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Honest Trailers - Doctor Who (Modern)

  • Published on: 2018-10-09
  • from fancy PBS comes a show that takes place anywhere in the universe at any time in the past present or future where anything can happen and none of the continuity matters Doctor Who get ready for a continuation of the original series that picks up after 16 years off the air because all the British nerds who grew up with classic who finally got old enough to call the shots at the BBC now they're taking the stodgy old formula and stretching it to an hour of quirky comedy to know who you are improved special effects and enough soap opera pop to choke a telenovela - you need a doctor okay dr. Kidd meet the doctor he's not an actual doctor but an alien who named himself that Isabel the name I chose is the doctor it's like a promise you make even though the word doctor was created to describe him the word for healer and wise man we kept that word from you you know yeah that's not the first paradox you're gonna have to swallow paradox how the dog's heart turned up peridot peridot peridot paradox two fans he's a two hearted Time Lord who hijacked a faulty TARDIS from the planet Gallifrey who sometimes kind of a dick funny little human brains how'd he get around in those things with the casual viewers he's a funny man with the time machine who takes ladies on adventures who's also kind of a dick satis time watch him - through time equipped with a sonic screwdriver and psychic paper - devices with the power to speed up the plot is dead and the TARDIS everything a time machine with the power to break when the plot needs to slow down stop maybe they break less we didn't keep exploding inside of it it's just a thought watch the spatial justice warrior travel all around the known universe from the streets of London to working-class British mining towns to the quaintest middle english villages just other people know they're very all people but when the budget allows he'll fly off to the far reaches of the CGI universe where everything is still extremely brutish starship UK its Britain yes the Sun never sets on the British Empire her sons all the sons by his side as always is his trusty companion usually a cute girl because ratings who after a few seasons of adventure usually has her life ruined and they were tortured my mum my dad the sister if she's lucky she'll follow law to keep the doctor grounded give him someone to talk to and act as is mostly platonic but not always love interest no they're basically dating without the sex except for nardole that one was purely physical I'm not just sexy experienced a franchise that's been running for so long they built 13 Reid castings of the main character into the lore then hit that limit and pulled even more out of a crack as each actor brings a new spin to the alien who's seen the stars but looks like he's never seen the Sun whether it's EKKO stood the only doctor of the modern era to regenerate due to creative differences with a BBC David Tennant the unquestioned master of steering sadly into the middle distance [Music] Matt Smith who combined the face of a handsome 12 year old with the way the arms of an inflatable tube man Peter Capaldi who reimagined the doctor as your uncle who never got married and moved to Vegas in his 40s I was being hauled down by the cuts at a to notice or Jodie Whittaker the first female doctor which no matter how she performs is one of the least outrageous things this ridiculous show has ever done but an all-powerful hero demands all powerful villains to go up against and the doctor has some because in plenty of episodes it's a lame monster of the week invasion of the very small queues or something invisible to save on the effects budget or something we've seen a million times before but an alien or Nene still some evildoers are among the best in sci-fi like the Cybermen emotionless robots who can only be defeated by feelings the master a renegade Time Lord who considers themselves the doctors arch-nemesis but is in the middle of this list so you do the math the weeping angels killer stone statues who get less threatening with every appearance until they're about as scary as ghostbusters 2 the doctors greatest rival Christmas and the doctors other greatest rival the Daleks rushy blob stuffed into cramped metal homes who spend their entire life shouting commands and people they hate so internet commoners can't talk now follow along when the series spanning arcs that would delight fans and confuse newcomers like the seasons where the world keeps ending well just kidding it can reverse the planets rotation like Superman cannot restore the seasons where the doctor falls in love with his companion only to lose her for all eternity just kidding he'll make a copy of himself and they'll live happily ever after the seasons where the doctor copes with the inevitability of his own death I'm dying JK Rowling he'll live as long as the show needs him to what I suppose one more lifetime or the seasons where he's haunted by the knowledge that he's triggered the genocide of his own people no cop genocide you see now picture me that or maybe he's just kidding and he actually saved everyone but doesn't remember it no actually suggesting that we change our own personal history sure that'll work wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey whatever so run now your nearest hallway pull a plan ahead of yours but I've got a plan hi I've got a plan yeah of course I have a plan and starts spouting techno babble like the universe depends on it wave a fan Cassadine energy macro transmission of a cake build a wave that sticks it into a living receptacle minute feeds off the remaining auction energy because you're about to get some of the greatest standalone episodes in sci-fi history with a bunch of momentum killing serialization crammed into service the diehards but after all is said and done let's still try to be more like the doctor never cruel or cowardly never be cruel never be cowardly just enjoy the ride Inlet who do who know Frodo old foe toto no Bo oh so cold don't know so well coach oh geez you make it hard to love you sometimes starring the leftover bad wolf bad wolf what you cannot do scary poppins show me your Bo face the appearance of the repeated meme save Martha just the Tim Harry and Ron at the same time 12 angry man I want a girl with a short skirt in the long jacket the mrs. Frizzle dudes just kind of there of we Billy Nooyi master of none spin-doctors the great glass doctor vader hood that time Rose was on weakest link you not a cent oh my god they killed Rory you bastards you'll die yeah twice sorry Rory but you just died the gravestone here is one with the same name as me that thing tenets voice does every British actor Harry Potter division every British actor came of thrones division every British actor came of Thrones and harrypotter division every other British actor every British historical figure in charge of Queen Victoria I get that Christy don't William Shakespeare extremely long vigils I will guard this body for a thousand years 36 years three months four days of solitary confinement hello four and a half billion years and Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Days of Our Lives of Future Passed whew that was a lot of who to get through it wasn't so bad now let's see what that classic series is all about new timeline new timeline want to see where the adventures of the doctor all began then click above to see our trailer for classic Doctor Who spanning decades of television that happened before the reboot grab a jelly baby and check it out it's Affairs I wear a fez now fezzes are cool it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff
  • Runtime: 10:05
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  • Screen Junkies

    But which Doctor, is YOUR Doctor? One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  • purgruv

    Doctor Who? Doctor MacGuffin, that’s Who.

