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I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Published on: 2018-09-13
  • we had sucked welcome back I tried another thing so that you don't have to and that thing is Quito so for those of you who don't know what Quito is I didn't either but it is a low carb high fat diet that should consist of high-quality plant-based and animal products no grains sugars processed foods or high up polyunsaturated fat so basically no carbs no sugar grande no grains literally all you're eating is fat and protein essentially it's the only cards you're getting are through vegetables which is pretty low carb no fruits we know a bitch loves a sweet potato so I knew that this was gonna be an issue for me and my hero here is my guess going into it I thought I'm probably going to look amazing and feel like so let's see if my predictions came true as always guys when I do these week-long things I don't look up symptoms side effects anything like that until after because I don't want any of that stuff to skew my perception or think that I'm feeling something that I'm not so I genuinely just log my feelings physical and mental and then at the end I apply it and see if I experience that essentially okay so it turns out there is an actual thing called the keto flu and here are some of the things that it'll do to you hypoglycemia constipation diarrhea frequent urination drowsiness and dizziness muscle cramps sugar cravings flu-like symptoms sleep problems keto breath part applications reduce strength and physical performance this sounds like a healthy diet let's get started alright so day 1 breakfast was fine because my daily breakfast what I eat anyways is apparently keto I never read my food look cute some people's dishes always look so cute I have two pieces of bacon half an avocado and two eggs and that breakfast is great for me I love it it's when I look my best I feel my best that's what I'm eating that breakfast consistently every day and it tastes so yummy I skip my coffee because my creamer that I had was not keto obviously because there's sugar in it and we all know how I feel about coffee without cream err I went to the gym my workout felt fine which makes sense because I was starting the day how I would normally start the day - the coffee so immediately I got home and I decided to meal prep so that I would be ready for the rest of the week and I find that meal prepping in general is really important if you have prepared food already available to you you are much less likely to break your diet and snack on something that doesn't fit to have snacks food this is one of the vegetables I'm gonna eat it's basically gonna be between this and lettuce because they're the least carby vegetables that you're allowed to eat on a no-carb diet so this gonna be mainly when I'm eating I still want to go to the store and get some turkey patties or something I might also actually chicken thighs in here so eat lunch it's fine when I was immediately starving like I'm used to eating a big-ass sweet potato for lunch and I try to wait five hours in between each meal so this was a problem for me and I was immediately wishing I had more food but because I was doing a video I stuck with it I only made it about three and a half hours again I usually wait five or six so that was about half the time that I would normally go without food and then I ate two eggs and some more chicken because that's what was on hand and then I was still so hungry so I cheated and ate some peanut butter which I don't think is on keto at least in the beginning but this is this is how you know that the universe plays games with me if you've been on this channel for honestly any amount of time you know that I have an actual addiction to watermelon I can't stop myself from consuming it it does something for me emotionally and physically I just there's something about watermelon so I went grocery shopping that night to get some more keto snacks and this happened the only thing I love more than watermelon is abortive I will not break I will not get the watermelon okay actually I got three watermelons but I'm not going to eat them I'm going to keep them in the fridge until I'm done with this week because they keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator and those will be my congratulations you did it watermelon job anyways that night I'm absolutely craving sugar like crazy like I want candy I want honey I want fruit I want a sweet potato I want something I needed but I didn't do it and I went to bed hey - I will go with a bonkers stomachache it just hurts like it feels like a brick in my stomach before I have to work out like I'm starving but it feels like I'm too full does that make sense so I woke up with that pain in my stomach and I was like oh my god I haven't felt like this in years again I ate breakfast and it was fine - Bacon's two eggs half an avocado everything's normal and I did have black coffee this morning because as much as I hate black coffee we know how I feel when I don't drink coffee I'm but I need it so I wanted to make sure that I wasn't feeling symptoms of caffeine withdrawal again at this point coffee is just like medicine to me and I'm about to go work out and I need the energy so let's go so I had the coffee it was fine I got over it it wasn't as bad when you iced it I also remembered how important it would be to be taking my vitamins so I made sure to take magnesium d3 making sure I'm as not vitamin deficient as possible my workout was kind of low-energy but it wasn't bad it was just a really lackluster whatever workout I did pretty okay I feel pretty good I'm starving I'm very excited to go home and eat look at Regis booty damn girl this time I knew I needed to fix my mistake from my lunch the day before so I added in more calories and fat my lunch the day before was way too lean and way too low in calories because I removed a sweet potato which is 120 to 150 calories but I didn't replace it with anything so duh obviously I'm going to be starving and missing something so I made sure to eat more I made sure to beef up my salad this time it's a very big salad it's a lot of lettuce but there's four ounces of chicken half of an avocado spinach this time because it has more nutrients in it we're eating more calories this time this is what's gonna get me for the next week or so is I'm craving sweet like I always have a piece of fruit or like a little chunk of a sweet protein bar or something because I love dessert and sweetness so the fact that I don't have watermelon or blueberries or something right now is really upsetting and those things are good for you too I would really love a nectarine right now but again I was still hungry right away this bitch loves her carbs this day got really bad really quickly I needed to go get my heels for my music video but while I was