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THE BIGGEST *LEAK* EVER in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (NEW GUNS + SKINS)

  • Published on: 2018-08-06
  • [Music] welcome everyone to a huge informational video for tonight bass Royale including new weapons new consumable items new skin sliders modes it is insane all of this coming very very soon too fortnight obviously tomorrow Tuesday is another update day for fortnight's and make sure you subscribe for that mate you got notifications turned on because some of this information is for future weeks and even further away as in-game files have been found for some awesome awesome new stuff coming to fortnight Battle Royale we've also got not just one but two names of new weapons coming soon to fort neither completely switch up the meta and the way that we play obviously it's so heavily SMG focused at the moment I think fortnight gonna flip it back again so we've got that to look forward to as well and also in the background we've got a high kill solo gameplays to keep an eye out for it there's a lot of action lots of kills and it's a good one now at the time of recording this video I don't know exactly what it's gonna be this week's update if it comes out after I'm accordionist I'll just pop it up on screen for you guys here there you go hopefully it's awesome and if it's not quite out yet I'll keep you updated on Twitter Facebook Instagram and everything so keep an eye over there to see what's happening this week but how has all this information come about well this week's update will be called update 5.20 the second physical update we've had to have in season 5 of fortnight and although it isn't out yet and will be available either tomorrow or later this week the Android version of Fortner which isn't available to the public yet and hasn't had even gotten like an official release date yet has been given to some I believe early developers and media outlets just to take a look at the early build at the game and they already had pre-loaded version 5.2 or fortnight's giving us all of these details and a look at what will be coming in the near future and there's a lot of stuff sounds gonna keep you straight off with skins now bear in mind there's no images and fortune because the way that the files been compressed and the way that files are done within the Android version of fortnight means we've just got like glittery lines of text but it still gives his loads of information I'll go through them we got celestial skin we've got exercise female exercise male fuzzy bear panda I love the Panda skins street racer white street racer white female a male and a sushi chef I love sushi but the one I've missed over because it's definitely the most exciting is the dirt burger Hiro skin oh my god those guys don't know I don't know how you wouldn't know obviously a tomato tan tomato head skin was put in fortnight and as soon as that was put in the game everyone said it was a tomato town head man there needs to be a derp burger head man as well if you look on screen here this isn't the official artwork but I wouldn't be surprised if the skin ends up looking very similar to this this is actually been designed and created by reddit user that goes by the name that's my Milky Way so shout out to him for doing a fantastic job on this render it looks so real you guys are excited for the durbur go ahead to be coming out give it a big fat thumbs up and let me know if the any other skins you really want to see but I'm sure you guys be excited that one I certainly am and that's gonna be one of the big skins to come out over the next few weeks just give us a better idea of how the skins will look we've obviously got guiders pickaxes and that blings that go with a lot of them as well the glider has a derp burger hero exercise streetracer black and white and also sushi chef glider as well which is awesome they've also got their pickaxes which go with all of them as well and then back blings it actually gives a little bit more idea of what those exercise skins are gonna be like cuz it's a TS exercise themed I wanna see what a tease exercise theme okay so it's basically bright colored so lycra clothing definitely out there style these characters before you look absolutely hilarious and I cannot wait to see them in-game now for game modes there's always game mode names hidden away mean game file something do come out something don't just depends whichever one they want to work on next and the new game mode I feel like I've been a little bit slow recently they've been focusing more on the weapon updates the natural changes to weapons and the game-mode a little bit of a backseat recently but on this list here we have got ourselves a few of their including competitive blitz dynamo gameplay mutaters fly explosives we obviously just had the impact game-mode is been in there for a long long time people thought was going to be to do with the meteorites didn't end up being that at all taxes which is something fun I've actually talked about before she's a tactical showdown but with limited resources and ammunition mean you can't just spray and you can't just build you need to think about how you're gonna use your materials roms building