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iPhone XS (parody)

  • Published on: 2018-09-13
  • look I make fun of Apple a lot but the truth is the iPhone is a pretty incredible device that can do more and more each year and it's real-life applications can sometimes look like magic that being said you will never ever ever play this game you just won't introducing the new iPhone X's its revolutionary new design will make you go wait is that the new one I can't tell the new iPhone comes in two sizes stupid dumb tiny baby dick daddy doesn't love me size and galaxy note the camera oh my god Mamma Mia can we talk about that camera the camera can now take 12 pictures of Susan at once Susan you broke my heart I still love you though please come back to me Susan I follow you home every night please come back Susan Oh Susan also now this is cool the camera lets you change the background focus after you've taken the picture this has not been possible in photography of any kind of camera [Music] hey we heard you we know you missed that headphone jack so instead we made an app that turns your room into a marine aquarium not a joke now some of you poor people might complain that these new iPhones start at $1000 oh no which is why we're also introducing the new iPhone xru of peasant it has a not quite HD screen oops but it's way more affordable at the very low low price of oh my god that's the cheap one wait why are we clapping stop clapping oh and one more thing our new Apple watches will stop your goddamn heartbeat if you ever talk shit [Music] [Music]
  • Runtime: 02:17
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  • Joe

    The camera is *nearly* as good as the Samsung, the Huawei or the Google pixel

  • Pranav Kirdat

    So many offended iPhone user 😂 One think never changes you bought a crap for $1200😂😂

  • Good Memes

    I’m not poor but he said for u poor ppl like tf it’s no different from any phone

  • Kalo 94

    you will never, ever play this game.

  • lu - ka

    you aren’t funny. go make try not to be alive challenge

  • Yury Gorbunov

    this is how it goes: iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xsp until iPhone Xspensive

  • Chloe S

    Am I the only one who'd rather see more original and actually funny videos like this from jack instead of YIAY? (by original i mean that the jokes are actually his)

  • Blu

    Watching this on my ZTE Zfive C LTE I used and iPhone for a day and.... *WHERE TF IS THE HOMESCREEN WIDGETS!!!?!?!?!!!?*

  • cov 124

    Now make a parody of the new iPad pro

  • zero Cyko

    Remember when Skyrim Wasn’t mobile Yeah nope


    i got a oneplus 6t ad just before this video hmmmm

  • Eddie's Adventures

    Xd where has apple gone iPhone 7:No headphone jack iPhone 8:No classical click-click home button iPhone X:No home button iPhone 11:No phone Okay maybe iPhone 11 was took too far xd.

  • JNS Studios

    iPhone XP. The most ambitious crossover event in history.

  • mnb323

    Seriously I wouldn't be surprised if at this point apple is just playing a game to see how many features they can take away and how much they can jack up the price each year before people stop buying their phones.

  • Ajoker_ joking

    U stole this from Ellen That’s why everyone hates u,u stole content from every utuber

  • Mocha

    Liked the video before seing it

  • MopeyBroccoli HawkySquack

    Another youtuber who hates Apple? Very common these days. A trend that "Apple is stupid", which Samsung is also following, makes kids go "oh sh!t me have 20 iq if me tell daddy to buy me iphone?!? then me wont. me have 210 iq and me have android!!!"

  • Chaotic Cinema

    If there was an Apple Watch that can just simply kill you for talking shit I’d buy that instantly

  • Carson B Wagner

    You STILL only have 4.5 mil? I thought you were "a sensation." I guess that meant, "funny to laugh at, not with... "

  • Biggity Boy

    My friend has Apple Watch series 4 and I can confirm he dosen’t talk crap anymore.

  • Biggity Boy

    1:10 song name at this point of the video? Thanks

  • Dec Adkins

    its kinda ironic that i got a samsung ad before this vid

  • CosmicBeeen

    Wanna feel old? This is the first PMS since May. The worst part is he had to do it since it’s basically a jacksfilms tradition. Still love u John no homo tho

  • chris tu

    if for iPhone's the 'X' stands for ten, then shouldn't the iPhone Xs Max be called the "iPhone Ten S MaTen"?

  • Noor ••

    why does this planet image remind me of a mammogram x_ray😥

  • Hussain C

    Lol this phone hasn't got shit on my Nokia 3110.

  • Phos4us

    new features every year? It basically is the same as last year which was the same as the year before

  • you tube person

    Xs(the phone) and the O, O, Os (in $1000) they haunt me, they want me.....

  • xGloKat

    Rip Jack x Susan 2018! I’m sticking with the x I’m not going to upgrade for a gold phone like seriously? Come on now I’m not that idiotic 😂

  • Junshu Liu

    1:13 I love how jack cracked his voice when he was saying the word "jack"

  • Arun p

    I subscribed as soon as i crossed 2 minutes, this is the first time i come across your channel.

  • Tomato Animations

    Did you really have to re-upload last years parody I mean I get there both the same thing but come on man ;-;

  • Azim Alif

    Theres nothing in those devices that cost that much.

  • Gaming Guy

    Hey Jack, what's your outro song? I really love it.

  • Fam 3AT

    Yea and they get easier and easier to hack every year :)

  • Rivvy

    It's so funny how he said It has never been done on any other smartphone...and I'm like yo, I do that with my s6😂

  • Mr Perry

    my phone cost half of the xr but at least has a 1080p display

  • Little Stick

    This one feels like a rehash of the I phone x parody

  • Muntom

    1:07 You are idiot. Don't compare crappy blur, with 3D deph analizer.

  • queetchee

    Lol, I had an iPhone XS ad before the vid

  • Aristaifly

    Don't have iPhone, don't know who Susan is. Like this video!

  • Smita Srivastava

    I'm good with my MI, I've been using it for well over 2-3 years now, and its still smooth, strong, dependable AF.

  • Quintenvw

    The Iphone is a pretty incredible device that can do more and more each year and it's real life applications can sometimes look like magic. that being said, you will never, ever, play this game. You just won't. introducing the new Iphone X S. it's revolutionary new design will make you go "wait, is that the new one or the old one, I can't tell." The new Iphone comes in 2 sizes; stupid dumb tiny baby-dick-daddy-doesn't-love-me size and Galaxy Note. The camera, o my god mama Mia can we talk about that camera? The camera can now take 12 pictures of Suzan at once. Also, not this is cool, the camera let's you change the background focus after you have taken the picture! "This has not been possible with photography or any kind of camera." Welllllll euhhhhhh hmmmmmmm... Hey, we heard you, we know you miss that headphone jack. So instead we made an app that turns your room into a marine aquarium! Not a joke. Now some of you poor people might complain that these new Iphones start at 1000 dollars. "Oh no." That is why we're also introducing the new Iphone X R u a peasant? It has a quite HD screen but it's way more affordable at a very low low price of "oh my god, that's the cheap one?" "wait, why are we clapping, stop clapping." "Oh, and one more thing." Our new Apple watches will stop your god damn heartbeat if you ever talk shit.

  • MaoItsMe

    2:15 you mean not quiet full hd screen? Because hd is 1280x720 and that phone clearly has more pixels

  • WetBackDory

    Samsung galaxy s9 been having the focus background option.