driving I got so unbelievably irritable dizzy lightheaded I could physically feel my blood sugar dropping Wow I feel like this is deja vu of the coffee video because I didn't expect this to Shh suck so fast both to Burbank which is like 40 minutes but I drove to Burbank and when I got there they didn't have my size so then they said that they did have my size an hour away so I drove an hour away and on the way I was hungry before I left actually I was hungry five minutes after I ate but I'm driving and I'm running out of gas as my car ran out of gas I also ran out of gas so I got gas station snacks which is never fun but I got nuts and jerky which I don't think it's technically no carbs but I know that unlike Atkins and stuff he's gonna eat them so now I am without the traffic probably 40 minutes away from home and I cannot wait to get home like I'm burned out I'm exhausted I'm so hungry I'm never this hungry you should have seen me before I got these snacks I was like it's a wild man like you really do lose all your energy I need carbs I'm dying for a sweet potato right now let me put it this way if I didn't already commit to this video and film two days worth of it I would quit I would not be doing this this is an I can't believe that people actually do this as a long-term diet this is very extreme like very extreme so I'm gonna go home I'm gonna get some eggs chicken and spinach gonna drink a ton of water I'm gonna have a nice glass of tea and I'm gonna fall back asleep because I have no energy and that's not how I like to live my life so end of day two I'm already feeling really bad I was so hungry I literally sat on my kitchen floor and opened up my fridge and was eating on the floor like a maniac and then that night I had a really really hard time falling asleep which leads us to day 3 so day 3 again I had a really really hard time actually falling asleep and I woke up very very early so had maybe like a very short few hours of restlessly good morning I just woke up from a stomachache this is the second day in a row that well yeah I guess it's been since I've been doing no carbs and just so much meat and protein woke up with a stomach ache okay I'm so tired I wish I was sleeping but I can't because my stomach hurts that bad but I got to admit I really liked the way I looked that morning I felt tight lean flat and again I was expecting that because I'm not eating carbs so that morning I worked out really really early so I worked out without food and it was a very very weak workout I went to the gym to do some cardio but I'm just kind of tired and my entire body hurts and I'm also absolutely starving I just finished breakfast and I am ravenous it's like I didn't even eat anything I could pile through three watermelons right now that's really yeah I feel like I can't do anything else that I need to do because I'm so focused on my hunger I am so hungry that day I went grocery shopping to get snacks at this point I had to really give up the dream of only eating every five to six hours which is what I'm used to there was just no way that was gonna happen so I just you know got some keto snacks did set myself up for success for the rest of the week I believe I got chicken thighs because they're fattier I got some cashews to munch on got more eggs and bacon and avocado because breakfast has stayed the same lettuce for salad and olives because you can munch on olives so these are stuffed with jalapeno scallopini oh I gotta say oh my stomach has been really upset and angry with me everything's like ooh I hate talking about this stuff on my channel but everything's just going to like right through me it's just so much fat it just seems like it would be a much better option to eat a sweet potato right now then all of this fat but that's what we're doing for a week and of course I get hit with massive migraine like worse than no coffee migraine it was so bad I just felt so weak walking around like my legs weren't on the ground like I was walking on clouds but not in like a cute way it was just very uncommon asleep day four again I woke up so early I could barely fall asleep but then when I did fall asleep I woke up with a pounding of treacherous migraine I don't know what time my headache feels like my eyes are popping out my body literally couldn't stay asleep because my migraine was so bad I woke up in the middle of the night I took excedrin and I fell back asleep woke up and I still had a migraine which is Blanc errs to me because excedrin always knocks it out then I wake up with these stomach pains again and I had a realization for years when I was yo yo dieting and trying to figure out how to lose weight I would always do this crash diet thing that in my head was like super healthy it's called the new Mayo Clinic diet and I was doing that yo-yo I would wake up with these horrible stomach pains and I would ask doctors about it I got tested for it I would tell my friends about it was like every single morning I woke up early which I just did I went to bed at 2:00 a.m. and it's like 8 a.m. right now and I'm awakened like because I had to be awake my stomach hurt and I couldn't figure it out and I haven't had those pains in like almost two years whenever I stopped playing that game with that diet and when I started incorporating carbs and stuff back into my diet and I was actually just thinking the other day it's so wild I wonder what those stomach pains were from cuz I haven't had them for so long but it was this diet because this diet is essentially that the high fat very very high protein low carb diet just does not agree with me but it does make you look great and that's what's a shame I didn't even want to eat this day because I was so incredibly nauseous that I felt like I was just going to vomit I didn't I don't want to drink coffee because the idea of coffee made me nauseous even though I forced myself eat I felt non-stop hunger for the fourth day in a row now my workout of course was trash because I have no carbs in my body at all and nothing to run on I took this exact same class last week and I was a hundred percent fine and today I'm like oh broken and sore my arms look really good though oh my god guys Heike I'm jacked like do not do not with me honestly do not short term I've slimmed down I've dropped a lot of water weight I feel like my muscles are really popping out but look at my booty my booty looks so nice the fat in my body like I could feel it swimming in my veins and even though I'm starving the idea of eating more fat made me sick to my stomach I am feeling extreme nausea right now it's like I can feel the fat bubbling up in my stomach it's very weird and confusing because I'm starving I've been starving all day actually the past like 3 days but the idea of food repulses me just imagining like the oil and the grease honestly it felt as if I was eating McDonald's every day