a massive base instantly if you did that you're gonna run out happen to use in that game mode and then also WW which apparently stands for Wild West which means there's no new fancy tech here that sounds awesome is obviously a heavy sub Wild West theme even in the back I'm looking at my menu screen now in fortnight there's literally like a dust ball rolling over the screen so maybe they remove certain weapons maybe they only have magnums in there I don't know but that sounds absolutely amazing you can have a look at all the names that are on screen here and hopefully get some buddies come out sooner rather than later as we get some new modes to play with the next up is items and I've actually heard of these Indian game files for a long long time now and the items are several different ones that are all related to like der burger and the fast food restaurant in game and with the release of the der burger skin I wouldn't be surprised if we saw these items maybe come out as soon as the next few weeks but as I said the happy Ninian game files for a little while now have been sitting there waiting to be released they are the durables burger which is a healing item durables drink which uses a shield item and then durables fries which is actually a movement speed boost which is not anything we've ever seen before in fortnight's we've got bottle rockets which are fireworks bright loud and fun but do not like off indoors apparently a grapple a zipline and a shock wave grenade the grapple and zipline sounds absolutely nutty new ways to move around the map pour your load of fun in play Browns mode for custom minigames as well all the durable actual drinking items all the sounds like maybe I'll just I don't know maybe they will be just be new items that's gonna say maybe they'll switch out the current shoes and health and everything for these but there's way too many items in-game currently just replace it with burgers drinks and fries or maybe it would be a custom mode way the only healable 0 new shoe item to get are a durable items they sound really cool and can't wait see how all this stuff is integrated now I'm just gonna say it again now for those you guys thinking Jesus a lot of stuff I know but all this comes from 5.20 update which is coming up this week doesn't mean everything I'm telling you come out this week but it does mean it is stuff that is in the works and closer to being released than anything else it is in-game files so one of these things I'm sure be it the weapon we'll talk about be the item something that we're talking about now will definitely be the 5.20 update this week but the other stuff may be wasting a little bit in the background until it find it comes out so you guys getting a super early peek at all of this is even a new trap file in there called the cage trap which is a lock up a trap that sounds nasty man that sounds like a great trolling item where you go into a cage I guess and if you get caught by it you get trapped inside it sounds like it wouldn't kill you but you could break out of it you could shoot out of it but if the person knows it's gone off that and set it down they're coming for you they know you're trapped and you're stuck in the position you're in I love traps set up for set again I think traps and the additional traps are the most useful items in the game launchpads everyone loves jump adds a multi-use items will need to build up high to get away to get into places so so good and obviously camp fire who doesn't need a camp fire end game to heal up everyone does so more traps the better only one in this list at the moment but maybe that would come out soon I hope so now one of my favorite additions to the game which i think is massively overlooked by a lot of players are the four bullet items and I mean the apples on the floor I meaning the mini shields on the floor and at the moment so that it will be going tomorrow unfortunately the cakes on the floor is obviously all designed to pick up interact with in-game to be a bit of health of the shoe now if I ever land lazy links I will always check the cake on the way out and nine times out of ten is not touched and boost me straight up to 100 100 doesn matter how many gunfights are being in doesn't matter if I don't have 100 shoot or not the cake is there and ready to give me the good stuff and get me back up so I think people overlook how useful it is but it can be a game changer especially mid to late game when you need some items you have any spare shield and you spare healer balls and you see some apples will see some shields and there's some new ones in the work as well so there's one called hurt and heal which is a prickly pear and I love the sound of this one and one is just movement speed apparently not too sure Balaam but the hurt and he one is just like an apple bit of pear pear your mind a pear is green so how it's gonna stick out in terms of coloring from the ground we'll have to see but apparently it's like a luck based healing item so you can eat it and boot get some health back congratulations or you could eat it and boom you've lost health and you could actually if you're on like five health and you eat one of these in it take your health away you could die from a pet