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Blind Pickle Taste Test

  • Published on: 2018-09-13
  • - Today we eat some awful pickles. - Let's talk about that. (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning. - As the best Mythical Beasts know, like eating ceviche in Denver. by the crew in mystery liquids. And we were actually inspired to do this by today's sponsor, Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community This is really gonna take our photo shoots to the next level. learn how young guru engineers for Jay-Z, an introduction to audio recording. So, since it's back-to-school season, or will this cuke make us puke? Sponsored by Skillshare. in various liquids. - Mhm, get it right, get a point. - What? - They win. a glass of brine in Good Mythical More. (funky music) Okay, first pickle, ooh, dark pickle. It's what they call a, It's what they call a dark pickle. - Oh, I think they call it a darkle. - A darkle. That's better. - Get a little bit more of the word dark. - Okay. - Dickle is something else. - Well. - It stinks. That is musty. This is round one? Where do we go from here? - It's bitter. It's nasty. But whatever we brined this in has kept it from doing something good. I actually think I have an answer. Three, two, one. - Chocolate. it's a dickle. These hints were written by Micah, so I'm just gonna say that. - [Stevie] This pickle's cool beans. - Oh beans, bean juice. - Coffee. - Boom! Very bitter. - So here it is. - The hint is the answer, beans. - You wanna know how to make a darkle? Trickle it in the-- - Stick your darkle in, no, don't. (Link spits) All right, next one. (funky music) Okay, not quite as darkle. kinda pickly. Like if I saw that I'd be like, uh, - There's a little brownness to it. That would kill us. - [Josh] That's the guess, formaldehyde. (Rhett chuckles) - It's bad as well. Golly, I'm afraid to bite this. I'm gonna lick it. Lick your pickle. Lickle. - Very salty, man. - Still tastes like a cucumber to me. - I can't decide if this is, oh, I think I know it. I think this is something that you eat at a Chinese restaurant. - [Stevie] You ready to guess? - I am. - Sure. - [Stevie] Three, two, one. - [Stevie] Okay, no. - It does have an oysteriness-- but here's Micah's hint. This pickle will take your broth away. - Clam. - Take your broth away? - Beef broth. - [Stevie] Here's another great one. (Rhett laughs) - Ramen! I said chicken noodle. - It did have an oystery sauceness to it. Oh, is that it? Wow that's beautiful. - We're tied up. (funky music) This one looks just like the last one. - It has a residue. It's wrinkled it. You guys wrinkles a pickle. Wrinkle. Well I just said the word wrinkle. Oh this is a little sweet. It's still absolutely horrible. - No this is not bad. Sorry, I normally don't do this. Lick a harmonica. - It seems like cheating. I'm gonna do it too. - It's sweet, right? - It's sweet and savory at the same time. - It's some form of candy. Mm. - [Stevie] You ready? - Oh, I think I got it. - [Stevie] Three, two, one. Coca-Cola. - [Stevie] What did you say, Rhett? I had no guess. I don't think it's Coke. (Link spits) - [Stevie] Okay, here's your hint. - That wasn't right? - [Stevie] So this pickle gets to the root - Root beer! That's like giving half the answer. - Hey Micah. (clicks tongue) I got you. I got you, bro. (funky music) like a raw tuna slice, to me. - Purple pickle. - It's not purple, that's pink. - Purkle. - This is pink, man. That's flesh. This is a flesh pickle. - Man, you keep saying flesh pickle, and you keep iterating on that, you know what you're gonna get to. You're gonna get back to dickle again. - Oh. (Link clears throat) Oh my. - I don't like pickles I think. - Ooh, ooh. I know what this is too. - I got this one. it's taking me, I'm ready to celebrate. and then I'm gonna celebrate. - [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. (crew laughs) - [Stevie] You're both really close, but I'm gonna look for the exact thing. Strawberry wine. - Beer. - [Stevie] This pickle tickles me pink. - Pink champagne, pink wine! - Pink grapefruit champagne. - [Stevie] What is pink wine called? (Rhett and crew laughing) - You know what, Link? Hey man. Truce. You can drink the pickle wine. (laughs) Not me! (laughs) (funky music) Here's just a cucumber, just laying there. These are very floppy too. - What on earth, this has got a, this smells like a schoolboy. Like trying to go to his first dance. Is this cologne? Anymore. (chuckles) I don't know what's happened to you. - I remember the first cologne I ever-- - Smells like a schoolboy! was called Big Man, and it was like, - It smelled like this. (Rhett grunts) (spits) You have a spit bucket! This is right in front of me, man. - That was for the schoolboy comment. I know the family, but I don't know, - It's cleaner. (chuckles) ♪ Schoolboy pickle ♪ All right, here we go, let's guess. - [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. - [Stevie] You're close. - Is real suave, oh, Rhett got it. (Rhett chuckles) - Three to one, man, you're pulling ahead. - Well four to one, actually. - Oh gosh, it's citrusy though. (funky music) - Okay Link, I'm up four to one, - How about four points? - Okay, four points. - Okay, you're quite the gentleman. Oh. - Oh I just did! - (chuckles) Oh oh! - It's a stinky. - Whoa, that's bad! Whoa that is intense! (Link gags) - It takes your breath away. My eyes are watering. You think I'm gonna put that in my mouth? - You got to, man! You got to! You gotta put it in your mouth! Put the pickle in your mouth! - I can't decide if it smells like fish or, I don't want this to drip on my-- (Rhett gags) - Oh gosh! - I can't decide if it's fish or like, a bodily excretion. (gags) - I wanted to say durian at first, but it's so much worse than durian. 'Cause I actually like durian. - (gags) The smell is so bad and now, I'm not putting my mouth in that, on that, See if you could do that. - If you're able to put that in your mouth and keep it there and guess-- - I'm side tonguing it. - If you put your tongue on it. It's so... - Side tongue it. Side tongue it, see what happens. (Link coughs and gags) (both gagging) I have a guess! I have a guess! - [Stevie] Three, two, one. - [Stevie] Rhett got it. - Oh it is surstromming! I should have known that. - Oh gosh! (Rhett gags loudly) - I couldn't even formulate a guess! (Rhett yells disgustedly) It induces a gag every single time. - Josh, take it, take it back to your lair where you invent these crazy, stupid-- - [Josh] Was it good though? - Thanks so much to Skillshare for sponsoring today's episode. The first 5,000 people to use this link will get a free two month trial. - We repeat, skillshare.com/gmm. - Thanks for liking, commenting-- - 5,000, two month trial. - You know what time it is. Oh crap, did he make it? (Rhett chuckles) I guess so if he uploaded the video. - That was from the black box. - He was spinning. in Good Mythical More. - That's a Snickers inside of a pickle, and some other stuff. Click on through.
  • Runtime: 13:30
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