortnight so today there are over a hundred twenty five million people around the world building bases gathering weapons and getting ready for the next storm and the judging by the tweets just about every gamer wants to know the same thing when is fortnight coming to Android so uh about that we're going to be launching the fortnight beta on Android this week and players with Samsung Galaxy devices are the first to be invited starting right now it's also gamers who play gaol fortnight on a note 9 or tab s4 will also get access to a special skin galaxy yeah what really excites us about this partnership is that Samsung makes the best performing Android devices in the world and the note 9 represents a real revolution for mobile gaming that brings a console quality 100 player fortnight experience to Android now Epic Games has always been on the cutting edge of mobile gaming and together with Samsung we're ushering mobile gaming into a new era of high-end games for gamers and we can't wait to see how players around the world to enjoy it thank you very much thanks so much Kim we are really excited about this partnership when game worlds are bigger Kombat is faster and a moment of lag could mean the difference between victory or defeat performance is crucial with a super-fast processor amazing graphics powerful battery and more storage than ever note 9 delivers the kind of performance that gamers need and when it comes to games we know that people want to be able to see and hear every single detail so note 9 comes with AKG tuned stereo speakers the loudest ever on a note for serious gamers speed is everything when your processor heats up your gameplay slows down well note 9 comes with our industry-leading water carbon cooling system and a smart performance adjuster algorithm really that just means that everything's going to run smoothly even in the most intense gaming sessions with note 9 whatever you're doing your phone works for you giving you the performance that you need and nowhere is that more true than with notes powerful intelligent camera back in February we reimagined what a camera could do with an incredible dual app at your smartphone camera because when it comes to capturing a great photo there's almost nothing more important than light just like your eye Note 9s camera adapt to your environment if you're out at night the aperture widens to let in more light and if it's a bright sunny day the aperture contracts to let in less light so you can get a great shot anytime anywhere and thanks to its SuperSpeed dual pixel image sensor note 9 comes with super slo-mo which lets you make everyday moments epic by slowing them down to a fraction of a second so we started with one of the most powerful smartphone cameras in the world and now we're building on that foundation with note nines brand new intelligent camera now we all know when it comes to taking great pictures some things are always going to be out of our control maybe your friend blinked maybe you didn't see the smudge on the lens until it was too late seriously there's nothing worse than asking someone to take a photo of you and your friends I'll need to get your phone back and realize that the photo looks terrible well now when Evernote 9s camera detects a flaw like closed eyes or image blur it'll automatically notify you so you can take another shot before the moments gone note 9s camera also uses scene recognition to identify different subjects like flowers food a variety of landscapes and then based on the scene it optimizes the color tones so that every shot you take is Instagram ready now no matter how powerful your camera is one thing it can't do is take a picture for you my wife and I love to travel back we just got back from Mexico City couple weeks ago but there we go no matter what we did and where we went whenever we were taking a selfie they all ended up looking pretty much the same right we tried to squeeze in get in the same shot but it was hard to lose the scenery behind us but what if you could take a better photo without all that hassle here let me show you what I'm talking about we're gonna take unpacked group shot make my way over to the camera and you know this is just too cool the moment I don't think I want to take this one alone I need to Matt you wanna join me alright here we go let's get in here alright one two three I need my good side let's try this one two three Seeger album cover alright looking good yeah there we go well you might have noticed that I took those photos without even touching the phone I used this tell you all about note nines powerful new s Finn please welcome my good friend and tab s4 video sensation John Wong [Music] what's up New York City I am pumped to be back and unpacked especially because this time it's in my own backyard like true I've taken a lot of selfies and it would have been super handy to have that s-pen since the very first note the s-pen has been an essential tool for power users who want to do more with their smartphones and as you just saw the new S Pen has some pretty cool new functions that's because now it supports Bluetooth Low Energy to turn it into the ultimate remote control with some help from our partners we've beefed up the S Pen now you can use it to play and pause YouTube videos so don't smudge the screen with my greasy pizza hands to capture snaps