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  • Published on: 2018-10-07
  • all right we just got to Manchester I just found out that there is a Taco Bell literally a few miles away from where we're staying now I have never tried Taco Bell in a foreign country before I'm a little nervous I'm a little scared so we're gonna go I'm probably can order the whole menu and then me and some of my employees are just gonna grub and just see what the menu tastes like I don't know what is about to happen by the way I know I met a drinker at all but this hotel I'm like look at this pink moment I kind of wanna pretend they did this for me but let's be honest they didn't so before we can go into Taco Bell I was looking through some of these things so in here you guys there is romantic essentials like rings and things that we're not gonna show to get demonetised but um a good appetizer before Taco Bell let's get into the car and let's see what this UK Taco Bell looks like I'm scared [Music] okay first of all are we hungry starving hungry I don't know what is about to happen I've heard sometimes fast food in other countries aren't good we know that McDonald's is good that's our go-to that's our go-to like every other country it's like healthier than America but here I heard the menu isn't just great there's like half the stuff I didn't know yeah so we'll see what happens I've never been to talk about overseas I've been to a million McDonald's like Germany Singapore everywhere and they always taste good where's this I'm a little scared Oh what oh my god it's hair we're like seeing a monument it's a national monument oh my god the naked chicken tacos on brighten up the window I'm gagging okay no one cares about cardi and Louie Vuitton anymore at Taco Bell when this is the highlight of your vacation which is we found the Holy Grail [Music] so we've never had talked about reporter okay Lacey - that is California yeah so uh plain cheese quesadilla it is to go nice package of everything to go please that was extra cheese please do you have fun that like in America or no it's like just totally lame yeah I'm boring okay and then let's get a big Bell box chicken funky fries and nachos just like the emotions check in please the chairs up to the outside crunching so many good options here all right what's a pepsi max like all new I'm gonna kayo I'm just gonna try it okay we'll do our Crunchwrap supreme by itself you do to this pinch well yeah we shot a movie for sure beep of a shoe she tried making we'll do a volcano burrito [Music] I got that quesadilla yeah so in this country they have a normal portion size drinks in America this would be extra small but here this is a new portable side so we're gonna do a little taste test and we have Pepsi Max here okay [Music] Oh lookit in this country just says poll Wow America you're so far behind I'm bored of the old okay pull she is like a condom wrapper love that no it tastes like diet oh my god oh my god how does another cup Jana's pour it out Pepsi Max it's literally straight-up diet my tongue is not happy so do we get the TV the cherry knocks hi I'm scared to know what is this orange angle let's try it [Music] guys I think I'm just gonna have water at the hotel okay and then I oh I I hope my hope doesn't set up the food because there's no more drinks here that's so weird crazy ah okay 65 pounds and 68 cents not that bad but in America probably a little more expensive by girl the soda I don't understand you yeah [Music] [Music] alright guys let's just lay out all the food we got so much oh my God look there's so many quesadillas we might need like ten tables look guys established 1962 California yeah that's hurt anyone what is all this this is epic alright so I am here with some of the jeffree star cosmetics employees we are a full team and we travel together to make all their conventions and events happen together so we have Dane Dana and of course you guys know Madison by now and you know her throat very well we're going to Anna CJ right now yeah let's do it okay so I know what to try first we dive and guys let's just grab food be messy of your mouth man really I wish you were here honey everyone I talked about was like where is she oh I want to try to keep the D up should we right now what is that pork okay why don't you guys try that oh my god these are the chocolate things I was like what is with that you ordered a marshmallow and chocolate yes and they don't have them in LA I'm sure or in America really I've never seen it okay we'll try those in a second it's not it's not bad okay that's fine grab a fryer Oh where's the name is they're dipping oh they're good they're like the loaded ones I think what's the white stuff that's our cream cheese right it's good without sauce I know the meat the meat before