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Rainbow Room Makeover! | Mr. Kate

  • Published on: 2018-10-09
  • Today's episode of what's my aesthetic sponsored by our good friends at Wix. We are going to meet corky and whimsical creative weirdo, Daphne. Hi, Mr. Kate! My name is Daphne and I'm submitting this to you because I took your 'What's My Aesthetic quiz' and I got quirky whimsical which is not a surprise to me. My living room slash dinning room space needs a little bit of help. We'll diagnose her design woes. Oh my gosh! Okay, guys that was not planned and completely transform her space into a magical colorful retro rainbow dream This is what rug cuddle dreams are made of. So grab your paintbrushes and put on your bell-bottoms because the design adventure starts now I'm, Mr. Kate and I live my life as a creative weirdo I think people's weirdness is their own brand of uniqueness and it's my passion in life to help people define their creativity so that they can Express their truest selves to the world Maybe 60% bohemian 30% minimalist and 10% glam, but whatever you are You're 100 percent you so let's go on a journey together and ask a question What's my aesthetic? We're gonna go meet Daphne, she's quirky whimsical and I'm excited All right is this your place? Yes, he's very chatty and he might lick you All right, so this is your living room So these are curtains that my mom made. My mom is a seamstress Oh, yeah, would you be open to like DIYing them? Totally yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah, I would love that and your mom would like that too. She would love that because she Ultimately, we're not gonna put the TV in front of the window That's just my that's just my feeling That's my other issue with this room there's a window here and then there's a window back there in the kitchen and that's it. You have that one overhead fan there right which you have on? Yeah, because you use yes. Yeah. You have a disco ball I found that today. I found that on the side of the road today Side of the road disco? I wanted a disco ball for so long. I haven't ordered one and then I found one today Oh my gosh, so tell me about this stool They don't line up one's small ones tall. As with most of my furniture it wasn't an intentional choice it was just something that we acquired so you Found two white stools that sort of match So maybe we can do some sort of matching situation there or just embrace that maybe we'll write small and tall And then you've got this brightly colored, rug here? Yeah this table I also found on the side of the road. And you painted it? Yeah, what is this thing? Oh that's the canvas that I made with my niece We do this thing where we work on one canvas for like a few different sessions She's only five so she doesn't exactly the attention span to do a full canvas That's a good idea to do with a kid you kind of build up on it Oh my gosh that's amazing! So tell me then what your issues are because I see the cuteness that's Happening tell me. I'm just having trouble pulling it all together when you use a lot of bright colors It can be kind of challenging to make them all be friends and work together Right right as opposed to if you have like one or two bright colors and you know, yeah, you can like feature them Right, right, right I want everything to be rainbow Yea I feel you, you got popcorn ceiling aren't they lovely? You also have this like kind of brown 70s vibe look. You can just call it ugly Maybe it wouldn't have been what I would have chosen There's two ways to go about it. You either distract or you embrace So embracing like the old school like retro elements of your apartment and making it a like 70s quirky whimsical. I love that though, you are speaking to my soul. Yeah Are you an OG creative weirdo? I'm an Oh gee creative weirdo. You know, I've been watching since way way way way way back in the day Oh my god. I love it! She has the book! Okay, let's all go touch the disco ball All right, let's diagnose Daphne here walking into her apartment you can see that she has chosen to have rainbow stuff, right She's got a disco ball that she was working on Those are already giving us cues that she is Absolutely through and through a quirky whimsical girl now the definition of quirky whimsical It's actually a design style that I came up with Because I felt like there wasn't really an interior design style out there that defined the people who loved That really rainbow kind of fun unicorn very sort of explosion of color in the space. You could be into a cartoon character or an anime character or a movie that you like that you just want it you know celebrate it in your space or you could be less into rainbow but into like a Branch with some faux flowers coming down it or faux flowers on your wall like sort of bohemian but a little bit more into the like Mystical magical realm of things. Now we can't ignore the fact that she lives in a 1970s brown shag carpet popcorn ceiling beige walls situation. So we're gonna try to change as