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Bad Instagram: Fake Fact Accounts

  • Published on: 2018-09-10
  • hey Greg I hope you're all having a great day welcome back to another episode of 2 for the price of fun because today's video is not going to just be covering one topic it's gonna be covering two topics there are some parts of Instagram like Instagram comedians and stuff like that that are worth making an entire video about just one topic but every now and again I just find little nuggets like little tiny pieces little chunks little tiny little pieces of content that are not big enough for an entire video devoted to it so today I decided I would take two of those things and use them to make one mega video also real quick this video sponsored by Squarespace so if you go to Squarespace comm slash Danny or visit the link in the description you can get 10% off your first order I don't know if anybody else is notices as much as I have but the ads for mobile games on Instagram are just awful let me give you an example of one so I don't really know what this game is but it looks like it has something to do with numbers but the caption is are you math enough it's an age-old question are you math enough to solve this problem in high school I was actually pretty math but since then I've sort of fallen off and I've become a little bit less math so I don't know if I'd be quite math enough for this game every ad on Instagram for a mobile game just looks like the most generic game that took like two minutes to make and then it just has the most bizarre caption like this game you pilot this little ship and you try not to get hit and the caption is if you score 200 you're legally skilled legally skilled like what you get an identification card and if any cops pull you over and they're like hey do you have any idea how fast you were driving you can pull it out and be like no officer I'm legally skilled it's alright and he'll be like oh I'm sorry you must you're really good at video games I didn't I didn't know I'm so I'm so sorry a lot of these games don't even seem very fun or very difficult like I feel like this game I would be able to play indefinitely because it's so easy so this game there's a little stick man and he's holding two rocks and one Rock has a real word on it and one word has a word that's made up it's just random letters put together and you have to decide which one's the real word and you have to tap the real word who wouldn't be good at this game like some of these words look at the next one that comes up it's either cup or couldn't see NP Coon fuck okay um eat or AET uh hey so and the caption is do not play this at dinner whatever you do do not play this at dinner this game will get you so angry that you'll I don't throw up why wouldn't you want to play this at dinner I guess cuz it's rude to play games at dinner is that is that the reason in that case you shouldn't play any games at dinner the captions should just say hey don't pick up your phone at dinner maybe this ad wasn't even promoted by the people who made the game like some girl promoted this on Instagram because her boyfriend's addicted to this app and won't pay attention to her at dinner don't play this at dinner Jonathan I miss you if that's the case whatever girl promoted this if you're watching this just break up with him if he doesn't know the difference between cup and CNP he's a loser you can do better I think you can pull yourself a mans who knows how to spell come this was the same game as before but it says if you scored 200 you're legally allowed to leave maybe I wasn't supposed to see this ad and this is meant to be targeted towards like I don't know inmates in the US prison system or something and on the off chance they see this they'll download the game hoping they can get out early or maybe it's the same thing as the legally skilled card like you have a legal get out of jail free card or something like if you're at a restaurant and the waiter hands you the bill you can just be like actually um I'm legally allowed to leave so here's another app it's a different game but the caption is the same if you balance ten times you're legally skill why does every mobile game on Instagram have the same marketing strategy and why is the marketing strategy the dumbest strategy I've ever seen it's like I don't know can we confuse them into downloading the app like they're just trying to make people think what the fuck does legally skilled mean I got to download this app to find out did one app just start doing these and they all just followed suit because they thought oh it must be working for this person we should all make really bad weird captions for our games this one is my favorite by far though and it's some game where you collect plants or something but the caption is I hate my boyfriend and I just left him when I discovered this game there's so many questions I have if he's your boyfriend why do you hate him why didn't you break up with him I mean I guess you did but why did it take this coming along to make you leave him and what was that conversation like Jonathan I'm leaving you what why this is so out of the blue it there's someone else isn't there um actually yeah there is it's it's a game about collecting plants I found it on Instagram also I hate you now this next part of Instagram that I want to talk about is something I've talked about before it's fun fact Instagram accounts this is a part of Instagram that I feel like is endless fun there's just