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I Gave My Dads Car a MAKEOVER & He Was SO MAD... (crazy reaction)

  • Published on: 2018-10-08
  • as a lot of you guys may know the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I chose the color pink to wrap my dad's car and to shed more light on this subject because I know a lot of people are affected by this so in the description I left a link if you want to read more about it and possibly donate to help the cause thank you guys so much and I hope you enjoy the video you guys get one good last look at my dad's brand new Mercedes just admire this because it's not going to look like this in a little bit he's got pop a rug engraved there he's got the license plate popper rug and this is one of the cleanest Mercedes I have ever seen but it is not gonna be this clean after what I'm gonna do dad I know you're watching this and I know you're probably super pissed because you already know what I did to the car but basically guys my dad is not here he's out of state he's in Michigan visiting his family and I came up with like a really great prank idea because for those who don't know my mom and dad teamed up together to spray-paint my Lamborghini as a prank and it came off and everything but that was a very cruel prank okay I love my Lamborghini cool now I'm scared no I'm okay okay if people see you doing this they're gonna call on us I swear go go go go go oh there's somebody just sits it's this is Homer let them walk and that was honestly very cruel so my mom actually told me that my dad is the one that came up with that prank so dad you're not off the hook I have not pranked you in so long and you're not off the hook so guys I am taking this bad boy right here to SD rap to get my dad's car a brand new rap now I'm not even gonna explain what I'm gonna do to the car because we don't really have a general idea all I know is that it's gonna be something my dad hates a lot you see I could have went two ways with this video one rap my dad's car and made it something amazing and something that he would love or to wrap it in something that he would not want to drive his car after seeing it and me being the great son I am I'm going with the second choice so I'll pick up the vlog at SD rap and we're gonna explain what rap we're going with dad you look amazing I have a great surprise waiting for you when you come home I don't know I don't know you're gonna have to wait and find out I'm not spoiling it don't worry you're gonna love it when you come home yo guys I'm so sorry for interrupting the video but I did want to talk to you guys about this cool app that I discovered it's called vigo video and it's an app for discovering and watching and even creating cool videos I think it's C right here when you download it you can go on the feed and the discover page and you can discover all these creators and make all these awesome videos now the best part about this and I'm super stoked to tell you guys that beagle video has teamed up with Paul works to make it possible to find thousands of homes for furry friends and it's super super easy guys all you have to do is download the app make an account and create a video with the hashtag make it possible whether you have a pet or even if you don't have a pet you could take one minute out of your day create an account make a video hash that make it possible and one dollar will be donated to Paul works and hopes to find homes for homeless animals so guys please be sure to go to the top of the description download vigo video create an account and make a video with the hashtag make it possible and a dollar will be donated to Paul works it's that easy guys it takes one minute out of your day and I would not be talking about this if I was not all about it so let's try to get that $10,000 donation for Paul works and let's make it possible all right let's get right back into the video sorry for the interruption alright guys so I'm on my way to SD rap right now and I thought of something I made a flamethrower video a couple days ago and I flamed different items and I remember I was trying to flame throw watermelon and I was very frustrated as to why the watermelon wasn't popping or bursting or melting and then I realized it's water melon water melon made 90% of water today's the day I realized where I'm dumb dumb alright guys I'm here at SD rap and look at what they got going right here the ace family ice cream truck I remember when they hit ten mill hey I have no idea what they're gonna be doing with it next but if it's that SD rap it's in good hands but check it out so we actually just discuss what we're gonna do with my dad's car and I don't want to give it away but all I'm gonna say is that the base color of the whole car is gonna be bubblegum pink so already it's gonna be really bad but you guys don't know about the details that are gonna be put on to the car along with the bubblegum pink what do you guys think about that color we'll save that save that if you want to save it they don't