much as we can but it's a rental and because it is so genre-specific we're gonna need to let that also inform the design because sometimes Your aesthetic doesn't match the space that you're in so you kind of have to come to a compromise With what you like and what the space demands so I'm going to give Daphne a resounding off-the-charts 95-percent quirky whimsical because she is just through in through a magical rainbow. Disco loving girl But I'm also going to reserve 5% for vintage eclectic because she's in the 1970s pad We're gonna have to kind of take that rainbow fun-loving thing that she loves and retrofy it a little bit for the 70s apartment so final diagnosis Let's bring Joey in and talk about the plan. Shall we Joey where are you? Oh my gosh Okay, guys that was not planned there's drum sticks in our office over there I mean, okay. Wow, that's funky isn't this funky? Okay, so guys look at what we're dealing with here. What is this big stripe? So she loves rainbow. We're gonna keep that in the space But rather than giving her like a rainbow painted on the wall when you walk in We'll do yellow like along this wall and then maybe go into like the green family and then the blue family etc So we're color blocking the rainbow throughout the space as opposed to like painting something rainbow. So we're gonna use Paint as our primary way of color blocking throughout the space, right? What's another challenge we have in here? Not a lot of windows Yeah, there's only one window. It's a sliding door and she has her TV in front of the door So like blocking the only area of light pains my heart so we need to figure out how to change that up and The obvious space is the big wall along the whole back of the room. This is a long narrow room So here's how you can see kind of our color blocking the rainbow. I ordered this purple couch. I ordered these really fun patterned chairs. Those are like totally her vibe. Yeah, we'll do this kind of fun like a little bit more retro black dining table But then like lighten it up with these sort of Frothy colored chairs around it. Yep change off the ceiling fan is something a little bit more modern cuz the one right now is just like sad really sad And We are going to not only be using paint. I want to use decals in the space Because I think that has like a really fun retro vibe. So basically this is like the living room section, right? and since we're dividing The paint on just a wall like there isn't any ridge or anything to divide it I want to do stripes to designate that divide. Get some good crisp lines. Yes. That's your job You'll be great at that and then I want to do a DIY with her emphasizing pink on her curtains from her mom So we'll have the pink. We've got the lavender. We have like every color of the rainbow. Okay, so basically tons of painting Install the decals. We're gonna flip her TV from here put it on this wall Her conversation area is gonna be right in front of that with those cute chairs It's the only option, you know sometimes in the small space like We'll swap out this fan bring in the dining table situation. And then the paint is going to go onto the cabinet over here yeah, and then accessorizing with fun quirky Elements, but bringing in a little 70s vibe look like some macrame lights and stuff like that so this is gonna be a challenge lots of painting decals and trying to make Popcorn ceilings and brown track carpets look like a rainbow celebration. I have faith in you. I have faith in you I have in you to keep watching to see how it turns Hey everyone, it's time for another creative weirdos spotlight brought to you by Wix and today we are featuring creative weirdo Damaris Kovach from Arizona Damaris creates incredibly beautiful handmade fiber art like macrame and weavings and I am obsessed with them They're hooking her up with a new website to introduce her and her amazing work to all of you Wix already starts you off with tons of gorgeous free templates for all kinds of different sites You can drag and drop images text logos galleries Literally anything you want possibilities are endless and you don't even have to worry about any of the coding you just move the elements around the page and Wix does all the hard work for you behind the scenes I love how easily we were able to create a professional website for Damaris showcasing her photos and products I mean, oh just look at it Make sure to check out her brand new website at DamarisKovachart.com And if you need a website we 100% recommend checking out Wix.com to see how easy it is to make something unique if you are working on a creative project and you want to share it with millions of other creative weirdos out there Tweet me at MrKate.com and use hashtag creative weirdo spotlight. And yay now, we're ready for the decorating to continue Oh my gosh Daphne! I know you're such a long time creative weirdo. I'm so honored that you're here. Big time. Thank you for coming Thank you for letting us invade your space. No problem. Joey's over there right now. Invade away Joey's over there right now with your cat Oh good. Probably being distracted by them Yes, let's talk about your diagnosis Okay So I know think you have a very good solid idea of Who you are as an individual and what you like from everything that I went over and looked at and a plan for you 95% Quirky whimsical. 