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  • Atane Amen

    If you are interested in our today fixed soccer game WhatsApp or call +1 (757) 330-4269

  • rinen roy

    Bubble ur gum... Into my sweet channel... #rinen roy @rinen roy

  • Alfred  Aubry

    💪🏽 fuck that in the gym jamming. Flex on these bitches while I pop my gum 😂

  • King Levi

    Why did they have to kill 2pac why couldn’t it be all the crap mumbling rappers these days

  • Fatu Granger

    This song would have been a joke 5 years ago 😂 wtf happened?

  • Tyler young

    pop bubble gum, pop bubble gum while i rap like a bum pop bubble gum pop bubble gym while i rap like a bum skrt skrtt skrrtttttt ferrari rariiii rarii benz benz benzz get rich woahh ohh ohh ahhh bentleyy Quavo is the best rapper alive. best lyrics ever

  • cuzjuan

    the post apocalyptic scene dont make sense unless quavo ready to pop off lol

  • Daniel Justo Padilla

    Esto suena que le duele que le duele que nicki ya no le dara ese culo a este hijo de puta!

  • Dominic Campbell

    So, I'm curious. When did the concept of having a music video that fit the song become extinct?

  • Kyle Kline

    Looks like the episode of spongebob where squidward goes to the future and it's all chrome.

  • Martez Mcfarland

    Nigga doing his thang. Stop hating with the negative comments. They are making double money. Money as migos and money as solo artist.knowledge is 💪

  • Miles Jones

    Ready player one movie. If you haven't seen it, watch it and this will make more sense. I don't get the exact direction with this but I know it's based off that movie. Because of the video. He's chilling in a slummy place until he puts the virtual reality glasses, goggles, or whatever they are called on. Could actually be saying something though.

  • Jay Tick

    Jesus this dude is absolutely awful.

  • Terrance Thompson

    This is talking about what's gonna happen to America WWIII. From California to New York its gonna look like a desert 🏜 once those nuclear missiles come America is gonna pop like bubble gum.

  • Nwankwo Ifeanyi

    Screw y'all....song is super dope!! Listen to it while eating gum

  • Winnie Kgwajane

    Plz go back to offset and takeoff plz ur songs were going to be more nice if they were there with u plz

  • Donovan Nash

    Such a shame. Offset and Takeoff would have added so much more diversity to this track. Hope Quavo realizes that.

  • Donovan Nash

    This generic ass video SUCKS. Lyrics are for the most part trash, his flow and the beat is carrying the track. Don’t understand why this wasn’t just a Migos track. Would have been a hit.

  • Sea Bass

    Please wake up and find Yahushua (Jesus). Don't you see what "They" are showing in this video? Disaster and deception is coming soon. Find Yah (God) through his WORD, HIS SON, Yahushua, before it's too late. Please, please, please as many as possible, please open your eyes. Their fangs aren't even hidden anymore.

  • Rich Vernum

    Check this Hot Shit Out Please ... #ATM #AficanTraPWaY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_py9krIoExE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2E9rBwCxlGPMqUFFDRC4BOnFtTYvLUWuMv_jlVSB3gb2XaiMnDiFvSUIQ

  • YSK Myron

    This song kinda crank more than Workin Me.

  • Juliet Carr

    what the fuck man That’s lit ✌🏼👌👌👌🏼🤯

  • Mr. Tahser

    Ты пидртла ебанная здохни от спида ублюдок как ты смеешь диссить пипа ты еблан гандон здохни оо спида мразь

  • Stanisław Płaza

    Sometimes I like my own comment to get the ball rolling *Even though I am 9 days late*

  • Mary Bruno

    Although its Very confusing and illusional .The bitches be 100

  • Loading Name

    It hurts my heart to press the dislike button but, this song is... disappointing

  • Kakay Sioson

    This rapper is idiot. Eminem is the number 1.sad to say this rapper is a ugly🤣

  • Wap Bro

    The girl with the bantu knows is babez

  • Tone Mathis

    Draya should've been shakin that ass instead of playin wit a lighter wit no blunt

  • Market99

    https://youtu.be/Qre5vBjCr50 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Temba Hawadi


  • Damian Bain

    Too all the sheep who didnt tie in future apocalypse with bubbly gum.... Futuristic women aka droids err sumshit... Impressive they are blowing bubbles like human duh! Its artistic doom mass!

  • lambo tube

    Did anyone noticed nicki,s last name was when quavo said (hoes manaj it)

  • Gil

    Why Im Listening to this Garbage?

  • flo ro

    illuminati confirmed for a long time !