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  • Published on: 2018-08-09
  • - What is up guys welcome to the vlog. Welcome to another awesome day. Today's vlog is gonna be super awesome because we are at Carl and Jinger's house but the problem is that it's so hot that even the water feels like a hot tub when you jump in. So Liz, what's behind us right now? - Yeah so we have all this dry ice. - I think it's going to. and I think this is gonna be the fastest and best way to do it. We have over a hundred pounds of dry ice we're gonna dump in there. and maybe like ice cubes like floating around out there... - It's gonna be really cool. I wanna swim through all the bubbles and see if there's any fog. It's gonna be awesome. - Yeah, let's give it a try. So guys dry ice is super cold that you have to wear gloves so I got these special yellow gloves to keep my hands safe. - Whoa, this is so heavy. - Yeah and it's also really heavy. So we have them in these coolers to keep 'em from melting. to melt before we dump So let's pull out a block of dry ice. - [Liz] It looks like it melted. because it's so hot out here. - [Liz] Carter let me help. - Okay there we go. That is one solid block of dry ice. Check this out guys. Well I can feel how cold it is. Can you feel like how cold it is It's refreshing. (pwwwww) and it uses laser targeting, so it's like let's see what it says. - [Carl] Yeah, so there's a laser, on your shirt you can kind of see this little laser right here. - [Carter] You can try it on the green. - [Carl] So Carter you're 93 degrees, oh there you go, 96 degrees right now. it's hard to hold even with the gloves on. - [Carl] Whoa. - [Together] Negative 20. it goes in the negatives. - [Carl] I didn't either, higher and higher. - [Carl] That's crazy. - [Carter] Wow that is some cold stuff. Guys that stuff is so cold it's starting to freeze my hands through the gloves. Let's see how hot the water is right now. We got the temperature gun here. The ground is a hundred and twenty, - [Carter] Let's see what the pool is. - [Liz] Whoa, that's crazy. That's really hot Carter. and see how cold it gets. I think after all the ice goes in there or something would be my guess. How cold do you think water's gonna get? Comment down below. Let's go grab the ice, come on let's go. - Help with this okay? The sand is so hot. in that water ASAP so we can get out of the heat of the day. whoa, this one's a huge chunk. I'm gonna take out of the bags. - So we can then throw them into the water all at the same time and see what happens. So if you pull all these out, whoa, I wonder how many we have in total. (bags crunching) - Yeah, there is quite a lot. Oh here's a good one. Oh, there you go, look at that. because it's so cold. Here's some more broken ones for ya. than it is out there by the pool. it's so hot. - It's way hot right now. but I think it's over a hundred pounds. - [Carl] It certainly seems like it, there's a lot here. of the pool? - I think it's gonna go like 40 degrees would be my guess. - [Carl] That'd be crazy. - Whoa this is absolutely insane. There is like stacks - And it is so hot out here I'm surprised You can see all the vapors coming off. - Yes, let's do this. - [Carter] Let's go for it. what's gonna happen. Let's try it, ready? with it, in three, two one. - [Carter] Whoa it started steaming Shall we try throwing this in all the way to the bottom of the pool? - Let's just do it. I've got a couple of chunks right here, - Yeah, let's see, ready. - [Together] In three, two, one, go. (thumping and splashing) - [Liz] Aahh. - [Together] Whoa. (gurgling) - [Together] Whoa. Shall we put the rest in? - (mumbles). of dry ice in as we can. I'm gonna do this entire stack right now. Okay I'm going in with this giant thing right here, ready? - [Liz] Wooo. - [Carter] Look at all those bubbles this is absolutely crazy. (gurgling) Look at that, that looks awesome. - Well it's like a hot tub. Yeah except it's cold. - [Carter] A cold tub. - [Liz] It's a cold tub. - Okay we've got a couple more pieces. I think I'm gonna jump in Okay I'm gonna jump in with this one. It looks like a hot tub bubbling. I'm gonna see if the water's any colder, (splashing and gurgling) - [Liz] There he is. - [Carter] I got it, whoa, look at this. - [Liz] That looks so cool. and it's like smoking like crazy. - [Carl] Does it make the water has to melt a little bit. (chuckling) It's like pushing me away. my foot in it pushes me away. like soda or something. - Okay time to feel the water and see if it actually is cooler than before. Whoa, it's for sure colder, for sure. Okay, let me grab the temperature gun so lets check again now. I think the pool is actually still the same temperature (chuckling). - Let's go (mumbles). - [Liz] How is it, how is it is it colder, is it warmer? - Okay, it's definitely way bubblier and it's kind of hard to be in there. All the bubbles are It's like swimming against the current, it's like a river. - I'll go test it out. - Okay. Carl's underneath there. I'm gonna see if the water is carbonated, I guess I'm gonna swim down to the dry ice and open my mouth and taste the water. Woo. - [Carl] What, what happened? - I was right above the dry ice. - [Carl] That was crazy. - I think I kicked a little bit. - [Carl] I think so. - Three, two, one. (splashing and gurgling) whoa, it's for sure colder. The water's way cool. It's actually refreshing now. (gurgling) It's so cool, check this out. (gurgling) Whoa, I got 'em, I got some dry ice. - It's like gross. So we're kind of swimming in like Perrier. So check this out, whoa, - [Liz] Whoa, you can hear this one, squirting out like smoke on all sides. This is so crazy. - [Liz] So cool. - I'm gonna see if I can skip this. it's just really cold. You can see it's freezing my gloves. Here we go let's try it. You think it's gonna work Carl? - [Carl] I think so. - Okay, here we go, three, two, one. - [Together] Whoa. - That was crazy. - Yeah, that's crazy. in three, two, one. - [Carl] Ah, I'll try to catch That first one we did went like so easy. - All the way to the end and it smashed - It was so cool. - Yeah. (scrapping and sliding on water) - [Together] Whoa. - Liz come out here and check this out. - I can't. - Come on. - It keeps pushing me away. - Yeah just swim into it but if you go It's actually really cool. - Whoa, whoa, whoa. - Come on. - Whoa. - Right on top. - It's like a, it's in like an air chair. - I wanna try, - Whoa. out of the deep end. It's surprising how long it lasts. tie the ballon and see what happens I think it's gonna like pop and explode. who knows. - Yeah, it's gonna be awesome. Alright guys, if you wanna check that out click that iCard right now and I'll see you guys in the next vlog. - [Together] Woo. (bubbling and gurgling)
  • Runtime: 10:37
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