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How Strong Is Thanos Without The Infinity Gauntlet?

  • Published on: 2018-09-14
  • today's video is brought to you by audible hey brother J we have been talking about infinity we're so much lately and guess what today we're diving right back in last week we talked about how star-lord despite his like total over-the-top emotional reaction really isn't to blame for if Thanos completing the Infinity Gauntlet what he did to get me wondering in the event that star-lord doesn't lose his mind right here and they do successfully get the gauntlet off of Thanos what happens next what are the team of Avengers still lost how strong is that O's without the Infinity Gauntlet guys we have to give a huge thank you to today's sponsor audible when we are writing theory is a huge part of it is just going to the source material watching the movies over and over again and looking for every little scrap of detail that we can build off of but another major aspect of it is just listening to stories in figuring out how the best ones are told for me this means constantly having a book fired up and ready to listen to it whenever I'm on the move and audible is perfect for that and today they're offering a free audiobook and a 30-day free trial when you go to audible.com slash SCB or simply text SCB to five zero zero five zero zero back to feyo's bravo my friend not many people could have taken out half the galaxy with a little bedazzled mitten but my question for you today is how powerful argue without it I mean the guy seems pretty powerful it almost seems like the only way for the Avengers to defeat him is to literally remove the gauntlet and then actually use it against him right what even if slash when they do that how much of a battle should they still be expecting from Thanos we know for example that Doctor Strange basically allows for them to lose the fight on Titan in pursuit of the single path to victory maybe full video by clicking the card and if that's the case we kind of have to assume that even if they had got the gauntlet off it wouldn't have mattered nanos apparently still would have defeated them just with his own personal set of powers or strength which is kind of crazy like just how strong is this guy and that becomes kind of a tough question to answer because before infinity war we haven't really seen him that much in action or even at all and by the time we see him in infinity war he already has the Power Stone and I do want to be clear here that we are talking about the MCU the movies Thanos and not the comic book Thanos because even just a little bit of research shows us that the movie version of them is like significantly watered down which is crazy to say because this guy is a beast comic book fan knows for example isn't just a member of a species of people that already are super powerful and have superhuman speed and powers and all that he was also born with superpowers with in that species he is the most powerful of the most powerful which was information that actually felt like for me personally cleared some stuff up because if Titans are just like this powerful as a species how are they're not just like purple crazy people running the entire galaxy by the way some of his comic book powers include shooting concussive beams out of his hands laser vision being able to teleport anywhere in the galaxy being a master of the mystic arts telepathy and owning a time machine basically all of the things the Infinity Gauntlet allows him to do in the movie are things he was just naturally capable of the mitten basically just covers all the spaces back to movie thinness I have to say right out of the gate I was a little curious as to why he is so respected and feared by basically everyone I mean just look at M&E MA he's like right-hand man for example his power seemed to be off the freakin charts just simply by thinking and seemingly with no effort whatsoever he can move and control all objects it seems to me that he could have given Thanos a pretty good run for his money right I mean he basically single-handedly takes down Thor and Doctor Strange but so then are we to believe that fans is so strong that these powers could almost have no effect on him personally I think this must be the case because M&E mod doesn't exactly seem like one to hold back on abusing his powers and he quite literally Revere's Thanos in fact for as big of a role as he plays in the comics the fact that he died so easily and so early on was almost similar to as if somebody just came up shot Tony Stark and that was just the end of it he was just dead Thanos just how strong is he we actually end up with quite a few examples to kind of try to figure it out from we find out in Guardians 1 that even without any of the stones he is still considered to be the most powerful being in the universe he's the most powerful being in the if this is the case though why does it take a moose so long to get to this point yeah obviously why are you trusting people like Loki and Ronan once you start doing it yourself it takes you like one day the answer is asgard asgard protects the nine realms and maybe most importantly in need of a leader I mean that place is a legend they make the most powerful horrific weapons at the universe and as long as the forge was being protected by the Asgardians Thanos could not go there to have them build of the Infinity Gauntlet for him but once Asgard gets stabbed in the face by a giant lava sword he barely waits one day to protect us this suggests that as powerful as Thanos is he doesn't believe that he or his forces could take on a fully equipped Asgardian army so at the very least that is one limit of his power which is not entirely surprising after all we've seen Thor almost beat him single-handedly with storm breaker and for that matter Thor sister hella and his father Odin would both be considered more powerful than Thor himself it is true that Odin says is stronger but if you ask me I think that's just some good old fashioned parenting and speaking more to his ultimate potential than his strength inside of that moment either way when hello returns she does exactly what Thanos seems to be too afraid to do which is defeating an entire Asgardian army in a way hella really clears the path for a Thanos I mean she can't return until Odin dies which is one key person that he can't defeat and then immediately shows up and defeats the entire army that he thinks he can't defeat and this may actually be even more fitting than what we see on screen because in the comics Thanos falls in love with death and is trying to woo her and in the movies hella is literally the goddess of death in any case it would appear that Thanos doesn't believe that he is as strong as the most powerful Asgardian specifically I think we can see this with his armor he doesn't actually remove it until after he possesses two of the Infinity stones up until he receives the tesseract he is wearing his armor but as soon as he gets it he sheds the armor and never looks