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Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018

  • Published on: 2018-09-14
  • [Music] [Music] Oh nothing hi-oh with I'm a hello everyone I'm Sheena takahashi and I'll be your guide for today is a Nintendo Direct as you just saw we kick things off with a new reveal and I'm pleased to confirm that Luigi's next spooky adventure is in development for a Nintendo switch we have a lot to say about the game but we'll have to save that for another time now let's cover some upcoming games for Nintendo 3ds please take a look the pink puffball gets crafty again the 2010 Wii game Kirby's Epic Yarn is warping to Nintendo 3ds in patch land practically everything from enemies to ops prankster who knows what else is entirely made of yarn even robots somehow and to be courses made of yarn you gotta yoga moves made of yarn every stage from the Wii version is making a return and the Nintendo 3ds version is also being puffed up with some new features and you pick up items you can craft bigger yarn balls or you can even conjure up some wind and rake in the beans for a little added challenge see if you can outrun this speed demon of a devil in devilish mode to top it off new minigames will give you a chance to play as some other familiar faces kirby's extra epic yarn launches exclusively for Nintendo 3ds in 2019 Bowser jr. destined for greatness the Mushroom Kingdom has a bad case of Nemours and the only ones who can save it are Mario Luigi and Bowser it can only be Mario Luigi bowser's Inside Story there's another side to every story even this one now you can go on Bowser Jr's journey as well in his new adventure Bowser jr. sets off to find his own remedy for the blorph but thanks to his signature selfishness he ends up causing more problems than he cures better gather some allies and build up your very own army create your own core nations support allies with an arsenal moves in conquer the chaos in every action-packed battle is Bowser jr. destined for glorious kingship like his papa Mario Luigi bowser's Inside Story Plus Bowser Jr's journey releases on Nintendo 3ds January 11th but ghosts with Luigi and a second player while you're waiting for the new game on Nintendo switch don't forget that the original Luigi's Mansion is coming to Nintendo 3ds that comedic lis spooky vibe that fans remember is intact even when you're playing the new two-player mode making its debut in the Nintendo 3ds version if you and another player each owned the game one of you can play as this even greener guy as you explore the mansion together [Music] or if only one of you has the game you can still play boss battles together in the gallery using download play on your Nintendo 3ds systems oh yeah in professor egads lab you can tap select amiibo figures too surprising results like revealing hidden booze or healing luigi when you talk to toad each of the four compatible amiibo has a different effect Luigi's Mansion will hot Nintendo 3ds on October 12th just in time for Halloween youkai watch blasters is out now with even more free content coming later whether your allegiance is with the red cat Corps or the white dog squad yokai watch blasters bullet you team up with friends to tackle the most action-packed battles in the series yet soon after launch you'll have another way to squad up you won't want to miss the free software update on September 27th which adds the moon rabbit crew version to the title screen this additional content boasts new bonuses for linking save data between red cat core and white dog squad as well as the new missions new areas to explore new youkai to befriend and new Big Boss yokai why you asking you know what and if you don't now's the perfect time to become a fan yokai what blasters is out now and don't forget about the moon rabbit crew update that's all the headlines for Nintendo 3ds car - off how's it going well from here let's focus on intend o switch titles it's inkopolis news time [Music] don't know peace [Music] please [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] you [Music] you everyone's favorite blue robot makes his triumphant return in Megaman eleven marking the 30th anniversary of the iconic series this brand new game is gunning for greatness a Nintendo switch jump slide and shoot through each of the colorful challenging stages and try to take down a gallery of deadly bosses like the formidable bounce man in timeless fashion you must defeat the eight robot masters and give each of their special weapons the technological miracle of the new double gear system makes for a fresh take on the series satisfying platforming action move so fast that time slows down around you temporarily enhance your weapons and show them who the real bosses when you need to most Megaman 11 also supports the Megaman amiibo figures you can tap on each day to receive e tanks and other useful in game items Megaman 11 will be ready to rock October 2nd Mario Tennis aces further refined in new update some popular characters are joining the roster the adorable all-around ace Berto the sharp shooting specialist Saigon [Music] the proud high flyer Koopa paratroopa and the big box no racket Petey piranhas these muscle Kingdom greats can be acquired by playing online and you'll be adding more until next June there will even be a new load called co-op Salish intellectus participate in online co-op missions that are only available for a limited time complete the objectives while these missions