know what we discussed flash one color really good together how bad there yet oh that does not go that's another color that's gonna be on the car but in a design that it's gonna be awful know how to prank and you want to ruined it go straight back to Michigan yup yup real quick before I leave I do want to let you guys know that I am dropping off my Lambo soon yeah oh my god exactly when I pick up the Mercedes I'm gonna drop off my Lambo so he can't drive it dude cuz like sometimes when he goes out he takes my Lambo somehow someway I know you guys are still gonna make it look dope to my daddy it's gonna be awesome we gotta start talking about the Lambo 100% we already have some ideas oh it's gonna be crazy I can't wait Rugrats I know you guys have been waiting for the second version of the limbo or just third second I wish you luck with this prank I mean dad don't get mad at me get mad at them they're doing and for us to remove it we're so busy I feel bad all right so I'm leaving SD rap right now and I completely forgot I had a tattoo appointment in LA with Romeo Lacoste the one and only and I'm not gonna spoil the tattoo that I'm getting it's really meaningful I'm actually very excited to share this with you guys you guys are a huge part of it so I guess we're going to LA right now all right guys just pulled up to the shop thanks for having me dude of course welcome to the California Dream we are gonna kill this tattoo what are we doing today this is your first one this is my second what was your first dude why don't I have a Rugrats tattoo my that one was my first tattoo guys I'm getting a second tattoo by the best tattoo artists in the world Romeo Lacoste if you haven't heard of them he's done so many people's tattoos like him some Bieber ariana grande a ninja ninja boy guys I know that might be a surprise to you that I'm getting a tattoo because I didn't mention this at all but it's something that I've actually been planning for a long time it's something very meaningful very detailed and of course I want to get a tattoo if it didn't involve you guys you guys are a huge part of this tattoo and I can't wait to share it with you guys I'm not gonna tell them what we're getting now I think we should save it a surprise we have to save it do they know why you're getting it in honor of 10mil we can't tell them that guys in honor of 10 million you know that's massive I might have one I'm almost in the middle your tenth right for us crazy guys you got to get my boy Romeo to a mill and you guys will see why after the tattoos this guy's super town so you ready to kill it congratulations really thank you you definitely show some respect for that I appreciate that man yo let's get it I got you all right I know you guys are all super stoked to see my tattoo I'm so excited to show you I have it right now but I decided I want to save it for tomorrow's video I hope you guys understand because I want to kind of explain the meaning of it and it really means a lot to me and I'm sure you guys are all going to love it I'm so happy with it no regrets whatsoever and I think I'm gonna have like the whole cloud house react to it as well so anybody yeah and I want to save it for tomorrow but right now I am in front of SD rap because I got a call saying Papa rugs car is done I got no pictures nothing they did this in three days so I'm really curious as to how this turned out I'm actually very nervous because like I don't want my dad to disown me I'm nervous okay I'm nervous let's go see you guys my dad comes home tomorrow morning by the way so we got it done just in time you know I see the car from the outside right now no way that's my dad's car right now yeah I'm sorry papa rug I am so sorry I love you so much you're going to have the best Christmas gift for my whole family what up what have you done dude what have you got you right on are you ready for this I mean I see the back of it it's so bad no no no hold on it's not your fault okay like it's all me but I try to put it more on you and dude no it's all good like I deserve it but oh no way no what are you you're a Papa rug he's gonna be looking pretty hot flying this thing definitely wait hold on I haven't even checked out the whole thing yet wait wait to the hood oh my god should I just show them right now I mean guys okay hold on real quick I'm sorry dad I love you three two one oh oh oh my god dad it's just a prank it's just a prank okay look this way what oh my god the flames on the side the bubble gum pink wrap no way hold on so I'm not gonna lie the flames and the pink kind of look sick you're trying to go for really really bad you guys can't no you guys definitely did get closed the only ugly thing about this car is I got ready no way my dad is going to kill me yeah what do you think about the rap like we were going for hideous and ugly I still think it kind of came out cool but maybe my dad is not gonna be now you'll find out reaction soon right yeah there's more oh boy yeah okay guys so I didn't even tell you I have a birthday