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Whatever you think he did, he's innocent | Wayne


  • Daniam68

    Dude I swear am I the only that thinks the cop at the beginning sounds like Steve Rogers from captain American

  • VioZillaVictor

    content creators:aren't even allowed to point a toy gun at a camera YouTube Originals:stabs kid with carrot

  • Ty Barney

    Anybody notice what was in the background

  • mmmhhmm

    When I first saw the description wayne I thought that this is gonna be another batman spinoff......I was kind of not wrong I guess maybe

  • Ø G

    Always see this on ‘Featured’

  • snoopy 69

    Yoooo the musician kid from singstreet..I knew he's gonna make it big!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Alright YouTube I finally watched it now get it out of my recommendations

  • StaticzLive

    I wanna watch this but don’t have YouTube premium

  • Fxrrell Gxming

    Why did this guy remind me of Batman oohhhh 😂😂😂😀😀

  • Koi Duhe

    I’m just here to say I thought that was Drake

  • Mateo Klepper

    Concerned about what this will communicate to youth who struggle with managing violent behavior, that some how this movie will reinforce that it is ok to resort to aggression in order to get needs met.

  • Robot04 Gaming

    YouTube, stop shoving your shriveled up nuts into the throats of all ur users

  • Christian

    Who else thought the thumbnail was drake bell ? Lmao

  • Karl Sookdeo

    Hes the millennial anti Christ we need but not the one we deserve.

  • Mister Gaylord

    This title is misogynistic. You can only make that claim about women.

  • Luke Warren

    Hey!!! I'm actually an extra in this show... I'm super pumped cuz it actually doesn't look half bad

  • Ice Flame

    There’s a bassoon private lessons teacher at my school that looks like Wayne just older and with facial hair XD

  • tim

    But does Wayne burn?

  • S GQ

    Why do you need money for everything?

  • Caio Barros

    Did you guys gonna put some portuguese subtitles?

  • 4n0m4ly

    Beta male soy boy trying to act hard.

  • Ian Snider

    Soooooo batman spinoff? Or batman multiverse?

  • Jaco Brown

    I swear I been thinking this was Drake Bell for like 2 weeks

  • Jake !

    I thought this was about Bruce Wayne

  • Nnenna

    Yeah okay, but did you hear about Regina George?

  • GuelphRacing

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have an excellent day :)

  • blondie

    omfg it's eamon from sing street

  • Hello Zen

    I wanna watch this but I also don’t wanna pay for YouTube Premium

  • laserluck 08

    My real name is Wayne so I really interested in this 👌👍👍👍😎

  • pidge pidgey

    Looks really good but I 100% thought it was gonna be Bruce Wayne

  • brady50429

    Okay ? Where is lil Wayne again sorry but no

  • Amber M


  • Silvy Riios

    No me voy de vacaciones con el pero yo estoy trabajando y tú también