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Mariah Carey - With You (Live from the American Music Awards)


  • John Boston

    She lip syncs a bad. At least Britney and Beyoncé dance when they lip sync

  • MrMuddy22

    What an epic performance - elegant, beautifully choreographed. We want more! 💜

  • Queen Ari

    *watches video* "Where did my weave go?"

  • Crystal Glitters

    Wow the Song of Bird of America & world is back♥️♥️♥️💋💋💋

  • jok512

    How to be chill like Mariah while slaying the stage

  • 捷 徐

    Talented,inspiring goddess,love her so much,find the strength to hold on from her voice!

  • cherryjuana

    Am i the only one that keeps going back to watch this?

  • gian rodriguez

    I never really had a doubt with her passion and way of singing like, Girl! I grew up with Mariah's Song in my ears! I'm in the Philippines and we have lots of singers out here but, Mariah ? She's like the one of the standard Bracket of Singing! Like if you can't hit one of her notes and tried to cover one of her songs and can't nailed it right. You're out of the game Girl! Hahahah Mariah for me is a Gift from above that Nobody Can Take Away from Me, she also taught me that to Love unconditionally and always Spread My Wings and Fly like a Butterfly! #SolidMariahCarey #ILoveYouMariah #MariahCareyForever

  • Adore Jala Wala

    Only if we could imagine how Whitney Houston would've still be here doing what she does best, at least we still have her🙏🏽👏🏽💖

  • Kenneth hart

    This song should be blowing up the radio airwave , I'm loving this. Tune

  • Suzannbrownsugarkisses hall

    I see some people cant 👂 she not lip sing u can tell her voice is a little deep and u can hear her bbreathing and if she do lip sing some time if with her on voice so what's the big deal

  • elмυrιlloғeв G.

    Dirán que fue playback y lo que quieran, pero ni con todo el autotune y filtros nadie podra igualar ese color, cuerpo y tono en su voz. Esa señora es una leyenda viviente y deberian de apoyarla. Para reggaeton, hip hop, rap, cualquiera lo hace, nadamas hay que darle al bisturí, los esteroides y a la lipo.

  • lola black

    i thank you for this chapter of your life you just shared this night with the msg you singing across the world and a well polished vocals with that song...you hae done better to become better thats worth life living...you define life pretty simple and crystal clear to everyones eyes and ears....and you did claimed it..

  • Wililjam

    Love this song, but this is not live. You can clearly tell that they switched right before the first verse. I've already made a comparison with the Spotify version and they are literally the same, that is, without a doubt, impossible.

  • thiago oliveira

    Every Mariah song has a time that marked it and it is difficult to choose a single music for that reason since the 90s they are successful until today for twenty years since their first album in the whole world including here in Brazil

  • Paolo Coniglio

    What a great performance finally well choreographed, you can see this was properly prepped and rehearsed Clearly she hired professional management now The Stella days of bad performances are hopefully behind her now!

  • photo j's

    Oh, THE LEGEND QUEEN IS BACK AGAIN!!!!! 😍 Thanks for bringing the music back Mimi 😘

  • Steven DSB

    Stop playback please! You are able to do a lot better!!!

  • Charlotte Toogood

    unfortunately she is miming.. the only live part was the very beginning.. before the verse started..

  • larenzohunt

    Damn I hope this was truly a LIVE vocal,...she sounds amazing!! Haven't heard her sound this smooth, controlled, and measured in a LONG TIME!!

  • Jennifer Isagon

    Even the whispery notes are heavenly perfect. Im eternally in LOVE "WITH YOU" Mariah, Im Richard Nicolas Isagon from Pasig Philippines and you will " AlWAYS BE MY BABY" :)

  • Cleiton Henrique


  • wu aaron

    The entire song is lip synch. Every note is exactly same as in the recorded single version especially every note is technically balanced and remastered by sound engineering software. How can somebody sing out any sound digitally remastered real time? ! Some people may say this is an easy song for her so she doesn’t need to lip. No, it is not an easy song for anyone. Though there is less belting, but there are so many tone changes which have much higher requirements on vocal flexibility. This song sounds like a mature version of I stay in love. Beautiful song beautiful tone . I appreciate her great talent as a song writer and one of greatest vocal artists of all time. but this is not live singing. She freestyles the very first phrase of the opening live which is before 00:23, to give this a sense of live, but the rest of the whole song is play-back of the recording.