are active and you'll receive special outfits characters with alternate color schemes for more we'll continue serving up new content for the game in the future the version to update for Mario Tennis aces will be available September 19th these arcade classics are back in action back in the day capcom lit up the arcades with some classic beat em up action games and guess what the good old days are back final fight the king of dragons captain commando knights of the round and warriors of fate are making a comeback and so are these first-time home console releases armored warriors and battle circuit are joining the fight for a total of 7 games if you each have a joi con controller up to four players can beat them up together aspiring bash buddies can even take the fight online this time pretty soon you'll be able to play with other capcom fans from around the world because capcom beat em up bundle will be ready for action on intend o a shop september 18 new super mario brothers u is getting the deluxe treatment which means it's time to take down Bowser and his Koopaling invasion in the tried-and-true side-scroller headed to Nintendo switch Mario Luigi and toad are all here and if that's not enough Navis and toadette are joining in the fun as well now that doesn't take damage from enemies which can really come in handy and if toadette powers up with a super crown tada she transforms into P Chet P Chet can double jump flick slowly during freefall and get a boost back up if she falls into a pit Luigi's first starring role in a platforming adventure new super Luigi u it's getting the deluxe treatment too and comes free of charge the single joy kind of controller is all player needs and up to four players can join in together Anytime Anywhere news super mario brothers u deluxe comes down the pipe January 11th Nintendo switch is ready to roll are you it can only be Katamari Damacy remastered in HD that naughty king of all cosmos has made a mess as he does and now you better take control of the prince here and roll just roll and roll all over the place and all over stuff until the gradually growing mass towers over buildings the clump or Katamari you roll will shine on as a beautiful star in the sky a Nintendo switch you can enjoy the game's new gyro controls HD Rumble and even multiplayer battles by each using at joy Khan control roll it till you reach the stars Anytime Anywhere Katamari Damacy re-roll will launch winter 2018 next we have some more news we've announced some details about Nintendo's new service called Nintendo switch online in including the launch date you won't have to wait long how the service will begin [Music] we prepared a video to show you what's offered with your Nintendo switch online membership so please take a look more games more features more fun Nintendo switch online allow us to introduce five features included with your membership [Music] of course you can play compatible games together online even when you're far apart compete against players the world over or team up for some great co-op action there are so many ways to have fun a variety of games our support so find your favorites and take them online you can even play classic NES games anytime anywhere on Nintendo switch get lost in the game play whether you're the boss or the little monster for multiplayer games each player can grab a joy Conn controller so both of you can share in the fun NES games can also be played online as they say playing together long distance makes the heart grow fonder look forward to a growing library of NES games [Music] Luigi knows that no matter how careful you try to be something unexpected can happen accidents can cause your precious safe data to disappear but help is on the way with Nintendo switch online game safe data is automatically backed up in the cloud even if your console breaks your save data will be safe from harm [Music] Nintendo switched online also connects with a smartphone app with this app you can voice chat with friends while playing certain games backseat players can also join in the conversation that way everyone's having fun [Applause] [Music] the service even has the ability to enhance certain games by connecting with them quick spot net to members will also receive special offers what are they we'll have more to announce in the future more games more features more fun [Music] Nintendo switch online the service begins September 18th think about which plan is right for you if your family has two or more accounts you can save some money with the family membership cut how's it look well we have one more thing we'd like to introduce this Nintendo Entertainment System style known for works with NES games in Doha Nintendo switch this one here is the left and yellow and this is the right in the S controller we created them so you can play NES games like the ones you saw in the video just like old school gamers did back in the day please enjoy them with Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo switch online these controllers wirelessly command Olaf with Nintendo Swift new again you can charge them and it's simply attaching them to the console we hope you'll enjoy using these controllers to play this growing library of classic NES games for more details about Nintendo switch online please check the official Nintendo website now let's get back into some more Nintendo switch your partner pokemon is amazing get ready to set off on a Kanto region adventure with your very own partner Pokemon in Pokemon