and snapchat and take your selfie game to the next level or flip through some slides in Microsoft PowerPoint well working the room speaking of working the room you can even use it to control something much much bigger in fact I've been controlling this presentation with my s-pen I know pretty cool like check it out I can go backwards I can go forward all with a simple click of the s-pen that's not all right now we're working with a handful of partners soon we'll open up the SDK to everyone so that you all can come up with your own creative ways of using the S Pen to charge yes fen just put it back in your phone a full charge takes less than a minute and lasts a whole half-hour even better you don't have to charge it to use all the other S Pen features you already know and love yes pen began as a simple way to jot down notes and over the years we made it better we increase the pressure sensitivity we made the tip finer so that it feels like a natural writing tool and with these refinements note users saw something else the potential for the S Pen to be a creative tool a new way to express themselves and create amazing art it's inspired us so to nurture this creativity we developed a digital community for s-pen artists to come together and share their work pen.up currently has over 4 million subscribers artists are using the S Pen to create new masterpieces every day in fact we have an artist here today a sensation from across the pond please give a warm welcome to our special guests mr. doodle [Applause] hey mr. doodle hey Jun how's it going yeah it's going great thanks for having me here yeah so I take it by your name you're a fan of doodling you're pretty pretty smart John thanks thanks and you like using the s-pen yeah sure do let me show you something yeah give us a quick sample here wow you're super fast wait a minute wait a minute what do you think that looks a lot like me I don't know actually can you be generous add a little bit more hair oh yeah thanks appreciate it yeah that's about right that's awesome that's just the start let me show you something really special it sounds great can we check back in a few minutes your thing alright thanks yes pen is core to the node experience you can use it to navigate the device translate languages and send live messages and now with Bluetooth connectivity you can take pictures lead presentations and control your content all with the s-pen the words are so many note users the S Pen is what makes a note a note of course yes pen isn't the only way to get things done with the note 9 which brings me to my favorite thing Samsung decks these days yeah these days your phone is basically like a supercomputer that fits in your pocket so why not extend that computing power to a bigger screen Samsung Dex is a PC like experience powered entirely by your Galaxy smartphone with Dex built into the note 9 all the computing power I need is in my pocket Dex is designed for the work anywhere generation and now it's simpler and more convenient than ever because the only thing needs to start Dex is this that's right all you need is a single HDMI adapter just like the one you'd use to connect your phone to a TV let me show you all I need to do the connect is this it's as simple as that I just plug in my note 9 and I'm index cool already store my entire life on my phone and with Dex I can access it anywhere with an external display to get work done or just kick back and watch a video here's a tab s4 video we released last week that's a familiar face can't get enough of this guy now even while watching myself on the big screen using Dex I can still use my note 9 screen to do everything I normally would for example I could send a text message to some friends to browse the web I can even use my s-pen take notes on my performance nailed it Thanks with the new text multitasking is easier than ever and remember it's all powered by my note 9 & DEC's doesn't just work with your phone you can also use it with the device we just saw the tab s4 to turn it into a true Productivity machine combined with the s-pen gives you an even larger canvas for your notes or your doodles speaking of which let's check it in with mr. doodle to see how it's going hey mr. doodle hm a switch Davis at the top s poof with a larger screen that's awesome and I actually see that you're using it with Dex how do you like that yes brilliant forgetting those smaller details you know that's great mr. doodle is using what we call the dual canvas experience on Dex we created it with the Adobe Photoshop sketch team now it's easy to add the fine details is you can draw on the table s4 screen while seeing the bigger picture on the big screen how's it going there yeah just a few more details and then it will be finished awesome okay why don't we go on stage and check it out listen nice uh-huh Wow absolutely incredible thanks so much let's hear it one more time for mr. doodle wasn't that amazing and everything you just saw works on both the tab s4 and the note 9 from the all-day battery to the intelligent camera to the s-pen and of course Dex our goal has always been to help you work smarter and do what you love that's why we created this super powerful note 9 and now it's my pleasure to introduce another device to the Samsung ecosystem one that brings power style and connectivity right to your wrist our