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Train Ride Of Shame (Babysitter 8 Ft. SomethingElseYT)

  • Published on: 2018-10-10
  • it started out as a romantic adventure we had skipped from skipped town spent the night three hours away in Boston so we could watch the sunrise and now that it was time to go back we had a minor problem you can't get on the bus see one way to Boston shoot I thought they were two-way unless you got some money there's zero way I don't have any money but Wow this dress has pockets I know this is overdramatic but in the moment it felt like we were left for dead we really wanted to go home we didn't have a way to get there it was just me her and 55 cents wait I have an idea bikinis with pockets I don't know if she said that but stupid jokes is what I needed right then mm-hmm I'm stuck in a strange city with no cellphones and enough money for one call are you sure you should call your parents they would have been furious we secretly snuck off so far I did not want to let them know so I called someone that would keep a secret from mom and dad grandma don't worry she'll know what to do unfortunately she's not who answered are you okay by the way that's something else whitey he voiced the bus driver and did a great job he also told me to tell you he is one fine piece of ass can you put grandma on oh she's taking a nap as you said so creepy that you kill grandma no she's taking a nap now whatever you want make it quick I'm building a shrink ray why because I want to make your head at normal size hurry up before I hang up no wait this is a payphone I'm in Boston with the babysitter and I need money to get back home fine I'll help you under one condition yeah sure anything what is it she wants to talk to you I thought it was weird she wanted to talk to her but if it was gonna get us home I was gonna do it we had a solution and I didn't have to call my dad and by the way he hated Boston like he would drive three hours there and if he couldn't find free street parking he would drive right back home and I know my sister's evil but when it counts she had a heart what wait what just happened she said you want to go to some art school that's impossible you would have told me right I actually wanted to talk to you about that Alex uh-huh wait where are you going she took off yeah I have looked at an art school but this was not how she was supposed to find out then she hopped this turnstile jumped on a train and I'm like all right wait you didn't what I don't want to do this so it was either jump this turnstile or get caught by the subscribe button it wasn't that dramatic but I did have to hop on a train now on a movie this is probably where we'd get split up and I'd spend the rest of the video trying to find her but this was worse I didn't know what to say why didn't you tell me I don't know why I hadn't decided yet so I'm not part of the decision I guess I could have said something sooner and that's the story of my life yes I should have said something sooner the Alex Clarke story written by Alex is an idiot I'm sorry I I don't have to go to that school you don't get it do you I want to show you something what I didn't know where we were going but I wanted to go home by the way thanks if you click the like button I appreciate you watching the videos after we got off that train she showed me something like this you could do that like right now how's that gonna get us home no they just remind me of you if you want to go to art school I think you should I just wanted you to tell me in the first place I'm sorry and sorry my sister kind of stranded us here wait on the phone she did mention something my uncle no I didn't have any relatives in Boston but my uncle would commute two hours in to work at this fancy high secure Bank and my sister told my girlfriend to get off the government center because that's where the bank was now I'd only been there once or twice but Boston's not that big we can find it so we spent a couple hours getting lost and then getting lost again but eventually I started recognizing stuff that's my dad's favorite place in Boston the street with free parking and that's my dad's favorite coffee shop unlimited free refills so that means right over here is the bank financial institution hi we're here to see my super cool super handsome super awesome uncle uncle if you're watching I like some new Bose headphones don't worry it was just like a high-security bank and not a big deal I'm Alex Clark and this is babysitter I know there's not that many banks that have this much security I had been here before I was used to it that's why I wasn't expecting this I'm gonna ask you one more time who said you one of those performer guys who's making balloon animals for this crying kid fix this whole mood what would you like sir a pony a dog now I never gave a balloon animal to a man that was interrogating us and around the eighth grade I did wind up in a room just like that with an officer but was not happy to see us we were scared we kept telling them we were there to see my uncle and he kept yelling at us acting like we were doing something wrong if you just bring my uncle down he'll explain everything Jon it's Saturday no one works on Saturday if you're not gonna listen to me I'll find someone you will listen to we've done to be continued before and what I don't like about that is that it takes months for the sequel to come out and that's why I've decided the sequel to this episode will come out this Saturday October 13th at 7 a.m. Pacific Standard Time we're nearing the end of our babysitter story and I would not have been able to make this so good without the help of awesome animators and an awesome sponsor that's why I'd like to give a huge thank you to VR VDOT co / Alex if you're a fan of cartoons then you'll be excited to hear they just added a bunch of Nicola Nickelodeon shows it's a channel called Nick's plan plus all the other cartoons they have I mean that's why you go to vr vc o slash alley it's got all these shows ad free and they're easy to watch offline I know I'll be watching some episodes of my favorite Rocko's Modern Life and one more thing I recently met all the folks that run birf they have this party and they were just so genuine and nice that it made me want to work with them more yeah what am i I'm trying to say that you know you vote on things with your money and these dudes were nice so if you want to support something nice run by nice people then do Verve link down in the description and for the folks that have been asking we do all our animation in Toon Boom and we draw on huion tablets and yes the tour is still happening we're just locking down all the dates I'm Alex Clark and I will see you somewhere [Music]
  • Runtime: 08:15
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