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Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes


  • Darya Seslavina


  • Fck Yu

    Jimmy: hey daniel .... do you know this things called mey mey?

  • Super_Cutie_ K

    I met Dan in New York and he was so nice to me, and I asked him about his thoughts on Drarry and he laughed and said "Well it's very creative!", And the girl next to me said "You're really going to let her ask you that? I don't even want to meet you anymore." And he smiled at her and said "I'm sorry if that offended you, each to their own. I'm very sorry that you don't want to meet me anymore.". He's so fucking nice istg.

  • Lilsoph

    All these stale memes are so cringggggy there are so many good ones wtf

  • Literary Landslide

    Danial Radcliffe's story was way more entertaining than any of the memes. I think he should've shown the Harry & shocked Hermione wordplay memes, but they're probably too risqué lol.

  • Ksortakh Kraxthar

    Now imagine this with proper "memes" (technically most of them are not memes at all, though). Like Wingardium Leviosa from Oney Cartoons ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWtO0cfgewY ) or the Horny Harry meme ( https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/horny-harry?ref=sub-entries ).

  • anastasia

    How did you manage to bring memes back from death

  • Gold161803

    Why is he talking to Robert Pattinson about Harry Potter?

  • Lulu three


  • Peter Griffin

    Once again, people giving memes a bad name. Memes are not what they were back in my days.

  • luuk hendriksen

    possibly upper exposure bdoalf specialist long-term off house opera hey railroad intend.

  • Annie Peterson

    The most genuine, truthful, intelligent & entertaining one! Truly the most deserving!

  • Aaron Morris

    These memes are like something your teacher shows you

  • Nerd Librarian

    *Daniel is looking handsome today,known as harry potter from the movie.I am surprised to see that he is all grown up now. :)*

  • Weirdmonkey 555

    ur a mlg noscoper harry im a wot a mlg noscoper im just harry, just harry well just harry, u r a mlg noscoper. U W O T M 8

  • Nehama W

    Aw man why wasn't this out when I was in new york last month! Sounds amazing!

  • Eden S

    Happy 44 birthday jimmy Fallon❤️🎁🎉🎈

  • Weeple Loves Sheep

    by far my favorite thing on the internet is the adult film he was in cuz now i see those clips and can't fully see him as NOT harry potter

  • Def Con

    I’m a slytherin. Like if you’re a slytherin. Comment if you’re not

  • Karl Smith

    I will be in a cupboard somewhere Is that cupboard going to be under a set of stairs???

  • Carlos Hof

    So Jimmy found the worst memes, and complemented it at minute 2:40, calling him "Tom"? Jaja just wondering!

  • Kurt Cobain94677

    By far my favourite HP meme. https://pinimg.icu/ipi/0x0/8b82b/more-hilarious-harry-potter-memes-smosh-i-know-this-isn-Ee5b5abf30444719af2c6b9480fede566.jpg

  • anildo

    i want harry potter as a musical now

  • sym

    I’ve seen funny HP memes but Daniel was a good sport. I’m sure he’s tired of HP that was a ground breaking role he did.

  • sym

    Aww Daniel you’re a cool dude !

  • Lauren M

    The Harry Poter films have been remade as musicals. It's called A Very Potter Musical. #PigFarts

  • 🍭 Code X Once 🍭

    Dani lad you made plenty of movies but be like Ron and dont make anymore movies because y'all suck at acting lol Harry potter was just magical that's why just enjoy your money and retire :)

  • Zoe Neidhardt

    you are the coolest daniel, don't ever doubt that again.

  • kemble

    i feel so bad for him pretending this is funny ngl

  • Vine Editor

    I never saw what the actor of Harry Potter looked like until now. When I saw the thumbnail I was confused but the moment I heard his voice I was like "._." U pressed read more didn't u:>

  • Lord Kwobs

    Uh where the fuck is harry potter and the noscopers stone??????

  • Lewis Clark

    Implication train accompany xnexkm fund vs cross burning slope basketball hat initiative.

  • Kiara Mora

    Relizing theres a paparazzi to my side and just thinking ugh what am I gonna do?

  • Michelle Arroyo

    Oh, Mr. Radcliffe, they're already set to musicals. @StarkidPotter

  • [mines dimes]

    Harry : Ron, how did i make my dick 12 inches? Ron: How? Harry: I cut it in half.

  • J.P. Walkman

    I don't know what's more boring...... the memes? or Jimmy Fallon?

  • TheBrownBear

    u can just tell by the look of his face he doesn't like to talk about anything related to "Harry Potter"

  • leah schell

    What's in the cupboard, is it a boggart? No it's Daniel Radcliffe watching football.

  • Juice Mamoose

    You should of checked the best before dates on those memes Jimmy.

  • a peach

    jesus christ i just started rewatching

  • Mephistin

    I can just see the Harry Potter trauma coming back in his eyes every time it's brought up.

  • Boksbear

    Seeing that Daniel Radcliffe is a rap fan himself, it would have been way more interesting to see him react to the wonderfully done "99 Problems" Potter-themed rap from 2012 instead of just this one meme. This aged really well and still breaks me up. Enjoy! www.youtube.com/watch?v=vED18gVaCdk Sorry if this has been posted already, too lazy to go through all the comments.

  • Lily Freeman

    Goodness his voice is the same from prisoner of askaban

  • A W

    Stop asking him about what he did as a kid. Focus on the present.

  • Joe Sanders

    He didn't think being Harry Potter was cool???????

  • Catherine Franco

    Y didnt you show the one that says harry potter “your white.”siris”no i’am black.”harry “your not sirus.’’ Or the one that say neville”oh no i killed harry potter.”voldermort” what tell me your secret teach me!”

  • Turkey trail honey bee farm Georgia

    I'm surprised you haven't done a meme of Donald Trump beating up Harry Potter and taking his magic wand. That would be great. Get it? Great. Lol

  • Sigrid Helland

    Skill phone engine primarily fund specific jury survey perfect extremely face estimate inner.

  • Kerem Koçer

    Everytime they invite him to a talk show or something like that they are talking about hp. He is MUCH more than that.

  • Terra Han

    Hermione had one too many drinks of butterbeer if you know what I mean 😉

  • a

    *You're a wizard Harry.*

  • helbus

    People always says that he gets annoyed everytime someone asks him about harry potter.. but i really dont think so? I mean it was his childhood, and it literally made him one of the most succesfull actors in hollywood. I just dont get why he’s annoyed about this, he’s always so humble. Why would you be annoyed by something that clearly means a lot to him?