all-new Samsung Smart Watch [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] ladies and gentlemen please welcome the senior director of marketing Alena Vives [Applause] we heard you you want your SmartWatch to be connected without always relying on your phone or even your charger well the Galaxy watch is here and it gives you the freedom to break away and still stay connected longer people love that the galaxy watch looks like a real watch with our signature circular bezel and rotating design it's more than an aesthetic it's an intuitive way to control your watch you can choose between two different sizes any number of straps and over 60,000 watch faces from the galaxy app store the galaxy watch has a high-res AMOLED display with an integrated touch function it has military-grade durability and Corning Gorilla DX plus glass for added strength and scratch resistance and it's water resistant which means it's swim ready the Galaxy watch is designed so you want to wear it all day and it's built so you can it works perfectly with the new note 9 or you can use it by itself with standalone LTE connectivity so you can take off for a run without missing an important call or text we're working with carriers around the world so you can stay connected no matter where you go and now the Galaxy watch also has the battery life to keep up we built low-power architecture and next generation panel level package technology into the processor created specifically for smartwatches simply put you can use the galaxy watch for several days on a single charge you can even charge it at the same time as the note 9 with our new wireless charger duo with the galaxy watch you're not tethered you're connected now one of the most significant things our watch connects you to is your health the philosophy behind connected health is that all the devices in your life should work together to help make you the best version of yourself that means three things first managing stress it's important to take a break from your busy life whether those breaks are physical or mental the galaxy watch can monitor your heart rate and establish a personal baseline and when its sense is a big change like presenting it unpacked you can offer your breathing God to calm you down second staying fit because sometimes we want our heart rates to be high like when we're at the gym the watch is designed to make our workouts productive and easy to track you can choose from 39 different exercises and it even detects six of the most common exercises automatically whether you're in a studio or in your own living room you can make the most out of your workout it's like having a personal trainer that tracks your progress right there on your wrist the galaxy watch supports you while you're working and working out third getting good rest the watch keeps track of your sleep patterns it can tell you how long you were asleep and how much quality rest you got with the galaxy watch the note 9 and the Samsung health app all working together you get a full picture of your health and the power to monitor and manage it the galaxy watch is designed to be useful it's smart and it helps you manage your busy day every morning I check my watch actually first coffee then I pull up the weather report my schedule my to-do list so I know what to expect and here's my favorite part with the new my day watch face the watch things with my calendar so I can see when I'm free or busy with just a glance the galaxy watch helps you stay connected to your work your life and your health no matter where you are or what you're doing being connected is also the underlying theme of Bixby the groundbreaking AI platform we built into note 9 and to tell you more please welcome jisu Yee [Music] [Applause] thanks so much Elena I'm third year from the very beginning Bixby was designed with a simple purpose to help you get things done we are continuously refining Bixby so now on note nine it is more conversational or personal and useful so when two people have a conversation we build upon each other so now can big city also can have a conversation with you too so let me show you I need a concert in Brooklyn over Labor Day weekend I found these concerts in Brooklyn New York during the Friday August 31st weekend big city already knows that Labor Day weekend begins August 31st so that he shows some concert in that pure time that's good let's try another date how about the first weekend in October these concerts in Brooklyn New York during the Friday October 5th weekend mm-hmm thank you so peacefully remember that we are talking about concerts in Brooklyn that means that I don't need to repeat myself this is what I mean by more conversational being conversation is good but that's not enough when you talk to your close friends they already know who you are what you like because we won't replace your best friend I hope but it is designed to do similar things for example I need good restaurants in New York there are some restaurants in New York New York voila because we know that I like French food so it listed a French restaurant at the top let's check it out it looks great yes wine and cheese and also some Belgian food as well I want to make a reservation so let me press the button at the bottom should I make the reservation as you can see the CV has already filled in the number of people