we eat we have to try these freezies oh yeah so we had strawberry and lemon because he any wasn't gonna flavor it up okay okay ready cheers Cheers oh wow that's lemony hmm very tart yeah it's real jerk I try it it's good me to go it's like that syrupy like maybe needs to be blended a little more I'm not sure all right do you like lemon or no mmm really is really tart I like lemonade yeah [Music] this is like a warhead oh my god Nate would love that yes massage - sorry for me I don't know CL chick take a bite rip open something sort of a point it's the crispy chicken one oh my God look at that oh okay I would never do I'm really neat this it's really spicy I'm so scared I'm the pickiest eater okay raptor passes down the line okay I'm proud of it what is that hot but yeah still still with the beef Danes never had a Crunchwrap Wyatt literally what I get only no oh my god we're not home I'm so sorry what is this you guys that's a great rap I thought I was like yes it is okay well are we trying to get free shipping to the new space we also have the big Bell box all there's like things in here more fries okay okay wait you Venus tragic Crunchwrap supreme yeah for the first time ever we got to get a real person for instance here we go I don't know what to compare it to I [Music] don't know what normally comes in them but a bunch of deliciousness okay I'm into it give me the fire sauce just take more of each mmm-hmm okay now we all know I'm not into condiments I hate that word all this little thing these two huh you know you want me this is ketchup hey how hot are we I like reading some my own voice take a chance on me on here okay we're fully censored let's bite in oh I can't you know about damn tomatoes that's for you guys oh yeah it's a lot the show looks stunning like it's a gown Wow okay besides eating you guys we're here in the UK and we were just in Ireland a few days ago because we are here with my retailer beautybay if you do not know what that is in America it is very big here in Europe and they sell my brand and they are one of my top retailers and they are epic so we have been throwing some crazy events and tomorrow is our Manchester event I'm so excited we have a huge meet-and-greet we have a huge event we have a Q&A um so I'm excited good yeah it's crazy crazy okay Zach you need to try the Taco Bell so give you the camera all right come on aperture don't tie me oh I've never been back here before so my cutting focus Oh audio focus yeah Canon alright so what do you have over there this is a volcano taco but it's a vegetarian so I got the beans instead of the beef okay what the Big Daddy all right let's give it up first impressions [Music] that was a good party to bite hit or flop it has some kick to it oh really okay let's do the inside Wow okay hmm okay okay come on mess yummy don't ask just put in your mouth chicken yeah whoa the naked boy whoa why does that look like that whoa what what is it like compared to something I hate you saw something it's like why me yeah it's not I really only taste the chicken okay here goes nothing this is like freaking me out but almost looks like mint and I know it's not no it's like a Verde sauce yeah it has to be oh I hate how it smells I can't do it mmm so it's really lemony yeah I mean I can't do it okay what the hall split this and give it a whirl so this is the marshmallow chocolate something there's only one there's more okay smells like a smaller type of thing but not are you ready yeah I mean oh no I don't think my tiny marshmallow mine really where's the churros I'm not living for this I think it's working uh with the chocolate is not like everything I think you can you tell it would have been one bomb rule I love you Bella okay what about this guy's mr. Dresden Shiraz so we got a caramel sauce guys yeah okay one two cheers Cheers okay that's better it was like a thang karma don't have anything with my juice bars banging okay since we filmed our esophagus surgery I can swallow a little better for real yeah I've noticed something better but I can eat a little bit quicker imagine when you do it again I'm scared I know okay I am so full not anyone else's feeling how do we feel American Taco Bell versus you can talk about sounds awful well let's hear everyone okay Wow I don't know and they have stuff here that they don't have there that I really liked so yeah I don't know I'm on the fence this is kind of like one of those moments where when I'm reviewing two foundations and I just can't decide so I don't know this food was really good the fries in America are better the meat here could be better here I don't know but um all right uh time to go to Gucci mama needs a new outfit I'm so glad we found talk about me too god bless america [Music]
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