that's how bad my body felt just like falling apart gross really bad now I'm sweating profusely like the back of my hair is actually wet from sweat and I'm clammy and dewy and I feel like I have a stomach flu my stomach's making these insane sounds I'm a hot to the touch it feels like I have a fever this is wild I'm gonna literally go jump in my pool because I'm so uncomfortable what my stomach is also soaked up right now that I don't want to like leave the confines of my apartment TMI I'm sorry but oh my god it's so uncomfortable I just felt gross absolutely starving having no appetite to eat really not a fun place to be thankful the day was over tried to go to bed of course had trouble falling asleep and then day five so I wake up on day five and immediately the moment I wake God woke up too early tummy hurts I'm just weak I what I feel physically weak I go to the gym and I'm weak and not only am i weak but I started having heart palpitations and I've never in my life had a problem with heart palpitations or feeling like in the gym that I was going to have a heart attack but as I was working out it just felt like that belt I was gonna go into cardiac arrest today is the most I've been affected my heart feels like it's exploding and skipping and it hurt I have no energy I can't explode out of my jumps I'm winded in a way I haven't been winded since 2017 and I'm lightheaded and I'm low-key blacking out Brian you're killing me it's like I've never felt that especially with doing the type of work I'm so used to working out I shouldn't be feeling that and then again I just felt disgusting like being at the gym I felt unhealthy that's the best word I felt unhealthy so then I was doing abs and I threw up in my mouth oh that was another thing I was having reflux but this time I literally threw up in my mouth I was like done I'm leaving so I love the gym I went home and I decided on the spot I am tapping out I'm tapping out I'm gonna sit here I'm gonna eat my frozen blueberries I'm gonna enjoy everyone and then I'm gonna make myself a big-ass lunch with black beans and green beans and regular chicken not bad yeah stupid it's gonna be bomb it's just not worth it well I'm gonna put myself through pain sickness agony hunger both feet well what our YouTube video no this is my lunch and I'm very happy I just had all those blueberries and now I'm having a salad chicken green beans and black beans you can't see it cuz I mix it all up but I'm very excited for the black beans cuz they're 20 grams of carbs and the green beans are very Carvey and it feels so much better after eating that carton of blueberries yes give me the carbs give me the sugar yes I wanted to go a full week but sorry guys I couldn't do it it's not worth it for anything not for weight loss not for content so I tapped out and then that night I carbo loaded and it was so it is past 8 p.m. and I'm so pretty full from lunch but I'm gonna eat dinner I have chicken and spinach for chicken breasts not thighs and a sweet potato so I'm really interested to see my energy level tomorrow I obviously already feel better and he snagged on some blueberries while I was cooking and I feel really good god I love sweet potatoes just so much that was the best if I truly wanted to continue it for two more days and make myself for two more days and do it because I didn't have willpower I didn't continue it because it was stupid works so long on myself to have a healthy diet and exercise routine and I'm gonna sit here and hurt myself for a week straight for what so the conclusion yes I saw results they were nice yes I lost weight but I couldn't even fully workout for me I would rather kill it in the gym and have a balanced healthy diet than do something like this if the side effects of a diet or diarrhea constipation muscle cramping migraines and fatigue it's not good for you period eat a healthy balanced diet workout lift weights do cardio be strong be healthy the weight loss will be a side effect of a healthy comfortable lifestyle feed your muscles feed your brain the right food should energize you not take everything out of you that's what food is food is just energy its fuel to make your body work if you're eating correctly you will not have cravings now I do believe in some cases this diet might make sense for extreme weight loss preparation for a surgery I've heard that it's supposed to be good for curing certain illnesses or diseases I don't know I'm not a doctor but if you're just a regular person trying to lose some weight and be healthy just do it the right way this is not sustainable in my opinion I'm sure there's people out there killing it on keto but I don't know any this is definitely not a long-term thing you can't go your entire life feeling so hungry and having cravings so again I looked up the symptoms after the project was over and I saw that most of what I was feeling was in direct correlation to keto and I just I don't understand it sorry if this feels underwhelming but I'm not even gonna show you the before-and-after results because to me that's somewhat irresponsible because again the results were pretty good but they're not by any stretch of the imagination worth what I was feeling yeah woke up and like my pants fit a little better but also I felt horrible and I couldn't do anything and I was lightheaded and sick and having sleep problems and stomach cramps and muscle pains and why so sorry for not showing the before and after but I don't want to encourage anybody to do it because it's awful and it's stupid and I'm sorry if you love the keto diet I'm sorry if it works for you but as somebody who tried it and as somebody who people look to I guess for some type of workout or food inspiration I don't recommend it I recommend a balanced healthy full meal I recommend finding what makes you feel good and your body feel good and again there might be body types that really respond well to this but if something's making you sick nothing is worth feeling sick no body transfer nothing it's not worth it and again you're gonna gain the weight back because I really don't think you'll be able to keep up with it anyways thank you guys so much for watching this make sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you haven't and turn on my post-up vacations this is this week's shows up for the week thank you for everything I love you very dearly and as always I love you very much thanks ring apart my family and I'll see you next time this broke my toe that's what I gave her vlogging while driving a birthday card wait are you kidding me like I swear off watermelon for a week and all of a sudden organic mini watermelons and my favorite thing is the entire world are dollar and cantaloupes full cantaloupes are two for a dollar they're 50 cents of beans quit playing games with
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  • Gabbie Hanna

