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Jake Paul - “CARTIER VISION” (Official Music Video) ft. AT3 + Jitt & Quan


  • Jordan Raney

    I ain't gonna lie, Jake's come a long way since It's Everyday Bro

  • amazingmcfarlane_playz

    I cant stop listening to this song I am going to put this song for thanksgiving cause this song is so LIT keep up the good work jake

  • x Antavia

    Why is Anthony’s part way better than Jakes and it’s his song???

  • Brooklynn Rodgers

    Hi jake Paul my name is Brooklynn and I just sudscided to your Chanel well I am done

  • EbiPark

    if *anyone* else rapped this this coulda gone _hard_

  • the new wave

    Nowdays famous Youtuber then they want be famous rappers

  • Go Away

    *cardi b has left the chat* *cardi's wig has entered the chat*

  • Moodezzz

    @Nils Bro Ich hab gedacht das du selfmade gemacht hast...

  • fire gamer lol

    My real name is Geovanni I have some one in my class that is a mavrieck his name is Eli

  • X

    fire beat

  • Issac D

    Hi I’m a big fan you got a fresh song

  • John S.

    How about you make a song about your break up? And that it was your fault. Erika can go on Alissa's side like Tessa Brooks. DAMNNNN 💀🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯


    I dont like rappers mumbling but since ur my favorite vlogger its fine

  • crapcake

    Like the song, but I almost got a seizure from all the transitions and lights

  • Todd Ritter

    This sounds like tayler swift and Justin Bieber had a baby

  • JamieTheBoii

    0:00 he is rich isn’t he? Why does he need a phone box?

  • Edgey Echidnaz

    Go to settings and playback speed put it on 1.25 it Sou da lit

  • Kaleb Hayden

    Yo when the airplane noise then anthony came on that was lit

  • F0_0LY

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁Jake Paul └📁 Good Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

  • Wayne Gwyer

    YouTubers are getting hacked by protect zorgo 1 Chad wild clay vy


    This sounds like "Cardi-a-vision." Ik I'm deaf. pls help