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Rice Krispies® TOY CASTLE! | How To Cake It

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • welcome back to having cake it I'm Yolanda and this week I'm using the classic Kellogg's rice krispies treats recipe to make a toy castle cake I have to do this around cake because it's the first cake list cake I've ever made what welcome to the new frontier you know front tier get it I was inspired by an initiative that's close to my heart called rice krispies treats for toys that donates real toys to kids in need thanks to Kellogg's Rice Krispies for partnering with me and sponsoring this video to make this toy castle I made eight batches of rice krispies treats it's so simple to make so the first thing you want to do is melt your unsalted butter in a pot on the I personally don't like to do it really high I don't want burnt marshmallows we're not going for a campfire why did you campfire those are actual things campfire as you guys know the only camp idea is can't cake it's indoors it's in these doors it's right here actually maybe I may be here I hope you guys have signed up I'll see you on December 15th once your butter is melted you can pour in your mini marshmallows there's so once your marshmallows are melted you want to remove your pot from the heat stir in your vanilla and then stir in your rice krispies time to press this batch of rice krispies treats into a 10-inch square pan and then press it down into the pan I know you're aware of how I feel about air bubbles but I feel the same about air pockets they're not welcome now now I'll make my second batch of rice krispies treats and press it directly on top of that first batch in the 10th I make my third and fourth batch and repeat this process in my other 10-inch pen now with my fifth and sixth batch I press them into two six inch square pans but I reserved about a quarter of each batch put it aside in a bowl I do this so that my six inch layers are the same height as my 10 inch layers this is my version of leveling that's right I move on and make my seventh and eighth batch of rice krispies treats and I press them along with the leftover treats that I set aside into a 12-inch square pan now this pan won't be as high as the other four I might have given up my crumb coat but I will not give up my children so I'm putting these pans in the fridge to chill and set up I can't use a makeup I don't have a chilling set up a go fund doesn't chillings I'm having a teen chilling set up no one sounds relaxing when it comes up tight it's time to start building my toy castle and the first thing I need to do is remove my two ten inch square pans of rice krispies treats now I have two beautiful ten inch square layers and I need to glue one on top of the other using royal icing because it is a castle I'm not going to use regular icing I need royal icing I repeat this one more time with my six inch layers I have to go back to Buckingham Palace and get more Buckingham Palace dot-coms flash boil icing for the base of this castle I used a square cake board that I just covered in some colored shelf liner I'm going to glue the 6-inch layer on top of my ten inch layer more royal icing please it's delivered to you on a Velveteen pillow is a golden now rice krispies treats were actually the first thing I ever made in fact I think they were my gateway to cake the cake way now you guys have seen me use Rice Krispies to create some of my cakes like this one M this one next to cake it's one of my favorite things to sculpt and mold into shapes and they're so delicious so now I'd like to create a decorative border on the top of each one of my layers I'm actually gonna roll out three fondant Cup this is not three I do this all the time I'm actually gonna roll out three fondant colors pink purple and blue to cut the border I cut even strips of fondant I use a ruler and a sharp paring knife and then I line up my decorative cutter with one long end of a fondant strip and cut it out I'm using a decorative cutter that I have that looks very Castley it came in a set of four cutters and I don't think I've used this one it's perfect for a castle I need to glue these decorative borders onto my rice krispies treats with a little bit of clear piping gel I believe my pink border onto the first floor of the castle I use my ruler to really help me put it in place this way I can lay my decorative strip onto the ruler and then hold my ruler up against the layer and press it up I repeat this process and glue my purple decorative border to the top floor of the castle isn't purple a very royal color purple of course this castle needs some windows I just feel like it's very stifling in there at the moment we're going to create the illusion of frames by cutting out two sets of squares for each window we're going to cut out a larger purple square and then a smaller blue square and glue that blue square onto the purpose where I'm placing two purple doors on this castle I'm going to use a woodgrain embossing mat lay it on top of my fondant and just press it down you can even use a small rolling pin to roll over it and then cut out that wood grain purple door if there is purple wood it comes from the finest purple trees they only use these trees to make castle doors now I glue my doors onto the castle with piping gel again and I use a ruler to make sure that they're right this castle is really coming together but it needs towers I mean can you call it a castle without towers so I tap out my 12 inch square pan of rice krispies treats I'm going to now cut towers that are the same width as the height because I want to create towers that are perfectly cubed out of my 12 inch layer I'm able to get six towers I now take four of those towers and I cut them to seven inches high with my remaining two towers I cut them in half it's time to create more decorative trim and glue it around the tops of these I thought turrets were what was on top of towers but I know what you're saying and the castle it we've done it's like it would be where the guards step book out in the distance so when the prince was on his way they'd let you know where somebody was coming to you know claim all of your royal icing you can protect these towers need windows so I'm creating more windows exactly the same way as I did before but this time we will have pink frames now when I cut four of my strips into seven inch towers I had some left over so I have four left over short tablets I cut the four towers in half exactly and now I have eight little cubes which I cut into triangle woof tops it's time to put my towers onto my cake with royal icing of course put a little swirl on the bottom of each tower and then do the bottom towers to the cake board and the top towers to the top of the ten inch layer I just use more royal icing on the bottom of each peak and moons tops to the top of each tower to make sure not to disrupt the decorative trim this is not an abandoned castle this is a brand new pod on the market custom built town now for that sparkle I mentioned I'm going to do some really shimmery gumballs to the top of each pink on the towers and again guys use your imagination you can use any candy that you like there's one design flaw with this castle how do you get in the door I roll a small ball of pink fondant cut it in half and then I just shape it with my fingertip so it's more like a handle it's a hefty door you need to be able to use like two hands to pull on right when the guards aren't there you're trying to get in I'm going to create a beautiful sprinkle rooftop terrace and to do that I'm using our custom sprinkle method to get your own custom sprinkle medleys delivered right to your door don't forget to sign up for our sprinkle service and how to keep your home you might think this castle looks fabulous but no wait till you see the sprinkle garden we're planting I'll leave a little path of course for the front door it's very well manicured and there's no need for irrigation fellow Canadians listen up the real reason I made this brace krispies toy castle was to take part in rice krispies treats the toys it's super simple I make this toy shape treat out of Rice Krispies cereal and then share it on my social media using the hashtag treats for toys when I do that Kellogg's Rice Krispies donates $20 to the Salvation Army to buy a real toy for a child who might otherwise go without so I'm asking for you guys to do this with me by making your own toy shaped treats big or small the goal is to donate $30,000 so let's do this more details are below in my description or at treats for Toys dot CA I can't wait to check out your creations guys don't forget to go to treats for toys dot CA for more info wishing you the sweetest holiday
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    Hellooo #NotificationSquad!! 😎😎 The holiday season🎄🎅 is in full swing, and this week I'm partnering with Rice Krispies® to bring you a giant TOY CASTLE🏰🎉 You can help provide toys🐻🚗 for children who might otherwise go without this season by making Rice Krispies® treats of your own!🤗❤️ See description above for details! What would you make? 👇🏽👇🏽

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