let's go Pikachu and Pokemon let's go Eevee today we want to share a couple things that you and your partner can enjoy in the upcoming game during your adventure you'll occasionally come across obstacles blocking your path when you do you can rely on a secret technique to get past them secret techniques are special skills that only your partner Pikachu or Eevee can use in the wild use them to chop down trees that stand in your way travel across water or soar into the sky furthermore only your partner Pikachu or edy can learn certain powerful moves for use in battle plus if you pet your partner while your Nintendo switches in handheld mode you can change your partner's hairstyle depending on how you use the touch screen to pet it well c'mon let's go Pikachu and Pokemon let's go Eevee will launch on November 16th alongside the pokeball plus accessory also look for two new bundles that will include a Nintendo switch system with Pikachu and Eevee style joy con controllers one of these two Pokemon adventures and the pokeball plus accessory the gates to the burning hell's will open on Nintendo switch of course we're talking about Diablo 3 the dark fantasy adventure that may just consume your life both inside and outside the game world from the high heavens to the burning hell's you'll explore the full story and the deadly world of sanctuary for loot filled bounties and rifts to randomized dungeons with even greater spoils play as a demon hunter barbarian Crusader necromancer witch doctor monk or wizard with up to 3 friends online offline via local co-op or on a single console couch co-op style you can even suit up in this Nintendo switch exclusive transmog armor fit for the king of evil Ganon all amiibo figures are compatible allowing you to summon a group of challenging enemies overflowing with sparkling goodies Diablo 3 eternal collection invades Nintendo switch on November 2nd we're making this party super you souped-up the Mario Party series with new types of gameplay on Nintendo switch shake the joy con controller and get your body grooving in sound stage or dive into the series first 4 player co-op mode River Survival bet you've never played anything like toads rec room which cleverly connects two systems of course the four player board game mode that fans love is back and full of new features by rolling character specific dice blocks with alternate numbering you can make a game changing come back every last minigame is brand new all 80 of them or a party of one check out the new single-player modes you can play through a series of minigames to complete specific tasks on challenge Road compete against players around the world in the online Mario thon mini game mode and more the festivities begin when Super Mario Party launches October 5th [Music] a new story in a village with a secret to hide gamefreak presents a brand new RPG the story is set in a small village under the protection of a great castle the settlement enjoyed lasting peace that is until the sudden appearance of monsters indeed the entire story takes place in this one single village take up arms against invading monsters and strategically select from a variety of battle commands when the situation calls for it enlists the aid of fellow villagers to surmount powerful threats what secret does the village harbor find out when town releases in 2019 [Music] develop a city anytime anywhere the critically-acclaimed city building game cities skylines is coming to Nintendo switch which means there's a city in need of a new mayor you and you've got some real moving and shaking to do if you want to improve quality of life energized businesses and stimulate growth whether you're investing in roads and power lines public facilities or transportation services how the city develops is totally up to you you're kind of a big deal but in this game sometimes it's the small details that stand out most you can watch over every single citizens movements what's more both previously released downloadable content packs after dark and snowfall are included in the Nintendo switch version flex your mayoral might at home or on the go when city skylines launches today on intend o a shop a tale of belief blood and steal the moon has fallen it now the world and its inhabitants are on the brink of extinction in Damon ex machina as a mercenary you'll pilot a powered suit called an arsenal face down run away AI as you can beat enemies during combat you'll require their weapons and parts which you can equip on the fly if you haul acquired weapons back to the base they're added to your personal armory for use in future missions each Arsenal can be equipped with multiple weapons by changing between projectile and melee attacks you can adapt your weaponry to the situation at hand and gain the advantage for your side of the war at any time during battle you can exit your arsenal to explore the field on foot we can make enhancements to strengthen your human form and your arsenals abilities will be augmented as well up to four players can join forces an online co-op to take down massive bosses Jamin ex machina launches in 2019 a big adventure in a miniature world of crafts in a world made of stuff like boxes and paper cups though she will leave a pie gobble enemies and hustle on by many unusual obstacles litter the landscape a well-placed egg put open a new pathway you could turn the stage on its head I'll flip the perspective explore every nook and cranny to track down hidden collectibles and make