    for everyone commenting about the fat- i was eating 3-5x the daily recommended amount of fat every day. i was loading up on avocados, nuts, bacon, chicken thighs, and TONS of sunflower seed butter, everything cooked in butter, everything topped with olive oil. TRUST me. i was eating MORE FAT THAN I EVER WANNA EAT AGAIN IN MY LIFE, that was not the issue.

  • Christopher Walsh

    Honestly. Don’t listen to this video. It may not work for you Gabbie. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else. I have done Keto for 2 months and have lost 20 kg. So anyone reading this wanting to loose weight. Try Keto. It really helped me. And sorry to Gabbie that it didn’t work for you

  • Terrilian Reya

    Ms. Hanna, I watched clips of this video in a response video from Matt and Megha with Keto Connect. I responded on their channel with my opinion. I was asked to share my opinion on your original video simply for helping your fan-base seek a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for this opportunity to share the opinions of others in the comment section of your video. Hi, Matt and Megha: What bothered me the most about this Gabbie Hanna chick is the fact that she didn’t bother to research ANY medical information regarding the background of the Ketogenic Lifestyle. Why on earth would someone start any diet if they don’t put in the research behind that particular lifestyle? When I learned that the Ketogenic Diet was established in the 1920’s at the Mayo Clinic by clinicians and researchers stymied by their inability to help children suffering from both petit mal and grand mal seizures as all they had to help their patients was fasting. Who wants to starve a child? They used glucose restriction to help their patients greatly reduce their grand mal and utterly eliminate their petite mal seizures...until the anti-spasmodic meds hit the market in 1938. The same clinicians also found that this diet helped prolong the lives of Type 1 diabetics as well. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and found Keto through Dr. Sarah Hallberg from her TEDTalk on how to reverse my (and my youngest son’s) diagnosis. Four months and forty pounds later, our A1Cs had dropped from over 9 to normal at 5.0. That was in June 2016. In April 2017, we found the Stage 3, Class C (just on the cusp of Stage 4 or “terminal”) breast cancer. I KNOW that we would never have found the first tumor if I hadn’t lost 40+ pounds and my skin was soft and my flesh was pliable. 💪🏻😍😁 I advised all of my oncologists (endocrine, radiation and surgeon) that I strictly follow a Keto diet (especially after learning how a PET [positron emission tomography] test is performed...patients follow the Keto diet for 24 to 72 hours prior to going in fasting and receiving a bolus of glucose injected via IV and then scanned...cancer cells steal the glucose for growth) and it vastly helped me when I was undergoing chemo (paclitaxel, pertuzamabab and Herceptin). I didn’t need the full six (6) chemo rounds as I had 100% response to the chemo cocktail with only FOUR rounds as well as only needing minimal radiation instead of the thirty-three (33) rounds which I’d been originally prescribed. 💉🌡🔬🤒 I healed RAPIDLY after my double mastectomy (prophylactic as my type was aggressive and known to come back in different organs). The best part? The phone call from my surgeon who choked up when he read the pathology report that all...every single one...of the 20+ cancerous tumors in my lymph nodes he’d removed from my right ancillary region and right subclavian area were dead...”scar tissue”. He’s not used to delivering that type of news to his patients. 🤕😷😵☠️ Dr. Thomas Seyfried, professor of biology and genetics at Boston College has published medical criteria (United States National Library of Medicine: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5324220/) helped me understand what I already knew...the Ketogenic Diet helped me kill my cancer. I’m NED now (“No Evidence Detected”). 🍾💕🎊🎉🌸❤️🌺💥✨🥦🥑🍖🍗🥩🥓🍳🥚 I wish this young lady had put as much time in researching this diet as in her editing and posting of this video as she may have, inadvertently, helped people who may be diagnosed with cancer to dismiss its myriad benefits, including fighting Alzheimer’s (recently categorized as Type 3 Diabetes where areas of the brain are no longer able to metabolize glucose and those sections die...never to function again, or for Depression, Austism, and Parkinson’s. She really, really, really needed to think of the greater good instead of the number of views she’d received = $$$ in her bank account. People’s lives are at stake.😰

  • thatsjustmelinny

    my thing is theres no where for me to find what a well balanced meal is, im struggling im trying to lose weight also but i cant even explain what i need to eat to my family because they dont understand. im also really picky... i would just like help you feel 😩😩

  • stella broadway

    ok at the end of the day everyone differnt it works for some people and doesnt for others...

  • Amy Savage

    i haven't watched the video but I just want to let you know that despite what this title says- I'm fat and therefore still have to try it.

