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Box of Lies with John Cena

  • Published on: 2018-10-10
  • Now, here's how it works. Upstage are nine mystery boxes [ Audience shouting ] -Far too far for me to reach. [ Laughter ] Okay, doesn't seem that heavy, -That's correct. -Nothing is heavy to John Cena. Okay. ♪♪ This is all part -- Okay. -This object, Jimmy Fallon... Precious metal and gemstones. [ Light laughter ] -It's something bejeweled. -It might be. [ Light laughter ] because I just told you it was. -That's right. Yeah, you did, yeah. cosmetic lipstick. -Yes. That's ridiculous. that anyone's ever done -This is your game, bro. -It's a lipstick container? -It is a lipstick container. -You are telling the truth! -I am. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Bell dinging ] -Yeah. -Now, that would have -- Three. -[ Groaning ] -So, it's not heavy. [ Laughter ] -Whoop. -I've seen you strain. -[ Singing ] -It's not -- It's not large. It's not large. -It's not large. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ It's... It's two little honeybees. And they're -- they're, uh... [ Laughter ] They're playing -- And, yeah. -You -- -Two -- -You are not good. You're lying. ♪♪ -Welcome to my -- [ Foghorn blows ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Audience shouting ] -I have a one. I have a whole section. Sorry, six guy. All right. -Six guy. [ Light laughter ] Okay. ♪♪ -It's art. [ Light laughter ] -Industrialism, okay. -I hold in my hands of a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS. [ Light laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] It appears to be a big block. -Uh-huh, uh-huh. if he has any pants on at all. [ Light laughter ] -Oh, keep talking, buddy. I know you, Johnathan Cena. This is a lie. Is that right? [ Cheers and applause ] [ Bell dinging ] I love you, man. [ Cheers and applause ] John Cena, everybody! Oh, my goodness.
  • Runtime: 07:06
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  • Garrey Kowalson

    What the hell is that what is that John cents hair what the hell is that

  • Raj Prado

    Who else read the title with a tune?😂

  • Nyro

    Yo i still remember long ago the last time i saw John Cena. He was in the ring and all of a sudden he took his hand put it right to his face, waved it and said "You Can't See Me". And Till this day i never saw him again...

  • Emad AB

    We want to see Brad Pitt playing this

  • George East

    How did Jimmy McFrickin know to open and twist the lipstick as if he knew that it’d be no ordinary lipstick. Jimmy knows al of the items in the boxes. His game is rigged

  • Jacky 6498

    So... is John Cena count as telling the truth if he describe the object wrongly but not on purpose? 🤔

  • Bendy Wire

    Does anyone else really wanna see Steve Carrel play this?

  • fae jung

    why does john cena look like phoenix wright

  • TechJunkie

    He should play Jason-Gordon Levitt on steroids

  • Matthew

    He is not playing alone you can see john cena playing duh

  • Kaylee Lopez

    If that lipstick would of had a middle finger 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sunrocks

    I just found out that John cena’s full name is johnathan Cena

  • TheCarrifaery Bear

    i notice how many of your game segments involve the practice of lying. weird.

  • Sadie Annette

    Why is Jimmy talking to thin air? Never mind that, why is Jimmy talking to thicc air?

  • Nathaniel Pace

    Kinda weird to see a grown man talk to himself on live TV. That's why jimmy makes the big bucks

  • Yo Ko

    I knew it was a lie because The Fonz has a BROWN jacket. I didn't see what was in the box.

  • kevindoc84


  • Laksh Khanchandani


  • Chazzolistic Films

    Jimmy: makes strange sounds and acts like the box is heavy John: so it’s not heavy Me: lol 😂

  • iPhone 6

    It’s very fantastic game 🥊🅰️

  • Anna

    Pause at 1:36 I can't stop laughing

  • dear Sal

    first time I see John cena with longer hair

  • Neal R

    I had a feeling there was more to John’s first item than he thought. lol

  • Pa7NaSS

    i love this game so much.. i'm gonna be on your show soon and we'll play this game, watch out jimmy fallon

  • Stud Muffin

    This is so staged jimmy knows what is in the box’s and everything

  • TAB

    Where's John Cena? Has Jimmy lost it?

  • CrispySauce

    Lol imagine just sitting there talking by yourself

  • Ojas Arora

    Items are sliding out of boxes by themselves wow nice editing and why is Jimmy alone

  • Hawaipandat

    4:27 someone please make a meme out of Jimmy's face

  • raeesmerelda

    my favorite game they play, because whatever comes out of these boxes is always ridiculous.

  • evinn

    The more John cena tries to move away from the wwe look, the weirder and weirder he actually looks

  • T-RX

    U know the host is hella boring when they need to come up with cringy games to 'entertain' the guests

  • rishita bhardwaj

    I just clicked on this video to read these you can't see me comments...

  • Shan Gupta

    They should really put some stuff that is heavy for him now.


    Let me guess... most of the comments are about Jimmy playing alone.

  • Charo Garcia

    Did yall notice that jimmy grabbed john cena's ass at the end ?? Lmaooo gayyyyyy

  • Bennett Miller

    90% of comments: Jimmy is playing by himself 10% of comments:: something random

  • Elizabeth Su

    It would probably be more fun if he played with another person.

  • Ranjan Kumar Jena

    was the little fancy model in the last box that cena drew out jimmy??😂😂

  • Kyle Wheeler

    I think Cena is doing the wrong game here, he should be doing water war

  • Grunge Gaming

    When Jimmy has got no guests so he plays the game with himself.....

  • MiNuTe RoCko

    Cena is so at acting and funny .. probably way better then Dwayne Johnson..John Cena will be a great actor in Hollywood 😎

  • Mcaila C

    Omg John cents hair, has he been growing it out???

  • Reeyo M

    Are we just gonna ignore John's absolutely cute dimples 😹💖💜

  • Freddie Mercury

    Am i the only one who's a little freaked out that Jimmy is playing with a floating suit?

  • qt

    Why is Jimmy playing himself ? 😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • Taye Nic

    Yo it took me waay too long to get all the “Why is jimmy playing alone” comments

  • Ali Røse

    As soon as I heard people say NUMBER 3, I thought of that once scene from Shrek.