an endless supply of facts that were made by three-year-olds or people who don't speak English or people who just make up bullshit facts that aren't real because they want to get more likes on Instagram or all of the above I've made a video about these accounts before but I just keep finding so many that I wanted to make another video about it because they're so good a man in Washington state found a caterpillar that looks like it has an image of a human face on its back the Internet is pretty sure it's Edgar Allen Poe okay the internet is pretty sure that it is Edgar Allen Poe not the Internet thinks the picture looks like Edgar Allen Poe the Internet is pretty sure that is Edgar Allen Poe's face on that caterpillar or that this caterpillar is Edgar Allen Poe in animals only cats can see a ghost if your cat is staring in the air they're usually staring at a ghost if a cat is staring off into space like if your cat is zoned out it's usually staring at a ghost I mean nine times out of ten when your cat's just staring it's at a ghost this one's called why you shouldn't stand and drink water we have always heard that our elders say do not drink water in the standing position but we often neglect and gulp water rapidly I can't tell you how many times this happened I'm just trying to take a sip of water in my grandpa's like you know you shouldn't drink water standing up and I'm like huh get lost old man I gulp that water down so rapidly but according to our ear Veda when you stand and drink water your nerves are in a state of tension this creates problem like arthritis and joint damage comes into play this could also give rise to severe heart problems even now medical science had to agree to this please do avoid drinking water in the stand position it might take a few extra minutes but it's best to sit down peacefully and then drink water it might take a few extra minutes how long does it take you to sit time to drink some water this will be worth it in the long run I'm going to a party where everybody's drinking everybody's like standing around having a good time sipping but every time you take a sip you sit down so you're like talking to a friend and you're like yeah so wife and kids doing anyway yeah that's great to hear okay this one's kind of sweet father that bank account to which you never deposit a penny but can withdraw a whole lot amount you want anytime and anywhere oh that's kind of sweet mother someone who sees the best in you even when you put her in trouble and when you put your mother in trouble when do you put your mother in trouble oh yeah I remember all those times growing up as a kid when I would get caught copying my homework from someone else and I would tell the teachers that my mom made me do it or just the other day when the police came into my house cuz they were looking for a missing child and I told him that it was locked in my mother's basement your mother will love you no matter how much trouble you get her in hell I might fuck around and accuse my mother of treason I don't know brother a person who was there when you need him someone who picks you up when you lose your friend forever and sister a shadow of your mother who knows your every inch what theory of life when flood comes the fish eat ants but when the water dries the ants eat fish life gives chance to everyone just have to wait for your turn okay that's great and everything but when do I get to eat the ants then waiting my turn for too goddamn long and I want to eat those ants if you don't like scary things you might want to turn this off now because this next fact is pretty spooky today's topic ghost spirits have the ability to affect you mentally physically and emotionally I like that it says it so matter-of-factly like this is proven stuff here guys everybody knows this at science spirits tend to be concentrated in places that have experienced a lot of death or birth what wait so there's like ghosts of babies that we're just born but didn't die so would where does the ghost come from no ghost has ever been confirmed caught and or exam by anyone or anything therefore we can't determine its actual characteristics with any amount of certainty so what the fuck were those previous two facts they're like there are three things that we know for sure about ghosts they have the ability to affect you mentally physically and emotionally they appear in places where there's a lot of death or birth and nobody's ever captured one or even seen one we don't even know if they're real we all believe that email was invented by the Americans but that's not true email was invented by Shiva ayyadurai 14-year old Indian boy in 1978 let us thank him for the most important invention ah yes the most important invention of all time email it's just like texting but worse in every way Thank You Shiva ayyadurai for the most important invention the things that bugged me the most about these accounts is that they really like sharing facts that just aren't true elephants are the only animal that cannot jump what about snails or worms whales turtles here's a fun fact did you know a mother listening to her dead son's heartbeat inside the woman his heart was donated to you learn something new every day here's another one that's definitely not true this week an asteroid missed Earth by the distance of two times closer than the moon it could have damaged earth more than dozens of atomic bonds but we were able to save earth because NASA noticed this just minutes earlier this is just really confusing