it to the goal along the way wait but you can play the course backwards guess a change in outlook really can show you a whole different side of the world the flip side knowing he would be Yoshi's then pass a joy con controller to a friend so there's plenty to love on all sides of this crafty work right Yoshi Yoshi's crafted world releases in spring 2019 tabletop gaming is a perfect fit for Nintendo switch and to prove it as MIDI digital a leader in card and board games is bringing full adaptations of best-selling tabletop games to the system build a medieval world in a full adaptation of the award-winning Carcassonne complete with 3d maps solo mode for player local multiplayer and the game's famous expansions available as paid DLC whether you play alone or alongside a second player forge a powerful deck and a fellowship of three to face the forces of Sauron in each storage of in quest of the Lord of the Rings the living card game stop the spread of for diseases and cure them all on your own or in local 4 player multiplayer with pandemic plus its individually priced DLC based on popular expansions thanks to as MIDI this is just the beginning for tabletop gaming on Nintendo switch in addition to these titles we can also confirm that even more is on the way including one of the most popular board games ever Catan and a dungeon crawler based on Steve Jackson's iconic card game munchkin stay tuned all great creations even nations begin with a spark [Music] [Music] hold an empire in the palm of your hands and turn friends into the power elite with the exclusive pour fire local multiplayer [Music] civilization six hours in a new world uh Nintendo switch November 16th don't get too cocky starfox playtime is over in StarLink this interplanetary adventure will push you and fox mccloud to your limits let's be honest here you guys need all the help you can get peppy Falco in slippy will provide much-needed backup in the new Nintendo switch exclusive missions found only in StarLink battle for Atlas starfox warm up on me Falco here I got you covered it's time to lock on do a barrel roll and save the Atlas star system no matter who threatens to stop you [Music] mix and match parts on your own arwing when StarLink battle for Atlas takes flight October 16 two more great RPGs are coming to Nintendo switch this fall The World Ends With You final remix features an all-new story segment called a new day which contains a remixed map of Shibuya so you'll really have to scramble to escape the area or face erasure new monsters will appear as well and so will the Reaper Coco the world ends with you final remix launches October 12 before then guide a group of legendary warriors on a journey through the tragic history that doomed a kingdom and drove a hero down a dark path 500 years before the events of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 games defend yourself from malice and his forces using all the fury of this refined battle system allow you to fight as both the artificial life-forms known as blades and their masters the drivers newcomers will have the perfect place to start when xenoblade chronicles to torna the golden country launches September 21st owners of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expansion paths can download this new content tomorrow that's a week early there's tons of store on Nintendo switch and even more in store for the future join more than 38 million players for free to play cops bass ninja action when warframe launches November 20th get down to Camilla Kibeho Bruno Mars cardi B and more anytime anywhere in Just Dance 2019 on October 23rd FIFA 19 is fast approaching and you can pre-purchase it uh Nintendo eShop tomorrow so you won't miss the ball when it launches September 28th speaking of fast race as a team and win as a team in team sonic racing launching this winter the highest-rated basketball simulation franchise is back NBA 2k 19 is available now on Nintendo switch and get ready to jam in the sequel to the smash hit NBA arcade game NBA 2k playgrounds - coming this fall Leia's The Joker Harley Lex Luthor and the rest of the best of the worst in the all-new Lego DC supervillains on October 16th final fantasy comes to Nintendo switch Koopa 15 years after its debut to co-op action RPG Final Fantasy crystal Chronicles is being remastered for Nintendo switch with the new online multiplayer mode you and your friends can connect an adventure together no link cable required on top of that there are new areas inside dungeons so even returning fans can explore the unknown Final Fantasy crystal Chronicles remastered Edition will launch in 2019 way before that back players can experience the entire world and story of the latest entry in the core series that's right Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition HD launches later today on intend o eShop at an introductory price a levelled up version of world of Final Fantasy is also on the way this title includes a new feature called avatar change which allows you to transform into legendary characters from across the series storied history many fan favorites will show up in the world of Final Fantasy maximum when it releases on November 6th in addition more chocobos dungeon is on the way 2007's final fantasy fables chocobos dungeon returns in superior fashion now you can befriend all the monsters also by sharing joy khan controllers you can play cooperatively as well chocobos mystery dungeon everybody launches this winter final fantasy 12 is