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Adventure Time | Finale: Characters' First and Last Lines | Cartoon Network


  • The Interesting Nobody

    I was in Jr. High when Adventure Time came on, back in the days of Chowder and Flapjack. Now I'm in college.

  • Roque LAA

    I honestly cried, man I'm going to miss this show so much, by far the best show CN ever aired

  • BlackX334 GMGF

    At least we still have bravest warriors made by the same creators so they can focus on that more

  • No Regrets

    My soul has been ripped and a piece of my heart has been ripped

  • Kat Marriot

    I started watching this show when it first came out in middle school. I became a huge fan after watching a marathon while stuck at a boring aunt's house, this was around the shows 2nd or 3rd season. Anyway, around season 4, the new episodes were coming out very very slowly and seemed to take a turn towards seriousness, love, and emotion rather than the whacky cool adventures with a hint of seriousness that I fell in love with. I was then in high school, became obsessed with firearms/ military stuff and my adventure time fandom basically faded into obscurity. Looking at the show now when i'm almost out of college, having not seen a single episode past season 4. I have no idea what is going on. As one time being almost obsessed with the show, this brings back many memories. I'm almost curious to go watch the last 5-6 seasons I missed.

  • Dong Bing

    Fern “I’m Not Doing So well” Peter Parker “I Don’t Feel So Good”

  • Fern

    4:02 - 4:49 yeah my line Destroying most people ♥️ (I see why Jake look suspicious it because the 🌲🏠 was already destroyed)

  • tina f

    It started off as a stupid kids show and started to mature later on

  • V1nhz _ H0uZ3

    Takes me back to when I was 7... now being 15 without adventure time... I feel empty inside

  • nonk

    They are milking the series with nostalgia spam.

  • Lubid


  • Da Nintendude

    Adventure Time never interested me. Looks like it had a lot of depth, but I could just not get into it.

  • Ghettomy Eggos

    Wow i cannot believe that its finally over. This show has been going on since i was 5 and now I am 13. It’s so sad to see my childhood end ;-;

  • Fire_2000

    I'm gonna miss this show. Rip adventure time

  • Fire_2000

    2:13 heels on the ground... Comrade found

  • Mini Hype

    The memories. This makes me really sad. Wish it could go on.

  • Ke Ke

    “Just promise to plant me there” -Fern

  • Naride

    i swear early jake and ice king kind of sound like bender and an angry spongebob, respectively

  • Colton Fox

    I stopped watching in like 2014 and now I feel like I missed out

  • pinkguy 109

    i think CN has less subs since of the “incident” cough cough* fortnite dances* no hate tho


    Well Adventure Time the adventure has been fun but now its time to say goodbye. I'll never forget you.😭

  • Funhow123

    Pb first line: Now we add explosive diarrhea

  • Eliezer German

    *”Let me add 3 more drops of explosive diarrhea.”* ~ Princess Bubblegum

  • sym

    Depressing 😭💜

  • Dav

    Hmm *Check Please*

  • Monstertwitch

    What a crazy finale,gonna miss this show,and it's going into my list of favorite cartoons of all time.

  • planet earth

    Even being made out of grass he still has FLAWLESS hair

  • Flynn

    Goodbye AdventureTime I will always remember you as my favorite show of all time and the show that helped me through hard times ❤️

  • Weird Girl

    Were the voices of Wendy Corduroy, Candy Chiu and Blendin Blandin all in Adventure Time?

  • Ferdinand Augustifson

    Oops, you're correct. My mistake but I swear it's not my fault. My dog ate my homework, I had to walk both ways uphill in the snow. Oh, and aliens abducted me, but released me when the border check people asked why was I bound and gagged in the back seat. Anyway both Adventure Time and Regular Show rocked then and in my heart always will. Later guys.

  • Citizen Nappa

    Actually, Finn's last line in the series was 'What do you think, Music Hole?" He also said 'Yeah' in response to their idea afterward, leading to the reprise of 'Come Along With Me' but I'm not counting one-liners unless it's Lemongrab. His first line was like 'Unacceptable!' and his last official line was 'Acceptable'. Edit: His first line was "This castle is in... Unacceptable! condition!" I was close at least.

  • QineC:

    I was 12 when this came out... I'm flipping 20 now ugh DX

  • Ryan Doherty

    I remember when the first episode came out. Jesus how time flies.

  • Rue nixx

    AT was so real. RIP, cuz nothing can ever replace.

  • Chace Plays

    4:00 I get it because lemons make you pucker and the lemon guy sounds like justin roiland

  • Clancy 212

    first regular show, now adventure time? whats left...