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What's on my original iPhone?

  • Published on: 2018-08-08
  • hey guys it's Justine I'm very excited because today you may recognize this this is the original iPhone the first generation this is the 8 gigabyte model I did an unboxing of this fairly recently and it was sealed unopened I got it from eBay a lot of you were speculating on the price but I'll just leave that up to your imagination whatever it was that I paid for it was 100% worth it this zone specifically has a lot of sentimental value because this phone represents a time in my life where I basically was trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life at least in the near term future now going on 11 years of making YouTube videos 12 actually I just recently had my 12 year youtube anniversary that's crazy but a long story short a lot of things happened because of this phone this phone inspired me so much to keep creating content and it's also because of this phone a video I created that I'm sure many of you have seen and if you haven't seen it it's okay it was the iPhone bill at video I've talked about it before but this was one of those videos where people actually saw it and not just saw it in my immediate fan base or my friends and family it was something that was all around the world and for me being made fun of for making videos on the internet which is totally fine because clearly there was something to all of those making weird videos on the internet but it gave me this realization that what I was doing was actually something and it was important and it was the future so I kept doing it and Here I am many many years later so all in all the reason that you're here is because you want to see this phone I just so happened to be going to the Apple store to get my iPhone 10 fixes having a bunch of camera issues so they replaced the camera and while I was there I just just like hey so I've got this original iPhone I was making like a quick little Instagram video thinking that it wasn't actually going to work okay we are on a mission and that mission is to get this iPhone to work no problem but my hopes are very high now here I'm telling you the story of what exactly happened at the Apple store to get this phone to work so what was happening is iTunes wasn't recognizing this phone so what my friend did at the Apple store thank you to go to your the absolute best while my phone was getting fixed she's like this is easy well we all we got to do is force it into recovery mode download whatever the last version of iOS that this would support oh you sweet the status bar what's gonna happen video and vertical Oh No [Music] let's see if I recognized a second [Music] I'm freaking out you guys don't understand oh my goodness look at this homescreen man I'm trying really hard not to cry [Music] okay I'm having a moment my first picture [Music] go to time Wow look at this this is something really did not think was gonna happen today and here it is it's officially set up I'm so excited state to your honor because we're gonna make some really fun videos with this so the version of iOS that just ended up installing was version 3.1 3 I was really hoping to get the first 1.0 version of iOS but honestly just being able to get this thing to work is super exciting it's also kind of interesting because I'm not able to really log in to any of my email accounts because I use 2-step authentication so every time that I enter my password it says it's the wrong password I'm like no the password is right but it doesn't actually know how to authenticate but when you sign in now it'll open up a browser it'll say enter your password and then it'll say that two-step authentication and then you enter the phone number but didn't quite work so well on here also what's interesting is let's see if we can surf to a website say hello to the future oh my goodness it's so slow it could be my Wi-Fi or it could be this phone come on let's go you can do it there's at the end of the page that's definitely not the end of the beige giant step for iPhone that's quite the scroll you guys recall you couldn't even copy and paste in the first version of iOS but here's the notepad listen to that you actually can select all copy and paste there also pose in an app store so downloading apps was not a thing like that was just not something that happened whatever came pre-installed it was what you had I remember the workaround was people who are creating html5 apps so essentially you would go to a website and then that would kind of be your app so one of the things that I did try in the Apple Store is I've wanted to watch a YouTube video I was like let's watch a YouTube video on the first iPhone in the Apple Store the second that I got this thing activated spoiler alert it didn't work oh my gosh YouTube isn't available so it's not gonna work I'm so this is what the YouTube app looked like it came pre-installed on everything but that's what happened this is the first picture that is on my iPhone it's probably one of the worst pictures of effort but I think it really does encompass a lot of my feelings I was quite surprised especially because I had zero expectations and I didn't think that this was gonna work here's the second photo that I took just a picture of the Apple Store so here are the pictures in high resolution surprisingly the photo quality is actually not that bad I mean it's not that great I was also thinking why wouldn't it be cool to do a video test but there was no video on the first iPhone I think there were some sort of apps if I do remember correctly that it sort of captured video it was basically just kind of taking a screen recording of your camera screen correct me if I'm wrong but I vaguely remember that so here's the App Store I haven't tried