back so at this point I think the only two characters that we could argue are more powerful than Thanos without the gauntlet would be Odin and hella who are both conveniently dead you could also probably argue assert her since he is the one who defeats hella and destroys all of Asgard but also kills himself in the process so with that you could maybe argue with Thor because he defeats Surtur early on but that's with his hammer and we actually see Thor go up against Thanos himself and it doesn't go super well and that's kind of getting towards the end of the list you could probably make the argument for the Hulk like potentially being a match for him but of course we literally see that fight play out and he gets his butt kicked and yes Thanos does have the Power Stone right here but he is definitely not using it against the Hulk and yes we know that there is some possibility that the Hulk is actually Loki in disguise but we can't forget what we hear from ebony mom make him have his fun more at the very least believes that this is the Hulk and believe that it's not going to be any problem whatsoever for Thanos maybe one of the greatest instances that demonstrates the power of Thanos without Lagaan 'ln is right here when a mantis drops in on him and tries to make him go to sleep and he resists yes he is wearing the Goblin right here but he is definitely not using it in this moment we do know that he has to be able to make a fist in order to activate it which by the way I'm totally curious to know what your thoughts are here do you think that all of the Avengers know that he has to close the fist in order to activate the gauntlet or are they just trying to keep his hand open to like remove it because either way it seems like a happy coincidence that like that's their objective here I don't know leave your thoughts down below either way the fact that mantas can't do this here says a lot because at the end of guardians 2 we literally see her use this exact same trick to make an entire planet go to sleep planet that's planet with a P and by a planet I mean a celestial a nearly one-of-a-kind entity that's trying to wipe out all of life in the entire universe although maybe this shouldn't be such a surprise after all I mean we do see that us physically handle the Infinity stones with no problems whatsoever while quill who is also celestial orb we half is barely able to handle one at a time and ultimately needs to recruit others to help him handle it and one of those three is Gamora who was built / trained by Thanos himself so without the gauntlet I think we can safely say that Thanos is the strongest being left in the galaxy except for maybe Thor with Stormbreaker which yes also means that what I'm suggesting is that Thor is absolutely the most powerful of the Avengers except for maybe Captain Marvel we haven't seen her yet basically anyone who might have been able to defeat him a prior to having the gauntlet would be Odin hella an Asgardian army or searcher who all basically destroyed one another the events of Ragnarok could not have worked out better for Thanos and now with the Infinity Gauntlet he basically seems invincible except for maybe one thing sharp objects I can't tell if you're joking or not yeah I'm serious while it seems more likely that they'll somehow remove the gauntlet and use that against him it doesn't seem like Thanos has one glaring weakness to pointy objects seriously what even was the point of all of that armor like we see him take all sorts of blunt force trauma and blaster shots with seemingly no repercussions at all though that for a drop of blood but on the other hand anyone who has any experience whatsoever with Thanos all seem to attack him with the same things when Loki tries to pull a fast one on him he literally pulls out a dagger and tries to go for the throat and Pharaohs stops him wouldn't have been so much more a demonstration of his power to let the blade go right across him and then kill him proving that even that can't harm him but no he stops it he's concerned about it when a Kimura his daughter who he trained it tries to go after him she also uses a knife or a dagger and we even see it work to some degree yes this is all just a delusion caused by the reality stone but either way she doesn't seem surprised by the end result it seems like she knew that stabbing him would work when nebula also his daughter arrives on Titan she too brings a swords to a midden fight actually you know what it's more of a sappy pathan thing to a fight Jesus I can't even do anything right this is clearly wide gamora's is favorite thanks dad regardless there's also Drax which is kind of a problem for the writers because he's always using these giant dagger things no problem though we'll just make sure that he hits him where Thanos is heavily protected his boots awfully convenient strange almost gets it right and uses his magic sword thing but alas is magic just poof Soni goes for it twice with mixed results the first time Thanos is so worried about it that he actually throws a moon at him and the next time he just literally takes the blade from Tony in a scene that makes my stomach suck in every single time I see it and then of course finally Thor hits him in his not head with storm breaker and easily penetrates his skin as I was saying that penetrates his skin seems like he like kind of gave him a boo-boo he like literally cuts his chest cavity open oh that for a No you got me you got me pretty good so to review without the gauntlet yes Thanos is one of the most powerful creatures in the galaxy but over the course of a few days the only people capable of defeating him seem to all be destroyed kind of by each other but then with all of them out of the way he takes the opportunity to grab the most powerful object in the entire galaxy and basically becomes invincible unless you poke him with a knife for a really really big ax right to the chest cavity guys again I want to give a huge thanks to audible for sponsoring this video and remind you that you can get a free audiobook to keep and a 30-day trial by going to audible.com/veritasium iBook recommendation this month has to be one of my all-time favorite listens the Martian the narration is amazing it is hilarious and dramatic and above all else gives some wonderful tips on how to grow potatoes on Mars I highly recommend you check it out and guys for my question of the day what do you think how will the Avengers ultimately take down Thanos is it just gonna be a mere flesh wound leave all of your thoughts in the towel section down below but guys as always thanks for watching be sure to LIKE this video and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already if you'd like to see some more infinitely more action from us you can click right here to find out whether or not the snap actually killed Thanos or right here to find out what dr. Strange's true plan really is but J that's all I've got for you today man I will see you on Tuesday
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  • Hvad Fanden

