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Jake Paul - “CARTIER VISION” (Official Music Video) ft. AT3 + Jitt & Quan


  • Pixelated Mush

    *"I live right next to drizzy"* I'm pretty sure if you lived right next to drizzy, drizzy would have already killed himself.😂

  • Sofia Dickey

    I saw you in Lele pons Harry potter thing lol good job

  • Rosie// Subliminals

    Jake Shane is making a series about u and he uploaded a trailer for it a week or more ago

  • BillyZaneism

    Isn't this that guy who stole Post Malone's personal information? Scary how many blind followers he ha.

  • muhammad khan


  • Tony Soprano

    When will he quit, this COCKSUCKA is an embarrassment

  • Dipankar Das

    Bc teri maa ka bhosda wtf lode yu are crow when u sing

  • Phantom Newtron 159

    C Ca Car Cart Carti Cartie Cartier Cartier V Cartier Vi Cartier Vis Cartier Visi Cartier Visio Cartier Vision = Jake Paul song Cartier Visio Cartier Visi Cartier Vis Cartier Vi Cartier V Cartie Carti Cart Car Ca C

  • Zero Clocks

    🎅🏻 👕 👖 This is Santa one like = 1 present for you

  • richymax 15

    J Ja Jak Jake Jake p Jake pa Jake Pau Jake paul Jake Paul i Jake paul is Jake paul is s Jake Paul is st Jake Paul is stu Jake paul is stup Jake paul is stupi Jake Paul is stupid Jake paul is stupi Jake Paul is stup Jake Paul is stu Jake paul is st Jake paul is s Jake Paul is Jake paul i Jake paul Jake Pau Jake pa Jake p Jake Jak Ja J Ya i liked my own comment 😎

  • Jonathan Higgins

    this is awesome music vid hope you know that :D and id be so happy if you did daily blogging agen

  • Chance Farrow

    Jake Paul I watch a video of every day I watch your videos everyday and I

  • X A N X

    Finally we find the worst and shitty video and music in youtube ..

  • Nopok3E

    Sound like a buttcheek on a stick

  • FearNC

    This shit actually goooooooo

  • Timothy King

    Am a cancer survivor trying to get 100.000 likes and subs please


    JAKE! Congrats on 17mill! You actually inspired me to create my own channel and I just wanted to say thank you bro! Peace

  • Flame 69

    Greg Paul is going to have the fbi breaking down his door and jake Paul is the worst torture there is even the devil hates it

  • Theo.File.Jpeg

    I bet if lil pump made this song people would actually like it