95 I know oh my god you're off the chart and then that 5% I've reserved for a little vintage eclectic Yeah totally. Because you like vintage items you have a lot of like little accessories and things that you personalize your space with and also you live in a 1970s apartment so we have to acknowledge that. So you also came in bearing curtains, yes. I love it so these are the curtains that were obviously hanging in your space and we planted them back because the story is Your mother is a professional seamstress. Yes. My mom made those that's so cool. Like that's amazing. I was thinking because obviously you like Rainbow I do since we're embracing this sort of retro thing of like geometric shapes and stuff like that confetti curtain Confetti curtains! I just love that combination of words. I cut out this one stencil so you can kind of just get an idea we'll cut and we'll make some of our own Stencils of just sort of like these larger kind of random Confetti pieces I like it with curtains being obviously a vertical Situation that we could be almost an ombre effect of the confetti like really Layer it and have it be nice and clustered here and then almost like dispersing as it goes up falling down Okay You did like some like gem kind of shape yeah and we've got our pouncers here. So that's these You know flat ended sponges which makes it so easy to go down straight onto the stencil and I think we can just work our way up the curtain and then stop around like halfway to 3/4 of the way up I'm gonna do this last one here because I feel like this dispersion Looks really good. Like you know, it's like that falling thing. It looks So good, right? Oh my god. I love it Like I love love love this as a fun whimsical thing because I mean confetti life is a party It should be a party every day for real gonna be a party in your apartment. You're speaking my language Yeah, okay so now obviously this just needs to dry so it's good that we have until Tomorrow to finish your space. So we'll just leave these and You're gonna go have a slumber party with your BFF right? Yep. All right, so let's let's head out Okay, so fun though, I could DIY with you every day. Okay. Bye I'll see you tomorrow. Bye She's so cute. Okay, my butt is vibrating There he is right on time Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey time Look at those fancy earrings They're like quirky whimsical earrings. I wore in honor of Daphne How's it going with Daphne So, well, the curtains are so cute we threw confetti on it Are you guys done already? Yeah, I just said goodbye to her. I'm looking to look at the accessories compile I still got a lot to do over here What? All the painting? We have an issue, I don't like to hear that okay You know the tiles she has up where has like 12 or Whatever we're gonna take those down and put the decals on that wall Yeah, the one she DIY'd. However those were mounted, they're pulling the wall All right, take em off, we're not planning on painting this wall all the way up into the second Okay, so then game time decision. Let's leave those. I mean, they're cute. They're rainbow. She DIY'd them Are you sure? I'm actually totally fine with it. Cuz obviously there are things that she made I'm gonna replace this fan. I got all my tape lines going Getting ready to put the paint on the walls I got the purple couch It's gonna be amazing It's gonna be so amazing. It's rainbow Retro retro rainbow that's what we're calling it color-block rainbow. Is that what we're calling it great See you later. All right, Joe is dealing with that. But let's go over the accessories I was just packing up some of the fun cute quirky whimsical items that we're gonna style in Daphne's space which Obviously bring in so much of the personality like we're establishing the color palette in the rainbow color blocking thing with the paint but the accessories are so important so let's look at some of these items like Obsessed with this clock you guys Nothing says quirky whimsical like not knowing what time it is This is another really fun thing. Okay? Hello. It's a peace sign Wall hook so you like mount this on the wall like this and you can hang your keys in Peace. Peace out apartment. I'll see you later This is like a little vase A little vase and like look at this pillow This is quirky whimsical retro dreams right here, and it's gonna look so cute on that purple couch Oh This is a vintage eclectic accessory. So this is one that I've actually had for a long time my grandma gave me this She got it at a flea market in New York But like look at how cute with the rainbow Vibes and it's like an old little like candy box something right now it has incense in it so Retro with the inscent. All right, I gotta get