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How Strong Is Thanos Without The Infinity Gauntlet?

  • Published on: 2018-09-14
  • Audible. Hey, brother! so much lately, and guess what? Today we're diving right back in. Would the team of Avengers still lost? ♪ Hey Brother! ♪ Audible. detail that we can build off of. And Audible is perfect for that. and a thirty day free trial when you go to audible.com/SCB or simply text 'SCB' to 500-500. Back to Thanos. Bravo, my friend. with a little bedazzled mitten, but my question for you today is, how powerful are you without it? right? Full video by clicking the card. for me personally, cleared some stuff up running the entire Galaxy? and owning a time machine. to do in the movie are things he was just naturally capable of. Back to movie Thanos. curious as to why he is so respected and feared by basically everyone. I meant it, just look at Ebony Maw. He's like right hand man, for example. a pretty good run for his money, right? Thor and Doctor Strange. Thanos, just how strong is he? to kind of try to figure it out from. any of the stones, he is still considered in the Universe. so long to get to this point? - [Thanos] Fine, I'll do it myself. - Yeah, obviously! The answer is Asgard. in need of a leader. build the Infinity Gauntlet for him. But once Asguard gets stabbed in the face fully-equipped Asgardian army. which is not entirely surprising. After all, we've seen Thor almost beat him single handedly with Stormbreaker. And, for that matter, Thor's sister, Hela, more powerful than Thor himself. It is true that Odin says... - [Odin] You're stronger. Thanos seems to be too afraid to do, I mean, she can't return until Odin dies, army that he thinks he can't defeat. Death and is trying to woo her, two of the infinity stones. and never looks back. the Gauntlet would be Odin and Hela, who are both conveniently dead. but also kills himself in the process. So with that you can maybe argue with Thor and it doesn't go super well. we literally see that fight play out and he gets his butt kicked. the Hulk is actually Loki in disguise - [Ebony] Let him have his Fun. and believed that it's not going to be any problem whatsoever for Thanos. and he resists. Yes, he is wearing the Gauntlet right here We do know that he has to be able to make a fist in order to activate it. Which, by the way, I'm totally curious to know what your thoughts are here. like that's their objective here. to make an entire planet go to sleep. Planet! And by planet, I mean a celestial. all of life in the entire Universe. to recruit others to help him handle it. And one of those three is Gamora, except for maybe Thor with Strombreaker. an Asgardian army or Surtur, who all basically destroyed one another. The events of Ragnarok could not have worked out better for Thanos. And now with the Infinity Gauntlet, he basically seems invincible. Except for maybe one thing... Sharp objects. - I can't tell if you're joking or not. - Yeah, I'm serious! the Gauntlet and use that against them, to pointy objects. - [Thanos] All that for a drop of blood? with the same things. and Thanos stops him. But no, he stops it. He's concerned about it. When Gamora, his daughter, who he trained, and we even see it work to some degree. the reality stone, but either way, she too brings a sword to a mitten fight. thing to a mitten fight. This is clearly why Gamora's his favorite. - [Nebula] Thanks, dad. - Regardless, there's also Drax, which is kind of a problem for the writers Awfully convenient. but alas, his magic just poofs. Tony goes for it twice with mixed results. that he actually throws a moon at him. every single time I see it. he like kind of gave him a boo-boo. All that for a... Nope, nope. You got me. You got me pretty good. So, to review. all be destroyed kind of by each other. But then with all of them out of the way, Unless you poke him with a knife. by going to audible.com/SCP or simply text SCB to 500-500. all time favorite listens, The Martian. to grow potatoes on Mars. I highly recommend you check it out. Is it just gonna be a mere flesh wound? Leave all of your thoughts in the comment section down below. if you haven't already. what Doctor Strange's true plan really is. I will see you on Tuesday.
  • Runtime: 13:45
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  • Carlos Munar

    Ragnorok could have worked better thanos, Thor could have died...

  • Evan Putnam

    There is the argument of Ego being more powerful than Thanos but again, dead. Also Thor should have aimed for the arm, Thanos made it so no one could get another Infinity Gauntlet and his is left handed so if you cut off his left hand he can't use the gauntlet

  • Ivy and Hawk

    Does Ben have a brown eye and a grey (extremely light blue) eye???????

  • Thomas Chiu

    How do you know that is not what dr. Strange saw

  • B-dome

    10:21 Does anyone else hear Rorke from COD Ghosts?

  • Cameron Toney

    the power stone makes you stronger even if you are not perpously using it

  • Clyde Coutinho

    Thanos walking on the street spots Emma Watson turns and walks away comes across Emma Stone in a colourful infinity war dress. Wow

  • Thomas Jones

    They literally said that they need to keep his hand open because of it closes he can use his powers

  • JAGexRK

    The guardians already faced Thanos before Titan, so they saw how the gauntlet worked which is why they stopped him from closing his fist

  • Ellie Hathaway

    Scarlet witch almost defeated him with 5 infinity stones while also destroying the mind stone

  • cHaOsWaLkEr 107

    Thanos is still stronger than hulk and Thor but sent as powerfull as thor

  • Skates

    u kinda looks like benedict cumberbatch

  • Anthony Alers

    Bru he said galaxy not universe half a galaxy is nothing in the MCU

  • JNuTZ DB

    But Hulk is Stronger than Thor. Fact. 🤓 Storm breaker was able to go through the gauntlet with all six stones BECAUSE (revealed by the directors) Thanos was holding back purposely to not use up the gauntlet's threshold. Only used like 1% of the power to ensure his mission is complete, thus why the gauntlet was broken after the *snap*. Gauntlet expired it's usage.

