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Maniac | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


  • CCCW

    What an absolutely fantastic story. Wow.

  • SubahSkates

    very moving series. what an adventure and love the ost, thank you.

  • Emoni Haggins

    That man having sex with the octopus was weird as f*** bro

  • Jonathan Rea

    1) therapy is a form of science, 2) the term Maniac refers to a bipolar state, 3) lookup neurofeedback, 4) the acting is pretty bad. In conclusion, this looks absurd.

  • karlwashere123

    I don't know where to start. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea. I only tolerated finishing it because of Jonah Hill and the outstanding cast. They spend 5 hours of this series in random flashbacks ( And I mean random ) that have little or no relationship to character development. You have Jonah Hill hallucinating superpowers and an imaginary relative telling him he's “going to save the world” and in the end you deliver a romance? You over-promised and under-deliver on this one. Fantastic cast and shot extremely well but the story is just sooo ridiculous.. I mean I guess you got me the watch the whole thing. But by the middle of this series I'm clicking for huge sections of it just waiting for the third pill to drop and Jonah to start peeling people's faces off with super powers. Never happened.

  • Selina Elmer

    Despite the expectation the trailer left me with, and the promising main cast of Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, this Netflix series was "Superbad".

  • Koiden

    Maniac is like that one friend you love hanging out with who's weird but in a good way edit: Justin Theroux made me laugh or smile every freaking time, great acting

  • Hater

    W.T.F ? Is this movie...

  • Emil S

    so eat psychodelic (too much) and decode that fucking bastards

  • Mariann Szedlár

    Jonah Hill. Van akinek nem szabadna lefogyni.Mi úgy szerettük ahogy volt.Ducin.Egy picit azért kellet fogyni ,de nem ennyit.Elveszítette a megnyerő karakterét!♥

  • Theresa Hope

    Just finished it yeasterday and I still can't get enough. It was amazing. Everything is amazing the music the, the characters, the whole series. Wish to record all my feelings the first time I watch it. Definitely worth watching

  • Best Before

    I watched the first 6 Episode.... Could not continue.... Am I the only one that does not enjoy this series? Seemed like nothing in there has any value to the whole plot......

  • Sopaipilla Pesadilla

    This was different than expected, more wes anderson-y and like emotional rather than thrilling,also I felt like the whole time they were fucking with our minds in a weird way, like I couldn't tell whether it was set in the past because it was also sort of futuristic, but really real at the same time. I wanted a bit more to the story but I guess this is all we get.

  • Andrew Burn

    2 episodes in and it’s really been hard to keep going. Does it get better or is it not for me if I don’t like it yet?

  • Jappeth Ben Tagud

    Just finished watching the 10 episode mini series and its one hell of a show! Its not everyone's cup of tea but i really love it.. I love weird and different shows like this.. Its emotional and funny and crazy! Plus the acting is phenomenal! This should bag awards in Emmy's or golden globes..

  • DitsyCityKitty

    Omg I've known about this movie a while now but hadnt see the trailer yet. Kept putting off watching the movie. This just looks awesome. Omg! I need to see this...when I'm not quite as tipsy... I think I need to pay full attention to it. omg

  • ARR0VV

    After I finished the series i feel like Im ready to peacefully die

  • John Wright

    i was skeptical but this was brilliant,jonah hill was fantastic, he was very convicining in his character.i loved the intentional satire of mixed pop culture too mixing old with new. the sense of paranoia in the film ws definatly there but not to oer whelming.over all not the best scifi ive seen but it's best thing ive seen on netlix for while.

  • gmail user

    This show is for depressed introverted nerds...I'm waiting on Ozark season 3.

  • Steve Holmgren

    How the fuck does RottenTomatoes list this show as a Comedy?

  • Grey

    Maniac had me completely mesmerized. I feel as if something in me has changed as well as the characters. We've all had moments of pain or trauma in our lives and this series makes bold statements about confronting our past and moving forward with our lives. I can only describe it as emotional, funny, cathartic and weird. Watch this series and you might find yourself changed as well.