this stuff packed up. There's so much to do still Oh my gosh paint galore, but I'll see you guys in the space. I got a shag rug You got a rug! I got a rug guys! Okay, it looks so good in here Like the colors are just bring the quirky whimsical vibes into this space so much. Look at her rainbow happening You guys did a good job on the curtains those are fun so cool. They wouldn't work in most spaces We're taking lots of fun. This is a cool piece This is what rug cuddle dreams are made of so we wanted to bring in a shag on shag because we're doing Retro rainbow in a space like this because it is such a petite room Our vertical space was so important for establishing The design because we have a brown carpet and we had to make it feel like a retro rainbow So here's the deal guys with painting in a rental. Can you do it? I mean if you asked your landlord oftentimes they might say and you might have to paint it back afterwards if it means painting and then having to quickly paint it back to white before you leave like it's not that hard and it's gonna make such a Difference in your life, especially if you're interested in having color around you so. Less talk more cuddle This is actually a really really really comfy rug and rug on rug Oh another tip If you're gonna put an area rug over a rug You want it to be a nice thick pile. Because otherwise it will buckle so this is a shag It's not a shag Oh man, matching height stools. We have very much upgraded there stool situation. I know well, of course We're centering under this beautiful ceiling fan and look at I love how this tables reflective too Genius it's so retro. I don't know what it is about the curve. And your palate just goes goes goes Ends on that nice blue. Wait but actually I have a one note about this blue Because I feel like is these colors are really bold and then this blue it looked a little bit more pale than I'd wanted it to be so I have a court of Slightly darker blue that I think maybe we do just a stripe of darker blue right there So we're still getting the sort of stripe motif That we're doing with each color family of the rainbow over there too. Okay you final touch, just from that corner Boom darker blue going into lighter blue. Okay. Alright guys, so let's just finish talking about the big things in here We have a round table, which is so great in a smaller space because you could move around it more easily She still has four chairs just like she did in her last table, but this is a much more pulled together Look, obviously, we're color blocking with everything You can really see that in the couch Right because I didn't use Purple on the walls because I knew I was bringing in a big patch of it here with the couch These chairs the pattern is so retro with the flower on it I love these so much and they're nice and petite because another Big thing that we were dealing with in here is just the size of the space she's got a conversation area more seating than she had before and It works like I can still you know walk around in here. They're still pleased to sit and chat, etc So I'm happy with it. Let's do the finishing touches Guys finishing touch time I'm so excited because this is obviously really where we're playing with the quirky whimsical vibe So much and we're also bringing in our 5% vintage eclectic too with some of the little items, you know The disco ball is definitely vintage eclectic She has this giant one that she found on the side of the street remember? So I place that already over there and I just kind of look love it, right There is a sculptural moment and remember vintage really means anything that's 20 years old and older So the 70s disco was over 20 years ago. So we are bringing in the vintage eclectic with the disco balls I've got these vases and what's great again about the rainbow color palette is literally Every color goes this is obviously a more neon moment. And because the couch is petite I don't want to overload it with throw pillows. So this is gonna be our only throw pillow on the couch, however She has this awesome Giant floor pillow that her mom made, like look how cool and so 70s vibes So this I want to actually put into this Large basket I have here so that she has some extra pillows. Of course. We've got some plans on hand I have this faux one and then also some real ones well, and then this mirror Oh my gosh this rattan mirror you guys is so cool. This is so 1970s but also very whimsical since it has like this daisy shape to it with the flowers So that's gonna go over there by the dining room table because you guys know putting in dining table Especially very good a Feng Shui because it reflects the bounty of your food on the table So put a mirror by your dining table. Okay. So now I just have to place them around Look at that line and look at we have The artwork that she did with her niece here and there on the stairwell I think this was a good solve for that kind of hideous black fridge. Yeah guys We put blue contact paper on that fridge because just the side of it was