in my party and the reservation time based on my previous bookings all I have to do is tap der reserve table button servation details sent to email that's it this is what I mean by more personal by the way I also want to know how to get there so that's pressed navigate button here so 23 minutes not too far from here great so I can do that now some of you might have noticed that even though I look for concert tickets or a reserved table I never actually said the words chicken mess or Yelp in fact I haven't installed those apps yet because it is his brand new note 9 this it just worked this is what I mean by more useful so we are working with many partners to build a sinless integration into victory this means that user can access many of their favorite services in a snap for our partners they can reach out many more potential users you may have also noticed that PHP works with Google Maps that's right we are working with Google to make sure Bisby works well with the some of their key services and of course if you say hey Google to your note 9 Google assistant will be there for you but this is unpacked event so let me try one more example of how bixby works I need a ride to JFK therefore this ride will be $49 11 cents ready to request ride you can't Club with just six words and an uber count I can order a car to the airport I never have to open an app explain myself or fill in the details this is power of conversational personal and useful be speed so all the experiences you've seen here today are only possible because of our amazing partner thank you with their services and our innovative air technologies we are making Bixby better than ever so far you've seen what peace we can do on node 9 but what if everything I just showed you also brought inside of your home well today for the first time we are unveiling a brand-new product that brings together Bixby amazing sound and elegant design are you ready listen hi makes me play music [Music] all the sound you just heard came from these 160 Galaxy homes so when we designed this speaker we set out to deliver high quality sound thankfully with AKG every aspect of Gallo's young is engineered to make your music sound amazing it has elegant circular form factor what is 6 meter high range speakers that send the sound in every Russian and it has a sub woofer that provide deep rich bass as well and with the harmonies natural sound processing you get a realistic surround sound experience that feels like you are right in the middle of the live concert we've also integrated Harman sounds to your technologies which it detects your location and optimize sound based on where you are in the room just say hi Bigsby sounds deer and the music is directed right at you as I mentioned before the galaxy home also has big V and them smart things have built right in so it gives you instant access their largest open ecosystem of smart devices using only your voice so it is as easy saying hi Bixby the galaxy home also has eight microphones for far-field for circulation they'll pick up that voice command from clear across room this is just first look at this amazing speaker we are excited to share more details about it soon so Galaxy home is perfect example of how we are expanding our ecosystem of intelligent devices we are also expanding services as you I showed you earlier these expansions are only possible with a scalable aai problem which is fixed fee and we will be showing a lot more about our vision and a detailed technology beyond it at the Samsung developer compass I really really hope to see you all there thank you and now please welcome back to the stage to record [Music] thanks jisu as you just heard seamless connection is a key part of our vision to integrate all of our devices into a unified open ecosystem there are a lot of smart devices in our lives these days and we its Samsung have always believed that all your devices whether you carry them in your pocket wear them on your wrist or install them in your home should work together effortlessly to bring you one continuous experience as you heard from DJ at the beginning of the show that's the promise of the Samsung ecosystem and we work every day to deliver on that promise how are we making this all happen by infusing our ecosystem in all the devices within it with intelligence take the Galaxy home for example as you just heard from jisu it's a powerful speaker with bixby built right in but even the best speaker isn't worth much if you don't have access to great music more than any other art form music touches every moment of our lives it's a huge part of my life I have a playlist for my morning run my evening commute and just about everything in between of course the days of listening to music on just one device are long over today half of all Millennials are listening to music on as many as three different devices and too often those devices they don't work so well together that's why we're dedicated to making music available wherever you are whatever you're doing at home and on the go it's a big goal and we knew we couldn't do it alone so we started searching for a new music partner to join us on this mission a partner who's committed like us to helping you access just about any song you want to keep track of the artists you love and to discover new music tailored perfectly to your tastes we had