coming to a Nintendo system for the first time it's real time battle system is a standout in the series offering the ultimate in both freedom and strategy this remaster comes loaded with a host of extra features including a speed mode that lets you pick up the pace of your adventure there's much to discover in the expansive world of Evil's and now you can explore it on the couch or on the go final fantasy 12 the zodiac Age launches in 2019 which reminds me later on you'll also be able to enjoy these other classics and their iconic scenes anytime anywhere final fantasy 7 9 and 10 10 - HD remaster are coming to Nintendo switch in 2019 here's a bundle for the ultimate fan if you love the Super Smash Brothers series check this thing out a hardware bundle for Super Smash Brothers ultimate is on the way this specially designed dock features spiders from the original Super Smash Brothers game and of course the set also includes a download code for Super Smash Brothers ultimate there is no better way to show your love for the game [Music] and the set also packs in something you'll want to get your hands up [Music] these joique on controller support a new design as well this Super Smash Brothers ultimate bundle for Nintendo switch will launch November 2nd you can pre-order this special bundle later today November 2nd is also the day you can get your own GameCube controller adapter in GameCube controller Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Edition while supplies last that's all the headlines for Nintendo switch got a stack up still going well thank you all for watching we have a bit more to show you so please stick around until the very end what I'm a good height [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music]
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    hey nintendo can you avalible the nintendo eshop on philipins because the nintendo eshop is not avilable in my country

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    Nintendo Direct Early 2019 Predictions (Because I am bored) - This Nintendo Direct will be aired on February 7, 2019 - a Nintendo Direct featuring Nintendo 3DS + Nintendo Switch announcements with major spotlights on: Luigi’s Mansion 3 + Fire Emblem Three Houses *Nintendo 3DS Headlines* *Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn* - a release date will be given which will be May 3, 2018 and the amiibo support will be revealed *The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past (3DS)* - a Link to the Past will be remade for Nintendo 3DS using the same engine as a Link Between Worlds and will launch in Spring 2019 *Golden Sun (3DS)* - Golden Sun will be remade for Nintendo 3DS and will launch in Summer 2019 *Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Working title)* - a new Mario vs. Donkey Kong game is in development for Nintendo 3DS and will release in 2019. *Nintendo Switch Headlines & Spotlights* *SNES games coming to Nintendo Switch Online* - in addition to the selection of NES games bundles with the Nintendo Switch Online membership, starting in March 2019 SNES games will be added to the catalog and will be a downloadable application for Nintendo eShop which if subscribed to Online can grant you access to this growing lineup of SNES games. The app will be available for download after the Direct but won’t work until they officially launch in March 2019. *Yoshi’s Crafted World* - the game will launch on March 8, 2019 and will be compatible with the already released Nintendo Labo Toy Con sets. *Fire Emblem Three Houses* - the game will be given a release date of April 26, 2019 *Animal Crossing* - Animal Crossing For Nintendo Switch will be given an offical title subtitled Mayor’s Choice emphasising the choices the mayor has in this new game for Nintendo Switch. The game is planned to launch in Spring 2019 and will support existing Animal Crossing amiibo although there is no compatibility with New Leaf or Pocket Camp *Bayonetta 3* - the game will be unveiled (if not at the Game Awards 2018 which is what I think will happen.) The game will be given a release date of May 24, 2019 *Luigi’s Mansion 3* - Luigi’s Mansion 3 will return to its original roots from the Game Cube game and the adventure will take place in a hotel. No further release details (just 2019) *Metroid Prime 4* - Metroid Prime 4 subtitled Renegade will be unveiled in this Nintendo Direct (if it wasn’t announced at Game Awards 2018). The game will be talked about with developers and will talk about the progress on the game. The game is guaranteed to launch in 2019 and will not be a 2020 game *Star Fox Grand Prix* - Retro Studios’ new game for Nintendo Switch will be announced being the E3 rumoured Star Fox Grand Prix game. It was actually considered as an E3 2018 announcement although it was not ready to be revealed. The game will be a Racing game featuring characters from the 26 year long series and will have Star Fox gameplay elements to the race. The game is planned to launch in Summer 2019. *The Legend of Zelda (Working title)* - a new 2D top down perspective Zelda game is confirmed to be in development for the Nintendo Switch. No release date is given suggesting “early in development” and won’t release until 2020. While this new game is in development fans can get a little taste by playing the Nintendo 3DS remake of a Link to the Past

  • Sergio ponce

    birdo diddy kong petey piranha & kirby in mario kart 8 deluxe for dlc?

  • Its_NP

    And... Bowsette have come...