  • Keelie Cox

    You should try this just eat a big meal a day they sane amount of carbs that you would eat a day

  • Duke

    You made keto look miserable, you can have bomb meals on keto, you chose the most basic, nastiest ones.

  • Ashley Baer

    This is why you arent respected 🤦 do research and do it longer than a week.

  • Jbean512

    Here comes all the crazy keto dieters who think they know everything. Keto sucks. Eat in moderation and exercise and youll be good to go.

  • PTdoubleOT

    have been doing keto for 2 months. Have seen great results. Didn't get sick. You have to stay hydrated as your body changes over to ketosis or yeah you will get dehydrated and dizzy and sick and feel like complete shit. Imagine that. The only thing irresponsible was your research and attempt at it for a week.

  • Funny Guy

    Dumb ass you didn't do Keto. Do some actual research if you are going to tell people something so they don't have to. Do the research for them. You messed up bad that is why you failed.

  • LaShell Robbins

    I did keto for two months and loved it. You just have to get creative with substitutes. I had more energy and was a lot more motivated. Not something you can just do for a week and make a conclusion about because you probably never actually got into ketosis and keto flu can last a week

  • Iro Sp

    I literally just grabbed a cookie....

  • PTdoubleOT

    a week? fool it can take up for 10 days for you to even GET in ketosis. What on earth are u even doing?

  • Cheyenne Byess

    Keto isn’t for everyone. I was told to start a lazy Keto to start because taking everything you normally eat out of your diet cold turkey will of course make you feel like crap. Also snacking is like a must on keto! And the Keto drinks will curve the sweetness cravings.

  • Marysia Cyfko

    it takes a week for your body to adjust but you have to gradually lower the amounts of carbs you consume, then eventually you will burn fat instead of carbs during workouts

  • DooleysGirl

    Wow, how uninformed and uneducated. This is soooooooooo misleading.

  • dawn5271975

    You didn't even do keto. Your an idiot. You shouldn't give advice on subjects you know NOTHING about.

  • Karim Bhuiyan

    Think about it your body was 20+ years eating a certain way and then you gave your body 4 days to adjust. I never experienced the Keto flu. You also went into to the diet with a negative mindset setting yourself up for failure. Your lack of Red meat was definitely an issue. Do your research before you do something

  • b b

    This why people dont watch your videos, you just blah blah blah blah blah it takes youn20 mins just to tell us did it work or not? People wanna know if it worked not everything you did for two weeks, we are not all 17 year old school girls who just bla bla.bla ...... grow up get a real job and stop this youtube bullshit I mean really time to grow up kids. Also dont make anymore music that shot was burning trash

  • Not My Forte

    Bruh. How? Everyone I've spoken to and including my own experience indicates that you feel way better on keto. Da fuck were you doing

  • Dread Roberts

    I understand that people can potentially have negative carb withdraw symptoms, but I've been doing Keto for three months, and I have never experienced any sort of 'keto flu'. (Although I did experience an initial decrease in strength.) And I haven't experienced increased, ravenous hunger either (actually I have felt a lot MORE full and satiated on Keto). Perhaps it's because I spent two weeks beforehand cutting pure sugar out of my diet, and gradually cut back on carbs? Or perhaps it's because I actually did my research on how to do this appropriately (and responsibly) - get electrolytes into your system by consuming things like bone broth, and add extra Himalayan pink salt to your food, so that you don't have a mineral deficiency. What kind of a dumb-ass just does things without researching how to do it appropriately? Also, it's shocking how addicted people can get to sugar.

  • Lex Grrez

    Been on keto for months now and I really hate when people do videos like this. The first week is the worst and you won’t feel the actual effects. At week 3 is when things really start to get going. Months 2-3 is when your stamina really picks up too. You can’t just do it for a week.

  • Deanna Marie

    It’s really a shame that you have such a large platform and you have used it to give keto such a bad name. I mean I am truly speechless watching this video! You could not have done this way of eating more wrong! Doing literally no research, doing a horrible attempt at keto, and then bashing it? Girl. If anyone watches this and is afraid to try to keto PLEASE search Keto Connect and watch their reaction video to this mess. News flash. Your way is not the only way hun.

  • Ashley Jones

    So though I found the video entertaining....you didn't do Keto correctly. You were far too restrictive especially for someone just starting Keto...you CAN have natural no sugar peanut butter/nut butters, you can have actual cream in your coffee, and you can have blueberries. Of course you're going to starve if you suddenly cut carbs and are still eating chicken breasts and spinach, if you're hungry EAT! All those symptoms you were experiencing go away if you stick to it for longer than a week and eat enough to sustain yourself.

  • Sonia Espinoza

    But you need good carbs to lose weight... what. *all I saw was the thumbnail so far*

  • Ravyn Skye

    Sounds like you have a pathological fear of fat, and went into this expecting it to be 'bad for you'. Your meltdown "I CAN FEEL THE FAT SWIMMING IN MY VEINS"... when you're not even in Ketosis yet... WOW. Also, I've been doing Keto for 6 years. Tell me again how it's not sustainable?!

  • Syd Strickland

    I’ve done Keto for 13 weeks and I’ve lost 50lbs! I feel great!

