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Quavo Goes Undercover on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit | GQ

  • Published on: 2018-10-09
  • what's up everybody it's quite well and I'm going undercover on the Internet it's actually me this is actually me Twitter quite low dropping a solo album soon just wait on it quick thought but what if the amigos at Drake drop a collab may say after the tour you must be a psychic and then I'll tell you something I don't know what tell you how does quite well look so good literally all the time this is GQ you just got to stay fresh and keep it clean and God blessed me with great looks thank you cuz you're beautiful yourself yes sir am I the only one hype about this Latin artists like bad bunny Farouk Oh as I said and now luma I love working with international artists it show you how big music stretch if I'm speaking my bars in English and I speak their bars in their language and the people still understand all at once and what song they can hear and I look and it makes the song and make people come together they make the record a lot bigger submit Cory why do the amigos always say screw in their songs that's either a Lambo either we getting away from 12 that's our sound screw ski what does booze you mean amigo song bad and booze fancy - super super fancy don't you can be fancy but you bougie is just being extra over-the-top what's quite well a good quarterback when he played in high school yes I was you can look on the records I broke the records and still holding today shoutouts will go in that County on the no Bert my patrons we in the building uh what does honcho me honcho me lead other team once we won't bring back the food to the family the one who put all the weight on his shoulders gonna stick his neck out there first that's what God showed me seriously it's actually me ready this is for me just had a good talk with the flame Astro Boy Oh honcho Jack - maybe maybe not but the conversation was a great conversation you - I wonder what the real me goes think when they watch the SNL I thought it was funny I love when everybody get together and try to imitate us cuz that cuz we got the most slack I know everybody want to be yourself go ahead and just dress up and be like us on Halloween i'm a sell-out amigo costumes the best one of my get high style training from your boy you did next question that says that very well coming in the back of working me know that's me your boy if you see quail ball on any song and no features as me touching everything for production mixing to the whole song and including the video post it Yahoo Answers since me goes and cheap keep changed the rap games forever what do you think would happen if they never existed it wouldn't be a lot of young rappers running around with face tattoos jumping up and down going crazy I think the youth will be lost because we they big brothers back to Twitter so much Twitter yo is dead way to watch Cuevas flag football thing next year will be it's gonna be streaming live right now we're trying to figure out what channel which station so just be on the lookout next year and we do got family but I got mad at my camera magazine get enough detail so next year we will be on it this will say does anyone else think that amigos seems like they would be really polite dinner guests we do got manners at the table but we like southern food in the way we like our food just cook special like we like everything cooked very crispy well done so we gonna hit you with a lot of details on how we like our food cook at the dinner table I asked her all your questions hope you got everything out of me that you want it it's over with game over we go
  • Runtime: 04:25
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  • Lebone Alexander

    His voice naturally sound like it got auto tune on it lmao😭😭😂😂😂😻😻

  • StickyHandsGaming

    i play for gwinette in georgia in elementary i played for the patriots in honey creek

  • Gigi The Giraffe


  • Geeloc

    His accent 😻😻😻😘😘😘

  • Squad?


  • King Levi

    1:07 they speak Spanish and other languages he speaks in English I listened to one of his songs and I didn’t hear no English like if you agree that mumbling rappers suck

  • Jahmel Brewster

    "Quavo hit my phone said he want beef, must not know I'll knock out his teeth." 😂😂😂

  • mikel vereen little

    Rust [ kanye West x Travis Scott x Post Malone type beat ] https://youtu.be/shZ9wSGjOS0


    One good thing in Gwinnett county is him Lmaoo now I’m proud to live in Gwinnett county

  • Shmokee Reemy

    I would like to is that a clone or really quavo he just removed his tats

  • gee tee


  • RealNative OG

    For Halloween I am actually being quavo so I can flex on a girl that I like

  • benny d gaming

    HaHa🤣 If I met Quavo i would fu***** give I'm a hug if I could, tell I'm to make some bars about me.HaHa🤣

  • keke 100k

    They kill me wit "just wait on it"😂💀

  • Mengpeng

    "I think the youth would be lost because we their big brothers" LMAO wtf??? Way to go Quavo; what an answer💀💀💀💀

  • Cloudy Beatz

    Quavo has had so much autotune put on his voice that it has a permanent effect on him now.

  • Maria's Channel

    He is really cool i mean in videos i think he is kinda cold buuuut My man is cool😂🔥👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • steeler091


  • lil tootsie

    quavo's voice makes me want to cough and clear my throat

  • Nate Anderson

    Lil wayne made face tattoos ion kno why he saying he did

  • Giorgio el rey

    I would be awesome if he make a video for Champagne Rosé ft Madonna and Cardi B

  • Energy God

    We ............................. in da building 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ZN

    Lol I live in Gwinnett county Georgia

  • Chase Braxton

    Actually tho if I win the quavo costume thing do I really get iced out chain

  • g 104

    Rap game is already lost cuz of them wtf was he talking about ahhahaha

  • EazySoles

    https://soundcloud.com/negativeone-music/sad-nibba-hours-stargazing lmk what you guys think!!

  • Sabine Wren

    I didn’t get enough of this. Please do a Chris Brown one 🙏

  • Former Commish Akers

    Quavo is trash. People who listen to his music are probably serving us our fast food

  • Diamond Baby

    Bless to be put on Gwinett Yes Sir Lawrenceville in that house🙏💪😘😎❤️ #Nawfside #PapiQuavo

  • Ruth Rodriguez

    He so clearrrr!!! This man look like he aint nevaaaaaa hit puberty