  • George Kaftan

    Just finished it. My mind is blown. This is my new favorite show

  • Ahsoka Tano

    This is the best series i’ve ever seen in my life. The end made me cry out of joy.

  • Emőke Kánya

    Strangely funny. Funnily strange. Extraordinary. Absurd. Deep. Touching. The worst thing in this show is that I have to say goodbye to it. Fucking fantastic!

  • Imso Ber

    The comedy in this is soo underrated

  • Neutral Marcus

    Stanley Kubrick's Superbad!.... Just kidding I really like this series.

  • y c

    im binging it right now. its terrific. but too much new age references like the typical modern day filmography..

  • Patrick Byrne

    Great show jonah hill comes of age emma stone actress of our time gabriel byrne still vital and vibrant the future in the present reality perception a view askew best tv of the new millenia

  • Whosent Sb

    this mind fk...im in!!! love jonah no homo...

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  • blake duffy

    I only came here because of Transportin/ Mind playin tricks on me

  • Andy Brice

    I fully expected this to disappear up its own arse into an incomprehensibly complex plot full of ambiguous mystery. But it's actually a straightforward and engaging human story which ended up being my favourite thing on television in a while.

  • philthy122

    What a complete and utter pile of horse shit. It starts with potential, then proceeds to break the world shark jumping record by ep 2, before quickly descending in to a pit of nonsense and rubbish acting. Seriously I've had bowel movements that would make for a better mini-series.

  • Hootini 15

    Just finished this series in two nights was totally hooked such a great series it's very complicated but amazing I loved every moment of it. Need more stuff like this very imaginative and creative 10/10

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  • D3 5YF3R

    Jonah looks like my butthole after a massive bread shit. Fuck skinny Jonah, fuck him between his saggy, loose skin, stretched and flabby ass cheeks...we love our fat Jonah.

  • AlwayskaffaYT

    fuck me another weird ass show like that one marvel show no one really likes

  • zuhal muhammad

    you know what. it reminds me to "the fall (2006)" psychedelic trip with surreal dreams. back in 2006 the fall with the same theme . with surreal dream to goin out nowhere. many aspect and fantasy element like salvador dali's painting theyd put in to the film. but i think this show is amazing too. with new aspect and perspective! i cant wait to watch this series

  • Sarah Ramsay

    This series was SO good! What the hell, Netflix? Make more of this.

  • Chotenque

    There's something very unsettling about thin Jonah Hill

  • UjoFretka

    this show was FUCKING AMAZING.. deserves better rating


    Daniel john brought me here hahaha

  • Fuat Volkan Beyenal

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  • Gian  Sutton

    This trailer is lit, I’m about to go watch this right now!!!

  • Sloane100

    Just watched the first episode. I can't wait to watch more. Great job Netflix.

  • Kid illy

    Loved the show and the soundtrack sooo much I had to make some kind of remake to Annie and Owen Soundtrack..Let me know what yall think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3-eAWvBwr4

  • Ketan Kulkarni

    Jonah hill looks so fucking thin and different and good mature guy. I think I will like his acting even more from now on.

  • Fuat Volkan Beyenal

    i thik its true old story https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085271/ (Brainstorm (1983))

  • sophie langman

    Well this isn’t exactly what I expected for the Superbad sequel

  • Aleksandar Zix

    Hah,what a load of crap.First episode was promising but its just a well made trap.If you are asking from this show some revolutionary,mind twisting,profound concepts that will make you think, you will be disapointed.There is nothing worth mentioning.Only cool thing in the show is the art style,but it is stolen from the 80s erra,so nothing new.

  • Eltyo

    I remember I stopped watching this trailer for the first time when I was 20 seconds in and read the comments and was like "yup this is gonna be good". What a fantastic show, amazing soundtrack too!

  • liz8129

    I love this show!!! ❤️❤️

  • iseey0u0

    He did not fit in. The show would of been a bomb if the role was played by Rami Malek, from Mr.Robot.