  • junior crusher

    The Power Stone would have killed any of them who tried to use it or use the Infinity Gauntlet.

  • It is all about fun

    He said "your stronger”because of ruin king Thor in comics it should come in Thor 4

  • screally

    The sharp object meme is a film-making flaw in all marvel films as well as other action films with super-powered characters.

  • mark darbonne

    russos said strange was strongest avenger in infinity war. thor couldnt fight thanos at all, he got destroyed before the hulk. at least strange was able to pretend like he was fighting full force against thanos. thor has an epic weapon sure

  • Kal

    2:09 You assume that because Strange let's Thanos get the time stone that the battle on Titan would've been lost even if they got the glove off. It is possible that there was never any chance of getting the guantlet off of Thanos' hand, that in every outcome Star Lord messes up the plan or Thanos succeeds in some other way so Strange didn't bother trying to stop Quill.

  • John Cressman

    Actually... Doctor Strange could have easily split Thanos in two with a poral or trapped him in the mirror dimension without the gauntlet. Fight done.

  • Philly. Kid

    That was a dumb question...Yes they know he has to close his hand. Strange clearly says to cape, “Don’t let him close his hand”....tf

  • Rahul Rajasingh

    most of these powers are based on technology like his concussive beams and teleportation

  • David Spring

    Doctor Strange almost defeated Thanos with 2/3 of the Stones on his own, so I don’t think he’d have issue if Thanos has none.

  • Pringles Reactionz

    Loki will come back pretending to be Gamora then quickly get a good chance to attack him and takes him out

  • Jake

    Don't really want to watch the whole video somebody please tell me

  • 87 SWOO

    dont forget The One from Dr Strange. she was incredibly powerful.

  • Miko Chan

    Doctor Strange will trap him with the Mirror Dimension.

  • Spider Bro

    The most powerful super heroes vs SOME ROCK COLLECTOR

  • Hands of stone7

    Plot twist thanos cant close his hand and snap his fingers at the same time. *surrenders*

  • Elizabeth Stern

    Who would win, Thanos alone or one punch man comment who you think would win.

  • Iron_Man

    Thanos uses a sword in the MCU but he didn't use it in infinity war because he didn't need it.

  • WillGames786

    Karen Gillan in space. Now all we need is guys in bow ties and a fez with a TARDIS.

  • Brandon Lopez

    But thor needed to sneak attack thanos just saying but tony went toe to toe for a a few moments

  • Glenn

    Thanos: I have 6 infinity stones Me: I have a butterknife

  • The dummy Gamer

    What about a splinter then his hand would swell up an the gauntlet wouldn’t fit

  • Creation Gaster

    Here's some questions 1. Is comic book thanos canon? 2. That's actually it

  • Renee San pedro

    Can you guys make a video explaining the black order. How they compare to their comic counterparts

  • ken shane

    From where did thor got his cape back in infinity war

  • ken shane

    From where did thor got his cape back in infinity war


    Loki:we have a hulk, oops I mean a knife. Thanos:where's my armor!!!!?

  • Shrek ,

    Thanos would win because even if he dies the soul stone brings him back because he sacrificed gamora the only way to break the spell is if thanos brought back gamora

  • i .candy

    I like how I watch these videos for no real reason. I don't even care about Marvel. I’m literally only caring about the shots of Benedict😂.

  • Derek Derosa

    I'm just shooting in the dark But I think the key to defeating fan knows is Beta ray bill if hes stores equal and Thor is the only one to do some serious damage To him that imagine what Beta ray bill and Thor could do at the same time

  • BMAN Wayne

    I think it’s skin. Maybe blunt force is distributed over a larger area which is why he can withstand it. Also these beings attacking him have super human strength. Or maybe, just maybe. They wanted to show off thano’s fighting prowess by having him block and deflect the attacks.

  • TheDinoKing12345

    “All that for.........a gallon of blood.........ok please call the doctor I’m starting to lose blood........”-thanos 2028

  • Sly White Wolf

    “This video is brought to you by audible” dude shut up you would of made the video without them

  • Rob

    Strong enough to pick his teeth with the Incredulous Hulk

  • Avery Ligon

    Wait you know how Loki’s scepter could mind control people and that is the mind stone so couldn’t vision do the same

  • Diego 1

    hellla would have been pretty handy being all knifey and all

  • howardruk1

    So basically HAWK EYE's secret mission was to build more sharper arrows .... Makes me wonder 🤔

  • Lewis C

    Just for you guys. T Thor (Milnor)- H hella - A Asgard - N Nidavillir - O Odin - S Surtur . I believe this was the acronym people were trying to work out and they make up the main reason Thanos couldn’t make his move until they were out of the way as each one could of defeated him or his children.

  • Dipowarrior14

    I just want to say one of my theories its about the rest of the asgardian refugees including valkyrie were alive because Thanos let them escape I mean Thor even said to the guardians of the galaxy that "he wiped half of my people"

  • joinesafvbb kldk

    The power stone still enhances the obtainers power even without having to close their fist.