dinner tonight and I don't have time to drop this car off at home so guess who's pulling up in the pink Mercedes with my face on the hood I'm gonna get all my family's reaction with this because we're all going out for dinner big yeah I seriously want to thank you for doing this in three days you and the whole crew guys as the rap kills it as usual you already know I've been honk at three times after driving for five minutes I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but I am getting the weirdest looks on the road this is not good and I have to go to a dinner at a fancy restaurant right now do you think he's actually gonna be mad or no the flame when I wait wait until the front please wait until the front is it nice yeah yeah I Joey uh-huh it's not bad until you see that it's really not bad actually do you think he's gonna get matter or no yeah on camera no they get our we got our large crowd in the front oh yeah they don't know yeah yeah like I'll take this panoramic view is it's not a pig though it's not it's not pink just cuz they wrapped the car that's so this is fake it's not a real camera from above is that what you thought that's how much you pay for this car babe I thought I'd rode was always following okay guys good morning good morning guys mom arrived in the house papa rug is five minutes away I am so excited Oh God it was wait why am i excited I'm excited to see him I'm not excited for his reaction I know I'm scared look at it so guys this is how we're gonna reveal it to him so it's sitting here in the garage facing that way and if you guys didn't know the best part about this it's my face right there and what we're gonna do is my dad's gonna come and we're all gonna say hi this and that he already knows there's a surprise waiting for remember we told there's a surprise I'm gonna have him stand right in front of the garage we're gonna open it and that's how we're gonna reveal it the pepto bismal Mercedes first ever you like it I knew you'd like it I figured you'd like it I like you said the best part is your picture and I wish it was like I don't know my dad's just very unpredictable just know that I have no idea what to expect but we will pick up the vlog on Papa right gets home I'm so excited to see and Bosley's just ready look at the loaf of bread man look who just pulled up oh my gosh dad lay Bosley wait wait wait dad how are you I missed you dad what about your wife yeah what's up Tony Oh a whole week without papa rug it was hell dad were so happy the Rugrats missed you for sure Bosley just doesn't care or what like look like a boss he's mad look he's he's literally mad wait dad remember that surprise I told you about oh yeah are you ready it's so good mom I don't think he's ready for this look come here come here I'm gonna have you stand right here in front of this garage and face that way close his eyes yeah stand right there could possibly be a new car oh I've been gone a week hey Dad stand right here hey which door would you choose oh okay mom mom go open the garage dad stand right here close your eyes close the eyes I don't wanna know you have to you have to it's nothing's gonna pop up at you I promise are you nervous oh my god you're gonna love it I promise I'm so excited stay like that on top of that no open it open it hold on don't open your eyes dad please I'm trusting you Oh dad hold on all right ready face this way all right in three two one open your eyes [Applause] [Music] hey surprise welcome home no it's definitely your car but I put your favorite Sun on the hood dad dad take a look like look there's some nice flames I thought you liked pink what a lie you can just see it in your face dad this is a prank man I had to get you with a ugly rad this is your car look like this is right and this is your card the Papa rogue license plate and everything and flames and a nice little face rug no I think this is yours and by the way everyone at SD rap is like super super busy for like the next couple weeks so yeah there's no like they don't have any appointments for you to take it off what do you think yeah well I just remembered when you like spray paint in my Lambo with mom and she told me that it was your idea so that's how I thought it was just some handsome handsome kid look he has a tattoo - oh wait did you see the tattoo you like it no no no no no because this is what Papa rug opened his eyes to when the garage open what would you guys do leave it in the comment section down below if I did this to your car I'm sure Papa wants to go back to Michigan okay guys I'm gonna end the video there Papa you have to keep this rap on for a while guys make sure you hit that subscribe button if you are new smash that like button papa rug is home so you can beat a lot more videos I know Tony what do you think about the rap we can drive it no way surprising his brother with a new car I hope you all have a great rest you date other than batsmen rug Tony and we are out peace
  • Runtime: 17:53
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