    The Asgard point kinds of annoy me because we were shown no reason what so ever to believe he was scared of them, especially when the most likely reason for him to wait to go after the stones himself is that they are simply hidden and he wants to do a clean swipe instead of slowly going after each one just to have someone hide one away somewhere he would never find.

  • Alexander Inget

    Had they gotten the gauntlet of, Dr Strange could have thrown Thanos into the mirror dimension. Or hell, he could have given him to Dormamu. :P And then simply opened up a portal back to earth for himself, Parker and Stark. No need for a fight at all. But then, the movie would have been over.

  • Kelvin Claud

    Looking back at all the movies its not just the org avengers, more specificallyThor and Captain Marvel Thanos needs to worry about, everyone seems to be forgetting Adman Warlock was introduced at the end of Guardians 2 and is in the universe. Thanos is not the most powerful, he's just the most powerful we've seen right now. Captain Marvel alone could take Thanos with ease. Hints the Set up.

  • Travis Patton

    I’m not too sure about your theory about that Finity stone how thanos was able to hand with the star lord wasn’t, Peter doesn’t know how to use his powers plus it doesn’t benefit him and we never see bands handle the power stone that is the stones were talking about, plus Thanos was never shown to close his fist around the infinity stone like Peter did so that’s why it activated around his hand

  • sirtanon1

    Thanos without the gauntlet/stones vs. Hela.. I'm gonna go with Hela.