  • Kaliicake 97

    I actually tried it last year for about 2 weeks and i lost about 5kg around 10pounds right? And had no side effects and i love it and would like to do it again soon And you can actually eat peanut butter in the beginning

  • Sarah Boreal

    Im honestly really disappointed you did almost zero research into this diet before promoting that it’s so negative. Even talking about the ‘symptoms’ you’re not understanding what you’re talking about. You experience those symptoms because you’re cutting out sugars and carbs. You’re literally going through withdrawal.

  • darby jones

    the symptoms of a vegan diet are weakness, constipation, depression, balance problems, etc. but you wouldnt discount that diet. you didnt do any research or understand the science or methods behind the diet which if you actually look into, is actually really healthy for you when done properly and knowledgeably. not every diet is for everyone and this video was kind of disrespectful to people who are killing it on the keto diet and also encouraging not understanding what you are eating, how to body works, or doing any kind of research. promoting bad things, do your research

  • Marina Savolainen

    You’re not supposed to workout during the first week of keto cuz your body needs time to get used to missing the carbs cuz yeah you feel like shit anyway

  • Ravyn Skye

    Um, so it doesn't matter if you were eating 3-5x the "daily recommended" amount of fat... Keto means you get at least 70% of your caloric intake from fat. It's about the ratios, not the daily recommendations. Don't be afraid of fat, when you're not eating carbs. It will be burned for fuel, instead of sugar. It will also KEEP YOU FEELING FULL. PS: Chicken breast isn't really keto. Like, you're supposed to use the thighs, because it's higher in fat.

  • Beth B

    Trying a diet for a short time like a week is not a way to find out if it works. Especially when you’re waiting for a metabolic shift like this to occur as one of the top commenters already pointed out. Your content is not interesting if it is not intellectually honest.

  • sneha chakrabarty

    The first week obviously your body will react differently because of the sudden change in diet. But after that you feel healthy and love being in this diet which by far shows the most results. Also it is very beneficial if done in the right way. Keto food can be exciting, healthy and very delicious. It's just difference of opinions.

  • icey white

    Haha, that's not healthy at all. But the symptoms sounds exactly like pregnancy🤣, probably not that severe.

  • bettyboop17d

    Says she doesnt look up side effects. **two mins later** Reads a list of side effects lol Not doing through research explains why you did this wrong. The keto diet has helped kids with epilepsy, diabetes type 2, and overweight people. There was a right way of doing this. Had you researched and learned about it you would have given your viewers a true analysis of what keto is. Based on your initial comment of knowing youll feel like shit, we can know you entered this with a bias view.

  • Brittney Grund

    This experiment was done wrong! So wrong. You can have berries but you can’t eat cashews. There are so many substitutes for desserts. Once you get into ketosis (which takes 4-7 days) you feel so energized and full off of a little amount of food. I also waited to be into ketosis before working out because you are literally going to be hypoglycemic while your body is still producing the same amount of insulin while your body is getting rid of it glycogen stores. And the most important thing is that keto is not for everyone!

  • Ramon Ortega IV

    So black coffee = nasty. BUT if you mix your coffee grounds with and egg to make a paste and boil that in water it takes the bitterness away. The protein in the egg makes the ground stick together so it's easy to filter out.

  • Laryssa B

    FYI keto does NOT work if you only do it for one week... your body has to go into ketosis which takes 2-3 weeks !!

  • Marina Savolainen

    Laughing at this video cuz on my fifth day of keto😂🙈 I was also dying the first three days but I’m good now

  • joejoe maldonado

    Green tea has caffeine too sis! Not as strong and doesn’t need the creamer !

  • AleX AlexQ

    That's what happens when you're a dumbass and decide to do a keto diet from one day to another, I'm sure she was overreacting too for that YouTube check.

  • Citizen23

    If you eat a high carb diet, take a few weeks to lower your carb intake in stages while simultaniously increasing your healthy fat intake before starting keto. This entire presentation is a misrepresentation of how to begin a keto transition.

  • Stingrae

    "for everyone commenting about the fat- i was eating 3-5x the daily recommended amount of fat every day. i was loading up on avocados, nuts, bacon, chicken thighs, and TONS of sunflower seed butter, everything cooked in butter, everything topped with olive oil. TRUST me. i was eating MORE FAT THAN I EVER WANNA EAT AGAIN IN MY LIFE, that was not the issue." 1. Your problems were mostly due to a lack of sodium and not calculating your TDEE or eating till you were full, at least it seemed that way and the type of fat you were eating. 2. You don't need to artificially add fat but you should probably have tried eating some steak or fish and coconut oil, hell where was some cheese? 3. You attempted to do the same exercise while your body was adapting, this is just not understanding the science of what's going on. Your body was trying to switch fuel sources, that is to go from using carbs to fats. It takes up to one month (maybe more) for people to fully adapt to using fats, after that performance more or less returns to normal. 4. You were your own worst enemy, you could have put heavy cream in your coffee or even milk (not generally recommended but a little won't kill someone starting out). You could have eaten a number of berries. Ultimately your lack of understanding about what you were doing, lack of commitment (only a week) and lack of trying to problem solve meant you found the diet unmanageable.