to load this yet so let's see what happens doesn't look like it's loading oh it loaded go I'm not gonna but he's an AR app on air see if there's something that I can download let me see if I can download the Starbucks app no how will I get my coffee so it's crazy is it I can't really do much on here because there isn't any actual service so the 2g network is not supported any longer on AT&T so I really can only do things on Wi-Fi and since there's no iMessage I can't actually send any messages at all you could only send text messages through a carrier I can't make a phone call there's no Wi-Fi calling nope call failed see here's the messages I can't do anything okay let's go through the apps here's the calendar i j HQ it's just not focused I'm very upset of a thought let's go into photos let's see what the photo op looks like I now have three photos me super excited Apple Store me filming this video so here's what the share function looks like you can email the photo assigned a contact you use as wallpaper so we did YouTube already obviously no happened let's try stocks hmm looking mediocre maps it's kind of crazy because Google Maps came pre-installed on here so let's zoom in see where we can go Arkansas hello anybody from Arkansas shout out whether voice memos let's try this out hello hi play next we have notes just type some nonsense clock no calculator oh riveting looks the same actually here's our settings Apple Store what's this oh so I wonder if I could sign in it's not gonna make a difference because I can't do anything iTunes let's take a look at this oh no I quit Mary's all the App Store so let's take a look what the contacts looks like at how many contacts though who male I tried to set up mail but it wouldn't let me Safari you saw what that looked like an iPod I don't have any music so sad this is also another crazy thing I find it very strange I know when people say things like all the universe the universe it works in mysterious ways I say it because it really really does I was in San Francisco and I went to MoMA and they had this display where it was made in California so obviously they had a whole display of Apple products of course I went in I was making some videos and taking pictures you guys may have seen my Instagram story if not I will add a highlights you guys can check it out this was one of those moments which happens all too often it makes you think how did I happen to be at this moment at this time for this specific thing to happen I was making an Instagram video of these three sketches and I was like this is awesome these sketches are sketching out what a mouse will be and how it will work so it basically was the prequel to the mouse that we know today these illustrations were done in 1983 and it just so happened that the guy who who did those illustrations also just happened to stop by to see the display and I didn't believe him at first what are the odds of this and then I'm just like freaking out because I don't think he had any idea of what a huge Abba fan I was so he's like no I really did do this and his friend that was with him said yeah he did this he told me some really cool stories about creating those sketches and stuff like that but it was definitely an extremely memorable moment I just wanted to leave you guys with a little bit of that video because it was a really special moment for me mostly just because of how the universe works how random occurrences like that happened and it really is crazy that you never know who you're gonna use I don't even know how to explain this but this is just one of the crazy things that happens in life so I'm just sitting here looking at these incredible sketches here admiring one of these prototypes of the Apple Mouse and of course one of my most favorite computers ever and the guy who did these sketches just walks out of your birth what went was this 1983 so 1983 so a year before I was bull so I mean well how does it feel to be here and just kind of seen your sketches oh well that's a fair thing to ask I mean it's sort of like old friends and the thing is none of you will ever be this old you kind of go first thing is have I done anything of consequence since that means in sketching when you're not happy with your sketch you're really happy with the fact and honored that they've been displayed and you're wondering what should I do next I mean this is incredible though really and this is so awesome and I just can't believe it I'm kind of in shock I didn't even believe him he had to get his driver's license out and put it don't show them don't show that no and put it next to his name right here so that I would believe it and I did and this is so cool well thank you so much for sharing your story with me this is so cool anything else you want to share about this just thank you Justine for passing it along beautifully okay well thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it and I appreciate you guys who may have been here all this time who may be new it's really cool just to sort of see the evolution of Technology I've been able to document so much of it over the course of my lifetime and it's amazing just to be able to still do this and share it with you guys I'll have some more fun videos coming up soon so you guys aren't already subscribed please do so cuz I just found an old laptop from 2007 this was the computer that I started my youtube career on so I look forward to showing you guys that because wow I turned that on and I'm like I need to do a reaction video to some of the things that I felt crazy oh I'm so excited again thank you I'll see you later subscribe hit the bell like this video or don't do whatever you want to do I'm out I got to go edit this now because I'm so excited [Music] [Music]
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