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iPhone XS (parody)

  • Published on: 2018-09-13
  • look I make fun of Apple a lot but the truth is the iPhone is a pretty incredible device that can do more and more each year and it's real-life applications can sometimes look like magic that being said you will never ever ever play this game you just won't introducing the new iPhone X's its revolutionary new design will make you go wait is that the new one I can't tell the new iPhone comes in two sizes stupid dumb tiny baby dick daddy doesn't love me size and galaxy note the camera oh my god Mamma Mia can we talk about that camera the camera can now take 12 pictures of Susan at once Susan you broke my heart I still love you though please come back to me Susan I follow you home every night please come back Susan Oh Susan also now this is cool the camera lets you change the background focus after you've taken the picture this has not been possible in photography of any kind of camera [Music] hey we heard you we know you missed that headphone jack so instead we made an app that turns your room into a marine aquarium not a joke now some of you poor people might complain that these new iPhones start at $1000 oh no which is why we're also introducing the new iPhone xru of peasant it has a not quite HD screen oops but it's way more affordable at the very low low price of oh my god that's the cheap one wait why are we clapping stop clapping oh and one more thing our new Apple watches will stop your goddamn heartbeat if you ever talk shit [Music] [Music]
  • Runtime: 02:17
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  • HooperBrothers

    I’ve unsubscribed coz you’re just making fun of Apple to much. I used to love you as a YouTuber but you’ve disappointed me. Good bye 😢

  • nigga

    Quality content I've always asked for.

  • D.E. Jones

    I have to keep signing in with Amazon and typing incodes how do I get through to amazon

  • Arva Uploads stuff

    In Indonesia, Samsung is basically Apple because they release the A series with the SAME DESIGN EACH YEAR BUT MORE EXPENSIVE

  • Gacha Lemon

    I miss old apple phones tbh Not too big, HAD A HEADPHONE JACK, all the good stuff, y’know?

  • Jack Evans

    I'm Mad cos you could have called it the "iPhone excess"

  • Steep

    iPhone: XS steve job peepee: XXS he wants us to know

  • Elvin R

    Next phone will be called IPhone X^2

  • Ella Jonth

    How ironic, a huewai ad before the vid started

  • Erwin Puijnen

    You seriously compairing the Xs’s ability to change the “bokeh” effect after the photo is taken...With the blur effect changer on Samsung? Damn you really know your stuff.

  • truechampoftrance

    New to this channel, enjoyed the content, but where was the parody? This was all facts.

  • Devin Saputra

    Liquid Retina is just a cool way to call an IPS LCD Display Sorry apple fans but you know what I'm right... Right?

  • Devin Saputra

    At the very LOW LOW PRICE... oh my god that's the cheap one? Wait why are clapping? Me : Because it's retarded...

  • Sebastian Ames

    I ❤️ Android. Macintosh Computer Company... Where did you go wrong? Oh yeah... Ripping apart the code for Linux, altering it very minimally, and selling a technically free os. I couldn't imagine fooling the world for this long. RIPieces Apple... Your last good computer was manufactured in the very early 80s... When you actually had a trademark os.... Apple I

  • Lagrela

    it can be more and more expensive

  • Andrew

    People buying this made me not regretting any bad purchases I made

  • AceP1lot

    *puts on Apple Watch* *says shit* *dies*

  • AidazaR

    I better buy 5 samsung j3s than a iphone xr

  • Lolerxdd

    “Apple is... shit. It’s just overpriced garbage for trendy hipsters...” - Gape Newell

  • GCM Vlogs

    Yo ive seen alot of these this one is sucks ass bra 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Nix

    Its not funny anymore its just sad. And thats comming from a apple user...

  • D B

    But... but... good phone though they look like the older one

  • SeeASquared

    They have *DUAL SIM* in the new iPhone. GOD such Innovation.

  • Nikko A.

    Fuck, for as much as I detest apple, they made my most desired camera rig by putting a Wide angle lens and a Telephoto lens in the phone. Too bad I don't know any other phone that does this.

  • effine

    literally dont get why people fight over which phones people have. android and iphone are phones and they do the same thing 🙄

  • Brage

    The 1.6k dislikes is from Apple fan boys

  • JustDecent

    No matter how u drop it, since there is glass on both the fucking sides, at least the front or the back will crack black still crack

  • Jezzr

    iPhone X Max? More like iPhone X Max out your credit card

  • Paolo James

    The only way i would suggest iPhone to someone its if you need to manage many social networks at the same time and using your camera. Basicly being an influencer. Android is better in other fields

  • ßlurrry

    Just give me a working phone whatever the brand's is!

  • Hayden Ede


  • F a t e _.

    And every year you waste money on buying a phone :)


    android is better and im really pissed off because ios users think apple is so much better and then they make memes about android wich is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking dumb imma go kill myself

  • j0hn

    I know already why susan doesnt love you anymore

  • NevadaJr And friends

    I'm going to be a die hard apple fan boy. Don't ask samsung fan boy, because samsung is going to be very expensive just like apple. I would rather buy the OnePlus

  • DoaA

    Iphone exssssssssssssssssssssssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Johnny lor

    0:36, Comes in two size "galaxy note" lol the cheap one cost as much as the s9. Just get the s9.

  • timerac3r

    Apple and Samsung competing who can release a new phone with the least changes since the last one

  • SaiYah

    "We know you miss that headphone jAcK"