  • Felecia Massey

    Do you not realize you’re addicted to sugar and carbs and those were detox symptoms? You sounded similar to a drug addict after getting their hit after getting your carbs.

  • John Fletcher

    I guess everyone is different, I only had hunger issues the first day. After that I had to force myself to eat. I also was doing Keto combined with intermediate fasting so maybe that's it. Lost 40 lbs in a month and a half. Hope you have a better experience in the future.

  • Anaya .S

    Carbs and sugar is in everything but I get the point of the video yano

  • Gloria Arias

    A hoe came because of the thumbnail and you’re just not gonna show us your results in the last minute after watching 😩

  • Nooty Noot

    You literally just pushed off millions of people from doing a lifestyle choice that stopped me from getting diabetes (I was pre-diabetic now I'm clear.) Thanks. It really required you to do a few days worth of research and you couldn't be bothered to do that, lazy.

  • Citizen23

    You were definitely not getting enough fiber, fat, or calories in your diet, which is the entire point. You have to eat an abnormally large amount of calories your first few weeks while your body converts. You also aren't likely to be in full ketosis until a few weeks after you start. You never made it past the tough part. It's all downhill from there! Also, you have to drink a billion gallons of water and plenty of salt.

  • Pinkieout

    keto when done the right way is an awesome lifestyle change. Like any “diet” ,in order to benefit from it ,you have to try it more than 5 days. Also there are ways to avoid the “keto flu”. And water water water. On keto you need more water. Carbs are fluid retainers,they hold fluid. Sugars cause so many health issues,so for me,keto and adding in intermittent fasting was a life saver. But Like any “diet” it may not work for everyone but being overly dramatic about it ,deters ppl from doing their own research and trying it.

  • Jason Taylor

    Keto isn't a short term "diet". It's a lifestyle choice for optimum health. You clearly didn't research how to plan your meals properly, starting with meat and rounding out the meal with veggies based on a macronutrient calculator. Adding so much fat isn't necessary. Keto adaptation also takes 3-6 weeks so a week experiment is pointless.

  • Ash Grey

    Since I started keto 5 months ago, I lost 45lbs and feel energized, even though my blood sugar is very low. Did a blood test and everything is fine. This way of eating is not for everyone, and it's easy to do it wrong. I think your video is misleading. You didn't even do a full week...

  • Maky Redon

    A little research and education would have gone a long way for you on this diet. From the sounds of it, you’ve had issues with your eating in the past (restrictive) eating and it looks like this is what happened when you did this diet. Maybe you should stick to your balanced diet because clearly that’s what works for you. But that doesn’t mean the diet is wrong or bad. You just didn’t do it correctly to adjust to YOUR needs. But hey, it’s not for everyone!

  • André Marques

    You are addicted to sugar, so your body went through withdrawl. You didn't support it with electrolytes, so what did you expect the symptoms to be? Very immature video overall, not surprised you have so many views.

  • john smith

    Going off what you said you ate. It looks like you didn't eat enough veggies

  • Pardis TheOpulentDalliance

    well I would feel like s**t too eating like that - but I actually eat keto but add so much green vegetables and different foods in - that just was hard to see

  • keshia marie

    Keto is low carb (20grams is typical), not no carb. You also have to add more salt and its moderate protein. What you did was not true keto. You can eat berries on keto also

  • nicole Ortega75

    I've been on the keto I lost 14 pounds in 21 days. Your just not doing it right you need to in take your salt your not taking in enough salt like almonds and butters, you can do cheese you can do blueberry and starberrys coffee with heavy cream if your gonna do something maybe research it.

  • J.L. A.

    I have lost 100 pounds on Keto and when she starts eating blueberries I died she’s all I can’t do this I am going to eat blueberries.....umm Blueberries ARE Keto she clearly did no research on what the diet consists of and she clearly doesn’t know the Keto flu symptoms are followed by rushes of energy no hunger and enhanced feelings of wellbeing hence why people stay on the diet...you should never workout within the first week of doing this diet you need to give your body time to adjust why would you do this to your body she also did a bland bland boring version of Atkins not Keto she also was not increasing her electrolytes

  • Erica Woods

    Just listening to the keto flu symptoms, I'm thinking HELL NO!!!! I WOULD NEVER! That's sounds so scary!

  • KitKatarina

    Keto isn’t that bad. My mum does keto and its fine doing it for a week does nothing, literally you just have to get into a routine. And keto helps you loose fat easily, you can make Leto muffins that are so good.

  • Regan Matthews

    Gorl. Gorllll. I’ve been doing this diet or variations of it, for years and years. It sucks if you don’t do it correctly. I’ve felt the same as you, but here’s what might have helped— chill out on serious workouts for the first couple weeks or so until you get into ketosis. All I usually do is walk or jog, and do light weight training at first. Second, wait until you’re into ketosis to eat nuts and seeds (try fatty meats, some oil on a salad, that type of thing until you hit ketosis). Third, eat some VEGETABLES besides lettuce lol! ☺️ They will provide energy and fiber for you, some more fats and nutrients, the types of carbs you’re desiring, etc. Lastly, you could have used heavy whipping cream for a coffee creamer. Do more research, try it again, and I guarantee it’ll be more pleasant for you.