just this big patch of black and I wanted the only moment of Black to be the dining table and that starts our blue over here. What do you think about right here? Oh, I think it's centered over more. Oh not centered on the line. Yeah, I think like three-quarters on the line Clock to top it off Is that the right time. Nope. Hey Joey. These decals are like my favorite thing in here I mean, we basically took popcorn ceilings and brown shag carpets, and we made it a quirky whimsical land Don't you think? Joey if that hits that dining room table. Yeah, I knew it Don't open your eyes, don't open your eyes Picture what your room looks like before And you remember the layout and your challenges with that and just the challenge of it being a 70s apartment One.....Two......Three! Oh my god! Wait, what? Oh my god. Shut the stripes are so cute. Oh Isn't that cute? Oh my god this doesn't look like the same place Oh my god, this is so cute Oh, yeah and your art, oh my god So that was our way of kind of justifying it there's like embracing. I love it so much. I love the pillow Yeah, is that vintage? No but it does have a vintage vibe obviously cuz we're trying to bring in. Oh What? What do you see? You put wallpaper sticker on the fridge It's better because I love like the black table cuz it's reflective and everything. It's a new table You have matching stools! This amazing light behind you. Oh it's pretty cool decals aa And your moms pillow in there it's like a rainbow going around yeah well All the colors of the rainbow are represented we've got the yellow Into the orange colors and then we've got the green blue purple couch We've got the red in these chairs.I kept saying that this is like basically yea Yeah, basically, yeah We embraced the fact that you had the brown carpets and the popcorn ceilings and we went with the era of the room That super quirky super whimsical we gave you a new fan Isn't that nice and that's very like retro vibe. Yeah, it's kind of almost like tropical in a way. Yes, and then here's your daisy Also, obviously a big thing we did is we completely rethought your seating area situation so you still have the two areas Yeah, fuzzy rug and that's good on top of a shag because it won't buckle or anything It'll be really cozy and a little shelf for your cell phone And we kept your DIY mirrors. Oh yay my mirrors Yeah What do you think did we get your aesthetics? Oh my god, it's perfect. It's perfect. That's so cute. I love it so much I have a yellow door To take you out to the sunshine Yes! Thank you so much You were so fun. I love it. I said you were so fun, you ARE so fun! And now your room really is fun as you are Oh my god this is amazing This is officially the retro rainbow dubbed pad Retro rainbow, I love it. So on that note peace out Shell bell-bottom our way out of here. I'm gonna go take some Instagram pictures in these bell-bottoms. I don't want to waste them Enjoy, take a seat somewhere Okay, bye. Bye Retro rainbow. For the win! I love that room so much like who knew guys, you can take cottage cheese ceilings and brown shag carpet and make it cute. You can if you have the type of style where you can paint a rainbow around your room Guys, do you know what your aesthetic is? I feel like you might have taken the quiz already. But if you haven't, you might not have go take it on Mrkate.com find out your unique aesthetic Blend. Who knows maybe it's gonna tell you need to paint your room rainbow all the way around gotcha rainbow Hey, I'm wearing these bell-bottoms for the theme embracing the theme It was so fun. I love you I love you Thank you so much Wix for sponsoring today's episode Yeah, guys if you need a cool website go check out Wix.com can pretty much do anything you want Check that out and submit your creative weirdo spotlight on Twitter, hashtag creative weirdo spotlight so we can pick our next creative weirdo spotlight Big thumbs up for that room right she did so good. She did so good. He did so good Okay great! Stay creative stay weird stay you. We'll see you next time bye!
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  • Dabbing Cookie

    see something on the side of the road take it its the cheap life.

  • jess reese

    I so so so sooooooooooo wish you could come to my house to make my bedroom perfect but I live in Canada 😭😢😩😫

  • Sienna Harris

    Mr Kate my birthday is the 15 and I really need a pant makeover and some Storage boxes

  • Danija Norman

    Plzz do me and my sister room we really need a make over helpppp we share a room

  • ruqiya ibrahim

    I know i'm so late but i really want to see your apartment like if u want to see her apartment!

  • Aisha Amir

    Amazing! I’m so impressed. Wanna work with Mr. Kate team 💕

  • Itzlucy x

    Is it just me or I want to be a Rainbow 🌈

  • Leah Anderson

    is kate okay?? her outfit didnt match and that apartment was not as cute as she makes it seem. she also seems very all over the place

  • Emma Kay

    someone tell me where she got the hannibal clock???? i need