because like the beginning of it makes it seem like the asteroid wasn't even going to hit earth it says this week an asteroid missed earth by the distance of two times closer to the moon but then it says that we were able to save Earth because NASA noticed like what does that mean how did they save Earth if it was just passing by and it also says that they saved earth just by noticing the asteroid like they were like whoa whoa look Oh field don't worry guys we're fine now I can tell by the pictures on this fact that it's going to be good it's a picture of Osama bin Laden and Dwayne the rock Johnson 45 minutes before any major news network had the story action star Dwayne the rock Johnson broke the news of Osama bin Laden's death on his Twitter page no one knows how he got this huge highly sensitive information is osama really was there really a person named Osama what kind of conclusions is this jumping to let's assume that this is true and that like Dwayne the rock Johnson tweeted at first and then the news from everywhere else started to roll in like the president was talking about it the CIA or FBI confirmed it that wouldn't mean osama's not really dead and it certainly wouldn't mean that there was never a person named Osama Jonathan was looking after his five-year-old cousin in Montana he started telling Jonathan about a creepy man who's been living in his mom and dad's bedroom Jonathan didn't believe what this little guy said but every night his little cousin kept telling him the same thing so he asked that how does he look like to which he replied oh he doesn't have a face so this one is weird because I understand what the first picture here is supposed to be but what's the second picture who's that cuz the man doesn't have a face so is this like Jonathan the good guy in the story or is five year old cousin oh here's a fun one today's topic strange rules in North Korea so here's a couple little fun facts about quirky weird rules in North Korea you know the United States has some weird rules like in some state you can't like walk backwards while eating ice cream on a Tuesday I wonder what they have in North Korea if one person is found guilty of a crime and sent to a prison camp so too will their entire family and the subsequent two generations boarded that camp must remain there for life oh I found another format of fact accounts they're called like myth versus truth accounts so they'll give you a myth that's like a common misconception and then a truth like this one the myth is that fish are mute but the truth is that fish makes sound similar to the noise on a busy farm and then the fish is yelling me is that a noise on a busy farm oh man I wish I was back on the farm the sound of the cows mooing the Roosters waking you up in the morning and the horse is just yelling me I would think the sound of a busy farm would be like a tractor hold up a goldfish really close to your ear and it's just like sometimes these myth verse truth facts are just totally not helpful like this one see there's this myth that mice love cheese but the truth is that cheese is not their favorite food so it's like okay but what is their favorite food like they don't correct you really they just tell you that you were wrong but they don't tell you what their favorite food is at least tell me one thing mice love to eat and be like if you're talking to a friend and he's got a mouse problem and he's like well maybe I should leave some little cubes of cheese on my mousetraps to catch them and you just being like no that won't work they don't like cheese and they're like oh okay well what should I use then is there something that they like more well I don't fucking know so that's all the facts that I have for today guys but now I have a bit of a problem if you've been watching this channel for a long time then you're probably a Greg Greg's are what I call my fans and if you are a Greg then you know that we're the fastest growing fan base on YouTube on the entire internet actually but for the longest time I've always told you guys not to look it up and that's honestly because I don't really trust any websites out there sure there's things like social blade which give you like accurate data on how fast certain channels are growing and it even gives you a list of all the fastest growing channels on YouTube but I kind of think they've been paid off so for the longest time I've really been worried about people googling is Greg the fastest growing army but today that's all about to change because this video is sponsored by Squarespace now you guys probably know all about Squarespace already it's the best place to go when you're looking to design a professional-looking website they have beautiful designer templates so pretty much any site you could possibly make on their platform will look amazing without really having to do much work it's an all-in-one platform so you can get your domain you can design the website you can even set up 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army I mean what's more unbiased than that so go to squarespace.com slash Danny to get 10% off your first order and if you do happen to make a website please send it to me I would love to see it alright guys well that's it for today's video thank you vics dude for turning out my notifications you are truly Greg I'll see you guys next time with a really interesting video where I find a guy named Craig and I yell at him so loud that he dies bye
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