  • Windsor Lynne

    I feel like she only read the definition of the ketogenic diet and didn't do any actual research.

  • Maria

    Is she spreading wrong information? Yes Will she take this video down? No, cause she only cares about the ad revenue smh

  • Windsor Lynne

    I wish she would've found Maria Emmerich as a ketogenic info source. You don't need to suffer in this diet. Carbs do not only need to come from vegetables, they can come from berries, and yes, some protein bars as long as they're under 25 to 30 carbs. On the ketogenic diet you basically just want to.prioritize your fats and proteins but you can allow for a nice amount of carbs.

  • Sarah Stump

    Man, you didn't even get to the mental clarity and that's my favorite part. Waking up like you already had coffee is probably my the best thing ever. (used to drink four cups of coffee) And for people saying you can't do it short term, you absolutely can keto cycle. It just takes time for your body to understand. Forty eight hours and I hit ketosis. I cycle four days on, three days off. Work out on my carb days. I've never felt as good as I do and I'm fucking thirty with two kids. And for once, I have to agree with the viewers on this. There wasn't nearly enough research or planning or doctor consulting. My biggest thing is the dangerous game she played in the vid. She could have seriously hurt herself. I'm glad she quit. And I hope people watching aren't swayed away from considering these dietary changes because of her carelessness and lack of self care. Still adore her, but this was a reckless move.

  • Windsor Lynne

    Blood type and bio-individuality play a huge part in whether keto will work for you or not. If you're a blood type A, keto is most likely not gonna work for you. I'm a blood type O (this blood type is also known for being a carnivore) and I've been doing the keto/carnivore diet for 6 years now and I've never felt better! Moral of the story, just do what works for you😀

  • Rose너니

    Gurl, do ur research and try the video again, or at least say sorry to the people you offended about the Keto diet. Yes ur right Keto isn’t for everyone but you shouldn’t just say,”oh no one should try this stupid diet” maybe if u did a month worth of research of Keto u wouldn’t have the problem u had. I would rlly like to see a video of u apologizing.😑

  • Joseph Gonzalez

    You must be the dumbest most uneducated individual on this earth. Spreading around false information about this diet. You don’t even know what your doing

  • Hailey Grooters

    My mom is on the keto diet. You can’t just jump into it.. you have to slowly change your eating habits. That’s how it is with any diet really even with Caffeine. Slowly take it out of your life.

  • Cherish Carberry

    Your body needs sugar for basic body processes. Your body takes sugar that you eat and convert it to ATP which is energy. Carbs get converted to sugar in your body which gives you more ATP. these diets although make you look good are terrible for your body

  • Blantnat lsoer

    By the way, keto is up to 50 carbs a day, so you are allowed some carbs, just a low amount. Which is probably why you were hungry

  • Blantnat lsoer

    My mom and dad did it. They lost 20-30 pounds. My dad didn’t have problems with his diabetes anymore. It’s common how you felt, but a lot of people feel great and more full as ever eating low amounts carbs. I guess it just depends who you are.

  • Super Girl

    Me watching her food routine makes me feel so unhealthy 😭 she eats in portions, she actually craves certain fruits and vegetables! When I crave I crave junk food

  • Lisa Taylor

    You may be the dumbest person I’ve ever forced myself to listen to...you went thru a few days of sugar detox(and whined more then my kids) ...because your body is addicted to sugar, you didn’t “do keto”, keto is a lifestyle change, not a diet...maybe you should go sit in a corner with your watermelon, make a video on eyeshadow and leave the science to the grownups 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • clossum

    Dude my mum has done this for the past three years

  • makayla maplesden

    Imma rant for a sec.... ok one you didn’t even do the Keto diet correctly you only had protein and fat which has almost no carbs in it. Keto diet is a low carb low sugar not no carbs no sugar that’s why you got sick bc you weren’t doing it right and when you change one thing in your lifestyle you will need to adjust everything like you changed your diet out of nowhere and you kept doing the workout that you did when you were doing your “more healthy” diet that’s not how that works. In a keto diet you can eat fruit and other vegetables as long as you eat it by severing per day not eat the whole thing in one day so like I said you over exaggerating the diet and went way to low on carb and sugar. Don’t blame the diet if you didn’t do it right. I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude but it just irritates me.

  • Grimm and Lily

    This video can be summed up with “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. You literally did it almost completely wrong, shocking you had a bad experience.

  • Jade McKenzie

    Right when you start keto you can’t work out cause your body doesn’t have enough energy and it’s not used to the diet, the first week is the worst but after that it gets better

  • Ana Petroianu

    No information before, no information after...so sad for you Gabbie. You did this and guess what in a week no "diet" will work. This keto diet is not a DIET is a lifestyle change. Grow up and research more before you make statements that can change or influence other people's lives. Just like other "influencers" out there you tried to impress us. Sad sad sad.

  • Jess ica

    You can eat fruit. There are plenty of options such as stonefruit, green apples and berries to name a few