to make sure that they share our values and are committed long-term to helping people enjoy music in new ways lucky for us and more importantly lucky for you we found the perf we are so excited to introduce our go to music partner for our multi device ecosystem a meaningful long-term commitment to help consumers discover and enjoy music in ways that have never before been possible ladies and gentlemen please welcome CEO of Spotify daniel hat all right thank you everyone it's really great to be here at unpacked when we created Spotify we had a simple goal it was to make music accessible to everyone while supporting the artists who created it and since then we changed how the industry works we made it easier than ever for people to discover new music and for artists to find and connect directly with their fans while also getting compensated for their work we examined how people use Spotify and we know that listeners stream different kinds of music at different times in different places and most importantly on different devices and we think music should be easy to access on all of your devices and we want it to be a seamless to switch from one device to another so the partnership we're announcing with Samsung today is a true cross-platform listening experience you know Samsung makes devices for every aspects of our lives it's really everything from smart phones and TVs to tablet speakers watches and even refrigerators and we have designed Spotify to deliver personalized music to consumers around the world wherever they are and on as many devices as possible it's a really great fit and to show us how it all works together let's let's bring back through X Daniel as we were just talking about I'm always listening to music on the way home from work it's usually a Spotify playlist last week on my discover weekly this song came on it's good one so I'm driving home when I get home usually go into the living room watch some TV so a prompt will come up automatically when I get into the living room and all I have to do is hit one button to push that right into the living room TV [Music] sounds great didn't miss a beat but when I get home from work usually I'm pretty hungry maybe I want to go to the kitchen cook up some dinner good thing I've got a galaxy home in the kitchen so all I have to do is hit play on the galaxy home so the music follows me wherever I go it's one seamless interaction yeah thank you drew so today Spotify becomes part of the set up experience on a Samsung device from the very beginning so for example when some advice a phone the user can easily discover the Spotify app on samsung Smart Switch and soon Samsung Smart TV users will be able to link their Spotify and Samsung accounts through the smart things act it's a really a new level of integration that will allow Spotify to be easily accessible and discoverable on samsung devices but this isn't just for phones Spotify is also on Samsung TVs and launching on Galaxy home speakers and soon you'll be able to control Spotify through BIG's feet and will also be integrated in Samsung music so this will really allow listeners to receive recommendations from Spotify discover new playlists and create new musical experiences and our partnership will make discovering new music feel easier than ever before fans can quickly access music on Spotify and then move their music seamlessly between devices and as we move forward with this partnership we believe this out-of-the-box experience will only become more frictionless and in the future we ambition deeply integrated Spotify experiences on samsung devices and we're talking about hundreds of millions of devices so at Spotify we're really excited about what we're launching now and what we'll be able to develop with Samsung in the future thank you we're very excited of course to do this partnership super-effective thank you thank you thank you we this fortify Samsung Galaxy users will now be able to enjoy seamless music experiences across all our devices we are super excited about today's announcement it's just the start of things to come as I said earlier we love create the new note and I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Samsung team here in the US and all the Samsung teams around the world who helped make this great new product possible thank you the opportunity to make the world's most advanced smartphone even more powerful even more innovative I can't wait to see how use it in ways we never imagined to achieve more than we ever thought possible so I'm excited to announce that the Galaxy Note 9 will be available beginning on August 24th but our commitment goes beyond the most advanced and powerful smartphone we believe the future of connected devices and seamless experiences begins here and begins now from the speakers for your home to the watch on your wrist to the music you listen and the phone that powers your life everything you've seen here today is a step forward into an open and connected world of experiences powerful enough to keep up with you you is Paris to push through barriers and make the note better every year it's not easy every year frankly speaking so let me end by saying thank you there is a no one like you and there's a nothing like the note thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]
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