imagine dying from a pet that starts but this item sounds really cool and it's like a gambling feature it does say within us our school that it makes sense that the payer would actually give you a little bit more health than an apple because the gambling aspects of it otherwise be no reason to ever eat one of these prickly pears but I think it sounds really cool I love these sort of initiatives idea that is going on here and the more forage Blyton's the better in my opinion I like it a lot actually forgot about the emotes I'll just let you know that really quickly was an aerobatic swarm which obviously links in with the exercise skins a chug one which maybe is just I don't know chugging down a beer or something a llama Bella which sounds amazing if you find a bar llama just ring that Bell hot stuff which I assume is like a hot sauce drink for the dur burger skin and then pump which is probably another workout exercise emote and then finally for the information that we've got is actually weapons now I said there's more than one new weapon in here one of them being a heavy sniper I've already talked about and I know I said at the beginning this video and I hate doing videos before I know the actual information for this week but it could be this week's update maybe is I will show you the beginning of the heavy snipers in there where the first shot of his sniper actually goes through a wall and can penetrate that wall and hit whoever's behind it which I cannot wait to use and people that are sitting in one by one can be thinking that they are fine so that's awesome but two more weapons in there including the rail sniper actually gonna look this up see if it's in save the world already doesn't look like it is this looks like it'd be a brand new gun just for Battle Royale when I think of a rail gun sniper I'll pull up an image I think this weapon here it's like it honestly is very similar to this a patron sniper but I'm pretty sure if it did bring it back it's still be cool does apps from sniper but it's the rail gun from GTA is the image I'm going to show you guys here and it's like an electro railgun it's nuts but as I said there's no actual in-game images to link with these leaks because it's all from the Android version but another Snipes are two snipers on the horizon and then a weapon that could be changing the matter of SMG spam is the break bow shotgun my friends so this jeez I mean it shows you how long weapons are just hidden in the in-game files before they actually come to fruition and come to be in the game found an article here from fortnight Intel from March so March April May June July August from five months ago the founders weapon in the in-game files called the break-action shotgun is it's the same shotgun looks like this and actually my good friend Willie Rex a Spanish youtuber message me this morning telling me about this information and sent over some gameplay this weapon in action from save the world the PvE zombies portion of the game and a description of the weapon is shotgun break action deals high damage at a fast fire rate but with short range with very limited magazine sights but looks basically double pump shotgun so maybe so like bang bang like two shots and then you got to go for a reload and if something like any sort of ease weapons were used in cool duty you're going to be pretty much on top of them to deal good damage but if you've got this weapon vs. spamming an SMG right connecting with this weapon it could be the best close-range weapon in the game to hold on to and apparently the rarity is legendary and epic but fair and - leakers from five months ago and a lot of his weapons end up having their rarity tuned and changed just a little bit to fit into the gameplay in whichever way fortnight field fits best at the time of its release oh jeez Louise just went for night information gets a little bit slow and sluggish we get hit with all of this I cannot wait for this week's update whatever it ends up being because I am talking from the past here and Maya shoot me will be out tomorrow on Tuesday mostly updates are the cake is due to leave the game tomorrow so it would make sense that tomorrow's the same update day thank you fortnight for staying consistent recently and just being Tuesday's overtime it's made my life a lot easier if you like the sound of everything we've talked about give it a big fat thumbs up and let me know your thinking or for new weapons the new skins but you'll see the skins definitely rolled out over the next two weeks the weapons may be a little bit more periodical and then of course the game modes as well or something I cannot wait to see what that wild-west mode ends up being sounds amazing I've just double checked the gameplay that was in the background and that ending when I was on three HP oh my gosh I thought I was absolutely screwed thank goodness the last guy wasn't too good a 16 kill banger for you guys as well thank you so much for watching you guys the best miss you subscribe check out more foreign ideas right now right this second down below in the playlist and I'll see you guys tomorrow with hopefully an update day so excited I'll see you guys then good bye
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