  • dragonmb7

    Who would win? The most powerful person in the entire universe who can wipe out half of humanity with a snap of his fingers? OR One sharp boi

  • Clarence Remy

    nah Thor is stronger than thanos by the end of the movie

  • DaCaramelKen

    I mean if Thor gets stabbed in the neck I think he would die too lol

  • Random myths

    Still don’t know why they just didn’t cut off his stupid arm and retrieve the gauntlet that way. You had so many different people who could have easily mobilized the arm and cut it off.

  • Alfred Bitchcock

    Hela is not a match for Thanos. Neither is Thor with Stormbreaker. Odin is, however. A list of beings that can defeat Thanos with only his innate powers: Odin Galactus Chaos King Franklin Richards The Marquis of Death Matthew Malloy The Living Tribunal Celestials The Beyonder Mad Jim Jaspers TOAA Squirrel Girl Pretty much anyone else is fair game for an ass beating.

  • Rachelle Crawford

    At least Doctor Strange knows Thanos has to make a fist to activate the infinity mitten because before cloak wrapped around it you hear strange say “Don’t let him close his fist.” So at least he knows how it works.

  • Alfred Bitchcock

    Ill put it this way....Thanos put Galactus on his ass with a single blast WITHOUT any augmentation to his powers. Thanos is a universal threat and consistently owns the Silver Surfer in combat with relative ease. Fuck everyone and their opinions here. I go by the gospel.

  • Joey Collier

    I have no idea if you will see this but wanted to say if the gauntlet was meant to hold all the stones why did it brake after he uses it i have a theory but i would love to see your take one it ( hint it has to do with the time stone when why its glowing when Dr. Strange gives it to him)

  • Vintage Løuis™

    I feel like people don't really understand just how overpowered Asgardian seem to be because I mean at the end of the movie Thor just throws his axe at thanos and he has to use all of the Infinity Stones at once to try and stop it and fails, like he had the completed gauntlet and Thor pretty much 1-shot him if it weren't for the fact that he wanted to show off for a few seconds too long

  • Mike Hu

    Well Thanos can destroy FREAKIN XANDAR without the gauntlet.

  • JoNatHan K

    Warcraft is the Story of what will happen if the Lich King took over Thor's Home.

  • JoNatHan K

    Titans are the Heroes in Warcraft . The Loki like Character in Warcraft is a Slave to the Lich King. Warcraft is the story of what if Thanos and Thor become Good friends.

  • Seth Wride

    If blades are the things that can kill him, then no wonder why those with Arrows weren't in the movie. Yondu died, and Kraglin and Hawkeye were somewhere else for some reason.

  • Brandon Robinson

    Disliked cause of the ad, YouTube is about sharing content and it sickens me that most youtubers only wanna profit instead of entertain Pure selfishness


    Don’t forget about Dormamu. He’s more powerful than Thanos.

  • hydro dog

    the reason quill can't hold a infinity stone is because he's half human so that stops him from handling it

  • BlazeBoy -AJ-

    At 8:17 for the keeping us fist open, dr strange tells them not to let him close his fist during the fight

  • MavF14A

    so your saying, thanos will find a dilemma in stepping on a thumbtack?...

  • uholdthis

    Yes they know. Dr strange tells his cloak not to let him make a fist

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    You should talk about the very ending of Ant Man and Wasp with the Infinity War reference, it was... unexpected

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  • yeah

    Thanos wasn't afraid of the Asgardian army, he was afraid of Odin, so was Hella.

  • yeah

    Thanos can't fly without the gauntlet so all they have to do is keep it out of his reach.

  • AgentNibbles V

    A few Celestial a were leaked with some of the script in Avengers 4 so maybe they might step in. In the infinity gauntlet comic Thanos actually imprisoned the celestials to prove his power and yes even galactus.

  • Shalashaska 994

    The same way they had to dull down Thor's power they had to get rid of Ebony maw early because their actual strength would mess up the plot.

  • Timmy Venable

    I like these videos because there's a lot of detail and a ton of thought that goes into the theories, but I also notice wholes in just about everything. Or you just overthink it all trying to justify things that are much simpler than you think.