  • apo Demarche

    The Doctor’s greatest rival : Chriiiiistmas! I wasn’t ready 😂

  • Leah Howard

    As a fan I can say this is really terribly written it really irritates me to watch

  • Marine

    I love the show but it was so spot on ! I am laughing so hard now.

  • egadzooks

    I had to pause and rewind so many times to make sure I heard it correctly... "Spatial adjustice warrior"

  • Thomas S.

    6:02 but this copy constantly talks like Donna Noble

  • Fazzie man

    As a Brit couldn't help but snort at the intro 'From fancy PBS'. Love it!

  • Max’sWorld

    Me: don’t you dare mock Jodie Whittaker! After: God damnit that was funny!

  • James Webber

    It was a quality video, but I'd like to point out that the blonde woman on the top line of the 'every other British actor' 8:47 is Kylie Minogue and she's Australian. But then again I suppose I'm shouting commands at people I hate ;)

  • Zero

    Yeah, the story is a mess

  • Asip



    Just one error though, Kylie Minogue is not a British actress, she's Australian.

  • Tattier Verbose456

    Look, I think we can all agree that the Scots are the best doctors. (Watches Jodie Whittaker) never mind. Scots and Jodie Whittaker.

  • Audrey

    Now that you've done Doctor Who and Sherlock you need to do Supernatural. That show has plenty of good roast material.....Like Dean after the season 3 finale you know,,,,, bc he was in hell ayyyyyy

  • davile_14

    13 will swap to that grey outfit at some point, I bet.

  • Ruby_Barnes

    The Best I personally think is either Matt Smith or David Tennat I Love Them 😂💞

  • FinnStewart

    Best Doctor is Peter Capaldi, followed by Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston.

  • Vitor Nobrega

    was funny until you said "ridiculous show" go watch it before you talk :)

  • Sarah Wright

    At the beginning of 'every British actor-game of thrones and Harry Potter division', you start out with two pictures of Jim Broadbent on the right, but the guy on the left is Jonathan Pryce. Two different people!

  • Simon Maguire

    He (sorry She) does seem to like England in what ever year it's filmed.

  • Stephanie Hitt

    This Honest Trailers made me laugh so hard. SOOOO accurate. As a fan who grew up with the old Doctor Who series (my Dad was obsessed) and then still watches the new ones I can say that yes, Doctor Who is a totally (mostly) ridiculous tv series, but that's why it's great.

  • NurseDemars

    Meanwhile Jodie has already fought a random mass of cables and the Tattered Cloth Strips Of Certain Doom...

  • A. M Artz

    The Doctors greatest rival.... CHRISTMAS! i freaking lost it at that XD

  • SomtimesIEat24

    David Tennant will always be best. Also those Santa's were bloody scary, still get me scared. Mickey was a fucking champ and captain Jack was op.

  • Phytom

    This series has shitty writing, shitty animations, many shitty actors, and I it's one of my faviorites.

  • RobertsF1

    Jodie Whittaker flying the flag for Yorkshire

  • Snowing Sideways

    11th doctor, 10th doctor, and the war doctor played by john heart are my favorites.

  • Dylan 2928

    You guys should do an honest trailer compilation for a bunch of Netflix Originals

  • Daniel Garcia

    What do you like better, "new London bridge" or "London's golden gate bridge"?

  • Daniel Garcia

    Is it weird that I only got interested in Clara or her story until after her run?

  • Magellan Dufour

    Thank god the narrator is american, or the amount of British culture would be overflowing!

  • Joe Jeffries

    If peter capaldi ever goes bald, can we start calling him peter caBALDi? XD

  • G Crievous

    A huge round of applause for grabbing all those tiny snippets of footage from hours upon hours of seasons.

  • Maisie Weston

    When people stopped doctor who because she became a woman :)))))) Funnily enough, she’s exactly the same doctor we’ve seen throughout the past 60 years - she has her own quirks like every single actor that has played and interpreted the doctor, but she is the doctor no matter what,

  • 666mrmomo

    i love how current doctor who fans watch the classics and like 90% of them go 'this f*cking sucks', but thats how there gonna watch current doctor who in 20 yrs.

  • Murasame

    Say "who let the paradox out, who, who, who?

  • Laura Sepulveda

    You tube came back from a black out and the first video that I watch is this one, which makes fun of the British, Britain-is whatever from Doctor Who. So, silly. So, this means that all the DC, Marvel, etc´s movies and tv shows made in USA should have this non sense type of criticism as well? By the way, I´m not British or from USA:

  • JuliaP

    David Tennant is the best doctor fight me if you disagree

  • Joe Hemmings

    This kinda made me want to rewatch them. At least Ecclestone and Tennant's years.

  • Shelby Renée

    Coming from a huge Doctor Who fan: that was too accurate

  • nyeSte

    Christopher Eccleston 😊 is my favourite, but I started to watch the show because of David Tennant. 😂

  • Edwin Camacho Rivera

    They forgot Every British Actor: Broadchurch Edition. I know David Tenant covered it, but it deserves an update.

  • Sara Maslar-Donar

    This needed at least one whole minute dedicated to Captain Jack Harkness