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  • Lyan's Life

    don't mind me, I'm getting my daily dose of depressing songs

  • LS Compact

    The 13k people just miss the FilthyFrank days

  • Unknown Artist

    Who knew filthy frank well... now know as joji had so much talent. Everyone knew him for pink guy and that's why he wanted to change that image and why he no longer does pink guy. Honestly I'm glad he changed his ways cause if he never did we would never have this song

  • sì sì

    Holy fuck now he just needs to blow up

  • JayLegend

    I pray To GOD that I don't get tired of listening to this song on repeat 24/7

  • dj keen

    Hear this song like a mill times 💜

  • Abigail M

    I honestly have no one to dedicate this to cause I could care less about my exes. But it's still such a deep song it's got me making up imaginary people to miss

  • Abigail M

    Okay this song is fucking perfect. Does he make more songs like this or nah?

  • jjbb84x

    I'm not even a sadboi...why am I here?!?! Why can't I LEAVE!?!?!

  • Nguyen Phuc

    He want to be an actor but His Parent want Him Singing

  • rant osaurus

    No matter how talented, famous, great, popular, or fantastic he becomes I will never not see pink guy and only hear high pitch moans come out when he sings. *filthy Frank forever*

  • GridLock82

    You have become the very thing you swore to destroy

  • Vanessa Medina Arango

    The song is very good, but I can not stop laughing uncomfortably at his act, it is strangely creative and I have affection since he was Filthy Frank, I love that be alike, his essence is there, but, it is so there that I feel that this like a joke for hem sometimes ... traducido por google y lo poco que sé de inglés. la canción es muy buena pero, no puedo dejar de reírme incómodamente por su acto, él es extrañamente creativo y le tengo afecto desde que era Filthy Frank, me encanta que sea igual, su esencia está ahí, pero, está tan ahí que siento que toma esto como un chiste algunas veces...

  • Godking Normac The Awoken

    Walking alone you feel like there is this great emptiness...eating away at you... making you ache inside...this song is amazing

  • Diego Araya

    WTF?! what is this piece of shit? bring back the fucking pink guy!!!


    Why does this make me think about life changing choices and depression and happiness all at the same time

  • Hambino

    Hard to take this seriously knowing that he came up with the saying, “ravioli ravioli what’s in the pocket oli”

  • Vadose -

    let's do a poll real quick. ------------------------------------ Like for Filthy Frank Comment for Joji

  • Big T-Roy Gaming

    Anyone remember his video about people dropping crappy mix tapes and how they need to stop? Now he's dropping some fire ones😂

  • Crio


  • patrick

    this song is amazing, i like how he takes his time making sure his music is 100% to perfection

  • Aya

    i wish i could do a collab with Joji but im also fourteen wow

  • TeabagBuddies

    Dude Joji should make more shit like this I feel like people would eat this up

  • SySir HD

    I will never be Happy, so I m Dead inside, so if I die the dead can t take me with him

  • Rob Katzberg

    Never in my life have I thought someone’s deserved an Academy Award for acting in a music video until now

  • Pk_Lo

    OMG I cant believe Joji got Filthy Frank in his Music Video! This is huge!!

  • oof

    Perfect song for some sad ni🅱️🅱️a hours 🥀

  • Pk_Lo

    From edgy comedian to Amazing Artist Huge legend

  • Marc1136

    best music video i've seen in a while

  • S4 Redwings3478

    We need to talk about anyone remember that movie this reminds me of it

  • Ancient Chigga

    I think he shouldnt kill filthy frank. That dude invented Harlem Shake lol

  • Smalls

    Filthy frank is dead, and you know, i think im ok with that

  • Pretzel115

    im happy he does this stuff now. fillthy frank vids are still there to see.

  • Noni Vaughn

    I feel I shouldn't be watching this cuz it's scaring me but it's so good

  • Vijabu

    Joji i love u more than my girlfriend! <3 so does my girlfriend xD

  • adri nerd

    This dude was filthy frank he ate a cake with vomit and pubes and kissed guys, and now he’s singing this wow

  • Alexey Marvalov

    Джоджи, хватит флексить, достал уже😎

  • peabo

    i get that it's good to acknowledge joji's past and mention his filthy frank days, but we should definitely embrace the future. the passion and talent joji has is incredible. it's always uplifting to hear someone say they discovered him on their own without knowing who frank even was. seems like the guy wants to be known for his music, not a running gag that pushed him into fame. i don't know, just my thoughts. but the song is amazing- it's definitely one of his best- and i'm crazy proud of where he's come. keep it up man!

  • Jimin's shiteu

    *Have a nice day everyone expect the person who broke joji's heart.*