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Infinity Stone Power Bands

  • Published on: 2018-08-05
  • [Music] But rather than a gauntlet, and so we've got a whole bunch of stones, This is the pinky stone for Grant. What it does is it spins really really fast, sand paper that keeps wet, and we're going to grind down the back. It's really flattening it out. [Music] What's the next step? to hug that stone just perfectly. to cut just a little bit extra. [Music] >> All right, we've got our little band What do we do? >> Okay so, we always double check it, and it looks like it's perfect. that these ends are flat. It usually pinches it off at the tip. So we're not filing any-- So what I usually do is I go over, so I'll have you work on that. >> Cool. >> It's like reverse tweezers. >> Exactly. And it's going to hold these in place and then we're going to apply flux. And what flux does is as it heats up, it cleans the surface of the brass, and tells the solder where to go basically. and it wouldn't melt into the crack. It will just end up overheating, Solder comes in three different heats. We have hard medium and easy, This is 0.925 sterling silver, then work our way down to easy. [Music] which is currently closed together nicely. let it heat up, be moving in closer and closer, What is it I'm looking for? We don't wanna keep on there too long and going to different parts of the brass. And we also don't want it to bubble out. >> And so, once it starts to puddle, >> Probably around half second. And we're using butane torches. >> Butane. [Music] >> Brass is a bit more... >> Yeah, exactly. and then when you move in a little closer, and we're going to see kind of bubble, and eventually it's gonna go clear, >> This is all oxidizing. [Music] >> Our solder has moved. [Music] And brass is forgiving. There we go. Let's go back and forth one more time, and have that flow tiny bit more. >> I was--I was too quick. >> And that's it. Great! Cool. So now what we have here, that covered that whole crack. >> Quenching. [Music] It's fine to [inaudible] That should fit snug. >> Very discolored. >> That's when we polish it. and then we'll polish it. Now that we have our stone in our bezel, the next step is in to getting the sheet. and we're going to measure it out, and just cut a little more than enough [Music] >> It's a little warped. >> It's really warped. >> Exactly. because it does not do any real dents. [Music] and medium melts a little bit lower... but it will still bond to the brass, so we don't lose what we've already done. >> That's right. The important part about this solder It's less dense. There's less metal there. is for the bezel to get hot, Okay, let's aim down and go in circles. So we're going to see-- and I'll come in here, Right now, we're pretty hot. So I want you to aim right in the center, [Music] Perfect. So it looks like over here, that's haven't quite melted. So kind of go up and down on this end, and big circles again. Solder goes where it's hottest. and you are good. So put the flame down. [Music] So now we have this piece of brass. The bezel is soldered down to the sheet. and an important part about this step It's tempting but it will get stuck. So we can kind of place it in there, get an idea of how it's going to look, after it's all polished. just to cut as close as we can to the bezel to get right up against the edges. [Music] >> That looks great. So this is exactly what you want to see, >> Sweet. Now comes time to do the ring band. So we're aiming for that size 5 right there. and trying to get to that size 5. Once you kind of have the rough shape, go ahead and just cut it. Cut it like right here. >> Yeah. So now what we do, We don't really worry about size as much. [Music] and this-- and the brass sheet. so it lays flat. So, that's perfect! Like I said earlier, the more connection, the better for a solder. So we're going to flux this up, as always, >> Easy solder this time? >> Yes! The goal with this solder and make that connection strong. But we do not want to get too hot >> Exactly. We do want the band to be hot as well. A little closer... [Music] [Music] That's great! Perfect! >> All right. >> All right, go ahead and quench it. [Music] That looks like a ring. >> Okay. So now comes the next step, How long do we leave it in there? >> We leave it in for like 5-10 minutes, [Music] Okay, so we pulled it out of a Crock-Pot, across all of the brass. >> Exactly. and underneath that, they're more like sandpaper. [Music] and for the most part, All right, the stone is set. This was a pretty tight fit. >> So, this is call it burnishing tool, over the top of the stone like that all the way around. Put your whole strength into it. >> Awesome. under them at the moment. I can't quite get them on all of the fingers. I've just got them set up like this. But they're looking pretty nice. Powerful as Thanos. [Music] or the GemStudio.com. and you should go check that out. So you never miss out on a video. Talk to you then.
  • Runtime: 15:47
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