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First Look: iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR - Hands-On Impressions | WIRED

  • Published on: 2018-09-13
  • hey everyone Lauren good for wired here at the Steve Jobs theater in Cupertino where Apple just wrapped up another hardware event we saw three new iPhones you saw the iPhone at ten s which is an update to last year's ten we saw the iPhone 10's Mac which has a giant display and the iPhone 10 are let's go take a look at a couple of the folks this is the iPhone 10 s and this is the iPhone at 10 s max indefinitely people are going to be calling use the iPhone X I don't blame you as I've been walking around I've been saying X and R and s and all kinds of things but they are the iPhone 10s line of phones down there there's also an iPhone 10 our phone which we don't have right now but I've got a lot of phones here to show you let's start with the new iPhone 10 s it doesn't look really any different from last year's phone in fact I have it here thank you for holding that this is last year's phone as you can see here this is this year's fun this does come in new colors it comes in gold which is going to ship in before it does have strengthened glass so it's supposed to be the most durable glass ever on an iPhone which you're probably going to need because I've dropped a couple of these and they do shatter and scratch it also has a new ip68 waterproof and dustproof rating so you drop it in the pool you can leave it in full a little bit longer and maybe it won't get damaged but one of the most interesting things about the new tennis is it's huge ship so Apple has updated last year's a 11 Bionic processor watch to you guessed it the a 12 Bionic processor it's a super duper high power and mobile phone chip it's a seven nanometer chip which I believe Apple is the first to shift this kind of mobile chip before qualcomm has said it's going to do it but it hasn't shipped yet walk up the first power is a lot of the high-end Android phones so this is a great chip in this phone as far as we know right now a lot of what this is doing is it's enameling and things like machine learning and just a faster processing I mean it's really kind of powering everything in the phone it's making photos better it's supposed to make a battery life a little bit better so that's one of the things that Apple really got in the weeds about today at the event and for a lot of people maybe they won't care so much but it is one of the internal upgrades to the phone that makes it different from last year's phone the 10s max phone has a lot of the same internal changes internal updates as the 10s but this one is obviously huge you were to compare it to last year's 8 plus phone which I have right here you can see if these are pretty much the same size this one unfortunately I shattered but this one now has a 6.5 inch diagonal display so it has much more display there almost no bezels here that also means at first there's no longer a home button it has the notch here that's where the face ID front-facing camera live both of these support face ID both support 3d touch both have a true tone display both have the same improvements on the cameras that includes now you can add a little bokeh effect adjust the depth on your portrait photos I mean it has something called Smart HDR which is supposed to have zero shutter lag once again all this is stuff that isn't exactly revolutionary in terms of what new iPhones have been what new iPhones can be they're more evolutionary but that's kind of what you expect from an SEO of iPhones this is the new iPhone 10 are one of the biggest differences is that this feels like an older iPhone it's got a 6.1 inch diagonal display compared to the five point eight inch display on the iPhone 10 s and the five the six point five inch display on the iPhone 10's max boot that's a mouthful this is also an LCD display the other ones have OLED displays and it's had an aluminum band around it rather than a stainless steel band so it feels a little bit different than the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 10s but it has the same true depth sensor up here so use the space ID no home button so RIT home button has the same 12 megapixel rear facing camera and it also has the same age 12 Bionic chip that's in the other phones overall I have to say I like this color it's really nice and bright they're also coral phones there's a leaf there's a red phone they do look really nice this is not the first time that Apple has done candy color and iPhone so you might remember the iPhone 5c which came out in 2013 at this point um but those were plasticky and they didn't look so nice and this is glass and it looks pretty nice and because this one's a little bit cheaper than the other phones I could picture a lot of people being into this one so that's the iPhone tennis tennis Max and ten are two of them going sale next week the ten are is going to start shipping until sometime in October and they're all gonna cost you but the 10s is the same price as last year's ten starts at $9.99 for a 64 gigabyte configuration and a phone and the tennis max is really expensive it starts at 1099 so we have officially entered the era of the $1100 smart ball is it worth it we don't know yet we haven't have a chance to test them but we're certainly going to so be sure to come right back to Wired we'll have all the information you need
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  • 8BitOllie

    I have an SE which iPhone should I switch to???

  • DJI Mavic Pro

    wonderful iphone xs max! and wondermegabeautiful Lauren Goode... you are sooooo beautiful! amazing review! 😊

  • procekim

    and I need smaller size. I hope they make SE replacement.

  • procekim

    it the new generation 5G network ready? If not it will be useless in 2 years.

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    They should really link this video up with the howtobasic bullet proof case tutorial for IOS

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    She borrowed Lebron's smart glasses just for this video.

  • Blue Wolfo

    When ur screen resolution is less than the amount that you paid

  • Alex Rivera

    Im getting the Xs. but idk if to get it black or gold ... HELP

  • Aaron Maraj

    So instead of just adding these new camera features through an update they make a whole new phone just to make more money smh

  • Yusuf

    Apple -- Bringing you old technology today!

  • Clover Hollister

    4:08 the way she said “ in 2013 “ ... like it was over a decade ago ....

  • John Williams

    Dressed appropriately, all black for the slow death of Apple. I hate to say it but not loving the Tim C. Direction of the company.

  • Kingslayer

    I thought Lauren Goode worked for The Verge? She was prettier two years ago.

  • 杨林

    I hate to say this but,this video is so horrible,I cant even see the real face of the phone,just the clip of the Apple AD

  • dizzy fell

    It doesnt do anything new than last year's version. Except for the chip, so what's the point of buying this?

  • yeudy love

    So what feature is really new on those cellphones?

  • Bosley

    iPhone is a luxury I like them because they are cool. That’s it.

  • 818 DaKupa

    To be honest i havnt really notice any difference that could make me get a newer iphone, im still rocking my IphoneS6 plus

  • 818 DaKupa

    Sometimes im wondering if apple's just testing how stupid humanity is, seriously 🤔

  • tony roman

    I wonder do you still have to swipe before you unlock the phone?

  • E P

    I love Lauren Goode!

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    I bet there will be people who will buy this phone but still have no car... For a 1000 dollars I can get. A car off of craglist.. My Toyota costed 700 🤣

  • Tyrone Mcgee

    I have the ZTE Max xl and mine costed 100 and I'm. Still happy lol

  • john patrick ci

    siriously, the main reason that people are excited for the new iphone design is the notch problem and when they found out that the notch is still there in the new iphone X max the excitement turns to ANGER!!!!

  • nai vang

    So exciting, its 2018 and iphone now comes with 720p screen, dual sim cards, and tap to wake. Cant wait for that "revolutionary, industry first, most advance ever 3.5mm headphone jack".

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    By launching the bigger size on an s year, they have figured out how to spread their upgrades over every year. X users will wait for next year, and max users will wait until the 11s year

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    Iphone XS Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G84YoOB5uQ

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    I think the iPhone X R is the perfect size. It fits right in the middle

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    interesting. the XR reminds me of the 5C too but without the low price tag. You can't get me to pay for a 1000 dollar + phone though. lol I'm happy with the SE line

  • N English

    "worth it" is subjective. Even though nothing here is especially amazing, and this is just a typical yearly apple stab at residual income, it's still all about the individual. As long as people keep paying the prices, they will rise, until they plateau at some point.


    How come dumb people like you who clearly barely knows where you are and what you are pretending to speak of, are even allowed. Waste of time.

  • CocoChanelContessa

    I love my X so I’m deciding between XS and XS max. How many gigs does it hold? For me that’s the big thing I need a lot of storage for all my music! I don’t get why people are annoyed I love a new phone!

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