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A Smith Family Vacation

  • Published on: 2018-08-06
  • [Music] it's funny I start off really excited and then when I realized I got my kids doing it like right before we do it this bizarre oh my god always kicks in like the worst case of african-american parents in the last 16 months island off well Cano right Vulcano this is the first stage of our hike we're excited and I think everybody this is in the perfect condition which is the important part shouldn't count all right there you go straighten a shake you doing okay on this day that's well yeah we're video everybody's kind of friends famous race they afraid well I'll just stand a friend Bam Bam Bam Bam yeah don't be jealous cuz you'll be climbing volcanoes [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay you're great no no no it's fine it's fine we won't use it first thing that goes in it is that look where's he going [Music] things like sulfur because it's a it's an active volcano and we're still gone towards it because we gangster [Music] we are at the top of volcano island it is sulfur smell is really bad hence the the face recovery burns your eyes just a little bit and that down there that is an active volcano it's not spewing lava it's not active like that but it actually could blow because like if you can see I don't know if you can tell them in the video the smoke there's like a smoky cover that where we're breathing in I'm sure that's not healthy but that's a volcano right there [Music] these guys is coming from the center yo yes there's a volcano yo that's a volcano is a volcano no it's like hot will burn it'll burn your shoes that's crazy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the water push that button on the outside right and that sucks the water out of your mouth and then you just breathe normal right so they thought of everything in this process if you don't stop your head's gonna explode right [Music] pass the stairs we're very excited we've done today we'll have an experience this morning what's it called that you saw a pilot a pilot whale a whale their captain - go where wherever find the tail yeah yeah have a bake your own party [Music] [Music] oh boy right here our dad talked us into doing some craziness we don't even know what this camera goes underwater right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] if you're scared you can take kills your ability to see beauty you have to get beyond fear back to a comfortable space before you can even start looking around you don't fear [Laughter] [Music]
  • Runtime: 09:39
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  • L. jackson


  • Emilio

    vieni in Italia e non ti fai sentire..scostumato...

  • Jemma Delica

    If you're scared you can't see beauty. Fear ruins life. Wow! just wow! Those words inspires me.

  • Gold Just Gold

    I feel like he's reprogramming my brain for success, with his wise words. This is like sesame suet for adults that want to be successful. 😂🤣🏆👑💯

  • Genet Abate

    What a beautiful family they should have their own Reality Tv show.❤️❤️❤️

  • Anthony Tapia

    Will Smith taking W's and going on refreshing/nice adventures. Wish I had the money to do these things!!!!

  • Antonio Barbosa

    Estou no Brasil pra que voceis coloca uma porra dessa não sei que eles estão falando põe a porra traduzido caralho vai tomar no cu

  • James Wain

    jaden looks so scared throughout everything 😂

  • Night Howler

    I have a guestion how do u only have 3.8 million suscribers u should have like 50mil

  • Anaca

    Will add some mid roll ads to become rich

  • Zero Hour

    Sad, had those kids not grown in fame, they’d be normal kids. The boy dresses like a girl.. keeps that gender disphoria agenda goin

  • Gin B

    He's right about one thing.... Fear ruins life!!

  • Gin B

    I just want to say one thing.... I'm jealous af 😊

  • samyha maymon

    Awe,they grew up so fast,like if you were here since “I whip my hair back and forth” and “karate kid”😭❤️

  • M B

    Replace the Kardashian’s w this

  • Imma Smiler


  • Imma Smiler

    When Actors or Singers become YouTubers and vice versa..

  • cels013

    Please replace the kardashian garbage with this awesome family

  • Blokey Bloke

    Why did I watch this... waste of 10 minutes of my life!

  • ASKARIwest

    I get the feeling that Will doesn't like Karen all that much 😉

  • John Dough

    😶I was breathing hard the whole time.... But then will . Fear Ruins Life .

  • TubeYou

    Stop watching the Kardashians and start watching this.

  • msnunu225

    jaden is funny asl lmaoooo underwater tear

  • Jen Perez

    If they had a reality tv show, id definitely watch it

  • skrty derr

    2:41 top ten pictures taken by cleberties moments before death😂

  • Morris Falker

    I hope Jaden and his phone had a wonderful vacation together.

  • Rossy Solis

    REPLACE THE KARDASHIANS!!! Please, I mean i like KUWK but I prefer Will and his family

  • Sleeze

    go to the caribbean for a real vacatiom

  • Kang of Wakanda

    Hi is your young son openly gay now? I only ask because I see he wears a dress..

  • Tinowimba Katsumbe

    This is amazing. A dad spending some qualify time with his kids and vice-versa.

  • Paris Destiny Rose Bolton

    I love how you as a father take time from your career to spend time with your family. you are one of my favorite actors

  • KingTetro

    Wills kid lookin like a discount comethazine ngl

  • KattR z

    Soo beautiful. I just recently went on a plane for a work trip. Had my first expierence in the ocean at Cocoa Beach. Now I'm sitting in NEPA thinking I gotta get out of here way more. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't have known these places existed.

  • Da Legend

    You are rich you shouldn't be there without any protection. Where is your glasses first of all??

  • kong fu

    Nice channel, better than all the non-stop screaming clickbate vloggers

  • raging vegan

    omg, did you really just say that? “like the worst case of african-american parenting?” i had to listen to that twice because i never heard something so ridiculous- who says that in a normal sentence structure? why don’t you point out the width of your nose next while your buying a house plant because that will make the same sense. what a racist you are. your kind of black privilege has gone to your head yo

  • Gaby Mathews

    🤓Will Smith you really know what to expect from life and family are all set to go through the whole process of moving forward with your own struggles! Keep success in your focus but family always comes first. I hope everything is going well with you and your family, keep this good stuff coming, IT gives us inspiration to keep moving in the right direction with our own family. Great videos your bringing to us, man that Volcano🌋 hike Wow those sounds, footage was breath taking💪👍 I love it raw footage no makeup artist involved simply beautiful😘

  • Mr A

    Yo Jaden had me dead this whole vlog 😂😂

  • Starwarrior 7

    Will oldest son look like a black Jason Mamoa...who I originally thought was part black...but I think he's part Samoan and they have black blood in their ancestry.

  • Razor Sharp

    Finally, a family with talent that truly deserves to be in the spotlight. Im tired of seeing families with no talent being shown time and time again


    1:12 "Willow just Stay In The Frame!!!!" 😂😂😂 Jaden at 4:37. After that he lookin mad angry at Willow for waisting their time on more explaining 😂😂😂

  • Danger

    Thank u i needed something wholesome today

  • K M

    We get it. You are rich.