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  • Manoj CN

    I have a life changing exam tmrw and I'm studying while listening to this. Chill AF.

  • Tylor Flebbe

    Someone should play this video over the hair cake videos!

  • AESTHETIC Cosmopolitan

    Man, die hard Joji fans will hate me for saying this, but this is trash. This whole video screams kitsch, and trying too hard, the music is soul-less autotune with a simple chord progression. Joji in the Chloe Burbank era was Godlike, he was mysterious, the songs were masterpieces, short but of high quality. A true artist. Then he became really serious about his music and completely ditched the filthy frank character and series. We got will he, and demons, two interesting songs with professionally made videos, I thought they were mediocre at best but could still see the old Joji in them. Then we got Yeah right which was a masterpiece in my opinion...after that it went downhill with run of the mill songs like head in the clouds and now this. A cigarette, rain, a server white suit and an arrow in the back with a ketchup blood splatter. This is like the vomit cake of music videos. I know he can do better than this.

  • Jeff, but with Umlaut

    He might have dropped the Frank persona, but it's obvious the Filth will always be there.

  • Noah Skuta

    This is GOOD as hell from eating hair cakes to singing about his feelings big upgrade but I’ll always miss the comedic entertainment .

  • IAmSidd

    Joji puttin out banger after banger after banger

  • Santiago Velez

    pelotudo por tu culpa mi compañero de bnco no me deja trabajar en mi blog, cara de pingo VANESAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA JA SHOMPE EL PINGO KE NOOOOOO

  • Jo2ef

    This aint filthy frank , this is depresive frank .

  • Ana Chen

    No puedo parar de escucharla. Me pone la piel de gallina ni bien empieza. ESTE ES UN TEMÓN.

  • Vade

    Who broke you Franku :<

  • bosch

    I saw this last night just as I was going to bed, so naturally I had to listen to it. Needless to say, I was crying in bed while listening to it.

  • Lexi Candy

    Who's else watching the video and reading comments in same time???? Can't be the only one🤔

  • Lesley Berg

    This song is stuck in my head for days ! beautiful song

  • Lil’ Shooty OG

    we scratched and bruised up our generation, and joji came around and put band-aids and duck tape on it

  • meme machine

    well done on this song, i heard this on the radio and lost all my shit

  • AuricSparrow

    Its harsh that I can relate to this. Nonetheless an amazing song.

  • Frexcer

    they should've change the title to Dying Slowly in the Dark

  • KOLD

    8.6mil? Can we hit 10 mil by tomorrow? 💯

  • Double Dawn

    I still miss the good old days of seeing frank in his Pink suit and going nuts in public, but still he has a good music career ahead asides his dark comedy and toxic following

  • Nicola Persico

    best music video ever? te lo dico in italiano... hai spaccato fre!

  • ethanamohia

    This is more than a music video; this is a fucking journey.

  • Zee Zee

    bless your soul pink guy!. stay awesome.

  • T M

    Its sad the he quit being a comedian but i respect his decisions

  • Ha Pham Nam

    i feel like his performance is fucking my mind really hard.

  • Saint Rex

    I'd rather stfu personally but still really, really good

  • OneBittersweet Cafe

    My theory is that Joji is in love so badly that he wants to be the Cupid himself, so he used 1 arrow for the girl in will he and 1 for himself, that’s why both were dying cuz the arrows are real not the Cupid arrows

  • harianny parra

    oh ... did you hear that? ... I think my broken heart broke more ✌🏽😞

  • Spaker

    So joji is having the legs of a goat. So, in the ancient years of Greece, 80 Greek people used to wear a costume which had only goat's legs. To honor the god Dionysus the god of the wine and fun. The first starts singing and the other continue, while dancing.This religious ceremony is called a dithyramb. Is that something we need to know for the concept of this song?

  • Ka Cy

    Me: “This is art” My friend:”Is he high?” Me”QUIET YOU FOOL”

  • One Expert

    I'm sorry but the music video is inconsistent

  • CycleGum

    I wish there was a love button in YouTube..