  • Luna-Tic

    Biiiish this performance was everything

  • Kentory Jam

    That combo hand gesture @ 1:29 was so effin powerful @ that exact moment of the song. I got emotional. Honey, you have to have gone thru some ish with a man to be able to understand!!

  • Adailson Santiago

    Adoro ver quando um artista consegue ser o que sempre foi, passando por cima das críticas desapontadas da mídia. Mariah Carey seu fãs Brasileiros torcem por você.

  • ǝʇɐןǝɹ ʇuɐɔ

    her look, her sound, her everything is a definition of a true diva to me. when someone says “diva” this is what i imagine. elegant, classy, not screaming into a mic & being her beautiful self and showing the world what she can do.

  • Carl Milton

    good job Mariah. so glad she finally look , act , move normal. all that tip toe shit shit she was doing is over and real music came out. great job.

  • Jessica Lynn

    That smile at the end <3 awe. I've loved Mariah since my older sister got her Christmas cd in 1994. I've been in love with her and her diva-self since!

  • Timothy Clarke

    Looks like she finally found her more adult range, sounds amazing!

  • Aquarius Thompson

    Waiy min, why wendy williams didnt talk about this? the only performer who can just stand there singing and still its a great performance

  • Vhutshilo Mathoni

    The male choreographers were doing it for me. They made the whole performance sweet

  • Emman Quillope

    Out of her all new songs released since 2013, With you is the only one I had liked. I love the melody and the meaning of the song. I love you, Mimi, keep on inspiring people and creating songs. God Bless

  • Cade Del Rey

    Literally the only legendary singers we have left are Mariah, Cher, Madonna, and Celine. People of this generation need to get out of their mindset and appreciate this living icon while we still have her. Whitney, Michael, Prince, Aretha, Bowie, George Michael, and so many more are gone, and we will never hear them again. Their mark on music remains, just as Mariah's impact will NEVER be forgotten, but their physical forms no longer exist. At least we still are fortunate enough to be able to see this person who literally shaped the music industry and helped to inspire an entire generation of female vocalists with her talent. Cherish her. Love her. Respect her. I don't care who you are, or what kind of music you listen to, Mariah Carey has impacted your life in some way.

  • Saif Subedar

    She deserves better than just a few million views she deserves 100,s of millions of views

  • Thachii Thachii

    Who said she can’t sing, please come to watch this bitches👌

  • Martha Agness

    Beautiful, amazing ❤️ I'm in love , I mean, she's the queen. This song is just beautiful. And the notes and her voice ❤️ and the background singers everything flows so good together, I can see why Ari took inspiration from Mariah's music early on


    i did cover this song, maybe im not perfect..but your support gimme a heaven >..love you mimi from indonesia !!! and mayb some of you guys wanna take a look on my channel :)

  • Caitlyn Chua

    Iloveyou so very much mariah Carey😘😘😘🎉🎉🎉💐💐💐

  • Milesmallows

    wow i miss your performance. ❤️❤️❤️❤️still same voice as before. hi from philippines ❤️❤️❤️

  • David Cleveland

    She needs to quit her voice is gone... sound like her throat is damaged by all the D...

  • Connor Fyfe

    is no one going to comment on the sickening amount of tuning on her voice? there are so many parts where you can hear the real metallic sounds and honestly....

  • kever tanriover

    This is captivating.She is like a queen bee and dancers are like a kind of worker bee.

  • Jeremy Johnson

    Just look closely at her legs they do not move not once at all. And no I'm not trying to be funny like how when people say she doing move that much when she performed. I'm just pointing out that they basically got home one of them Barbie doll stands, that make the Barbie doll stand up automatically. Just look at her waist down it doesn't move at all. That's crazy

  • Elio Helio

    DAM was she GLUED to That Stage! One Move and there Goes the Vocals, so much for Perfection!:)

  • D Mason

    Mariah Carey dress was beautiful!!! ❤💗💞

  • Monnina Music

    I love you mariah. You are the best singer in the world ❤