  • Gamer9 Smith

    Worlds largest army of worlds most powerful heros Vs A purple dude in a metal mitten Who will win

  • Dane Petersen

    We see that every time Thanos adds a stone to the gauntlet he receives a power surge (We really see this when the soul stone is added). This indicates that with every stone added, his power boosts. I believe that Thanos also had the gauntlet made when Loki takes over Asgard. In Ragnarok, Thor confronts Loki (as Odin) saying that the 9 realms are in chaos. This would indicate that Asgard in not overseeing any of the places they swore to protect.

  • Rachel Rampersad

    Can you please do a video about where Mary Poppins is from or what she is? Thanks!

  • Mikey Guanipa

    Ok random debate (because my friend & I talked about it) Who would win, Thanos or venom?

  • Aniruddh Singh

    But, didn't Thanos appear to take the space stone right after Asgard was destroyed? so doesn't that mean that he got Eitri to make the gauntlet, killed almost everyone in Nidavellir (which froze in said time) and desimated Xandar in just one day? I have theory, that maybe he didn't start during Ragnarok, but infact during the time when Loki replaced Odin and became the king, not caring about the other 8 realms. That's when Thanos did all this

  • Lunair Vaewolf

    What about Scarlet Witch though? She destroyed Vision’s stone while holding back Thanos. Also did anyone else wonder why they didn’t make Scarlet Witch use her Mental Manipulation? Maybe she could’ve used it on Thanos to make him see things so that Thor could’ve kill him. I love how strong they made her but I feel like they also made her weak too considering all the other abilities she had in previous movies that she didn’t use on this one and who knows if they would’ve won if she would’ve gone full power mode.

  • Anonymous Llama

    *When you want to watch Infinity War theories buy you've only seen three Marvel movies and need to catch up first ._.*

  • Don Won

    As strong as Captain Planet without his rings.

  • neoma sone

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  • serhan orhan

    What makes you think that he is not using the power stone against The Hulk. Isn't he making a fist when he punches The Hulk? He has the power stone and yes he is using it on the Asgardian ship. Do you know how I know? Because instead of punching each other through the walls of the ship the fight plays out like a normal fight. Its clear that Thanos is manipulating power in some way

  • James Moriarty

    12:39 OR some guy who regularly uses sharp projectiles as his weapons could... Wait... Oh, man. #HawkeyesgonnakillThanos

  • D_Da_Tree

    So what I'm hearing is its all odin's fault. If he didn't breed, his daughter wouldn't of came for revenge and thor wouldn't of had to release super devil and city would still be intact and be able to protect dwarf giant city.

  • jasen sherwood

    Love the videos. Can I get a literally count for this video?

  • Stole Your Soul

    Starlord could've stabbed thanos while he was restrained by everyone else since he was just standing there... But ya know what evs

  • Spencer Woods

    Super random, but I just watched your Rey's Father video and I wanted to give input. Even after seeing The Last Jedi, I think Rey is Obi Wan's daughter, however there is no way Duthces Satine is her mother because that would make Rey older than Luke and that is obviously not the case. I think Rey was born right before Obi Wan died and Obi Wan didn't know. Obi Wan was only known as a junk trader on tatoine so Rey's mother may have died on tattoine because of similar events as luke's adopted parents died. Kylo Ren also claims to know that Reys parents were nobodies because he looked inside rey, but if Rey has convinced herself that her parents were only junk traders, then Kylo Ren would find that with in Rey and be under the same impression.

  • KoiBoi 1113

    Cuts his chest cavity open with the most powerful weapon next to the infinity gauntlet? Seems like he took that pretty good haha

  • KoiBoi 1113

    I don't think stabbing him would kill him, but still a weakness.

  • Jon S

    Ya'll realize that each character is as strong as that moment in the script needs them to be right? So really the writers are the strongest Marvel characters

  • KoiBoi 1113

    So Thanos couldn't take on the Asgardian Army, but Hela could? No. I think he simply knew Ragnarok would come soon, so he would wait.

  • Ste Cour

    Is a gauntlet needed? Can he carry the stones in a fanny pack or a coin purse?

  • Courtney Thomson

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  • Lyndell O

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    If thanos couldn’t get to the dwarf star until Asgard was destroyed, how did the glove exist and show up before these things happened?

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